Thursday, 1 December 2011

Orianthi: before Alice Cooper show... only women bleed?

A nasty bleeding lip doesn't stop Orianthi singing "If U Were Here"

Orianthi if u were here before Alice cooper show in Albany

Sean Duhaime: SSS trio - great jazz fusion

Sean Duhaime Trio - Unblue (Sean Duhaime)

Sean Duhaime with Stefan Ferraro and Michel Delage performed an original by Sean, ''Unblue'' live at the Avant-Garde Bar. Michel Delage was only sitting in with the band.

November 24th, 2011

Sean Duhaime - Guitar
Stefan Ferraro - Bass
Michel Delage - Drums

SSS Trio - Bert (Sean Duhaime)

News: A Christmas present for those beginning the journey

David Valdes: After My left hand injury...

Guitar Improvisation After My left hand injury.. sound from Axe Fx (Fas Modern) and my Ibanez PGM 300 tuned.

Guitar Improvisation

News: Rotosound Launch Guitar Tuner And Chord Finder

Rotosound is pleased to add the new Guitar Tuner/Chord Finder to its growing selection of guitar accessories.

Like the existing Rotosound guitar tuners this cool new gadget is intuitive to use and works simply by clipping the unit to your instrument where it picks up the string vibrations. When a note is played the clear LCD screen displays how close you are to having that string in tune.

The built-in chord finder has an easy to use search function which allows you to search by chord letter name or chord root. Once you have found your selected chord letter you then select whether it is minor, major, diminished, augmented or suspended chord and further options for 7th and 9th chord versions. With a large library of chords, this handy finder will be like having your own guitar teacher you can take with you anywhere you go.

The Guitar Tuner and Chord Finder is fast and precise, highly sensitive, light and highly portable. Like all things Rotosound it is designed and built to the highest possible specifications and is highly affordable at only £17.95 ($24.95)

The Guitar Tuner and Chord Finder (Product Code ATC-10) is for guitar payers who want an easy to use tuner and a reliable chord finder with a clear display. To find out more, or to order your Guitar Tuner and Chord Finder visit

James Bell: Decembers Young Gun

December 2011
Welcome to the December edition of Neal’s Young Guns. Can’t believe it is already the end of the year!!! Originally I had something else planned for this month but didn’t have enough time to gather all the info so I will try for next month.

Anyways, here are my 5 for this month.

1. James Bell 13 year old winner for Guitarist Magazine’s 2011 contest.

Frank Caruso,Stefano Xotta,Gianni Rojatti: Strings 24 - Speak, packed full of top players!

Strings 24 - Speak (CD) order

After only a couple of years since their successful self-titled debut album, the Italian guitar trio of Frank Caruso, Sebo Xotta and Gianni Rojatti is back with the brand new release - Speak. Twelve new tracks with, beside the great playing of the three Italian axemen, the contribution of great names such as Andy Timmons, Kiko Loureiro, Mattias Eklundh and Rob Balducci. The rhythm section, same as the first album, features the great Roberto Gualdi on drums and Gabriele Baroni on bass. The guest artist list also features Lorenzo Feliciati and Dino D’Autorio playing bass on three tracks on this unbelievable work. Since the beginning this project's hallmark has been the use of 8-string guitars. Frank, Sebo and Gianni are officially endorsed by Ibanez - the first brand putting these really extreme instruments on the market. Having such a low frequency register, many riffs move into the bass territory and they represent a kind of trademark of Strings24 music. A really great album that lets you enjoy great technical moments and dramatic and intense melodies as well.

Frank Caruso - Guitar, Production
Stefano Xotta - Guitar, Production
Gianni Rojatti - Guitar, Production
Gabriele Baroni - Bass
Roberto Gualdi - Drums
Guido Block - Vocals on "Take My Hand"
Enzo Caruso - Vocals on "I Love Me"
Dino D`Autorio - Bass on "Take My Hand" and "Over The Hills"
Lorenzo Feliciati - Bass on "Burned Wood"
Andy Timmons - Guitar Solo on "Burned Wood"
Mattias IA Eklund - Guitar Solo on "Willy The Dog"
Kiko Loureiro - Guitar Solo on "Fire Revenge"
Rob Balducci - Guitar Solo on "Life Clock"
Beppe Aleo - Production

Niels Vejlyt: Sthenic With DVD

Niels Vejlyt - Sthenic With DVD (CD) buy
Best known as the guitarist and driving force behind metal outfit Infinity Overture, Danish guitar virtuoso Niels Vejlyt is about to make his mark on the guitar instrumental scene with his powerful solo debut "Sthenic" - fully loaded with a bonus DVD! Already no stranger to guitar fanatics worldwide thanks to numerous instructional DVDs, books and his own online guitar school, Sthenic With DVD is a long awaited release for Neils Vejlyt's legion of fans worldwide and is also sure to attract many newcomers. With a sound reminiscent at times of instrumental offerings from Jeff Loomis, John Petrucci and Steve Vai, etc, the CD sees Vejlyt serve up eight tracks that blend intricate heavy riffs with exciting grooves and chord progressions over which Niels' formidable lead technique takes the album over the edge! Instrumental Guitar (Electric (Heavy)/Shred/Neo-Classical Metal), total running time, 40:27

News: Kickstarter ipad guitar

Time to back a new type of guitar?

Our project is designed for musicians, guitar heroes, electronic artists, iPad junkies and hackers looking for a fun and easy way to take their show on the road. At it's heart the device is a button-based guitar fretboard (Starr Labs patented fingerboard) integrated with a dock for the iPad which will transform the tablet into a 21st century musical instrument we call the iTar (tm).

Our fingerboard has been battle-tested and proven for years to be a professional-quality electronic music instrument. We've built custom instruments for the likes of Vernon Reid (of the endlessly awesome Living Color), the Chemical Brothers, Pendulum, Linkin Park, Lou Reed, Kesha, Michael Jackson, Stanley Jordan, and many TV/film studios. Check out the gallery at to see the high quality instruments we've been building around this impressive technology for years. Our line of Ztars and Z-boards are each custom built by hand, from scratch.

By mass-producing the fingerboard and linking it to everyone’s favorite music player/tablet we are making this professional grade equipment affordable and available to a much wider audience. One of the coolest features is that the iPad's touchscreen interface will allow you to strum a guitar, tap on keys, bang on the drums, shake the maraca and more. You will literally have a full band at your fingertips. Imagine you start by looping your drum pattern, then you play over that with a bass-line, now bring in a little soulful trumpet and back that up with some piano. Nice. Or, you can set up some beats or samples, modify and jam over them with wild abandon. A DJ's dream!

The possibilities are truly endless.

Other Applications:
We have primarily focused on the musical performance side of things because that's who we are. However, we realize that there are a number of application areas that will benefit from this technology beyond our passion for playing; guitar education, music-mixing software, jamming over the Internet, and interactive gaming come to mind. We can also envision podcasters, studio techs, and amateur film makers using it as a soundboard/lighting controller. The iTar will come with it's own proprietary music app for strumming and using the whammy bar, as well as letting you set up the fingerboard for your own special uses. We eagerly invite developers and software gurus to contact us about creating their own applications. Anybody with a great idea about other uses should email us too!

The Pitch:
We honestly could not be more excited to introduce this new technology to the world, but there is one major hurdle for a small shop like ours and that is funding. Building one-off custom projects like our Ztars and Z-boards is no problem in our little shop, and though we are now building the prototype iTar, sadly we don't have the capacity or the money to jump into high-volume production on this project. That's why we need your help. With your pledge we can gather the funding to produce the electronics for the neck and the rest of the docking assembly, and setup the injection-molded plastic for the enclosure. You are our Obi Wan. You are our only hope.

ADDITIONAL NOTE TO INTERNATIONAL BACKERS: If you are outside the United States we would really appreciate an additional $10 (USD) added to your pledge for any reward level above $1 this is to help us cover international shipping fees. Thanks friend.

Nicolas Notarianni: Guitar Snake

Nicolas Notarianni: Nicolas Notarianni, a French guitarist who uses the stage name Guitarsnake, is a virtuoso who released his solo CD, "Around The World" in 2011 on Mad Guitar Records. The instrumental album is a masterpiece of colorful and emotional guitar music, crafted with flawless guitar technique and a unique feel.

This "group panel" interview was conducted with Notarianni in cyberspace to get answers to questions concerning his gear, promotion and his early development. more

Interview Guitarsnake MGR

Nicolas Notarianni - Guitar, Drums, Production, Arrangements, Mixing, Mastering
Dave Rimmer - Bass
Laurent Reinling - Drums
Yannick Garandel - Artwork
Stephane Gay - Guest Guitar Solo
Loïc Bonnecaze - Guest Guitar Solo
Roo - Guest Guitar Solo
Olivier Mesnier - Guest Guitar Solo
Yann Armellino - Guest Guitar Solo
Victor Lafuente - Guest Guitar Solo

Guitarsnake - Around The World (CD) - Order CD

Nicolas Waldo: Happy Christmas - an album free for you

Nicolas Waldo

Hello Friends and supporters of the project NW! As a gift this Christmas I invite you to my new album FREE DOWNLOAD special Christmas!; ... GUITAR CHRISTMAS! by NICOLAS WALDO - 2011! ... with the most famous melodies of Christmas brought to the Electric Guitar! ... (Silent Night, Faith Noel, Carol Of Bells, Sleight Ride and more!). DOWNLOAD ON THIS LINK:

News: Lick Library Advent Calendar of special offers

December 2011 Advent Calendar

Each and every day in December until Xmas Day, there is a new special offer behind each door on the calendar, so simply click on today's date (UK time zone) to reveal an image and then click on the image to revel the offer. There is no limit to the amount of ofers you can choose, pick one, two or all 25... the choice if yours.

Merry Christmas!

Guitar Idol tickets

Patrick Hemer: More Than Meets The Eye -new CD

ARTIST: Patrick Hemer
TITLE: More Than Meets The Eye
Release Date: Dec 6, 2011

Progressive Metal meets virtuoso guitar playing and amazing vocal work in this stunning masterpiece that proves that the Progressive Metal label can definitely include well-crafted songs.

A long-respected studio musician, touring hired gun and guitar instructor, Patrick Hemer gained worldwide recognition at the dawn of the 2000’s as the main man and fretboard wizard of the German metal band HORIZON with whom he recorded a few cult albums, including the critically acclaimed “The Sky’s The Limit” (Massacre Records - 2002) and the outstanding “Worlds Apart” (Massacre/King - 2004) that received a warm welcome in Japan, thanks to the fervent support of legendary magazine Burrrn!.

Back to the world of recording studios for a while after the untimely break-up of Horizon, Patrick collaborated in numerous projects in a wide array of genres, started getting involved in production, and also devoted himself more and more to teaching to become an in-demand clinician maintaining strong contacts with the guitar community.
But his deep, unwavering love for metal music finally had to take over again…..
Now, teaming up with drummer extraordinaire Tom Wagner and keyboardist David Casanova, he has put together a new solo project meant to display his best, but also heaviest, playing and songwriting to date.

His current album, “More Than Meets The Eye” produced by Patrick himself, is a perfect balance of huge guitar riffs, warm melodic vocal work with stellar harmonies and Hemer’s trademark out of this world soloing, all backed up by clever arrangements and Tom Wagner’s brilliant drumming.
Definitely proving that Patrick Hemer belongs to the small club of the best players on the planet, “More Than Meets The Eye” is also a Progressive Metal masterpiece and a must for every fan of the genre.

Now, all the world’s Prog-Power Metal maniacs and shred guitar aficionados can feel confident in the future, they know that Patrick Hemer is here to keep the flame alive and well…


01. Up from the Ashes
02. Thorn in My Flesh
03. Edge of Insanity
04. For All Eternity
05. Firelight
06. The Godfather
07. Panem Et Circenses
08. Legend in Your Own Mind
09. Death on Two Legs
10. Guilty
11. Terra Incognita

Jude Gold: Funkytown

Jude Gold - Funkytown (video) Funky Town

Charly Sahona: off to guitar idol final!

VENTURIA founder/guitarist and solo artist CHARLY SAHONA has been selected as a finalist and will appear live at "Guitar Idol III"; the world’s biggest and best guitar competition with its live final showcase on 4th December 2011 at The Garage, London (N5). Full info on the event

Charly’s solo album “Naked Thoughts From A Silent Chaos” (Lion Music) was released in 2010 and he is currently finishing up the production of the third Venturia album (title tbc) set for release in 2012.

Guitar Idol tickets

News: 5 crazy interpretations of metal classics!

Killing in the Name (jazz version)

Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train (Smooth Jazz Version)

Metallica-Enter Sandman (Smooth Jazz Version)

AC/DC-Back in Black(Funk Version)

Megadeth-Symphony of Destruction(Reggae Version)

Vuk Mirasevic: Slow Jazz

Vuk Mirasevic - Vuk - Slow Jazz...

Ronny Gutierrez:Funky Fusion Jam Improvisation

A little improvising over a Muris Varajic fusion backing track I found online.

Víctor Santiago: "Esencia Supolatina" - 2011 Ibanez Project

Víctor Santiago - "Esencia Supolatina" (Original) (720P)

Fred Brum: My album Atonement is now available!!

Fred Brum My album Atonement is now available for purchase directly from my store at and, soon enough, from CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon!

It has been a long and extenuating trip, yet one that was most fulfilling - I hope you enjoy the album and a huge "thank you!" is in order to everyone who supported me throughout this process! This goes out to you as well, Mr. Laurie Monk!

Fred Brum — Home

Welcome to Fred Brum... don't know enough already? well read more in this special in depth interview with the 6,7 and 8 stringer!

Fred Brum the likable enigmatic

Jennifer Batten: Guitar Two Handed Player for December

Guitar Two Handed Player for December

Gustavo Bonfá: Ballerina and Cause We've Ended As Lovers

Gustavo Bonfá - Ballerina - 00:00 / 03:03Jeff Beck - Cause We've Ended As Lovers - 03:14 / 08:15

Gustavo Bonfá - Apresentação de Formatura do IG&T (Especialização em Guitarra Rock)

Angel Ruiz: Steve Vai tribute and Jam in blues

Pacing in the C / Deal with Steve Vai

Jam en Bullet Blues

Tom Quayle: Free Pentatonic Minors Line Lesson

Hey guys!
I'm going to be doing free monthly video lessons on my website for the resources section and will be uploading them to youtube also. This months lesson is on using a symmetrical system for line creation within the minor pentatonic scale and is available for December only!
You can get the TAB at my website here: -
Hope you enjoy!
Go to for more lessons with me.

Free December Lesson - Pentatonic Line Creation

Theodore Kalantzakos: The D Dorian Mode (7 Positions)

Download the Free fingerboard diagram at this video Lesson Theodore K ( demonstrates the 7 Positions of the D Dorian Mode.
Watch all the Free Video Lessons about the Modes of Major here: Theodore K's TV ( for more videos!

The D Dorian Mode (7 Positions) - Guitar Scales And Modes Series - Free Video Lesson By Theodore K

Rick Graham: free silent night backing track

Silent Night - Backing track free from

Richard Hallebeek,Antti Kotikoski: Under The Influence

Richard Hallebeek/Antti Kotikoski - Under The Influence by Richard Hallebeek

Jordi Amorim: Neung Vinai Alive GuitarSolo Competition

Neung Vinai Alive GuitarSolo Competition - Jordi Amorim

Hedras Ramos: Insanity of the Atoms (Live) - Zagreb

Hedras Ramos - Insanity of the Atoms (Live)

Richard Hallebeek,Shawn Lane: the interview #1

Richard Hallebeek interview (part) with Shawn Lane: the future by Richard Hallebeek

Richard Hallebeek: Sergio's Pants

Richard Hallebeek - Sergio's Pants by Richard Hallebeek

Martin Miller: warming up for the Jam Track Central - just some footage of me warming up while my friend Marius Leicht is experimenting with his Canon 5D Mk2 and some lighting. Don't mind the uninspired noodling, I'm just going through a bunch of jazzy ideas while getting in the mood. Due to the lack of a memory card we were only able to film about 4 minutes of material.

Next week we'll be filming my backing track + solo package for Jam Track Central with this very setup. Can't wait for you guys so see it! Debut solo ablum "The Other End" dues soon.

Martin Miller - warming up for the Jam Track Central recordings