Salvo Vecchio: The Warm Light of Night new CD

"The Warm Light of Night " is now available from itunes

The album features
Salvo Vecchio (Ivory-DoubleFine): all guitars
Andrea Marincola (Ivory): keyboards and programming
Luca Bernazzi (Ivory): bass on tracks 2-6
Cristiano Bertocchi (Vision Divine-Labyrinth): bass on tracks 4-5
Luca Chiappara (DoubleFine): bass on tracks 3-7-8
Gilbert Pot (Elegy): second guitar solo on track 4
Sted Droetto (Highlord-DoubleFine): second guitar solo on track 3
Alessio Lucatti (Vision Divine-White Skull): keyboards solo on track 8
Checco Savuoi: drums
Mastering by Simone Mularoni

Salvo Vecchio CD promo mix