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Scott Jones: Sitar is the star

Scott JonesAPRIL 2ND 2012 TRACK: SITAR FEATURE ©2004 scottjonesmusic
I did this track in 2004 to feature my Jerry Jones Sitar. I created the backing tracks using a Korg Karma. Recorded in Protools.

Toshi Iseda: Krank booth, NAMM 2012

Toshi Iseda at the Krank booth, NAMM 2012#

Shawn Lane,Sean Rickman: the jam session California 1992

Shawn Lane and Sean Rickman 1

Shawn Lane and Sean Rickman 2

Shawn Lane autographs guitar

Joe Bonamassa: "Countdown to Daylight"

"Countdown to Daylight" starring Joe Bonamassa Episode 1 #DTTD

Karpenko Stas: rock-fusion improvisation

rock-fusion improvisation

Andry Franzzy: Boomerang lead guitarist

Andry Franzzy (Boomerang) - Guitar Skill 2

Carlos Hernández: Cliffs of Dover

Carlos Hernández - Cliffs of Dover ( Version solo Improvisado)

Fayeed Tan: The French Guitar Contest 2012

The French Guitar Contest 2012 - Fayeed Tan

Tom Cykman: French Guitar Contest 2012

French Guitar Contest - Tom Cykman

Mike Orlando: Loud Guitars interview

Mike OrlandoAdrenaline Mob's Mike Orlando Video Interview for Loud Guitar! For the full feature visit:!

Mike Orlando Interview from on Vimeo.

Mike Orlando Gear Tour from on Vimeo.

Jakub Żytecki: got djent interview with Disperse

We talked to Jakub Żytecki, Rafał Biernacki, Marcin Kicyk and Przemek Nycz from Disperse at Euroblast festival vol. 7 in Cologne, Germany in October last year.

In their first ever video interview, we talked about their album 'Journey Through The Hidden Gardens' and their upcoming sophomore effort, gear, playing live, and more. Euroblast vol. 7 interviews - Disperse

Unbroken Shiver by Disperse

Jakub Żytecki - Universal Love

Fabrizio Leo, Tomasz Andrzejewski,Wojciech Hoffmann: Polish tour details announced

Kudos to Michał Kubicki for arranging a tour with Fabrizio Leo in Poland

Planned events:
FABRIZIO "BICIO" LEO + Thomas Andrzejewski, 02/05/2012, Radzyń Podlaski, Cinema Orangery, g 18:00
FABRIZIO "BICIO 'LEO + Wojciech Hoffmann, 03.05.2012. Radzyń Podlaski, Cinema Orangery, g 18:00

Fabrizio "Bicio" Leo was born on 28 July 1971 in Abiattegrasso near Milan. He began playing guitar relatively late, at age 16, using widely available on video then the likes of guitar schools like Greg Howe, Brett Garsed, Frank Gambale. After many years of development and working as a session musician with the biggest stars of Italian music, as Eros Ramazzotti, or Umberto Tozzi, Bicio, in 2006. became the first Italian guitarist, whose record label issued the legendary Mike Varney - Shrapnel Records. Album "Cutaway" put together a whole bunch of positive reviews in the Italian media and among fans of guitar music on five continents. After this success Bicio rushed back into her work with the biggest stars in Italy, also toured extensively, in 2011. back again with a new dose of instrumental guitar music, again published by Mike Varney. The title of this publication is the "Mr. Malusardi "from the name of best friend Fabrizio, music journalist and organizer of the annual festival of Milan Guitar Day, Gugielmo Malusardiego. Bicio now preparing to conquer Europe with his rhythm section: Flavio Scopaz (bg) and Francesco Corvino (Dr.).

Fabrizio Leo: Milan Guitar Day 7

Donna Grantis: Jazz, Rock and Bues Solos

Donna Grantis Jazz Rock Solo - Live at Joe Mama's

Improv 3 - Rhythm

Improv 1 - Rock

Pascal Corriu: Django's Swing 39 - rework

Django's Swing 39 (Pascal Corriu's version)

Alex Martinho,Sydnei Carvalho: cool solo from Double Vision DVD - these guys rock!

Alex Martinho solo completo em Notre Dame - Double Vision DVD - Sydnei Carvalho

Nita Strauss: Consume The Fire

Consume The Fire

Consume The Fire - Dead Man Walking

Consume The Fire

Tjahjo Wisanggeni: live at University of Indonesia

Tjahjo Wisanggeni Live @ University of Indonesia

Mateus Starling: Triades mutantes and outside playing

Mateus Starling quartet - Triades mutantes - Album version

Mateus Starling introdução ao fusion e ao outside playing

Frank Steffen Mueller: LIVE4GUITAR 7th Competition

This is my entry for the LIVE4Guitar 7th Competition " Tribute to Gary Moore" 2012. PLEASE LIKE IT!!! Thank YOU!!!
Thanks to Dragianni who made this awesome track for this great contest. and all guys at LIVE4GUITAR!!! Hope you enjoy my little tribute to the great Gary Moore!!!
Gear used: Gibson Les Paul Custom, Wampler pedals, Sommer Cable XXL, Eventide GTR4000, Lexicon PCM70, PYRAMID Strings, Dunlop Picks, Diezel VH4S, Marshall 1x12 speakers, SM57 micro, Sennheiser E906 micro, Canon Eos 550D
Feel free to contact me at
LIVE4GUITAR 7th Competition "Tribute to Gary Moore" - Frank Steffen Mueller

Chris Feener: Loud Guitars get up and personal with Threat Signal shredmeister

Chris Feener Interview

Chris Feener Up CLose

Threat Signal Buried Alive "Loudguitars" EDIT

Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller, Marco Minnemann: The Aristocrats from Sala BBK

The Aristocrats from Sala BBK on Vimeo.

Davide Montorsi: Intervallic Impro

Davide Montorsi - Intervallic Impro

Jam before lunch

Gonçalo Pereira: Pereira, Aimar, Saviola e Tacuara

Gonçalo Pereira - Pereira, Aimar, Saviola e Tacuara

Milan Polak: T-Rex Hobo Drive

T-Rex Hobo Drive - Milan Polak

Jan Laurenz: The return of the zen tapper

The return of the zen tapper by Jan laurenz

El choclo on Megatar by Jan Laurenz

News: Learn to Play Duane Eddy guitar lessons DVD.

Lick Library are always trying to bring the widest variety of music to you are delighted to announce the launch of Learn to Play Duane Eddy guitar lessons DVD.

The five tracks on Learn To Play Duane Eddy (RRP £23.99) are the instantly recognisable Ghost Riders In The Sky, Peter Gunn, a top ten hit all around the world and winner of the Grammy award for Best Rock Instrumental 1986. There is also the sweet rollicking instrumental Cannonball and the atmospheric Night Train. Plus with its heavily echoed opening, a track from a period considered by many to be Eddy’s finest – Rebel Rouser, which is probably the one that he is still most often identified with.

Showing you how to duplicate the sounds of Duane Eddy is world-class guitarist Steve Trovato. He maintains a full time position in the Guitar Department at the University of Southern California and has written a number of best selling guitar tuition books. Steve walks you through step-by-step each of the five tracks on this guitar lesson DVD. The split screen enables you to see what the fretting hand is playing at the same time as showing you what the strumming hand is doing. Because it is a guitar video you can go back over any part of the lesson time and time again to ensure you get that sound just right.

Grammy award winning, American guitarist Duane Eddy has had a string of instrumental hits spanning more than four decades. He was inducted in to the Rock and Roll Hall of fame in 1994. Eddy devised early in his career a technique that involved playing lead guitar on bass strings, thus producing that characteristic low reverberant ‘twangy’ sound. This new DVD will help teach you how to play and master Duane’s unique style and sound.

To find out more about putting the ‘twang’ into your playing you can find this DVD and others guitar tuition aids at

News: Rockschool Launches Version 4 Guitar Syllabus Featuring Larry Carlton, Charlie Griffiths, Stuart Ryan and more

"Tens of thousands of students every year take Rockschool exams and on the 1st May 2012, Rockschool launches the eagerly awaited new Syllabus for guitarists. Building on the global success of its current exams, Rockschool talked to students and teachers, listened to what they had to say and used their comments as a guide to develop the all-new fourth Syllabus. The new material for the exams features Grammy award winning legendary guitarist Larry Carlton, Haken’s guitarist Charlie Griffiths and Stuart Ryan from Guitar Techniques, Total Guitar and Guitarist to name just a few!
This new Syllabus represents an accumulation of over twenty years experience in the design and delivery of graded examinations in popular music all around the world. The format of the new curriculum will be very familiar to students with a number of new features and refinements that will enhance the total learning experience.
Rockschool has recognised that performers often want to concentrate on a particular musical genre and the new Syllabus has been built to allow a high degree of flexibility in musical choice. All the supporting tests and exercises will support your musical skills enabling you to approach the performance pieces with confidence as well as providing many of the tools needed for improvisation. As you move through the grades, a greater degree of choice and specialism is available now, reflecting the realities of how musicians learn, perform and progress.
To recognise and support this choice of musical paths, Rockschool has commissioned bespoke pieces, from specialist writers that allow you to demonstrate your mastery of a particular style as you advance. In addition, great care has been taken in the recording of the grade pieces to ensure they are of album quality. The services of eminent producer Nick Davis (Genesis, XTC, Deep Purple, Bjork) were employed at Farm Studios (Genesis’ own studios). Nick’s experience and pedigree helped achieve stylistic authenticity using top session musician’s including horn sections and other instrumentation. The overall final result is commercial quality recordings that deliver the best production values and tracks to learn and play along to.
Rockschool has used top musicians to record the tracks and these include Charlie Griffiths, guitarist with Haken and also teacher at London based the Institute. Joining him is Stuart Ryan, regarded at one of the UK’s finest guitarists and regular contributor to Guitar Techniques, Total Guitar and Guitarist. Other contributors include guitarist extraordinaire, Kit Morgan who has worked with Curved Air, Vanessa Mae and Ian Anderson, and head of guitar Syllabus development as well as long-term contributor, Deirdre Cartwright.
The new version 4 Syllabus represents a milestone in the development of Rockschool’s graded exams making them more accessible, more appealing and more straightforward to learn. Looking forward Rockschool can also announce they will be making the arrangements of the Debut, 1, 2, 4, 6 and 7 grade tunes available digitally in due course.

This sounds awesome :)

News: Scale and Arpeggio pantheon available as an ebook

Rich Cochrane:
The book "Scale and Arpeggio Resources: A Guitar Encyclopedia" is now available as a full, 100% free PDF download. The ebook version has been released under a Creative Commons license as a service to the guitar community.

This is, as far as I'm aware, by far the most comprehensive collection of diagrams, analysis and theory relating to scales and arpeggios ever assembled.

20 years of research has gone into over 400 pages of extremely rare and exotic scales and rigorously logical presentation of the theory behind them. It features unusual scales used by players like Joe Satriani, Frank Zappa and Allan Holdsworth as well as a vast number of scales ready to be used for the first time by you.

Every resource is presented with full CAGED diagrams along with musically meaningful analytical information. Virtually every guitarist will find this a valuable reference book and source of inspiration.

The book remains available to buy on paper from Lulu. more

Tom Quayle,Jack Gardiner: Fibernare at the MusikMesse Frankfurt 2012

Tom Quayle plays Fibernare at the MusikMesse Frankfurt 2012

Tom Quayle improvisation on Fibernare MusikMesse Frankfurt 2012

Tom Quayle plays with looper Musikmesse Frankfurt 2012

Tom Quayle and Jack Gardiner, MusikMesse Frankfurt 2012

Mattias IA Eklundh: Freak Kitchen Musikmesse Frankfurt 2012

Freak kitchen: Speak when spoken to ( Musikmesse Frankfurt 2012 )

Paul Smith: PRS Band Musikmesse 2012

Paul Smith's PRS Band @ Musikmesse 2012 - Agora Stage

Shane Gibson, Max Dible, Atma Anur: Mach 5

An unreleased project combining producer/drummer Atma Anur with guitarists Shane Gibson, Max Dible, and vocalist Luke Easter. The band recorded a prog/rock 4 song EP in San Francisco...but did not perform live. The Mach 5 wrote in a Dream Theater/Cacophony style of progressive metal fusion.
Mach 5 - Knowing

Derryl Gabel: Mastering Chords and Harmony

Derryl Gabel:


I'm very pleased to announce that my new DVD, Mastering Chords and Harmony, is now available. This DVD will replace Chordal Mysteries Revealed. This new version with a new title has received an extreme makeover! I meticulously went through the material and made it easier to follow along and understand. I re formatted all the transcription files and made neck diagrams for each example! Other upgrades include the video being an hour longer, more chords, examples, and practice tips, filmed in HD, superior audio quality, on screen neck diagrams of the examples, and more! Look down below to get more details and order your copy today!

Mastering Chords and Harmony DVD 

In this two hour dual layer DVD I reveal the system I use for mastering chords of every kind and learning them all over the neck. I cover everything from simple triads to the most complex altered 13th chords. I guarantee that if you follow this simple, easy to understand approach, you too will be a chord master, gain a massive chord vocabulary, and create new and interesting chord voicings. You will be able to play any chord that you encounter in chord charts and variations of it all over the guitar. Have you ever been stumped when trying to understand chord voicings by players such as Allan Holdsworth and Eric Johnson? Have you been bewildered when you come across slash chords? How about only knowing a few ways to play a given chord? Gone are those days! Upon completing my course you will have a thorough understanding of chords and chordal harmony. I also share with you how to create chord scales and substitutions which will spice up your comping and progressions. Additionally, I explain the scalular origin of each chord which will help you to know which scales to use when soloing over these chords. If you have trouble knowing what scales to play over sus chords, slash chords, altered dominant chords, any chords, don't worry, I got you covered.

I conclude the video with an original composition entitled "Images". All the chords are displayed on screen as I play. Learning this tune is like having a master class in substitutions alone.

This is a must have for any serious guitarist no matter what style of playing. Over 200 examples and on screen fretboard diagrams are provided as well as Power Tab and PDF transcription files. Pick up your copy today and begin your journey in mastering chords and harmony!

Chapters include...

1. Introduction
2. The Major Triad
3. Doubling
4. The Suspended Triad
5. The Lydian Triad
6. The Minor Triad
7. The Add4 Triad
8. The Diminished Triad
9. The Augmented Triad
10. Triadic Chord Scale
11. Open Voicings
12. Major 7 Drop 2
13. Major 7 Drop 3
14. Open Seventh Voicings
15. Major 7 Chord Types
16. Dominant 7 Chord Types
17. Minor 7 Chord Types
18. Experimenting
19. 7th Chord Scale
20. 9th Chords
21. 11th Chords
22. 13th Chords
23. Performance ("Images")

All examples are transcribed in the Power Tab and PDF format which are included on the DVD as well as over 200 neck diagrams.

Mastering Chords Promo

When purchasing the DVD or Blu-ray you will also get the download version. The download link will be sent once your order is processed. The download will include all the transcription files and neck diagrams. This will also be located on the DVD as well.

Blu-ray : $59.95

S & H : $5.00

Click Here for Blu-ray Credit Card orders

DVD : $49.95

S & H: $5.00

Click here for DVD Credit Card orders

Download version: $39.95

Click here for DOWNLOAD ONLY Credit Card orders

I am committed to providing you outstanding personal service. If you have any questions about my new product offering, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Derryl Gabel

Steven Wilson: Porcupine Tree genius headed for Caracas


The genius behind Porcupine Tree will take the stage at the Convention Center Hotel Eurobuilding Caracas with an extraordinary band on Sunday 15 April as part of their successful world tour 'Grace For Drowning' (link )

Recognized as one of the most productive and influential musicians of our time, Steven Wilson has developed an extraordinary career for two decades as a composer, guitarist and vocalist with his own projects, most notably the Porcupine Tree. It has also been involved in the production of albums by renowned artists such as Opeth, Pendulum, King Crimson, Jethro Tull and Marillion, among others.

Porcupine Tree is to establish itself as a world famous band, placing his latest album The Incident in the Top 30 on both sides of the Atlantic, and his extensive tour of 2011 was to top the concerts at the Royal Albert Hall in London and Radio City Music Hall in New York. The other bands in which Wilson participates directly: Blackfield, No-Man, IEM and Bass Communion, given the scope and versatility of this prolific artist. Currently in the final stage of the production of Corrosion Storm, the expected project with Opeth leader Mikael Akerfeldt.

Grace for Drowning is the 2nd solo album Wilson, which is named this tour. An impressive double album that has won many polls as the best progressive rock album of 2011, surpassing its predecessor, 'Insurgentes', 2009. "It is my largest project to date. Insurgents was a starting point, but 'Grace' is more eclectic, and is influenced by the Rock of the early 70's, the era in which artists were released on the format of the 3-minute song. Although contemporary sounds, my album pays tribute to that spirit, incorporating jazz, classical and psychedelic.'' The recent work of Wilson, remixing the complete discography of the legendary King Crimson on the occasion of its 40th anniversary of career, was the inspiration for this work.

The musicians accompanying Wilson on this tour through Europe and the Americas are: Marco Minnemann, German drummer in the last year has played with UK, Jordan Rudess and Venezuela's Felix Martin, on bass and Chapman Stick is Nick Beggs ( Steve Hackett, Tina Turner), Theo Travis on flute and sax (Gong, Robert Fripp, David Sylvian, The Tangent). Adam Holzman, who was a member and musical director of Miles Davis's band on keyboards and to complete the band Tsonev Niko, a young guitar prodigy.