Saturday, 20 August 2011

Chris Poland: System Of A Clown

Rob & Derek were invited to assist Chris at his guitar clinic here in D/FW last year.. this is one of Chris' songs from his "OHM:" project. Chris is a great guy & player.. we here at HK highly recommend checking him out!
System Of A Clown: Chris Poland of Ohm with Rob Stankiewicz & Derek Blakley

Tomo: Morley Power Wah Competition

Morley Power Wah Competition-Tomo

Chris Poland: Polcat got claws!

PolcatChris Poland - Guitar
Frank Catalano - Tenor Saxophone
Sean O'Bryan Smith - Bass
Jim Gifford - Drums
The debut of a new form of jazz supergroup
Four of the jazz world's most unique artists coming together to find a common ground. That is what created Polcat. The band consists of the astounding talents of fusion guitar icon Chris Poland (OHM/Megadeth), Grammy nominated sax giant Frank Catalano (Miles Davis, Beyonce' to Bennett and everything in between), Internationally acclaimed solo artist/bassist Sean O'Bryan Smith (Larry Carlton to Keith Urban and other parts unknown), and drum phenomenon Jim Gifford (Guthrie Govan, Bill "Buddha" Dickens, Roy Vogt and more).

Polcat takes their extremely diverse backgrounds of solo performance coupled with a musical repertoire spanning every inch of the music industry to create their own take on the next step in contemporary jazz. Four composers, locked in a room, and created pure music from its most basic properties. The chemistry was instant and we can't wait to share it with all of you.

Dhalif: Milan Polak Torn Solo

Milan Polak Torn Solo - Dhalif
This is an amazing song by Milan Polak called "Torn" off his album Murphy's Law.

Courtney Cox: Crabby Patty or should I say The Iron Maidens

Crabby Patty or should I say The Iron Maidens -1 The Evil That Men Do Crabby Patty - Ain't Talking About Love Crabby Patty - I Hate Everything About You Crabby Patty - Seek & Destroy

Emir Hot: Hot Ballad Guitar Lesson for Live 4 Guitar

You can buy this lesson here for $2.80:
Lesson includes:
- Main Video
- 12 separate videos showing each section slow and fast
- 3 speed backing tracks
- Lesson explanation in Word
- Guitar Pro 5 and PDF tab

- Scale charts used + 2 extra scale charts
Emir Hot - Rock ballad style solo

News: Hufschmid Competition

I've recently built this prototype guitar to celebrate the new Chinese Year of the Dragon! (I'm from 1976) And I've really enjoyed the previous "Albinodroid competition" experience.
This gave me the idea to make this new guitar competition and watch some of you great players having fun!

The contest is open to any kinds of styles of guitar playing and techiques, what I want is to watch you play at your full potential, be creative, play what you want as long as you make a quality video in which I can see you play! (blues, jazz, jazz-fusion, metal etc.)

In order to enter this competition you will need to:

-subscribe to
-become a Hufschmid Guitars fan on facebook
-Tell me why you feel you want to win this unique instrument and upload a video as a "Video response" to this competition video.

-The title of the video must be Hufschmid Guitars Competition, also add these words to the video tags + year + of + the + dragon
-Promote your video on internet
-You must be 18+ and if you win this contest, you will be fully responsible for the shipping costs of the instrument.

I will personally pick a happy winner on the 20th October!
Be creative, good luck!
music in this video by Leonardo Guzman performing on his Hufschmid H6 Albinodroid (happy Albinodroid competition winner!)
important: no matter how great of a guitar player you are , if you upload a video response in the last competition days, your entry will not be considered.
Hufschmid Guitars Competition

Hufschmid Competition

Vinnie Moore: UFO - 5th Legends of Rock Festival - Poland

UFO - 5th Legends of Rock Festival - Poland

Dragianni: Nicole and me

Dragianni - Nicole and me

Lyle Watt: Rig Noodling

Rig Noodling

Jess Lewis, Steve Vai: I found this video of "Jess" performing "Die to Live" to be charming!

Steve Vai I found this video of "Jess" performing "Die to Live" to be charming.
I know what I went through to learn it so hats of to you Jess. Vai - Die To Live - Cover By song's Awesome! and it's very fun to play! :-D cover aint perfect.. but.. oh well ! :P lol.. Rock! \m/ \m/
Plus Guitar Squid just highlighted this mega talent!
The future of guitar is not dead. Here's a Young Gun worth keeping an eye and an ear out for...
There are a gazillion young up-n-comers out there who are being touted as the 'next big thing.' The Guitar Squid certainly isn't the arbiter for determining who's gonna make it and who won't, but as you probably know from our oft-linked Top 10 List of Unknown Chicks Rocking Extremely Hard, the Squid likes to throw some occasional love on unknown talent worth checking out.

This Young Gun's name is Jessica Lewis. The 17-year old lives in the UK and lists Alex Hutchings, Guthrie Govan, Wayne Krantz, and Tom Quayle as influences. Her YouTube covers range from George Benson to Steve Vai. Here's a sampling: more

Jeff Loomis: Warrel Dane Nevermore not dead...

Warrel: That's kind of the plan at this point. We'll see what works out. Greg: So if I can assume Jeff (Loomis) is not going to be the second guitar player, do you know who is yet? Warrel: Kind of... yeah... I don't want to... Greg: Still under wraps... got it. Warrel: It's really been kind of interesting to me, how many people, of very high caliber musicianship, are contacting me wanting Jeff's old job. Greg: In NEVERMORE, SANCTUARY or both? Warrel: Both. Greg: So let's segue there. The obvious first question, is NEVERMORE done? Warrel: No. Greg: Definitely not? There will definitely be another NEVERMORE album? Warrel: Oh yeah. Greg: Perfect. And can you ever see yourself reconciling with Jeff and Van (Williams) or are those bridges burned? Warrel: One bridge is burned, the other I'm still... It's like getting a very painful divorce. If you want to repair the situation you can, but there's one where I don't want to. I miss those guys. I think they made bad decisions. I'm going to Emo if I keep talking about it. Greg: Understood. Let me ask you this. At one point, there were all these rumors about disharmony within the camp. And on the (NEVERMORE) forum you made the comment, "... after so many years together you become a family, of course we fucking fight, we make up..." Was that you trying to keep the peace and keeping the alarmist element from rearing its head? Warrel: Kind of, yeah. Greg: So, were you genuinely surprised when they quit or was that a long time coming? Warrel: Yes... I was. I was extremely surprised and very, very upset and still am. As I... uh, yeah... I don't want to get messy. Greg: OK... more of general question about NEVERMORE. As a fan of the band, it always seemed that NEVERMORE had just a bit of bad luck, or perhaps was the victim of poor timing. When you look back on it, from the inside looking out, does it seem the same to you? Warrel: I think we had out fair share of bad timing and we had our fair share of disorganization within the camp. That's kind of what played into everything that happened. But I don't think I would really change anything, because everything happens for a reason. And the reason I'm here right now, and I'm talking to you is for a reason... and those guys decided that they didn't have as bad of an alcohol problem as I did... is for a reason. And, whatever... more

Joe Satriani,Sammy Hagar: charity appearence

Joe Satriani and Sammy Hagar will perform at the 25th annual B.R. Cohn Charity Fall Music Festival. The weekend-long event, which runs from September 23 to September 25, also includes a Gala Charity Auction Dinner, featuring celebrity chef Guy Fieri, and the Celebrity Golf Classic. The 25th annual B.R. Cohn Charity Fall Music Festival is produced by legendary and lauded vintner, philanthropist, and music artist manager Bruce Cohn. This year's festival will be held in the memory of Marty Cohn, Bruce's brother who passed away in late March after a battle with cancer. more

Volker Scheidt: Melodic guitar demos

Melodic guitar truth / Volker Scheidt : e-gitarrenschule-freiburg

Stefan Lindholm: How to Play Building The shred

"How to Play Building The shred" Presented by & Guitar Player

Felix Martin: double neck, two hands, tapping tour de force.

Venezuelan traditional pieces specially arranged for guitar tapping (tapping Venezuelan medley arranged for guitar) guitar string -14 Felix Martin Vielma Francisco - Percussion Alejandro Zorrilla - Bass I 00:00 Alma Llanera (Intro)0:21 Loose Diablo 0:45 When I go to Maracaibo 1:31 Apure in Travel II 2:54Ranger El Nino Jesus 3:17 The calf (cow butterfly had internet) III 3:56Pajarillo! 4:25 Alma Llanera (Outro) Live Venezuela!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Felix

Venezuela Tapping Medley (Popurri) - Felix Martin

TheCosmovision: Tribute to Holdsworth on charango

Allan Holdsworth - Against the Clock (charango cover)

Billy Sheehan: San Diego 2011

Rock Bass Legend, Billy Sheehan shreds an amazing solo during his LIVE show with MR. BIG at 4th & B in San Diego.

AMAZING Billy Sheehan Bass Solo with MR. BIG at 4th & B

Richie Kotzen: Japan Benefit

Poison and Mr. Big lead guitarist Richie Kotzen performs a LIVE guitar solo at the Rockers for Japan Benefit at Harper's in Tarzana, CA. See more at

Richie Kotzen LIVE Guitar Solo at Rockers for Japan Benefit

John Goodsall: Fire Merchants 1989

John Goodsall - guitar, Doug Lunn - bass, Chester Thompson - drums.
Fire Merchants live courtesy - Keith Lewis.
Sound Man - Greg Bertrang

Fire Merchants - Hamsterdam & Healing Dream - Live @ Music Machine LA 12-1-89 - YouTube.flv

Fredrik Pihl, Ron Thal, Mattias IA Eklundh,Lalle Larsson: Silhouettes

Silhouettes: Fredrik Pihl

Debut album by Swedish guitar player Fredrik Pihl.
Nearly 50 minutes of dark and romantic instrumental music with influences from metal, modern classical music and jazz/fusion.

Featuring guest artists:
Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (Guns N´ Roses)
Mattias IA Eklundh (Freak Kitchen)
Lalle Larsson (Karmakanic, Agents of mercy)

1. Above the Surface (feat. Mattias IA Eklundh)
2. The Demonic Masquerade
3. Memories
4. Silhouettes (feat. Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal)
5. By the Blue Horizon (feat. Lalle Larsson)
6. The Twelfth Night

Haru Timothy: justin bieber baby fusion

Could do with the guitar turned up more...

justin bieber baby fusion guitar version

John Goodsall: Fire Merchants - mega fusion alert!

Fire Merchants (unreleased track) 'Ringo Arafat' by Trancendental Medication live at The Baked Potato, Nth Hollywood.
Former X men John Goodsall (gtr) and Kris Sjobring (keys) with Jake Feldman (bass) and Darren Ross (drums).

John Goodsall's Trancendental Medication.flv


Plus some Fire Merchants

John Goodsall - guitar,
Doug Lunn - bass,
Chester Thompson - drums.
Fire Merchants live courtesy - Keith Lewis.
Sound Man - Greg Bertrang

Fire Merchants - Flamekeeper - Live @ Music Machine LA 12-1-89 - YouTube.flv

Fire Merchants - Ignition - Live @ Music Machine LA 12-1-89 - YouTube.flv

John Goodsall is on Facebook:

Joe Bonamassa: Rock Candy Funk Party at the Baked Potato

I Want It Now. Rock Candy Funk Party at the Baked Potato. 8/18/11

plus this previously featured classic

Joe bonamassa playing Blues Delux @ the Spud on a vintage Gibson .avi

Brett Garsed: Damage band live

Fusion With Brett Garsed And Damage - Part 3.

Brett Garsed / Damage And Project 3.

Dark Matter - New Album Coming Soon!

Brett Garsed - guitar
Ric Fierabracci - bass
Phil Turcio - keyboards
Gerry Pantazis - drums
Virgil Donati - drums on "Dark Matter"
Craig Newman - bass on "Enigma"
Ric Fierabracci - bass solo on "Enigma"

Leni Stern,Wayne Krantz

EPISODE 43 Taped January 12, 1990 with Wayne Krantz on guitar

THE GUITAR SHOW with Leni Stern

Chantel McGregor: A New Day Yesterday

Chantel McGregor performing A New Day Yesterday by Jethro Tull at Spirefest Indoor Rock Festival and Guitar Show in aid of Cancer Research 9 April 2011 in Chesterfield

Chantel McGregor performing A New Day Yesterday

Nathan Doyle, Neil Austin: Pre Millenium demos

Pre Millenium demos (91-98) by Nathan Doyle

With Neil Austin by Nathan Doyle

Boguslaw Balcerak: Crylord - Blood Of The Prophets

Boguslaw Balcerak's Crylord - Blood Of The Prophets album sampler by LionMusicRecordLabel

Bob Zabek: XVI festival Santo Tirso

Bob Zabek: XVI festival Santo Tirso

Kohhan Ohtake: Lagitagida - high energy rock!

Kohhan Ohtake(G)
Takehito Kono(B)
Takayoshi Yazawa (Ds)
Masayuki Hasuo (Key).

Bad Comet (Live) キャタピリズム #02

Drastica (Live) キャタピリズム #02

Bit Crash (Live) キャタピリズム #02

Latest tracks by LAGITAGIDA

Michael Dolce,Jeremy Barnes: new CD sounding awesome

Michael Dolce Had an awesome in store gig today at Allans music Billy Hydes for the grand opening ....with my band and the awesome Jeremy Barnes 
Laurie Monk I hope someone posts some video... plus any new CD's coming up from Jeremy Barnes?

Michael Dolce Laurie I've heard jeremy's new album un mixed and it's unbelievable mate, some of the most intense song writing and playing I've ever heard it's phenomenal

Martin Miller: Billie's Bounce - great job!

Martin Miller - Billie's Bounce (Charlie Parker) on acoustic + electric

Alberto Lima: new single from upcoming album

Full album coming soon...
Guitars - Alberto Lima
Drums - Gilvan Santos
Bass - Vagner Souza

Open Sky

New Single - The secret code

Gretchen Menn: Acoustic Custom OM from Santa Cruz guitars

Gretchen Menn and her Custom OM:

We recently had the pleasure of making a custom OM cutaway for guitar phenomenon Gretchen Menn. Gretchen is a rare breed, a classically trained acoustic player and bad ass electric guitar shredder. Which is why it makes perfect sense that in addition to her original solo project and duo project with Jude Gold, Lap Dance Armageddon, she fronts Zepparella, the all female tribute to Led Zeppelin, doing incredible justice to Jimmy Page. For her acoustic, Gretchen was very specific about the playability she needed on her custom Santa Cruz. She was kind enough to write up her experience for us more

Gretchen Menn,Jude Gold: listen to Gretchen's favourite guitarist

Gretchen Menn This single was just released by my dear friend and a favorite guitarist, Jude Gold. It is SO good, and a great way to spend $0.99. He has a distinctive sound that combines incredible groove and serious technique. The stuff he does with slapped harmonics never fails to amaze me. Check this out--his version of Funkytown!

Funkytown - Single by Jude Gold - Download Funkytown - Single on
Preview and download songs from Funkytown - Single by Jude Gold on iTunes. Buy Funkytown - Single for just $0.99.

Jane Smith: Fuzz Box Girl '69 shoot out!

If you are like me, you were probably wondering just how the new Fulltone '69 mkII fuzz sounded compared to the much sought after original Fulltone '69. I got my hands on one and I had to do a shootout...... which do you prefer?

Gear used:
Gibson Firebird

Vox AC30 combo with blue celestion speakers

Shure SM 57

Fuzzbox Shot- Old Crow Whiskey

Original Fulltone '69 Germanium Fuzz vs. New Fulltone '69 mkII Germanium Fuzz Shootout

Steve Vai: : Freak Show Excess

Steve Vai demonstrating Freak Show Excess from his album Real Illusions: Reflections. Steve explains how he was inspired by the insanity of Bulgarian wedding music

Steve Vai demonstration - Freak Show Excess

Steelianos: Faster than a speeding Bouzouki

This is a cover of a classic Greek Bouzouki masterpiece originally composed and performed by Giannis "Sporos" Stamatiou,done succesfully by new greek Guitar Virtuoso STEELIANOS!

Steelianos (Stelios Amoirides) has been a student of Ioannis Anastassakis for many years and currently records his debut album with producer/arranger Bob Katsionis(Firewind/Outloud).

For more info on recording sessions or PRIVATE GUITAR LESSONS:

Managed by Wild Rose Angel Productions
(c) 2010 The Progressive Vision Group

STEELIANOS: "Bouzouki & Whiskey" (HD1080p)

Larry Carlton Jam Steelianos (HD 720p)

STEELIANOS: "Made of Steel" (HD 720p)

Johnny Hiland: Mel Bay interview

Nashville guitarist Johnny Hiland has performing at many of Nashville's top venues and has been a featured artist on the Grand Ole Opry. Johnny has recorded for artists like Toby Keith, Trick Pony, Randy Travis, Ricky Skaggs, Janie Fricke, Lynn Anderson, and Hank 3 and has his own line of guitar instructional material with Mel Bay. This is his Mel Bay Artist Interview with Erica Cantrell. Johnny also teaches a Mel Bay Pro Lick. - -
Produced by Rob Haines -

Johnny Hiland Interview

Geoff Tyson,Dora Bondy: Crazy Love

The Geoff Tyson Band performs live at Rock na Linhartovském zámku IV August 2011. Featuring Dora Bondy. Special thanks to Jan Košulič

Camera: Luděk Ondruška

Geoff Tyson Band LIVE - "Crazy Love" featuring Dora Bondy

Courtney Cox,Gigi Gleason: Misstallica The World's Only All Girl Tribute to Metallica

Thanks to Teddi Tarnoff !
Gigi Gleason - Vocals and Lead Guitar
Courtney Cox - Lead Guitar
Teddi Tarnoff - Bass
Kaleen Reading - Drums
The World's Only All Girl Tribute to Metallica

Misstallica - For Whom The Bell Tolls

Misstallica - Master of Puppets, Glasgow ABC2 24th May 2010

Misstallica - Ride the Lightning - Philly May 12 2011