Friday, 24 December 2010

Brett Garsed: Virgil Donati Chris Buck jamming

Virgil Donati Chris Buck And Brett Garsed Jamming

Charles Quagliana: working on a new CD

Charles Quagliana was recently sighted in Buffalo, NY at Jessie Rejewski's attic studio tracking leads and textures.

Charles Quagliana,:
I hope to finish The Left Hand of Darkness 13 song CD, which as of today still has no title but is starting to sound very snappy. This promises to be my best work yet! Look for it in 2011. Merry Christmas and Happy New year fellow shredders!

Nahuel Schiumarini: a cool fusion version of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean!

this is our cover of Billie Jean.
Live@Ban Sabaii
Sorry for the tuning of the guitar.
Nahuel Schiumarini Guitar
Garvey Salerno Bass
Eugenioprimo Saragoni Drums

I'll let the music do the talking... I predict big things for Nahuel Schiumarini!

Billie Jean(M.J.)-Nahuel Schiumarini Band

Steve Vai: Guitar Nation 2010

Steve Vai - Guitar Nation 2010 - day 2

Joe Pinnavaia: note shaping and colouring with Dunlop Cry Baby Wah

It's so difficult to get the Wah right... I live in fear of it! But you have the balance right, great note shaping and colouring, the way Wah was intended to be used! Great job!

FJA Mods Dunlop Cry Baby Wah Improvisation

Guthrie Govan,Jack Thammarat,Alex Hutchings: leading the jam track central chart

Seemingly taking residence at the top of our popularity table, Guthrie’s Erotic Cakes package is our best selling bundle for a second month in succession. If you have not already checked it out, you can visit the relevant page by clicking the link below:
Our top 5 bundles for the month are:
Guthrie Govan - Erotic Cakes Special
Guthrie Govan - Contemporary Series 1
Jack Thammarat - Mr Frontman
Alex Hutchings - Custom Fusion 3
5 Guthrie Govan Melodic Series 1
If you have not checked these packages out, click any of the links above to find out why they are so popular with fellow guitarists worldwide.

Greg Howe: wishes you all a rocking Christmas!

Temur Kvitelashvili: classic jazz rock fusion

"September of 11" Tribute

We Were Together

Maneli Jamal: Lick my axe interview

Almost choked on my Cornflakes at the introduction of this video... but apparently he does say !Lick My Axe"

Maneli Jamal Interview And New Song

Prashant Aswani: working with Greg Bissonette and Lee Sklar on new album

Prashant Aswani:
Great session yesterday. Starting a new album with Greg Bissonette and Lee Sklar today. Will be tracking guitars till the end of 2010!

Victor Camargo: Guitar Addiction contest

Guitar Addiction CD - Guitar Solo Contest - Victor Camargo

Fancy some fusion?... get the old six stringer out and shred!

Guitar Addiction solo competition

Antonio Soncina: Guitar Addiction Contest

Guitar Addiction Contest - Antonio Soncina

After the Christmas festivities have died down... get out your guitar and jam along!

Guitar Addiction solo competition

Cat Ginjineko: Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Santa Claus is Coming to Town (邦題:サンタが街にやってきた)

Bastien Mounier: Guitar Addiction contest

Guitar Addiction contest : Bastien Mounier entry

Get those solos in guys!

Guitar Addiction solo competition

Adam Moore: Guitar Addiction solo contest - more knock out playing

Guitar Addiction CD -- Guitar Solo Contest -- Adam Moore

Read my recent interview with Adam Moore

Nili Brosh: Andy Timmons tribute - Headed For The Ditch

Hey everyone,

Here's my video cover of Andy Timmons' awesome country tune Headed For The Ditch. I transcribed it by ear and worked very hard on it, so I hope you enjoy it!
Also, please check out my debut album "Through The Looking Glass", which features Andy on a guest solo. It's available on, CD Baby, Guitar9 Records, Abstract Logix, and iTunes.

Thanks for watching!

Nili Brosh - Headed For The Ditch Cover (Andy Timmons)

Nili Brosh: Through The Looking Glass buy

David Wallimann: Beck Is Back Backing Track

Beck Is Back Backing Track

Ivan Mihaljevic: masters of shred best of 2010

Evolution Rock metal podcast

masters of shred best of 2010
congratulates:  Ivan Mihaljevic
for being elected by the listeners and fans
as best shedder
for 2010 masters of shred

Keith Merrow: Awakening The Stone King CD cover posted

We know it features Jeff Loomis and now we know the cover... bit by bit we'll know all there is to know about this upcoming release.

Keith Merrow:
New album comes out next month :)

Fredrik Pihl: Wing-way Mole-steam

Rehearsing a part of a song entitled Wing-way Mole-steam. The song is a tribute to the great Yngwie Malmsteen, hence the title. The full song will be avalible early 2011 and will also include co-writer and guitarist Christian Johansson. This video was recorded through my laptop webcam during a practice session, so please take it for what it is. YNGWIE FOR PRESIDENT!!

Wing-way Mole-steam practicing

Irene Ketikidi: Steve Vai - Guitar Nation 2010

Irene Ketikidi performing in front of Steve Vai - Guitar Nation 2010 - day 2

Milan Polak: Worst Justin Bieber Cover Ever

Worst Justin Bieber Cover Ever!

Guglielmo Malusardi, Fabrizio Leo: Milan, the home of cake!

Christmas Milan style... I can vouch for Milan being the king of the cake, here's a sample of the cakes I took at Milan's guitar day 6!

The Cakes of Milan: a piece of class!

Guglielmo Malusard:
Here we come! Mr Malusardi himself & "Mr Malusardi" author, the magnificient Fabrizio "Bicio" Leo, celebrating AxeMas in a real Milan way..Ready to shred:) an amazing piece of Panettone, with mascarpone cream (courtesy by Gloria's gold hands)

Fabrizio Leo, Guglielmo Malusardi, Panatone cake

Kaitlynn Schmidt: shred clip compilation

Metal Kats shred!! All in one lol..

Body Builder Shred Guitarist | Myspace Video

Mikko Sinn Sinkkonen: Sinn guitars

Check out Sinn guitars on Facebook:
This eight string behemoth is just one example:

Mike Miller: Steve Weingart,Jimmy Earl, Simon Phillips Baked Potato 2010

Steve Weingart - keys
Walt Fowler - trumpet
Gary Meek - sax
Jimmy Earl - bass
Mike Miller - guitar
Simon Phillips - drums

Recorded live at The Baked Potato, Los Angeles, April 12, 2008.

Posted with express permission of Steve Weingart.

This band must have been absolutely amazing. I saw Steve Weingart in Italy with Steve Lukather jam band and I was blown away... to me the guy is a musical genius.

Steve Weingart / Simon Phillips - Jungle Eyes

Chris Poland: Ohm Live at the Baked Potato 2010

Ohm Live at the Baked Potato Playing Steps From Home 12-21-2006 (1 of 2)

Ohm Live at the Baked Potato 12-21-2006 Playing William's Amino Acid Flashback (2 of 2)

Ron Thal: the GNR rig explained

In this video we meet guitar tech McBob who walks us through Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal's set up, filmed on the G N' R tour 2010. McBob gives us a quick glimpse at the rig and guitars he uses for the tour, which includes a Nova System from TC Electronic.

G N' R - Gear run of Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal's rig

Paul Gilbert: stringworks audio interview

Paul Gilbert is one of the most experienced engineer with the guitarist. Currently, the Americans still in the Tour to the current solo album "Fuzz Universe" on the move. From next year, he devoted himself entirely to the then-anticipated comeback from Mr. Big, which includes a new album, and an extensive tour.

On the occasion of his gigs in Basel I was able to speak before the show with Paul Gilbert and ask him a bit on his last album and the new Mr. Big-screen. With a cup of tea in hand, he greeted me and immediately said that his voice was somewhat tarnished. Nevertheless, Paul Gilbert in a good mood and I was to answer questions.

Unabridged audio version:

Paul gilbert and Tony spinner insane solo

Petr Henych: G-BOD Pleasure Trip (CD)

Petr Henych: G-BOD Pleasure Trip (CD)

Petr Henych - a rock guitar player from the Czech Republic - first appeared in the public's eye in the year 1992 with the band John Dovanni. Through the years, Petr has been playing and composing alongside some of the biggest personalities in the Czech musical scene (Ladislav Kninek an Kreyson, Vilem nok, Bara Basikova and Precedems, Pancho and Petr Kolan. In the year 2007, Henych composed, recorded and released his first instrumental album "Na Vlastnich Rukou", and shortly after founded his own band - featuring bass player Martin Hronek and drummer Jakub Homola. The trio has been named G-BOD and is performing compositions from the "Na Vlastnich Rukou" CD, as well as a couple of cover tunes from the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Joe Satriani. 2010 brings the latest band release with 12 all-instrumental rock tracks, Pleasure Trip, several years in the making - and well worth the wait! buy

Anthimos Manti: Time To Turn new CD - a wall of guitarists!

Anthimos Manti: Time To Turn (CD)

Anthimos Manti is a guitar hero from Thessaloniki, Hellas. Time To Turn is his hard rock, metal and fusion instrumental masterpiece - a follow up to his first album "Alligator Lick". Time To Turn is packed with special guests, such as Greek shredder Theodore Ziras, as well as guitarists Matt Cafissi, Marcos De Ros and Kostas Vreto - as well as dozens of others. For fans of Ritchie Kotzen, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Paul Gilbert! Give it a listen! buy

Check out the monster list of guitarists:

Andrew Complainer - Keyboards on "Endless Song", "Fuzz Split"
Dimitris Goudonas - "Fuzz Split"
Irene Ketikidi - "Fuzz Split"
Jimma - "Fuzz Split"
Fivos Zaharopoulos - "Fuzz Split"
Manos Bouzakis - "Fuzz Split"
Gus Drax - "Fuzz Split"
Sotiris Chasiotis - "Fuzz Split"
Kosta Vreto - "Fuzz Split"
Theodore Ziras - "Fuzz Split"
John Karadimos - "Fuzz Split"
Sakis Zachariades - "Fuzz Split"
Sotiris Gogos - "Fuzz Split"
Steve Hubbard - "Fuzz Split"
John Bitzios - "Fuzz Split"
George Vasiliadis - "Fuzz Split"
Panos Katseaz - "Fuzz Split"
Nick Kariotis - "Fuzz Split"
John Drougas - "Fuzz Split"
Max McPherson - "Fuzz Split"
George Marios - "Fuzz Split"
Theodore Dimitropoulos - "Fuzz Split"
Marcos De Ros - "Fuzz Split"
Matt Cafissi - "Fuzz Split"
George Matikas - "Fuzz Split"
Jim Politis - "Fuzz Split"
Chris Dimarelli - "Fuzz Split"
Mario Parga - "Fuzz Split"

Richard Lundmark: nu fusion king got a new castle!

Great to hear from Richard Lundmark who has been solidly busy working on a number of projects... currently flying under the radar. Plus the Christmas special at

Richard Lundmark:
Just launched a new website, and with this new provider and design, updates and event will be much more plentiful!

I might start work on a new cd next year

In case you missed this video.. I repost... this time with the correct video :)

Excerpt Metal Fusion Clinic at Metal Galaxy

Martin Miller: a little light fusion

Just one more vid before Christmas. Did this solo for my very talented buddy Emu:

Martin Miller - recording a solo over Emu's track

Scott Henderson: Tribal Tech 1985 and more!

Tribal Tech 1985 - The Rain

Tribal Tech 1985 - Ivy Towers

Great to see Scott Henderson doing what Steve Vai did, putting together his own channel and selecting the tracks that he would like us to see. There was a super overload of video posted today. I have just picked some of vintage interest, but really you should subscribe to his channel to keep up with the new ones. Anyone looking for feedback direct, don't use youtube, or facebook (no account)but message Scott direct on his forum, join:

Gustavo Guerra: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - New CD on the way!

Gustavo Guerra:
Hi guys what's up?

I'm here ....
To wish you a Merry Christmas and a New Year full of happiness and fulfillment ....

This year was a little more relaxed for me ....

Everything went without my dad here ....

this was the period that I had to burn the CD ..

All my parts are ready!

There are a few productions of keyboards ....

But .. I think the CD should be ready in April 2011

then .. I hope you all enjoy it because it was done very carefully ....

I went through many difficulties in recording, replacing musicians, etc. .... close to a team that really fits the sound ....

So this is it !!!!!

Thanks for everything, and next week, has video with the new competition in San Angelo Times Vintage ... so stay tuned ..... Sant'Angelo in the channel on You Tube and here too
you can see here on my channel (GGuerra) in my favorites .....

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year