Monday, 20 December 2010

Északi Szabolcs: Miki Birta competition #2 jam #9

More tasty soloing from Északi Szabolcs... as it's run 9 on that backing track... I guess we can safety say he likes the backing track :)

Birta Miki gitárverseny 2# -Északi Szabolcs jam 9

Andrey Soloviev: picking heaven lessson

Andrey Soloviev very clean picking with slowed down lesson.

AC bar

Sascha Scharnowski: Blue Bug competition

Blue Bug competition by Milan Polak & T-Rex - Sascha Scharnowski

Post your top 3 artists in this solo competition:

Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

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Rob Balducci: Queen Of Cups

Rob Balducci:
Welcome to the new LOTW- Happy Holidays to everyone. This song The Queen Of Cups is from my third CD titled The Color Of Light. It was written and inspired by my Mom, her birthday is Christmas Eve Dec 24th. I like this time of year and I feel a good vibe in the air. I think this is true no matter where you live. Use this time and write a song yourself that is inspired by something or someone in your life!

From now until end of January if you buy any CD or DVD from my site at you will receive a free poster, guitar pick as well as a free picture. Please say how you would like it personalized with your order.

Thanks so much for the support and the emails. Please spread the word about the LOTW!
Make sure to email and suggest what you want for the next lick of the week.


12-20-10 Lick Of The Week Happy Holidays - Queen Of Cups

George Marios: Larry Calton jam to keep the frost bite at bay!

Currently -11°C were George is... got to play to keep warm!

Saturday night jam-Larry Carlton Blues jamtracks

Daniele Gottardo: Guitar Sbrego live in Studio

Daniele Gottardo - Guitar Sbrego live in Studio
"Superfingering" is Daniele Gottardo's new revolutionary method to play contemporary guitar, based on the way to develop a simple act of great control on the instrument.
Two hours of contents, 100 lessons in order of difficulty, more than 100 pages of transcriptions, application examples for each topic and musical backing tracks, interviews (amplification, studio footage, re-amplification techniques, teaching, etc. ..)
This DVD discusses the main traditional problems found by all guitarists and that create confusion in the infinite training course of a guitarist:

Visualization, organization of musical material
- Technique
- Harmonic - Melodic control
- Connection of all aspects
- Musical application

Visualization, organization of musical material
- Visualization and development of musical material in a simpler way.
- "Superfingering" don't proceed as in the traditional guitar methodology , but is following a logical numerical order of notes that starts from consonance to dissonance.
- Dual visualization of forms.
- Simplification of the number of fingerings and musical choice of fingering.
- Fingerings "changed" and logical.
- Fingerings "anti-academic"
- Sweep Picking
- Hammer on - Pull off; Legato
- Hybrid picking
- Alternate picking
- Sliding
- Position Shifting
- Grouping
- Improvisation techniques
- Connection techniques

Harmonic - Melodic control
The delicate aspect of the harmonic - melodic material follows " The overtone series", the musical material is developed following a numerical order of notes "from consonance to dissonance".
- Knowledge of the fundamental note across the neck
- Triads
- Quadriads
- Pentatonic Scale
- Esatonic Scale
- Diatonic Scale
- Chromatism and Altered scales
Connection of all aspects
All main topics during the course of the lessons are fused together starting with one note, as in music practice, and aren’t separated as in the didactic, which is an end in itself.
Musical application
For each main topic, we suggest application examples in various musical genres (blues, fusion, metal, jazz) with backing tracks.
and more....
This method is therefore appropiate both for beginners, who seriously wants to know its instrument - and professional guitarists, who are looking for new ideas to deepen the complicated world of the guitar!!

Maddie Rice: Whole Lotta Love

Maddie Rice with Heiress performing "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin at the All Asia Cafe in Cambridge MA on November 19, 2010. The filming is shaky, just listen to the music!
Like Heiress: Heiress: Heiress:

"Whole Lotta Love" - Led Zeppelin Cover - Heiress @ All Asia 11/19/10

Claudio Soto: Blue Bug Competition

Claudio Soto - Blue Bug Competition

Post your top 3 artists in this solo competition:

Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

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Warren DeMartini,Carlos Cavazo,Billy Sheehan: NAMM rotosound appearance announced

Metal Legend Duff McKagan of Guns and Roses / Velvet Revolver fame will be appearing on the Rotosound booth at Winter NAMM alongside fellow legendary bassist Billy Sheehan. Billy is regarded by many to have changed the way the bass guitar is played and has been voted best bass guitar player five times by Guitar Player Magazine readers. Duff, revered by many musicians all over the world for his unique bass skills has recently been recording with Jane’s Addiction, Manic Street Preachers as well playing in the surprise one off reunion with fellow Guns & Roses members.

Heavy metal stalwarts RATT will also be making an appearance on the Rotosound stand. They have been touring extensively supporting the Scorpions this year, following the release of their first studio album in over a decade ‘Infestation’. Robbie Crane will be joined by Warren DeMartini and Carlos Cavazo.

Appearance Dates and Times:

Duff McKagan - Saturday 15th January 2011 1.00pm
Billy Sheehan - Saturday 15th January 2011 2.00pm
RATT: Robbie Crane, Warren DeMartin : Saturday 15th January 2011 4.00pm
and Carlos Cavazo

For further information and to see the latest new products visit Rotosound Booth 5596, Hall B see



Kris Barras C# Dorian lick

Shred Academy Lick of the Week #38 / Kris Barras

Nahuel Schiumarini: Guitar Idol 2010

Guitar idol 2010 entry-Modal Jam Nahuel Schiumarini

Guitar Idol 2010 Enter!!!)

Pascal Corriu: Blue Dreams and flying machines

Pascal Corriu's Blue Dreamsssss

P Corriu trio plays Flying to Midnight

Jayce Landberg: New web site, new demo track, let's Rawk!

JAYCE LANDBERG (Feat. Goran Edman) -

The new Jayce Landberg Official Website:

Marek Jendza: Blue Bug Competition

Blue Bug Competition by Milan Polak & T Rex - Marek Jendza

Post your top 3 artists in this solo competition:

Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

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Jermann Gábor: Miki Birta gitárverseny II

Birta Miki gitárverseny II. nevezés - Jermann "Wildbob" Gábor

News: Blue Bug post your top 3

Post your top 3 artists in this solo competition:

I'll be checking by and adding the post to this blog... now look at the videos
Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

Denis Zarubin: Blue Bug Competition, another rich and full of emotion solo!

"Blue Bug" Competition by Milan Polak & T-Rex

Nahuel Schiumarini: guitar addiction contest

guitar addiction contest Nahuel Schiumarini

Guitar Addiction solo competition

Stelios Sfikakis: Blue Bug competition

Another great entry... gut wrenching emotion.

Blue bug competition Stelios Sfikakis entry

Michel Top: Nervoso Amp

Michel Top - Nervoso Amp

Milan Polak: Wannabes

Milan Polak - Wannabes

Rick Graham: Summer in Central Park. how much snow was outside today?!

Improv - 'Summer in Central Park' by Horace Silver

Manuel Marcos: new guitar lessons available

Send an e-mail to to buy the 5 files package!

1- Pdf with the scores and tabs to this song
2- Pdf with 2 preparatory exercises
3- Mp3 with the preparatory exercises played at slow and normal speed
4- Mp3 with slow backing track
5- Mp3 with normal speed backing track!

For 2 dollars only!!!!

Dancla / De Ros Study 5. Guitar lesson!

Victor de Andres: shadows of the soul

sombras del alma Victor de Andres

Alberto Rigoni: Dingwall, Lady: Bass manoeuvres in the dark

Alberto Rigoni:
"My new solo album will be release in April 2011"
Insider information reveals a stunning array of featured artists including Michael Manring, Yves Carbonne, Gavin Harrison and many others.

Dingwall Bass ABZ Series 5 strings videoreview (ITA + english subtitles)

Lady & THE BASS live @ Euro Bass Day 2010

Tristan Klein: Petit papa noyel - excellent bluesy track

Petit papa noyel by tristan klein

Tommy Vitaly,Vitalij Kuprij, Mistheria, David Shankle: Just Me new CD

"Just Me" is a Neoclassical Power Metal-album featuring:

Tommy Vitaly - Guitars
Thomas Vikström - Vocals
Rhino (Manowar) – Drums
David Shankle – Guitars
A. Torricini (Vision Divine) - Bass
Vitalij Kuprij – Keyboards
Mistheria – Keyboards

Mixed & mastered by Frank Andiver

Track list:
1. Just Me
2. The Raven Attack
3. Fly High, Touch The Sky
4. Air (Theme By J.S. Bach)
5. Storm Of Fire
6. Passion
7. Ready To Die
8. Finally Free
9. The Fury
10. Eternal
11. Just Me (Orchestral Version)

This is the DIGITAL EDITION including
- all tracks MP3 @320 KBPS
- front and back cover

Buy CD | Buy MP3

Tommy Vitaly "The Fury" (feat. Vitalij Kurprij)

Gabriel Thurnher: Blue Bug Competition

Blue Bug Competition Entry by Gabriel Thurnher

Pablo Mendoza: Venezuelan Sibelius Fest

Clinic Guitar Sibelius Fest - Song: Zeus - Pablo Mendoza Venezuelan Guitar Player

Ignazio Di Salvo: A Night of Change - Ziua Chitarelor 3 winner

Ignazio Di Salvo Ziua Chitarelor 3 Winner - A Night of Change Live

Marco De Cave: blue bug competition

marco de cave blue bug competition

Jace Parales: Blue Bug competition

The BT is a little low on the track, but the chops are pretty cool. Check out the solo tapped segments starting at 0:52 and 1:27

Jace Parales:
Playing to a beautiful track for the Milan Polak & T-Rex Blue Bug Competition! Thought I would take a break from the death metal leads and experiment a bit ;) I'd say this is a half composed, half improvised take. Hm, sorry. Didn't realize that the backing track volume was so low. Make sure you check out Milan Polak's music too!

Jace Parales - Blue Bug Jam