News: Rotosound Launch Guitar Tuner And Chord Finder

Rotosound is pleased to add the new Guitar Tuner/Chord Finder to its growing selection of guitar accessories.

Like the existing Rotosound guitar tuners this cool new gadget is intuitive to use and works simply by clipping the unit to your instrument where it picks up the string vibrations. When a note is played the clear LCD screen displays how close you are to having that string in tune.

The built-in chord finder has an easy to use search function which allows you to search by chord letter name or chord root. Once you have found your selected chord letter you then select whether it is minor, major, diminished, augmented or suspended chord and further options for 7th and 9th chord versions. With a large library of chords, this handy finder will be like having your own guitar teacher you can take with you anywhere you go.

The Guitar Tuner and Chord Finder is fast and precise, highly sensitive, light and highly portable. Like all things Rotosound it is designed and built to the highest possible specifications and is highly affordable at only £17.95 ($24.95)

The Guitar Tuner and Chord Finder (Product Code ATC-10) is for guitar payers who want an easy to use tuner and a reliable chord finder with a clear display. To find out more, or to order your Guitar Tuner and Chord Finder visit