Steven Wilson: Porcupine Tree genius headed for Caracas


The genius behind Porcupine Tree will take the stage at the Convention Center Hotel Eurobuilding Caracas with an extraordinary band on Sunday 15 April as part of their successful world tour 'Grace For Drowning' (link )

Recognized as one of the most productive and influential musicians of our time, Steven Wilson has developed an extraordinary career for two decades as a composer, guitarist and vocalist with his own projects, most notably the Porcupine Tree. It has also been involved in the production of albums by renowned artists such as Opeth, Pendulum, King Crimson, Jethro Tull and Marillion, among others.

Porcupine Tree is to establish itself as a world famous band, placing his latest album The Incident in the Top 30 on both sides of the Atlantic, and his extensive tour of 2011 was to top the concerts at the Royal Albert Hall in London and Radio City Music Hall in New York. The other bands in which Wilson participates directly: Blackfield, No-Man, IEM and Bass Communion, given the scope and versatility of this prolific artist. Currently in the final stage of the production of Corrosion Storm, the expected project with Opeth leader Mikael Akerfeldt.

Grace for Drowning is the 2nd solo album Wilson, which is named this tour. An impressive double album that has won many polls as the best progressive rock album of 2011, surpassing its predecessor, 'Insurgentes', 2009. "It is my largest project to date. Insurgents was a starting point, but 'Grace' is more eclectic, and is influenced by the Rock of the early 70's, the era in which artists were released on the format of the 3-minute song. Although contemporary sounds, my album pays tribute to that spirit, incorporating jazz, classical and psychedelic.'' The recent work of Wilson, remixing the complete discography of the legendary King Crimson on the occasion of its 40th anniversary of career, was the inspiration for this work.

The musicians accompanying Wilson on this tour through Europe and the Americas are: Marco Minnemann, German drummer in the last year has played with UK, Jordan Rudess and Venezuela's Felix Martin, on bass and Chapman Stick is Nick Beggs ( Steve Hackett, Tina Turner), Theo Travis on flute and sax (Gong, Robert Fripp, David Sylvian, The Tangent). Adam Holzman, who was a member and musical director of Miles Davis's band on keyboards and to complete the band Tsonev Niko, a young guitar prodigy.