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Jace Parales: Paul Wardingham - Ghost In The Machine solos

Jace Parales:
Buy this album ****** Buy this album :)

Ummmm yeah, I wasn't even going to try to be a perfectionist with this one. Sorry for all the mistakes. I know I totally screwed up with the timing at the end sorry :( I also omitted the last lick he does because my fingers are too short and it physically hurts to even try to play it. Someday I'll work out a solution :)

Paul Wardingham - Ghost In The Machine solo section

Paul Wardingham - Ghost in the Machine tapping lick

Jace Parales - Melotapzeez

Jake Guy: two new tracks

Jake Guy - Mystique (NEW TRACK)

Jake Guy - Kuato Lives!

Emil Werstler: Playing Through The Changes

Emil Werstler from the band Daath and Levi/Werstler teaches the approach of playing to the chord you are on in a progression rather than just playing in the diatonic key. This is an abbreviated video so for the full lesson and more examples check out :

Emil Werstler - Advanced Theory - Playing Through The Changes

Homero Bittencourt: Guitar lessons with tab

By Homero Bittencourt - Tablature on Site

Portugal Site:


Jace Parales: Scar Symmetry tapping arps

Jace Parales - Scar Symmetry tapping arps

Marcello Zappatore: Second Hand Guitars 34 in Milan

MARCELLO ZAPPATORE at Second Hand Guitars 34 in MILAN with ARTESOUND

Joe Bonamassa: Gilly's Dayton Ohio 2003

Joe Bonamassa - Gilly's Dayton Ohio 2003

Eric Maldonado: demoing Steve Vai Ibanez Jem7v

Guitar Shredding - Steve Vai Ibanez Jem7v

News: Lick Library Release Learn To Play Killswitch Engage

Lick Library are pleased to bring you Learn To Play Killswitch Engage; a collection of classic tracks to help you learn the best riffs and solos from one of the founding metalcore bands.

Considered by many to be one of the founders of the melodic metal genre, Killswitch Engage’s music is characterised by distinctive ferocious riffs, pummeling rhythms held together by melodious harmonies. The power sources behind the sound are guitarists Adam Dutiewicz and Joel Stroetzel who together have created there distinctive sound.

Walking you through some of the bands best-loved tracks is the incredible UK shredder and metal guitarist Andy James. Well known for his Lick Library contributions and as the lead guitarist of the band Sacred Mother Tongue, Andy shares his knowledge and experience in this easy to follow guitar tuition double DVD set. The technical explanations from Andy are concise and clearly demonstrated by the split screen that shows what each of his hands are doing at the same time. Plus you can pause and rewind the Guitar lessons on the DVD whenever you want, so you can go over any part, time and again until you really have it nailed.

Included on Learn To Play Killswitch Engage are five killer tracks featuring several of the best riffs and solos from some of the greatest metal performers around today. Taken from the 2002 Alive or Just Breathing album are My Last Serenade and Fixation On The Darkness and then Andy takes a look at Rose Of Sharyn and The End Of Heartache from the 2004 album of the same name. Last but not least, Andy takes you step by step through My Curse from the 2006 As Daylight Dies album. With over three hours of guitar lessons and note by note tutorials, this double DVD set will help you improve your technique and also covers a range of topics including song construction, dynamics, tone as well as learning blistering riffs!

You can find out more visit where you will also find details of wealth of guitar tuition DVDs, CDs and books.

News: Guitar Institute Unveils 2012 Guitar Scholarship Worth Over £7,500

The Guitar Institute, part of London’s Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, Yamaha and Total Guitar Magazine are proud to announce the launch of the 2012 guitar scholarships programme. These sought after scholarships are for study on the Guitar Institute’s renowned one-year Higher Diploma guitar course. There will be one fully-funded place for the winner (worth over £5,000) with a partially funded place for the runner-up (worth over £2,500).
The Higher Diploma is a specialist one-year full-time course, developed by the Institute to train and develop students of guitar, bass, drums and vocals for a career in the music industry. It was the first full-time course of its kind ever developed in the UK and achieving a place on the course continues to be an aspirational goal for young musicians. The Institute, widely recognised as one of Europe’s leading schools of modern music, counts on an unrivalled teaching and visiting faculty, many of whom regularly work and tour with some of the music industry’s greatest artists. This faculty includes such names as Steve Smyth, Martin Goulding and Dario Cortese.
Previous Guitar Institute students can be found throughout today’s music industry, working with high profile artists such as Radiohead, The Noisettes, Kylie Minogue, Paolo Nutini, Will Young and KT Tunstall.
Closing date for entries is 24th February 2012 and there is always a great demand. The scholarships are open to anyone from the UK or internationally and the application form is available to download from
This is a fantastic opportunity to win a free place on one of the most prestigious guitar courses in Europe and the winner of the scholarship will also have the support of Yamaha and the opportunity to write a regular column in
For more information on scholarships and courses at the Institute, contact us directly:

- 0207 328 0222

Alan Williamson: improvisation on Sunny and two new originals


The Moor's Revenge

City Of Averine

Fabrizio Leo: Guitarz Forever loving the new CD

Fabrizio Bicio Leo "Mr.Malusardi " (Shrapnel Records) CD Review by Scott Thomas

What can I say... Just when you thought you were out, they pull you back in. Mike Varney and Shrapnel Records have done it again with this fabulous New music from Fabrizio Leo "Mr. Malusardi"... This New Album represents the ultimate state of art of instrumental guitar oriented music... Get you copy today !!!

Draven Grey: developing your fan base strategy

Draven Grey:
We all know the story. When Radiohead put out their new cd “In Rainbows” on a pay-what-you-like download basis, there was a lot of resistance from critics. But Radiohead stated “...we believe if your music is great, then people will pay for it.” Selling around 30,000 copies within the first week alone and hitting #1 on iTunes made the cd an immediate success. There then followed a enormous surge of ticket sales and their album ultimately sold over 3 million copies, including 100,000 deluxe edition box sets. They quickly became an inspiration to many bands world-wide, who awhile later are offering the same pay-what-you-like system to their own fans, seeking for the same success.

Artists at all levels of their music career have been successful replicating this model, and yet some haven’t. Many have even criticized this model saying it only works for bands with an already devout fanbase, overlooking the countless stories of smaller artists having similar success. Yes, these smaller bands may not have sold millions like Radiohead, but selling a 100x to 1000x more than the other musicians on their "level" is HUGE.

Can you just follow their system and be promised success? You're doing the same thing, you should get the same results, correct?

Have you heard of Adam Singer? He used his cd release strictly as a promotional tool through Creative Commons. In just a few weeks he had over five thousand downloads for his album, and it had also been shared countless times beyond that. He drew attention--tens of thousands of individuals visited his web page, remixes begin to pop up in various places, he got requests to write music for videos on youtube and he was also talked about on quite a few music blogs & internet radio sites. Simply releasing his album for free under Creative Commons had dramatic results. He gained more attention in a short time than the majority of musicians attract over the duration of their career and all without a devout fan-base or tons of money in his marketing budget.

Let’s look again at Radiohead. They released their 2011 album in the same manner, and again the critics are coming down hard on them. Later, they released it on Vinyl, and once again got knocked by critics, even though "The King Of Limbs" shortly became the bestselling Vinyl album of 2011 by an insanely huge margin. null But are you seeing what they missed?

They also put out their entire back catalog of albums on a USB stick for 160 USD, and it sold like umbrellas on a rainy day. Are you catching on yet?

What model is right for us?

Creative Commons? Pay-what-you-like? And what about USB? Or Vinyl? There’s one easy choice, “none of the above.” Sure, you CAN follow any of these systems, but if not done right, then it will fail. Let's look less at what systems they used, and more at the mindset that fueled them. Radiohead tried several different models and were successful, and not only because of the the amount of fans they had waiting. Adam Singer, who had virtually no fans, used a a completely different method, and still had a large response to his album. These artists are extremes in terms of fanbase and implementation strategy, but they share a common mindset towards their music career The issue isn't what model can you follow, but "What method is perfect for YOUR audience because it's what YOUR fans are looking for?"

Apple didn’t survey critics and experts what they thought of a entirely touchscreen mobile phone or ten inch iPad. They didn’t ask industry executives about releasing an all inclusive machine, or about shrinking down MP3 players to the size of a deck of cards and smaller. Napster didn’t second guess themselves and run to the "experts" for whether they should do digital downloads and streaming music. Netflix also didn’t just follow the industry when they made their mark with DVD rentals through mail-order. These artists and businesses were all surrounded by skeptics and "industry experts" saying it couldn't be done, yet awhile later they are rushing to replicate their results. But these copycats miss one very important thing--the mindset behind the success and that's why they fail.

Don't merely copy what they did and expect to get the same results You need to instead model their mindset in order to have similar fuel for your own music career success.

How to make your next album release rock:

You should have enough explanation, so here are some actionable steps.

1) Picture and describe your intended audience. This is important because the more you are able to know your desired audience, the easier it will be for you to create a cd release model that actually works for them. You can do this by thinking of your most devout fan. Who are they? What types of things do they go mad for? How do they like to browse, take in, and pay for music? Where do they spend time both online and locally? Define them so well that it will be painless for you to know exactly how to release your music in a way they can’t resist.

2) Maintaining the description of your ideal fan, detail out your own specific album release model. A plan that is simple for them to find, painless for them to consume, and easy for them to share.

3) Implement it.

Yes, it’s that easy. Because Radiohead knew their ideal fan so well, using successful release models was easy. Adam Singer knew precisely who he wanted to target, so even without a fan base his release rocked. Singer's fans were just like him, so he hooked them with precisely what he would be wanting...awesome music that was easy to find, purchase, share, and use. These two artists, and even the visionary businesses we mentioned, anticipated ways to engage their fan base despite the outcry of all those who would eventually shamelessly copy them.

So the question persists. What method will engage *your* fan-base in the biggest way out there?
About the Author: Draven Grey is an artist development specialist and accomplished professional musician who has been where you are. He coaches bands across the world in how to be as successful as their favorite bands. Sign up for more great tips about the music business and a FREE 6-Day Booster Pack now at

Jason Becker: Martin's Jason Becker Not Dead Yet Fest - Nov. 13, Patronaat Haarlem photo set

Alrighty the, another redo of my old overview of about 25 years of (attempts at) metal photography. After a failed first attempt to get some shots at a Motorhead show in Leiden with my then new Canon AE-1P, with the standard 1.8 50mm and a flash, I took a more "serious" stab at it when Loudness played the Paradiso in Amsterdam on May 12, 1984, and I decided to bring 1000ASA Kodak film instead of a flash. I got myself a position up against the stage where Akira would play and managed to get some nice pics. I was deaf for days, but hey, it was worth it! Perhaps not coincidentally, the first four shots, of Loudness (Akira and Minoru), Vandenberg (Adje) and Megadeth (MegaDave), all were made at the Paradiso. Most of these analog shots below are actually scans of negatives, and they don't do the quality of the photos too much justice. The prints I still have look quite a bit better, still, after all these years, but I haven't been very successful at scanning those, either. This'll have to do! more

Daniele Gottardo

Stéphan Forté

Andy "terminator" James

Thanks to Martin for permission to use these. You can see more

Don't forget that the auction is hotting up too!

Jason Becker Auction

News: Cakewalk Sonar X1


Powerful & Affordable Professional Production Solution Combining SONAR X1 Producer, SONAR X1 Producer Expanded, PC4K S-Type Expander / Gate ProChannel Module, and Z3TA+ 2 Waveshaping Synthesizer Now Shipping

Los Angeles, CA, November 30, 2011 — Cakewalk, the world's leading developer of powerful and easy to use products for music creation and recording, announces the SONAR X1 Production Suite is now shipping and available from Roland distribution partners. Roland U.S. has been the distributor of all Cakewalk by Roland branded PC music products since September 2010.

The SONAR X1 Production Suite is the most powerful and affordable professional music production suite available on the Windows platform.

SONAR X1 Production Suite includes:
  • SONAR X1 Producer precisely suited for today's music production with its unparalleled user interface design providing the very best in a clean and modern creation environment.
  • SONAR X1 Producer Expanded providing additional functionality that includes modular ProChannel capability, Softube's Saturation Knob ProChannel module, revolutionary FX Chains 2.0, one-click SoundCloud integration, and Music XML support.
  • PC4K S-Type Expander / Gate ProChannel Module expertly crafted, providing legendary large format console Expander / Gate functionality.
  • Z3TA+ 2 the next generation waveshaping synthesizer.

Pricing and Availability
Cakewalk SONAR X1 Production Suite has an estimated street price of $499.00 U.S., and is available exclusively at select music and sound retailers worldwide. For more information, visit or call 888-CAKEWALK.

For a complete list of SONAR X1 U.S. distributors visit:

Rez Abbasi: Shredding from a jazz stand point

One thing that irks me, especially from the standpoint of a jazz guitarist, is the term “shredding.”
“Shredding” surfaced in mainstream lingo as a way to describe the playing of hard rock or heavy metal guitarists who were viewed as otherworldly due to the amount of speed and facility they possessed. Listeners were wooed so much by the physicality these players demonstrated, that the content was easily and often overlooked. And there lies my point.
I grew up in the era when shredding ran rampant, and at age 15, I was also thoroughly impressed by these wiz-adults. The following year, however, I discovered jazz through the likes of Joe Pass and George Benson. With this revelation I became more aware of the content side of the coin that ultimately justified the application of expansive technique. To say the least, it changed my perspective about technique overnight. Got to Guitar Player more

Alastair Greene: Blues through the rain

Alastair Greene Through The Rain:  "Alastair Greene Through The Rain review"
Also, See what music listeners are saying @ >>>
Alastair Greene - Through The Rain >>> For anyone who is into rock and/or blues guitar, this is your album.
Alastair Greene is a great guitarist with a voice that fits the style of music he plays. This album showcases a real talent and comes through because the selection and arrangement of songs are so nicely balanced. He really mixes things up and thus there is no sense of repetition. For anyone who is into rock and/or blues guitar this is your album.

Matte Johansson: intensive arpeggio