Frank Caruso,Stefano Xotta,Gianni Rojatti: Strings 24 - Speak, packed full of top players!

Strings 24 - Speak (CD) order

After only a couple of years since their successful self-titled debut album, the Italian guitar trio of Frank Caruso, Sebo Xotta and Gianni Rojatti is back with the brand new release - Speak. Twelve new tracks with, beside the great playing of the three Italian axemen, the contribution of great names such as Andy Timmons, Kiko Loureiro, Mattias Eklundh and Rob Balducci. The rhythm section, same as the first album, features the great Roberto Gualdi on drums and Gabriele Baroni on bass. The guest artist list also features Lorenzo Feliciati and Dino D’Autorio playing bass on three tracks on this unbelievable work. Since the beginning this project's hallmark has been the use of 8-string guitars. Frank, Sebo and Gianni are officially endorsed by Ibanez - the first brand putting these really extreme instruments on the market. Having such a low frequency register, many riffs move into the bass territory and they represent a kind of trademark of Strings24 music. A really great album that lets you enjoy great technical moments and dramatic and intense melodies as well.

Frank Caruso - Guitar, Production
Stefano Xotta - Guitar, Production
Gianni Rojatti - Guitar, Production
Gabriele Baroni - Bass
Roberto Gualdi - Drums
Guido Block - Vocals on "Take My Hand"
Enzo Caruso - Vocals on "I Love Me"
Dino D`Autorio - Bass on "Take My Hand" and "Over The Hills"
Lorenzo Feliciati - Bass on "Burned Wood"
Andy Timmons - Guitar Solo on "Burned Wood"
Mattias IA Eklund - Guitar Solo on "Willy The Dog"
Kiko Loureiro - Guitar Solo on "Fire Revenge"
Rob Balducci - Guitar Solo on "Life Clock"
Beppe Aleo - Production