Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Akira Wada: Prism Jam - JFusion

Ken Wada, Akira Watanabe, Katsutoshi Morizono prism PRISM PRISM JAM Lalena

Ralph Salati: The Road To Sunrise - classy soloing

Here you can find a demonstration of the solos taken from the forthcoming instrumental song by Gianluca Ferro (S.H.I.N.E.) and Ralph Salati (DESTRAGE) "The Road To Sunrise".

Ralph Salati - The Road To Sunrise (Solo Section Demo)

Mike Portnoy, Mike Orlando: The Nervous Breakdown interview

As the drummer, it’s obviously important for you to find somebody that you can do business with in the rhythm section, so even before John hit the radar, was there a criteria that you personally had in mind for a new bass player?

Well, we were looking for somebody that was a team player and somebody who was into doing song-oriented music. Even though I have this reputation for being this over-the-top drummer and even though Mike Orlando is this incredibly flashy guitar player, we weren’t looking for a crazy over-the-top bass player. We were looking for somebody who was more of a foundation type of player. So John was exactly the type of player we were looking for–a bad-ass motherfucker who could hold down the fort. John absolutely fit our criteria.

What sound were you shooting for on this album? Or was there even a sound that you guys had in mind?

The whole idea behind Adrenaline Mob is to play song-oriented music that has shredding players, but really it’s all about the riff and the groove and the melody. Mike Orlando and I can step out every once in awhile when needed, but the most important thing in the end is to have huge riffs and a groove with a nice bounce, as well as Russell Allen’s vocals, which are totally memorable and melodic. It’s one of those albums where I think that every song is strong in it’s own right. There are so many tracks on this album that you can picture being played on the radio. So that was the idea behind Adrenaline Mob–to have an album filled with songs that had memorable hooks that made your head bang. more
Mike Orlando
Killer Review of Adrenaline Mob's NYC Hiro Ballroom Release Show!

Larry Mitchell: playing the Guitar festival in near Quebec

Larry Mitchell
I'm playing the Guitar festival in near Quebec this May 27th. With Jeff Bowders and Domenic Romanelli . This should be a blast. I love Quebec.

The recipient of a Grammy Award and 17 prestigious award is recognized for his creative collaborations with Tracy Chapman, for his tones ranging from soft acoustic waves up to the sounds of rock and skinned for his incredible strength and charisma on stage. As a soloist, he recorded six albums all instrumental acclaimed by many critics and especially loved by connoisseurs and music lovers. His two accomplices will get the most out of this collaboration in their toes and made spontaneous emotional staggering.

Larry Mitchell Solo from Ibanez 100th Anniversary party in Nagoya Japan

Ruggero Robin: will be at Musikmesse in Frankfurt

Ruggero Robin
Friday afternoon appointment at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt on Stand TAURUS and Mayones Guitar we'll have much fun!!

Osvaldo Di Dio: All Along The Watchtower

Osvaldo Di Dio : guitar
Massimo Ciaccio : bass
Roberto Fabiani : drums
Live at La Nocc, Sondalo (SO)
February 2012

Osvaldo Di Dio Trio : All Along The Watchtower (Solo)

Randy Hansen: Purple Haze -.2008

Randy Hansen - Purple Haze - Kulturbastion Torgau - 25.07.2008

Christophe Godin: mörglbl trio - le fantôme de Savoie

mörglbl trio : le fantôme de Savoie

Zakk Wylde,Russ Parrish: Steel Panther Roast the Zakkster!

While they couldn't make it in person, Steel Panther couldn't turn down the opportunity to let Zakk Wylde have it at the first-ever Guitar World Rock & Roll Roast back in January.
The boys in Steel Panther sent in a video roast for Zakk, which is NSFW, to say the least. Check it out below.
"I personally liked Zakk when he was hammered all the time," said guitarist Satchel, in probably the nicest comment throughout the whole video.
For those of you who couldn't make it to Anaheim for that epic night of totally brew-tal roasting, worry not: We'll be rolling out videos from the Roast all throughout the comings weeks.
In the meantime, you can read a complete write-up here:
You can also check out photo galleries here:
Steel Panther Roast Zakk Wylde

Jason Becker: BAM Jason Becker Movie Premiere Interview

Jason Becker - NOT DEAD YET is a touching movie about a one-of-a-kind, ahead of his time guitar player that fell victim to ALS (Lou Gerhig's Disease) at a young age and struggles through his loss of the use of his body and limbs to continue creating amazing music and inspiring people on every corner of the planet.

Kathleen Stevenson had a chance to interview Jason Becker immediately following the premiere of his movie to get his reaction to the accolades and rave reviews and to find out what is next in line for this awesome artist, friend and role model to all.

Jim Pitts Host. Kathleen Stevenson and Michelle Gomes Interviewing.
Directed by Mike Collins - Filmed by Chris Parsons and Mike Collins - Edited By Chris Parsons.

BAM Jason Becker Movie Premiere Interview

Jeff Loomis: The Ultimatum

Jeff Loomis leads for "The Ultimatum" recording with Aaron Smith. "Merry Christmas" Keith Merrow!!!!!

Jeff and Aaron recording, "Merry Christmas" Keith Merrow

Fred Brum: Musikmesse - the Brum has landed!

Fred BrumSleep deprived Fred checking in. More Messe fun tomorrow, but it was great to meet the Hesu team, Tomek Sławiński from BlacKat Guitars and the guys atKemper Amps in the flesh already. :)

Mateus N Asato,Cacá Barros,André Niéri,Hussein Haddad: Santo Angelo Jam Artists #3

Jam Artistas Santo Angelo #3 - Mateus N. Asato - Cacá Barros - André Niéri - Hussein Haddad

Tomo Fujita: Jazz Guitar Lesson Chord Melody I VI II V

Jazz Guitar Lesson Chord Melody I VI II V Tomo Fujita

Brian May: BBC Radio Wales 21 March 2012 Interview

Brian May BBC Radio Wales 21 March 2012 Interview

Heather Williams,Laurie Monk: my name on her guitar :)

Join Heather Williams in sending out care packages to our deployed Troops!

Here you can add your name to her guitar and music gear and the proceeds go towards shipping out care packages. The Rock'n'Soldiers Project page has photos and info of all the Troops that she has mailed to.
Laurie Monk

Truth In shredding

Ola Englund: Musikmesse 2012 - Metal coverage day 1
So I arrived around 3 o clock today and had 3 hours to record something. Didn't catch to much and I we'll go out and try some amps tomorrow. But here's a bit of stuff in the meantime. Hope you enjoy!

Musikmesse 2012 - Metal coverage day 1

Misha Mansoor: interview by Barbara Caserta for Linea Rock

Misha Mansoor (Periphery) interview by Barbara Caserta for Linea Rock

Michael Dolce: working on new release

I also wanted to let you know there will be another album coming later this year.But until then I’ve had the great Levi Clay from the UK transcribe 2 tracks off my album Everything til now the songs are “I Gotta Go”and Mr Negative.

which will be available early next week with backing track.

Randy Hansen: One Rainy Wish 2008

Randy Hansen - One Rainy Wish - Kulturbastion Torgau - 25.07.2008

Frank Pearl: Noodling 3 days before Musikmesse 2012

Frank Pearl - Noodling 3 days before Musikmesse 2012

Alex Hutchings: Musikmesse 2012 Roland V Guitar

Musikmesse 2012 Roland V Guitar

Musikmesse 2012 Roland V Guitar

Tony Iommi: Musikmesse 2012 - Laney

Musikmesse 2012 - Laney Tony Iommi

News: New Roland/BOSS Products for 2012


GA-212/GA-112 Guitar Amplifiers
SHARE ON: FACEBOOK | TWITTERPowerhouse guitar amplifiers with Progressive Amp model.
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Terry Syrek,Andrew Jay: tis the season to be ripping, fire up the Slurpie!

Terry Syrek and Andrew Jay ripping amazing music WOW!

Andrew and Terry JAM 2

Allan Holdsworth: live at the Iridium

Holdsworth Clip 1

Pinecone Fletcher: Hobo King Cigar Box Guitar

GuitarTV Presents: Interview with Pinecone Fletcher

Claudio Pietronik: Spain improvisation (Chick Corea)

Claudio Pietronik - Spain improvisation (Chick Corea)

Ash Grunwald: Blues In Antwerp

Another fine performance by Ash Grunwald, when he performed at the new Crossroads café venue, in Antwerp Belgium, on Sunday, February 19th, 2012.

Web links:


Eddie Martin: Blues in Antwerp

Hot blues guitar instrumental by Eddie Martin and band, when they played to an appreciative, full house audience at the new Crossroads venue, Antwerp, Belgium on February 26th, 2012.
Extract from Eddie's website
"Phenomenal..surely his time has come..A live act not to be missed" Blues Revue USA,"A Blues Master" New Jersey Times, "a wonderful musician, the most remarkable bluesman of his generation" Blues in Britain". A roller-coaster year for Eddie Martin has seen him win Blues Act of the Year in the South West Blues Awards as well as repeat nominations for Guitar and Harmonica Player of the Year in the British Blues Awards. His cd has been rave-reviewed internationally ("Superb" fRoots, Masterpiece" Blues in Britain, "Truly blistering guitar player" Guitarist). Charismatic multi-instrumentalist,singer-songwriter,one man band and band leader. Martin is touring internationally in 2012/13 with his Big Band with special guest Pee Wee Ellis(ex James Brown, Etta James, Buddy Guy) promoting the new CD "Looking Forward Looking Back", and his BIG SOUND TRIO (Jean Paul Gard hammond and bass pedals) Guitar-fans, Lovers of Rocking Dance Grooves and fans of BB King Buddy Guy and Big Band Blues will relish this Unique High-Octane Experience on the UK Live Circuit. Fans of Seasick Steve will love the one-man-band show, complete with his Diddley Bo "Frankenstein". Martin honed his solo show touring the US, where he lived for a while, holding down residencies in Beale St Memphis and in the Jook Joints of Clarksdale Mississippi. Playing a full drum-kit with bass-drum suitcase and simultaneous harp and guitar, the one man band show is a visual and listening treat for roots and blues lovers.
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Ben Levin: Electric Guitar Kicks Ass

Fake Dr. Ben Levin discusses some of the advantages and special uses of the electric guitar in solo guitar music. There is not a huge wealth of solo guitar music that utilizes the strengths of the solid body electric guitar, so hopefully this will encourage people to make some!
For Skype lessons with Ben, email him at

Solo Guitar Residency Part 2: Electric Guitar Kicks Ass

Rick Graham: Just A Dream lesson

HD video guitar lesson: Full package available to download on Friday 23rd March 2012. This version features the awesome Seb Persini on drums:

More details shortly but in the mean time, enjoy the vid!
HD video guitar lesson - 'Just A Dream' by Rick Graham

Sarah Longfield: Par Avion album available