Jason Becker: Martin's Jason Becker Not Dead Yet Fest - Nov. 13, Patronaat Haarlem photo set

Alrighty the, another redo of my old overview of about 25 years of (attempts at) metal photography. After a failed first attempt to get some shots at a Motorhead show in Leiden with my then new Canon AE-1P, with the standard 1.8 50mm and a flash, I took a more "serious" stab at it when Loudness played the Paradiso in Amsterdam on May 12, 1984, and I decided to bring 1000ASA Kodak film instead of a flash. I got myself a position up against the stage where Akira would play and managed to get some nice pics. I was deaf for days, but hey, it was worth it! Perhaps not coincidentally, the first four shots, of Loudness (Akira and Minoru), Vandenberg (Adje) and Megadeth (MegaDave), all were made at the Paradiso. Most of these analog shots below are actually scans of negatives, and they don't do the quality of the photos too much justice. The prints I still have look quite a bit better, still, after all these years, but I haven't been very successful at scanning those, either. This'll have to do! more

Daniele Gottardo

Stéphan Forté

Andy "terminator" James

Thanks to Martin for permission to use these. You can see more http://home.unet.nl/martin/NDY/

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  1. Thanks for sharing all these great photos. Thanks to higher speed films there is almost no need for an annoying flash. Man I hate those things. Thankfully there are wonderful new cameras that don't need a flash even in really low light.


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