Thursday, 24 February 2011

Gabriele Pala: 8 string agile explorations

8 strings explorations #2

8 strings explorations #1

Milan Polak: Harmonic Minor 1/2 lesson

Harmonic Minor 1/2 - Milan Polak Lesson

Chris Feener: Eminem - Metal Remix

This was a request from a personal friend and is totally off the beaten path, but I hope you can still dig it! I uploaded this originally to a separate account but decided against it, partially due to the reason that I've worked so hard for the subscribers I have here.

Download Link:

Chris Feener - Lose Yourself - Eminem - Metal Remix

Matteo Ruggiero: Albert Lee Style with Achia Universe

Matteo Ruggiero: Albert Lee Style with Achia Universe

Lee Ritenour: announces: Yamaha Six String Theory Guitar Competition

Lee Ritenour has announced the launch of the second annual Yamaha Six String Theory Guitar Competition, in partnership with the Crown of the Continent Guitar Foundation and the National Guitar Workshop. Entries will be accepted from February 15-April 30 for rock, blues, jazz/fusion, acoustic, classical/flamenco and country guitar players. Six winners from each musical genre will be invited to Montana for the finals and will receive scholarships to participate in The Crown of the Continent Guitar Workshop. The final competition will take place in conjunction with the workshop’s activities and is scheduled for Wednesday, August 31, 2011 at the Bigfork Performing Arts Center. The event will be open to the public.

Michael Angelo Batio: new facebook page

Michael Angelo Batio has an official facebook page. Sign up here:

Franck Ribiere: Guitar Addiction at the studio

Deven Prod Studio with Loran Saulus for the "Guitar Addiction" album

Francesco Caboni: more classy Italian soloing

Alterego Francesco Caboni

Jim Politis: blue fusion

Dim Politis fusion metal

Dim Politis blues for my father(solo part)

Jakub Żytecki: the new king of Djent

Song "Shortcut"by Jakub Żytecki, a young genius from Poland. Visit him!
Myspace: can download more of his demo songs here (free!):

Jakub Żytecki - Dancing with Endless Love

Jakub Żytecki - Shortcut

Jakub Żytecki - Portal's Wall Above Us (EXCLUSIVE UPLOAD)


sowhat123: Bach Lute Suite, Invention and Courante

Bach Lute Suite - bwv1006 prelude revisited

Invention 8 - Bach - F major (guitars)

bwv 1012 courante

Jim Politis: wounded thoughts - original solo

Jim Politis wounded thoughts

Emir Hot: Country Picking lick lesson

This time I have a country lick in G for you. It is actually 2 licks played together making a full phrase of 4 bars. plus in case you missed it, a bunch of Yngwie style licks

Jake Howsam Lowe: The Helix Nebula more power to the djentalmen

This is the first Track we uploaded to our Facebook.
This play through is by no means perfect, but I'd just woken up and this was my first take. Sorry for the low level of the guitar, that's just how it came out, but it's still audible so at least you can tell I can play it and get to see how I play it. Also I think the audio might be the tiniest bit out of sync with the video but hopefully it's not too bad.

Hope you enjoy, spread it around to your friends and tell them to go like our facebook!
Hope to see some covers soon.
Here is the tab:

Track 1 - The Helix Nebula (Full Play Through)

News: live4guitar forum update

live4guitarYou can now embed youtube videos on the forum
Live4Guitar forum -

Mario Parga: new lick of the week series

Siggery Guitars ‘Mario Parga Signature’ model

Mario Parga:
I started a 'Lick of the Week' thing last Friday and will be posting a new lick every Friday from now on: I get many requests for guitar tuition, so I’m hoping this will be of interest to those of you who have emailed me about it :-) The licks will be just that; short guitar licks with a brief explanation and tab. Hope you enjoy them! The first lick is an E minor pentatonic lick that can be easily moved around the fingerboard and played in different keys. It’s played with a two handed tap/pull-off technique and when played at speed sounds a little like a computer!

About the series:
Lick #1 download:

Sean Swafford: Warm up and shred lessons

Warm up and shred

Joop Wolters: Ramiel four seasons pickups


Rob Chappers: new distribution on the way?

Rob Chappers:
Dear friends, followers and minions.

Due to exciting developments coming to fruition in the near future, all existing Rob Chapman and Monkey Lord music has been removed from digital distribution and is currently unavailable for purchase, this may take a few days.

Stay tuned - Monkey Lord will return to iTunes when the time is right.

Thanks for all for your support!


Kiko Loureiro: live Toulouse France - guitar cam!

Tapping Into My Dark Tranquility Toulouse

Spread your Fire Angra Toulouse France.m4v

Andy James: Essential Practice Routines DVD - Check out how to develop and expand your two handed tapping technique with this great Essential Guitar Practice Routines; Tapping technique guitar lesson DVD.
Andy James teach you how to double hand tap and develop your knowledge on your tapping techniques.

This DVD comes with 3 backing tracks for you to practice your new technques along with.

Essential Practice Routines DVD - Tapping Technique Guitar Lessons by Andy James

Fletcher Barton: got the blues.

Fletcher with Butch Armstrong

Joel Hoekstra: Hard Rock Hybrid Picking

Joel Hoekstra's Hard Rock Hybrid Picking -- Guitar Player Magazine

Mirko Quaglio: playing outside of the box

outside noodling:: Dm7||Fm7||Abm7||Bm7

Anthimos Manti: Live support to Paul Gilbert tour videos

PAUL GILBERT - Live Support by Anthimos Manti (anu n naki)

Anthimos Manti - Live support to Paul Gilbert (time to turn)

Anthimos Manti - Live support to Paul Gilbert (Reptilian)

Nili Brosh, Tony MacAlpine: Seven the hardway rides again!

Seven the Hardway is a 5-piece progressive rock/metal band based in Southern California and formed in 2009 by guitar virtuoso Tony MacAlpine (Steve Vai, Planet X, CAB), legendary drummer Virgil Donati (Planet X) and renowned vocalist Mark Boals (Uli Jon Roth, Royal Hunt, Yngwie Malmsteen). Joining MacAlpine, Donati and Boals are bass player Andreas Geck and Nili Brosh on guitar.

News: new web site for fans of djent

A great web site/portal includes forums for fans of the nu metal fusion of djent.

What is 'djent'?
Bulb (a.k.a. Misha Mansoor) says it best: "The onomatopoeia of a heavily palm muted distorted guitar chord which is usually played as but not limited to a 4 string double octave powerchord, and as a result sounds much more metallic and sonically present than a 'chug' 'chugga' or 'djun' per se, and which is basically how Periphery would describe its palm muted guitar sound."
Lately, the word (if you want to call it a word), coined by Fredrik Thordendal of Meshuggah, has also been used to identify bands that incorporate this in their music. Some would argue it is growing into a genre of its own; others disagree and go by Bulb's definition, or refuse to use it altogether.
At any rate, djent has gained a lot of momentum on the internet over the past few years, and many new interesting bands and projects have sprung up. While a few of these bands have enjoyed mainstream success, 'djent' itself is still relatively unknown.
What is
This website aims to be the place where all fans of djent (djentlemen) can discover new music, bring themselves up to date about what's going on in the djent community, or just kill some time.
It is designed to be a community portal. We take the 'community' part very literally: virtually all content of this website was created by its users. Content can be added and edited by all registered users, in a wiki-style fashion. There is a team of content moderators that reviews these additions and changes before they are made permanent, to ensure quality and prevent abuse.
This means that you can help us out. By adding your favorite bands and albums to our database for example. Or maybe you've got some djent-related news (about your own band, perhaps?) that you'd like to share - go ahead and submit it! is a non-commercial initiative, managed and hosted entirely by volunteers in their spare time. It will remain ad-free as long as this is affordable. If you have a few bucks to spare, you can help us out with the server costs if you want.
All content should be in accordance with our content policy.
This site uses icons from and

Jakub Żytecki: supper sizzling improvisation!

Jakub Żytecki Guitar Improvisation 2

Marinblues: got funky blues going on!

Jamming over "What's going on" by Inka Roads

AXE-FX with an Overdrive pedal

Lyle Watt: Steve Vai tribute - Die To Live -DEBUT E.P. OUT NOW!
Some Vai for a change! Always liked this tune - Alien Love Secrets is a cool album.
I uploaded this one a while ago, but wasn't quite happy with the video/audio quality, so I decided to redo it, and forgot about it until now.

Lyle Watt - Die To Live

Lyle Watt: Home Grown buy

Morten Faerestrand: Bergen Blues- more stunning playing

More modern jazz inspired by Norwegian folk music, and some Coltrane. Video clips borrowed from

Bergen Blues

Morten Faerestrand's Bergen March featuring Frank Gambale Buy the CD

Fred Vezina: jazz improvisations

Plein de passes

Matti Paalanen: tribute to Periphery

Periphery - Buttersnips

Philip Sayce: blues Live from Le Zenith

Philip Sayce - Live from Le Zenith - France December 2010

Panos Arvanitis: Engl Special Edition se 670 EL 34

Engl Special Edition se 670 EL 34 Malmsteen sound

John Huldt: Ampora sessions

John Huldt the Ampora sessions guitar swells

John Huldt - Ampora Studio Sessions

David Locke: VGS Eruption

He Ain't Heavy (He's My Brother) - David Locke

VGS Eruption - David Locke - Riding Out Youth

Marco De Cave: Fret 12 Competition

marco de cave t rex fuel tank contest

Fret 12 Competition

News: Fret12 FRET12: T-REX Fuel Tank Contest

The rules are simple, Download the backing track then upload your solo to the Fret12 Forum and submit your entry under the category Contests Fuel Tank.

T-Rex Fuel Tank
Fret12 Shirt Of Your Choice
Mark Tremonti Signed Picture
Strings Played By Mark Tremonti
What We Are Looking ForWe are not judging who is the fastest, who does the most sweeping, or finger tapping. We want good note selection, originality, and tone. There is NO REPEAT NO double tracking and NO editing of any kind allowed, the solo should be one take.
How To Enter
Download Backing Track (Right Click To Save or Use dropdown to save source)
Sign in to the Fret 12 Forum with your fret12 account or a variety of other accounts (Facebook, Google, Yahoo, AOL or OpenID.)
Once you are signed in click "Add A Video " or "Add An Audio Track " to upload your entry.
Be sure to label your submission: "Fuel Tank Contest " and upload it in the category > Contests >
The Winner will be contacted through the Forum and E-Mail address given upon registering. Make sure to check the Fret12 Forum and your E-Mail regularly to see if you have been selected. All questions, comments, concerns, or inquiries can be sent to Fans@fret12.comOfficial RulesAll participants must be signed up to the FRET12 forum and have their contest entry submitted by March 1st, 2011. (One Entry Per Person)
All people who submit entries to the forum after March 1st, 2011 will not be considered for the contest (but you still will be an official FRET12 forum member!)

There will only be ONE winner selected.
This contest is open to anyone in the world!
We will announce and message the winner of the FRET12 Fuel Tank Contest on Monday March, 7th 2011

Fret 12 Competition

Joe Satriani: Dream Song live @ La Cigale, 10/25/2010 in Paris

Dream Song

Darius Wave: Wallimann Wah Competition

WALLIMAN & MORLEY Mark Tremonti Wah Contest - Dariusz Wawrzyniak Entry

Wallimann Wah Competition

Theodore Ziras: The First Attempt

Track: The First Attempt
CD: Trained to Pay (2001) Steel Gallery Records
to buy the CD, Tab,+Backing Trck of this song please visit
Video Directed by Theodore Ziras
Guitar used: Palm Bay Cyclone P7XR

Theodore Ziras performs "The First Attempt"

Dallton Santos: "Virtual Fusion" CD coming soon!

New cd "Virtual Fusion" coming soon

News: Buznut replaces the hair band string dampener

Hello Youtube Get your buz on with Buznut
The Buznut Ultimate String Dampener is an Amazing and Revolutionary new tool for the Electric Guitar and Bass Guitar!
It doesn't matter which genre of music you play... The Buznut Ultimate String Dampener will help purify your sound and stretch the limits of your creativity!
The Buznut Ultimate Strip is not only a valuable accessory but makes a great Promotional Tool! Please contact us for Promotional and Licensing Deals.
How it works
Step 1: Slide the Buznut Strip between the strings at the end of the first fret allowing contact with the 6 felt blocks and the strings. For Standard Dampening, slide the Buznut Strip to the nut of the neck.
Step 2: To Turn Off Dampening, gently press down with your thumb until the strings are in between the 6 block felts.
Step 3: For Extreme Dampening of the strings, slide the Buznut Strip to the end of the first fret.
Thank's BUZNUT

Guitar ESP/LTD M400 EMG pickups 81/85
Dovetail strings
Kodak M863 (no audio)
sound recorded
cubase 5
Cakewalk UA-25 EX audio interface
SE1000a studio condenser microphone
Big thanks to Dave Wallimann for the awesome music ,,head over to awesome Backing tracks /lesson's tip's /also check out Dave's excellent youtube channel

Buznut The Ultimate String Dampener

Jon Bloomer: Strymon El Capistan dTape Echo demo

Strymon El Capistan dTape Echo demo

Darius Wave: Jean Paul Agnesod competition

My Solo Guitar Competition 2011 - Dariusz Wawrzyniak Entry

Will you be one of the lucky eight?

Jean Paul Agnesod competition

Lukasz Kulczak: Guitar Control competition solo contest - Łukasz LuKi Kulczak

Guitar Control competition

Arnaldo Garcia: Aurora competition

Aurora contest & Megara Arnaldo Garcia

Aurora competition

Jaime Marquez: Aurora competition


Aurora competition

Fran Alonso: Aurora competition - monster AOR version!

Fran Alonso - Aurora Contest & Megara !!

Aurora competition

Pedro Molina: Aurora competition - tapping for victory

Aurora contest & Megara .-Pedro Molina

Aurora competition

Nau Barreto: Aurora competition

Nau Barreto - 1º Aurora Strings contest

Aurora competition

Angel Ruiz: Aurora contest

Aurora contest & Megara -Ángel Ruiz entrada

Aurora competition

Tony Waka: Walliman Wah competition

GuitarPlayback Morley Contest

Wallimann Wah Competition

Mats Moland Træen: Walliman Wah competition Morley Contest - Mats Moland Træen

Wallimann Wah Competition

Juanjo Pelegrín: Walliman wah competition

Morley Mark Tremonti Patriotic Wah Guitar Contest by Juanjo Pelegrín

Wallimann Wah Competition

Monte Stevens: walliman wah competition

Monte Stevens Take over B Phrygian Backing

Wallimann Wah Competition

Lukasz Kulczak: Aurora contest

Aurora contest & Megara Łukasz LuKi Kulczak

Get your radio active licks in!

Aurora competition

Andy James: Sacred Mother Tongue to play Download Festival 2011

Sacred Mother Tongue to play Download Festival 2011
My band Sacred Mother Tongue will be playing Download Festival this summer!

Derek Sherinian, Joe Bonamassa: two exclusive free “live” Black Country Communion tracks.

Black Country Communion have joined forces with “Planet Rock”, the UK’s leading classic rock radio station, to offer rock fans the opportunity to download two exclusive free “live” Black Country Communion tracks.
The tracks, “Black Country” and “One Last Soul,” were originally recorded live in front of a specially invited audience at John Henry’s, London on 20th September 2010. The live recordings have been exclusively mixed for Planet Rock by BCC’s producer, Kevin Shirley.
To be eligible to download the live tracks, rock fans are being asked to become VIP members of Planet Rock’s website by signing up to Once free membership has been activated, fans will have access to the free download, along with other VIP offers. Additionally, fans will also be able to order tickets for Black Country Communion's forthcoming UK summer concerts in July.
BCC, featuring Jason Bonham (drums), Joe Bonamassa (guitar, vocals), Derek Sherinian (keyboards) and Glenn Hughes (bass, vocals), play the following UK summer dates - Leeds O2 Academy (July 26), Newcastle O2 Academy (July 27), Glasgow O2 Academy (July 29) and Manchester Academy (July 30). Ticket Hotline: 0871 230 1101,

Steinar Aadnekvam: troubled dogs for two guitars

Get this track on Itunes -
The new album SIMPLE THINGS is released and available worldwide !! Log on to to find out how and where to buy your copy !!

Keep it happening - Support Independent Music !!
Music Makes You Happy !!

Original composition very much inspired by Brazilian greats Hermeto Pascoal and Egberto Gismonti. Overdubbed in studio by guitarist Steinar Aadnekvam.

A track from the album "Simple Things" by Norwegian guitarist Steinar Aadnekvam. Release: November 24 - 2010 (MusicMakesYouHappy/Plugged)
Please visit and for more info. Follow me on FACEBOOK:

TROUBLED DOGS (For 2 guitars)

News: Rock Prodigy App for iOS

Rock Prodigy App for iOS

Grammy, Emmy Award Winners Join Rock Prodigy Advisory Board

LOS ANGELES (Feb. 22, 2011) – The Way of H, Inc., creators of interactive music education application Rock Prodigy, today publically announced the names of the advisory team that has helped guide the creation and launch of Rock Prodigy. Since the January 2011 release for Apple’s ® iPhone®, iPad® and iPod® Touch, Rock Prodigy is a 2011 finalist for an Appy Award in education, a 2011 Top Five Finalist for’s Readers Choice Award for best free iPhone/iPad app, and was featured as “What’s Hot” in Apple’s App Store.

“The initial release of Rock Prodigy would not have been possible without the support and guidance of the enormously talented members of our Advisory Board,” said Harold Lee, co-founder of Rock Prodigy and CEO of The Way of H, Inc. “They continue to play an important and active role in shaping our company’s future plans.”

Advisory Board Members include (full biographies follow):

Rob Cavallo: Currently chairman of Warner Bros. Records and one of the top-selling producers in the world, Cavallo produced or had creative involvement in albums that have sold more than 125 million units. In 1998, Cavallo was awarded the “Producer of the Year” Grammy and was nominated for the same award in 1999, 2004 and 2010. Cavallo has also won Grammys for his producing work with Green Day, including “Best Rock Album” for American Idiot in 2004 and, in 2005, “Record of the Year” for Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Cavallo’s work has amassed six Grammy awards, an Oscar, a Golden Globe and numerous nominations.

Roger Danneberg, PhD: An associate research professor at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science, Dannenberg leads the University’s world-renowned Computer Music Project, is an accomplished researcher published in numerous books, articles, technical journals and holds several patents in the field of music technology. Dannenberg is co-inventor of Rock Prodigy’s revolutionary patent-pending polyphonic pitch recognition software, an innovative music technology which can tell musicians when a correct note or chord is played.

Steve Moir: An entertainment executive with more than 30 years experience and the founder of Moir Entertainment and co-founder of Moir Borman Entertainment, Moir has co-managed top artists including The Rolling Stones, Garbage and Kenny Loggins, as well as Grammy-winning record producers and mixing engineers like Brendan O’Brien.

Robert M. Breech: A seven-time Emmy award winning producer and vice president of development, David E. Kelley Productions, in one hour dramatic television, documentaries and as a consultant in motion pictures, Breech’s credits also include executive producer, The Practice; consulting producer, Boston Legal; co-producer, Ally McBeal; and producer, L.A. Law.

Gary Borman: Borman is a manager and marketer of musical artist's careers and the founder of Borman Entertainment and co-founder of Moir Borman Entertainment. Borman, over the course of 34 years, has guided the careers of a wide variety of artists including James Taylor, The Violent Femmes, Alison Krauss and The Bee Gees. Borman has also developed many artists from the ground up such as Faith Hill, Keith Urban and Lady Antebellum. Currently under Gary's company's direction are My Morning Jacket, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Keith Urban, Alison Krauss and Lady Antebellum.

Patrick Bennett: Bennett is an award-winning filmmaker and IT executive recognized by IT Today as one of “IT World’s Top 100 People.” Bennett was previously an executive in Deloitte Consulting’s Media Practice and an executive director with E! Entertainment. While at E!, Bennett launched a new massively multimedia website. Bennett holds a B.A. in Literature from Cornell University and an M.B.A. from UCLA Anderson.

Charles B. Ortner: Ortner is a music, media and entertainment lawyer, who has represented many of the world's most famous recording artists, including Madonna, U2, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Sting, The Police, Ke$ha, The Eagles, Bon Jovi, Sean "Diddy" Combs, John Legend, Maroon 5 and My Chemical Romance, as well as many of the world's leading entertainment companies, including Sony Music, BMG, Warner Music, and EMI. Ortner is also National Legal Counsel to The Recording Academy (the Grammy Award organization) and serves as a member of the Board of Trustees of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and the Grammy Museum.

Mike Vizvary: Vizvary is a media executive with more than 20 years of experience and the founder of Revolution Media, a boutique agency specializing in marketing, strategy, media buying and advertising analytics. Vizvary was previously the vice president for marketing communications for Guitar Center, one of the world’s largest music instrument retailers.

Rock Prodigy is not a game but a disruptive learning technology. Rock Prodigy allows guitar players, whether beginners or accomplished musicians, to interactively play along to the master recordings from some of the world’s most recognized artists including Metallica, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Smashing Pumpkins, Paramore, Keith Urban, The Pretenders, the Grateful Dead, Johnny Cash and more. Guitarists learn and improve through instantaneous feedback. For beginners, it’s a fun, easy way to start. For accomplished players, it’s a great way to learn new songs and riffs quickly. Rock Prodigy works with any guitar, whether electric or acoustic, and without the need to purchase other equipment or game controllers.

About the Way of H, Inc.
The Way of H, Inc. is a music technology company based in Los Angeles focused on changing the way people learn, play and interact with music. Rock Prodigy, the company’s first product, is a revolutionary interactive music app powered by patent-pending polyphonic pitch-recognition technology that allows musicians of all skill levels to use any instrument and provide instant performance feedback to accelerate learning.

For more information, visit