Jess Lewis, Steve Vai: I found this video of "Jess" performing "Die to Live" to be charming!

Steve Vai I found this video of "Jess" performing "Die to Live" to be charming.
I know what I went through to learn it so hats of to you Jess. Vai - Die To Live - Cover By song's Awesome! and it's very fun to play! :-D cover aint perfect.. but.. oh well ! :P lol.. Rock! \m/ \m/
Plus Guitar Squid just highlighted this mega talent!
The future of guitar is not dead. Here's a Young Gun worth keeping an eye and an ear out for...
There are a gazillion young up-n-comers out there who are being touted as the 'next big thing.' The Guitar Squid certainly isn't the arbiter for determining who's gonna make it and who won't, but as you probably know from our oft-linked Top 10 List of Unknown Chicks Rocking Extremely Hard, the Squid likes to throw some occasional love on unknown talent worth checking out.

This Young Gun's name is Jessica Lewis. The 17-year old lives in the UK and lists Alex Hutchings, Guthrie Govan, Wayne Krantz, and Tom Quayle as influences. Her YouTube covers range from George Benson to Steve Vai. Here's a sampling: more