Sunday, 20 November 2011

Mike Stern: Guitar Workshop Plus 2011

Mike Stern at Guitar Workshop Plus 2011

Mike Stern & Dave Weckl - Tumble Home@Pancevacki Jazz Festival 11.11.2011

Mike Stern at Guitar Workshop Plus 2011

Brian Carroll: Insane tapping from buckethead

Buckethead 8 finger tapping Toad's Place 2008#

Romain Roo Chapus: Are You Sleeping Brother John

"Are You Sleeping Brother John" Tapping Guitar 8 Finger by Roo

Mistheria: Modern Rock Institute band

Mistheria & Modern Rock Institute band: My Dear Chopin live (Zagreb, Croatia)

Phil Hilborne: Interview @ Zagreb Guitar Show

Phil Hilborne - Interview @ Zagreb Guitar Show

James Bell: Metalcore ( Andy James )

James Bell - Metalcore ( Andy James )

Dave Weiner: "BB Preamp Comparison"

Interview with Dave Weiner "BB Preamp Comparison"

Diego Godoy: Dorian Lick on Shred This III

Tab: Week 1 Lick by Diego Godoy (Week 1). Advanced E Dorian rock fusion lick involving legato, slide, alternate picking, hybrid picking and triplets.
I hope you find it useful!
I got the Backing Track from "Brett Garsed Shred This III", you can find it here:
Time for Shred This IV?

1 Week 1 Lick #1: Brett Garsed style E Dorian Rock Fusion Lick

Lena Mashkina: she's a 8 finger tapping tour de force!

Lena Mashkina "Letter from home" (P.Metheny)

Лена Машкина "Американка" (Д.Малолетов) (Lena Mashkina "American" (D. Maloletov))

Marco Sfogli: Jason Becker's Not Dead Yet Festival

Marco Sfogli at Jason Becker's Not Dead Yet Festival

Bill Lubera: Blizzard

Blizzard is the first song off my Instrumental Progressive Rock Album "Global Warning" which was Produced and Recorded by George Bellas. Available through Cdbaby, Itunes, and it's partners. Also available (USA) only through my webstore at

Rik Emmett: Rarities new CD

Rarities CD
Previously only available as a digital download, Rarities is now available on CD for a limited time! The album features live tracks from Rik's performance at the Toronto Harbourfront, as well as unreleased tracks.

Live Tracks:
Head Case
The Last Goodbye
Three Clouds Across The Moon

Previously Unreleased Tracks:
Between The Dreams of You and I
Question of Feel
Walk The Walk
Kiss It All Goodbye
My Heart is in His Hands
N'est qu'un Sourire
Part of Me

order | all cds

Michael Schenker: Japan dates 2012

27 - Osaka, Japan - Namba Hatch
28 - Nagoya, Japan - Club Diamond Hall
29 - Nagoya, Japan - Nakano Sunplaza
30 - Nagoya, Japan - Nakano Sunplaza

Matias Kupiainen,Jens Johansson:Stratovarius Pakkahuone 2011

Matias Kupiainen,Jens Johansson:Stratovarius Pakkahuone 2011

Yngwie Malmsteen: Swedish TV 2011

* Baroque & Roll * Yngwie plays traditional swedish folk music with Kalle Moraeus and * Far Beyond The Sun*
Broadcast by Swedish TV * Moraeus Med Mera *
This show was recorded the 19th of June 2011 but aired the date in the description.

YNGWIE MALMSTEEN 2 tracks Live @ Swedish TV 2011 Oct 23 [ High Quality ]

News: God Bless Ozzy - Blu Ray


GOD BLESS OZZY OSBOURNE (Eagle Rock Entertainment) the unrivalled look into the mind of legendary rock icon Ozzy Osbourne is out now on DVD and Blu-ray. Shot over the course of three years, it tells the life story of OZZY, as seen through the eyes of his youngest child, Jack Osbourne. Throughout GOD BLESS OZZY OSBOURNE, audiences are given an inside look into the life of a rock star, from the good times to the bad. Music fans will also see live performances from around the world, including rare behind the scenes clips of OZZY on and off stage, in his dressing rooms pre-show, to his nights in a series of hotel rooms. The DVD and Blu-rays also feature additional previously unseen footage not seen in the theatrical release including new interviews, classic archival footage of Black Sabbath and OZZY OSBOURNE, along with a Q&A with OZZY and Jack.

Scott Mosher: Oceans Of Night 2

This is modern heavy metal in collision with soaring, dynamic melodies wrapped in a tapestry of percolating ambience. With a heavy dose of epic thematic musical structure, this is music that makes a bold and powerful statement. As the enigmatic and mysterious name suggests, Oceans of Night is a modern rock band - equal parts progressive metal and modern rock wrapped around powerful vocal melodies and evocative guitar work served with a distinct ambient flavor.

Domain is the second CD release from the hybrid progressive metal band, Oceans of Night. Following up The Shadowheart Mirror in 2009 (and 4 previous CDs recorded eponymously under the Scott Mosher name), Domain features a continued and refined focus on the staples of the Oceans of Night sound: modern heavy metal colliding with soaring, dynamic melodies wrapped in a tapestry of percolating ambience. With a heavy dose of epic thematic musical structure, this is music that makes a bold and powerful statement.

Rising from the ashes of the eponymous solo band lead by musical mastermind Scott Mosher, from 1996 through 2004, Oceans of Night also features vocal powerhouse Scott Oliva (Live After Death, The Nightmare Stage, Inner Strength, Driven). Oceans of Night released their dark and crushing debut CD, The Shadowheart Mirror, in June of 2009. The new CD, to be released in the summer of 2011, promises to be a haunting, dynamic and epic musical statement... and you can cash those words in at your local bank.

Through the course of 6 CD’s, multi-instrumentalist Scott Mosher has bridged the worlds of progressive metal, melodic hard rock and ambient music to create an experimental yet complimentary style of ambient metal that is at once as subtle as it is powerful, aggressive as it is dynamic and timeless as it is modern. Scott Oliva continues to perform in the legendary NY Iron Maiden tribute band, Live After Death and The Nightmare Stage. He has also written, performed and recorded with Wind Wraith, Inner Strength, Last Vision Black and Driven. The Scott’s had first worked together on Mr. Mosher’s 4th CD release, Deep Horizon, in 2006.

Jason Becker: Loud Guitars cover high lights for the show.

The amazing guys from Loud guitars came all the way over the Atlantic to the Jason Becker show. Drew did a great job of covering the festival. High Lights from the Jason Becker "Not Dead Yet" Benefit Concert in Amsterdam. Featuring. Atma Anur,Guthrie Govan, Michael Lee Firkins,Stuart Hamm, Andy James, Mattias Eklundh, Kiko Loureiro, Marco Sfogli, Daniele Gottardo, Franck Hermanny, Stephane Forte, Marcel Coenen, Joop Wolters, Timo Somers, Barend Courbois, Frederico Solazzo, Martin Miller and Hedras Ramos. Get over to Loud Guitars to catch up with their lessons, reviews, tech and more... you can sign in with your Facebook and Twitter accounts:

Jason Becker Fest High Lights from on Vimeo.

Kostas Karamitroudis: Gus G Seymour Duncans demoed

Seymour Duncan announces the release of a new guitar pickup system that combines the best aspects of traditional passive pickups and cutting-edge active designs.

Created for Gus G, the electrifying young virtuoso just off the road with Ozzy Osbourne, the Gus G Fire Blackouts System includes a pair of traditional-looking humbucking pickups and a low-noise, high-output dual active preamp. Now hard rock and metal guitarists can get the explosive power they demand without sacrificing the expressive, hair-trigger response of a great passive pickup. It's the most organic-sounding active pickup system ever.

Gus G FIRE Blackouts System from Seymour Duncan

Gus G. Fire Blackouts System Demonstration

Stéphan Forté, Jason Becker: Jason thanks Stéphan Forté

Jason Becker You were so fantastic, Stephan  [ Stéphan Forté ]! Thank you so much!

Stéphan Forté Jason, it was such a wonderful honour to play for you, you cannot even imagine how much joy I felt inside when I saw you on the screen and said hello. When starting "When you wish upon a star" and then Opus Pocus, I gave a quick look on the right to see you and started. All the notes I played that day were for for you (except the wrong ones...;) Thanks for being who you are...

More Jason Becker Fesitval photos (photo credit Martin Rugers)
Stéphan Forté plays for Jason Becker at Jason Becker Fest in the Netherlands
Jason Becker Not Dead Yet Fest - Nov. 13, Patronaat Haarlem

Jamie Humphries: Intersound Guitar show

Jamie Humphries - Original Tune - Intersound Guitar show

Florent Atem,Dave Reffett: Guitar World slide picking interview

Interview and Video: Guitarist Florent Atem Discusses His Slide Picking Technique

GUITAR WORLD: So Florent how did you come up with this slide picking technique?

Well, as a guitar player, my main focus has always been to find my own voice on the instrument. I had the privilege to study at GIT (Guitar Institute of Technology) at Musician's Institute in Hollywood a while ago, but apart from that, I am mainly self-taught. Besides learning about music theory and what I would call the “tradition” of blues, rock or jazz improvisation, I have always enjoyed trying to push the boundaries of what I could do on my instrument.

That is how I came up with this concept I refer to as “slide picking," which I immediately felt had the potential to be developed into a real, usable and special technique. It consists in sliding the guitar pick across the strings while pressing them against the fretboard to produce notes. It really is the missing link between tapping and sweep picking since it combines their main features in a single motion. more

Florent Atem - Slide Picking Demonstration

Levi Clay, Jason Becker: Live4Guitar interview

I did catch Levi Clay with Martin Miller briefly before the show, but his the chaos of back stage stuff and roadie work, I missed Levi at the end. He's done a great job in capturing some of the spirit of the show in part one of his article for Live4Guitar.

I've been playing guitar for a very long time now, and during that time I've been through everything from punk, rock and shred to country, funk and jazz. In each of these styles there are names that come up again and again and they're all names I've spent a lot of time studying, but throughout college there was one name that dominated my complete being, one name that displayed nothing short of technical mastery and effortless beauty. A name that was ahead of the game by a decade when he was 16 and one that continues to push guitarists to be the best they can. That name is Jason Becker.

Jason is the truest example of that old saying "The star that burns brightest burns fastest", At the tender age of 16 Jason teamed up with Marty Friedman forming the band "Cacophony" they released the shred-fest "Speed Metal Symphony" in 1987, then "Go Off!" in 1988. These two albums are the pinnacle of virtusoso neoclassical shred and are essential for any guitar fans collection. In 1988 Jason also released his masterpiece "Perpetual Burn" which many consider to be the greatest guitar instrumental album of all time. It's full of heart, passion and flair and should be in your CD player as you read this. more

I must remind you what this is all in aid of, please do check out Jason's website and if you can make a donation, however small, please do, and let us know!

Eddie Van Halen, Jason Becker: Auction starts with the coolest signed jacket from Eddie!

We already have a huge bill for the Jason Becker’s NOT DEAD YET! festival. All proceeds will go to Jason Becker’s medicals and to the ALS research.

Many musicians, who were asked to play but for some reason were not able to play for any reason, have donated some personal stuff for an auction. Also other artists have expressed they would like to contribute one way or another and will be sending goods.
Beside artists also companies will donate some products.

First items!!

New auction details will appear:

If you just wish to make a small donation