Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Jon Bloomer, Rich Murray: Thanks and have a great Christmas!

Special thanks to Jon Bloomer and Rich Murray and all the incredible guitar players over at Petrucci forum for sending people over to see Truth In Shredding this year... you guys rock!!  Shame that guitarworld news is on more... :(

News: Wikipedia supports guitar knowledge

Help Keep my name in lights :)... seriously Wikipedia has to be one of the best things to come out of the Internet.... help keep it going: With student fees rising... may be this will be the future of education... no more poor lecturers! Check out the information on guitar:

My references: Support Wikipedia

Laurie Monk

One day your name will be on there... you may be on there already! I had 230 visits from referred from Wikipedia this year.

Antonio Soncina: Blue Bug Competition - 231 Responses to date!!

Antonio Soncina - Blue bug Milan Polak's competition

Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

Nick Ioannou: Blug Bug competition- man you guys are making it tough!

"Blue Bug" Competition by Milan Polak & T-Rex - Nick Ioannou

Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

Darius Wave: Blue Bug competition - another top notch solo!

BLUE BUG COMPETITION by Milan Polak & T-Rex - Dariusz Wawrzyniak (VAWRZYN )

Yuya Komoguchi: Finest Xotic Fusion - Hybrid fusion fan delight

Yuya Komoguchi delivers some super smooth legato hybrid lines at a clinic... another Christmas present came early with seven sizzling solos.

Yuya Komoguchi: Finest Xotic Fusion

Andy Wood: Xotic Effects BB Plus - boy this guy can play

Rumours abound that Xotic Effects BB Plus player Andy Wood and Guthrie Govan will be burning it up at NAMM this year!

ANDY WOOD - Recent Activities -

ANDY WOOD with Xotic Effects BB Plus

ANDY WOOD with Xotic Effects Robotalk2

Dave Weiner: Xotic Guitars cool new series!

Seven videos... Dave's never sounded better!

Dave Weiner: Xotic Guitars

Jay Parmar: Circle of Fire new CD

Preview clips from Jay Parmar's upcoming album 'Circle of Fire'. Featuring Jay Parmar on guitars, bass, keys and vocals, Pete Newdeck from Eden's Curse on vocal and drums, Carsten Schultz from Evidence One on vocals, Tim Wallace on vocals, Mike Rotella guest solos on 'Hell Is The Place', and Andreas Novak from Mind's Eye on vocals. There will be a very special guest guitar player on the album.

'Circle of Fire' will be released in early 2011.

Jay is endorsed by Vengeance Guitars, Randall Amplifiers, Elixir Strings and Cables, Bare Knuckle Pickups and Line 6 Effects.


Jay Parmar 'Circle of Fire' Preview Clips...

Oscar Morales: Charlie Parker style guitar!

Charlie Parker on Guitar

Andrew Balog: Guitar Fusion Contest

Andrew B. Balog (Bandi) - Guitar Fusion Contest

Nicolas Waldo: New CD label Meggido Records



Jace Parales: she delivers another cool two handed tapping lick demo

More scary tapping licks from Jace Parales.

Tapping slidey lick

Gonzalo Vieira: Live4Guitar dean competition

3rd Live4Guitar competition Gonzalo Vieira (God Father Theme)

Live4Guitar Win a Dean guitar

Marcos De Ros: Tube Drive Fuhrmann review

Tube Drive Fuhrmann. Guitar pedal review - Gear Test. Marcos De Ros

Fabiano Rodriguo: Live4Guitar Dean competition

3rdLIVE4GUITAR competition INTERPRETATION "GodFather"

Kevin Peters: Blue bug swatted firmly by two hands - Scary lick alert!

Kevin Peters... Wow... it's like Christmas came early... a real Christmas cracker, chock full of scary licks... and in HD! This is Kevin's definitive style... no gimmick... he's the OneThaTaps

Kevin Peters - "Blue Bug" Competition by Milan Polak & T-Rex

Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

David Locke: Kayleigh better than the original?!

Kayleigh - David Locke

Marcelo Barbosa: Guitarosofia 15

Guitarosofia 15 - Marcelo Barbosa

Vladimir Maisiuk: some cool fusion for ya!


BB Keng: tribute to Carlos Santana

Santana - Europa (Keng)