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Tony Iommi, Hedras Ramos, Richie Faulkner: Sir Christopher Lee Celebrates 90th Birthday by Releasing Heavy Metal album

Sir Christopher Lee Celebrates 90th Birthday by Releasing Heavy Metal Work

Tony Iommi: 12:50
Hedras Ramos Senior: 14:35
Richie Faulkner: 16:50
Hedras Ramos interview and solo: 17:24

Michael Romeo: Symphony X Sweden Rock Festival 2012

Michael Romeo playing live with the amazing Symphony X at the recent Sweden Rock Festival 2012

SYMPHONY X - All Is Lost [Sweden Rock Festival 2012]

SYMPHONY X - Eve Of Seduction [Sweden Rock Festival 2012]

SYMPHONY X - Sea Of Lies [Sweden Rock Festival 2012]

Mike Orlando: guitar clinic Sweden Rock 2012

Mike Orlando (Adrenaline Mob) guitar clinic @ Sweden Rock [Part 1]

Mike Orlando (Adrenaline Mob) guitar clinic + Q & A @ Sweden Rock 2012

Geddy Lee: Classic Rock Presents Rush

Classic Rock Presents Rush - Clockwork Angels

Russ Parrish: Sweden Rock Festival Press Conference 2012

There was NO other band that had a better press conference! :-)

STEEL PANTHER - Sweden Rock Festival Press Conference 2012

Uli Jon Roth: with the Scorpions Nancy 2012

"We'll burn the sky" Scorpions with Uli Jon Roth live. Zenith Nancy, France 02/06/2012

Scorpions with Uli Jon Roth- Live 2012

Scorpions - We'll Burn The Sky
Live in Nancy, Amphithéâtre Plein Air

Special Guest : Uli Jon Roth

Vidéo Multicam by darch59

Scorpions - We'll Burn The Sky [Nancy 2012 - MULTICAM]

Roberto Restuccia: 'Arpeggio breakout' Live4guitar Lesson

My first guitar lesson for live4guitar :)This lesson is available for purchase via the link below.
Aimed at guitarists that have a good grasp on pentatonic scales and some
knowledge of modes and want to spice up there playing with some diatonic arpeggio ideas.
Lesson files include
Main Video
8 slow close up videos (each full HD 1920 x 1072)
4 speed backing tracks
Full lesson mp3 track
Tab in GP5, GP6 and PDF
PDF lesson explanation
Original composition by Roberto Restuccia

'Arpeggio breakout' Live4guitar Lesson

Nori Bucci: new solos with Gamalon

Nori Solo. During the jam of the Gamalon song 'High Contrast'
December of 2005?

Nori Bucci Guitar Solo W/Gamalon 'High Contrast' (excerpt)

Gamalon 'The Wait' pretty little tune written by Nori Bucci & Bruce Brucato (guitars)
also with Ted Reinhardt Drums and Tom Reinhardt on bass
show was 12-27-2005
Video by Jamgarden studio

Gamalon 'the wait' featuring Nori Bucci / Bruce Brucato

Gamalon 'the dark' and 'devil ball' by Nori Bucci (excerpts)

Ronni Lé Tekrø: Dee Snider introduces the solo from 30th anniversary concert in Trondheim

Dee Snider introducing Ronni le Tekro at TNT´s 30th anniversary concert with Trondheim Symphony Orchestra.

Ronni le Tekro guitar solo (30th anniversary concert in Trondheim).MOV

Matias Kupiainen, Jens Johansson: Under Flaming Winter Skies - Live In Tampere details

Stratovarius set to release a brand new studio album in 2013 and will release a two-hour DVD filmed and recorded in Tampere, Finland on November 19, 2011. Due on June 29,2012."Under Flaming Winter Skies - Live In Tampere" has exclusive bonus material (30-minute documentary about the band's history, exclusive interviews with each member as well as a special comment from Jörg Michael.

Stratovarius "Under Flaming Winter Skies - Live In Tampere" DVD Documentary Trailer (HD)

"Under Flaming Winter Skies - Live In Tampere" track listing:

Order the DVD: Amazon 2CD | Amazon DVD | Amazon Blu-ray:

CD 1

01. Under Flaming Skies
02. I Walk To My Own Song
03. Speed Of Light
04. Kiss Of Judas
05. Deep Unknown
06. Guitar Solo
07. Eagleheart
08. Paradise
09. Visions
10. Bass Solo
11. Coming Home

CD 2

01. Legions Of The Twilight
02. Darkest Hours
03. Burn
04. Behind Blue Eyes
05. Winter Skies
06. Keyboard Solo
07. Black Diamond
08. Father Time
09. Hunting High And Low

DVD / Blu-ray track listing:

01. Intro
02. Under Flaming Skies
03. I Walk To My Own Song
04. Speed Of Light
05. Kiss Of Judas
06. Deep Unknown
07. Guitar Solo
08. Eagleheart
09. Paradise
10. Visions
11. Bass Solo
12. Coming Home
13. Legions Of The Twillight
14. Darkest Hours
15. Jörg Speech
16. Burn
17. Behind Blue Eyes
18. Winter Skies
19. Keyboard Solo
20. Black Diamond
21. Father Time
22. Hunting High And Low


* Documentary: Rewinding from the past to 2012
* 5.1 mix of "Elysium" (taken from the album "Elysium") — only on Blu-ray

Nita Strauss: Live4Guitar interview

Live 4 Guitar: There are more and more girls out there eager to pick up a guitar. Many of them are shredding away in front of the camera in their bedrooms, but you are out there threading the boards with the good and the great. What made you pick up the guitar?

Nita Strauss: Thank you! I actually started out in music playing drums, then bass. It wasn't until I was a teenager and saw the Steve Vai scene from the movie Crossroads that I knew I wanted to play guitar. I haven't seriously pursued anything else since that day.

Live 4 Guitar: Do you have any formal guitar training?

Nita Strauss: None whatsoever. I used to watch John Petrucci "Rock Discipline" and Yngwie Malmsteen "Play Loud" almost every day. That's as close to formal training as I could ever afford.

Tony Iommi: TI100 signature amp by Laney Amplification

Tony Iommi has revealed that he was undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer during the recording sessions for the band's new album. Iommi, who was diagnosed with lymphoma late last year. Iommi is working with producer Rick Rubin on their first recording project together in 34 years.

"It's taken on the flavor of the old stuff in the way we put things together, but with a different look on it." An overview of the Tony Iommi Laney TI 100 amp at the 2012 MusikMesse. iGuitar magazine were at the 2012 Musikmesse festival & we catch up with Simon from Laney Amps who gives us a talk about the Tony Iommi TI 100.

iGuitar magazine is the free online magazine for guitarists the world over - Subscribe today for Free by heading to
Watch more from each Issue of iGuitar magazine right here on youtube - check out whats in each issue of iGuitar magazine ;
More Info on Laney Amps head to

The new Tony Iommi TI100 signature amp by Laney Amplification

Tony Iommi Laney TI 100 Amp Overview - MusikMesse 2012 - iGuitar Magazine

Kerrang! Podcast: Black Sabbath

George Lynch: Lynch Mob Dates and T&N news

LYNCH MOB shows:

Jun. 22 - Idaho Falls, ID - Rockin' The Falls
Jul. 06 - Lombard, IL - Taste Of Lombard
Jul. 28 - Royalton, MN - Halfway Jam
Aug. 18 - Clarkston, MI - DTE Energy Theater (w/ CINDERELLA, SEBASTIAN BACH)
Mar 16 - Fort Lauderdale, FL - Monsters Of Rock Cruise (2013)

LYNCH MOB 2012 is:

Oni Logan - vocals
George Lynch - guitar
Robbie Crane - bass
Brian Tichy - drums

By: Robert Cavuoto:
George Lynch, the charismatic lead guitarist for Dokken, Lynch Mob, and Souls of We, has just released his new four song solo EP, Legacy, celebrating his thirty years of guitar playing. It’s a fiery instrumental EP full of hard rock riffs and tremendous leads with a blues edge.

Legacy injects us with a supercharged dose of George’s signature style and proves, once again, why he’s one of the most respected guitar players of the last three decades! George is joined by Rev Jones on bass and Michael Frowen on drums for Legacy.

I had the chance to speak with one of my all time favorite guitarists, to find out about his new release, as well as follow-up on the status of his new band T &N with Ex-Dokken cohorts, Jeff Pilson and Mick Brown. On a side note, if you’re as big as fan of George as me, check out Rat Pak Records to see some special goodies they have for you when you purchase George’s new EP.

full interview

and T&N news

T&N promo cut 4-5-12.m4v

Herman Li: Montreality interview

In this Interview with Montreality, Herman Li & Vadim Pruzhanov from DragonForce speak about:
- Their story (0:16)
- The type of students they were at school (0:30)
- Jobs they had as teenagers growing up (1:02)
- Their 1st big paychecks from the music industry (1:33)
- The key to success (1:49)
- Book they've been reading (2:37)
- What they would call their book, if they were to write one (3:10)
- What they have in their pockets (3:32)
- The reason why they don't have any tattoos (3:48)
- Bands they would like to collaborate with (4:10)
- What they think they were in previous lives (4:29)
- What keeps them motivated (4:47)
The Urban Authority across Canada.

Nat Janoff: Berkana live May 2012 - top fusion

Berkana live 24/05/2012

Nat Janoff - Guitar
Rave Tesar- Keys
Ray LeVier- Drums
Gene Torres- Bass ( Special Guest)

Nat Janoff: Berkana live May 2012 - top fusion

Wojciech Hoffmann: Special gig for new Windows CD.

Premier of Windows at the Blue Note: Tuesday, 13 June 2012

Wojciech Hoffmann probably needs no introduction to anyone. Poznan based musician, Turbo guitarist, present on the Polish music scene for many years. In June the artist celebrates 35 years in the music business. On this occasion, apart from the latest album "Macierzysteg" the band Turbo, Hoffmann made ​​his latest solo project "Windows". Wojciech Hoffmann just started recording new material. The disc is recorded with an international composition - the drums play Atma Anura, the guitar - Neil Zaza, the keyboards, in addition to Slawek Belak, Tony MacAlpine, and young French bass guitar bassist Franck Hermanny. There will also be guests from Polish: Grzegorz Skawiński, Leszek Cichoński and Fawn. Wojciech Hoffmann announces himself: "This material is more progressive than the first solo album, the "Tree", and much more jazz rocky, but melodic." The world premiere of this material will take place June 13 2012 during a concert in Poznan, Blue Note. TICKETS: 20 zł - presale 30 zł - on the concert SALE: Blue Note, , RockLongLuck, Municipal Information Center

Rick Graham: The Engineer - Ibanez MTM2 Demo

Promethean licks from the bowels of lv422. Paul Wardingham could do with some of these on his new album... just saying...

Rick Graham:
Hi guys, just putting the MTM2 through its paces! Hope you like the music


Ibanez MTM2 Demo - 'The Engineer' by Rick Graham

Dave Price: T Rex 'Back on Track' Contest

T-Rex Back On Track

Dave Price:
My entry to Milan Polak's competition. Below is the link.

Dave Price - T Rex 'Back on Track' Contest

Víctor Santiago: T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest

T-Rex Back On Track

Lots of Greg Howe'ism and that's one helluva string dampener! Looks like the guitar got has a neck scarf :)

T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest - Víctor Santiago

Matheus Canteri: T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest

T-Rex Back On Track

Matheus Canteri:
Thanks for Watching!!! Subscribe to my channel if you liked!!!

T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest - Matheus Canteri

Morgan Pettersson: T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest

T-Rex Back On Track

Morgan Pettersson:
T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest
This is a first and only take, it is what it is..
Its fun to play over Milan Polak's backing tracks, thanks Milan!!

Morgan Pettersson T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest

Tyler Reese: T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest

T-Rex Back On Track

Tyler Reese:
Saw this contest and decided to give it a go! Hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching.

T-Rex "Back On Track" Contest - Tyler Reese

Santiago Pagura: T-Rex "Back On Track Contest"

T-Rex Back On Track

Santiago Pagura:
Here´s my entry to the T-Rex "Back On Track Contest" ... it´s been a while since i don´t get into any competition, but i´ve found this backing track really fun to play over so ... here´s what i came up with ! I recorded it using a Vox Tonelab EX straight to an M-Audio Fast Track Pro.
Hope you dig it ! Enjoy !

T-Rex "Back On Track Contest" - Santiago Pagura

Tralian: The Trillo - a new kind of stringed instrument

The trillo is unveiled. A scientific breakthrough and musical masterpiece of the fine arts. It has evolved from three decades of intense research and two previous patents for methodology and design. U.S. pioneer patents #4,993,300 for methodology and #281,700 for design.

A natural all wood instrument of music, that has a new expanded method of playing with both hands upon the fretboard. Spoon curved wings, a belly, a chin, scrolls, and a sleek diamond shaped acoustical body with a hollow upper string chamber instead of a bridge, that encompasses a driving force of natural chorus sound with four strings. A hollow neck with inner vibrant wooden pressure bows, that are threaded through the hollow neck of the fingerboard which is opened up by a frequency pattern taken from the tuning of the strings, that produces a unique sound in five repeating symbols termed the flag system. The flags expand music theory in the same physical space over octaves, uniting both hands together by depolarizing the fingers from octave separation which has evolved into the “Expansion Principle.”

The new fine art solo instrument the classical "trillo" is only 9.5 inches longer than a full sized violin, and weighs only a mere 2.85 pounds, and is made with the same high quality as a Stradivarious violin.

The tone bow that reverberates inside the neck creates a vibration under the fretboard to literally transfer sound into the artist's hands. The Tralian trillo prototype is the first of it’s kind, and subsequent instruments will be made for the philharmonic and symphony orchestras of the future, intended to be played collectively in numbers like the violin. The trillo is in the guitar family, but is not a guitar, and is not predominantly a tapping instrument. The unique method of playing is termed "trilling".

The trillo is an all wood classical instrument that has a hollow neck and body, thin like an eggshell and has harmonically tuned apertures, it has a natural chorus drive system for sound, and is supported by three wooden internally resonant ebony bows. The body is diamond shaped, and perfectly counterbalanced in a vertical position, and rests upon the lap, devoid of a strap. It is a fretted four string solo instrument played by conjoining both hands in interactive trilling. The prototype is made from purple heart and ebony wood, and has it’s own natural pigmentation. The trillo is based upon it’s own authentic art, original method, and sublime sound.

The basic understanding of it’s music theory brings about an expansion of new musical proportions in the same physical space over the octaves which is based upon a collection of acoustical sharps that are gathered together into isolate symbols called flags. Each “flag”, a total of five, relocates music theory distance by repeating flags at different expanded intervals, which opens up a larger musical space once assigned for one hand fingering across octave parameters. This arc or elliptical sequence re-structures the fretboard area into flag distances apart, which also reveals new types of scales (termed orbital and ellipticals). The flag shapes are a reflection taken from the tuning or frequency pattern of the sharps, each is a tonal aperture, and unlike the guitar, the trillo's tuning is set into place and cannot be changed.

The harmonic apertures are directly proportionate to where the notes are played upon the fingerboard, which produces a unique sound in the acoustic, as the pitch of the note attracts to the area where the note is being played for the first time on a string instrument. The instrument’s resulting distinctive sound is like the ping of fine crystal that sustains notes at various points and allows for vibrato. Sound is brought directly up from the harp like string chamber through the fingerboard and literally into the artist’s hands, and strong vibrations can be felt over the entire surface of the instrument.

The artist then redefines the depolarization of the hands instead of a separation of assignment, and blends them into a singularity with each other. Juxtapositions, and larger dispersions cause the hands to reverse and exchange positions and intonate into each others space, producing a different type of musical structure vastly different from conventional guitar type patterns. The trillo was designed to be played with sustained vibrato and veers away from chords and strumming.

Watch The début performance of Trillo by Tralian

Brendan Bayliss,Jake Cinninger: Umphrey's McGee - Sick Ass Wappy Sprayberry


Brendan Bayliss - Guitar, vocals
Jake Cinninger - Guitar, vocals
Joel Cummins - Keyboard, piano, vocals
Andy Farag - Percussion
Kris Myers - Drums, vocals
Ryan Stasik - Bass, no vocals

Umphrey's McGee - Sick Ass Wappy Sprayberry

Joop Wolters: project Palpatine - Guitar Matrix 2012

some footage second gig with te guys from the project PALPATINE at the GUITARMATRIX in Amsterdam june 9-2012..cheers, joop

keys: Erik van Ittersum
Bass: Bjorn van der Ploeg
Drums: Eelco van der Meer
Guitars: Joop Wolters


Yiannis Papadopoulos: Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic competition

Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic Backing Track Challenge
For lessons with me:
Hello guys!!This is my entry for the Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic Backing Track Challenge. This wonderful backing gives you the space to create beautiful melodies.No fast runs or chromatic licks on this one. It's all about the atmosphere. Hope you like it!
Wampler Pedals: http://www.wamplerpedals.comSpectraflex Cables: http://www.spectraflex.comTsakalis: http://audiotubeworks.comPicato strings:
Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic Backing Track Challenge Entry -Yiannis Papadopoulos

Brian Scanlon: Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic competition

Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic Backing Track Challenge

Here is my entry into the "Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic Backing Track Challenge". Sorry for the poor recording quality. I still havn't received my Beringer interface, for direct recording. So all I could use was the microphone from my webcam and the quality does leave something to be desired. I had alot of fun working with this track, as its a lot different, to the type of music I normally play with

Guitar Playback and Palmer Melodic Backing Track Challenge Entry Byond(aka Brian Scanlon)

Marcio Okayama: Zen Turtle - East meets West

Marcio Okayama blending East and West in this instrumental from a clinic

Marcio Okayama Zen Turtle

Mike Philippov: 4 Ways You May Be Hurting Your Own Guitar Playing Progress

4 Ways You May Be Hurting Your Own Guitar Playing Progress
Do you want to improve the efficiency of your practice time? Virtually every guitar player would answer “Yes” to this question and yet many musicians face painfully slow progress in their guitar playing year after year. It may appear that many guitar players may simply be unable to progress as quickly as others despite their best guitar practice efforts. Fortunately, it IS quite possible for anyone (including you) to drastically improve the results obtained from practicing guitar, and the best part is that you can do so without increasing the total amount of time you spend learning to play your instrument.
The reality is such that the world's best guitar players have various things in common in the ways they approach the process of practicing their instrument. (Watch this video about learning to play the guitar to find out what these things are.) Likewise, guitarists who practice for years and never seem to get any better ALSO have things that are in common in their guitar practice methods. These common flaws are some of the reasons why many guitar players never become the great musicians they have the potential to be.
As you keep reading below, I will explain a few of the more common mistakes guitar players make in their approaches to practicing. If you have a hard time getting better on guitar despite practicing regularly, be honest with yourself and ask if any of the issues you will read about are true in your own guitar playing. If you can identify with even one of the guitar practice mistakes listed in this article, you will have taken a big step towards overcoming an important obstacle that stands in the way of you becoming a better musician.

Guitar Practice Mistake 1: Paralyzing Yourself With Too Many Choices 
Guitar players today have a very easy time with finding lots of guitar playing exercises, tab lessons and videos. Everything is only a click away. However, the irony of the situation is such that the number of truly great guitar players in the world (and the rate at which musicians progress) has NOT gone up, despite the advancements in technology. Why is this so?
The reason why the above problem exists is because this overabundance of information leads to one of 2 outcomes:
  1. Guitar players start to move from one set of guitar playing materials to another with no idea whatsoever about how doing so will help them to advance their guitar skills.
  2. Guitar players become paralyzed by the overload of choices and different guitar learning paths to take and are unable to come to a decision about 'what' steps to take next to move forward in their guitar playing. In each of the situations described, your guitar playing will improve much slower than it could otherwise.
Top guitar masters know how to prevent the above issues by staying with a consistent approach to developing their musical skills and know how to filter out all but the most essential guitar practice materials that are needed to overcome their musical challenges. This is the key that helps them to avoid this common mistake.
To learn how you can do the same in your musical training and become a much better guitarist more quickly, watch this free lesson (on video) on learning to play the guitar.

Guitar Practice Mistake 2: Obsessing About ‘How Long’ It Takes To Become A Better Guitarist
A lot of musicians (especially those who began studying with a teacher recently) spend a great deal time asking questions similar to the following: “How long does it take to develop into a great musician?”
Even though it is normal to be preoccupied with this issue in the beginning of your guitar playing life, investing too much time into this question will only slow your rate of improvement as a musician and will make you miss the exact steps you need to take to get the result you want. This happens because the process of learning to play guitar depends NOT on the length of time that has transpired since you started to practice your instrument but rather on how well you used that time. The maxim: “It's not the time you spend, it's HOW you spend the time” applies to this issue perfectly.
Obsessing over “the amount of time” it takes for you to develop a set of guitar playing skills will often – without you realizing it – move your attention from focusing on making your guitar practice sessions more productive to simply 'waiting' for a certain date on the calendar to arrive, hoping to reach your goals by that time.
Instead of making the mistake above, your energy should be directed on making every moment you practicing guitar become highly productive. It's only AFTER your guitar practice sessions become extremely effective that time you spend with your instrument will begin to matter.

Guitar Practice Mistake 3: Not Being Patient
After you discover the secrets to effective guitar practicing, it will get easier to progress more quickly as a musician. Nonetheless, it is equally important to realize that at some point there is no way to speed up the rate of your progress to a level faster than is natural.
This is exactly the same as the process a gardener goes through when placing a seed into the ground in the hopes of someday seeing it develop into a fruit tree. No matter how much the gardener attempts to speed up the process of the seed blossoming into a tree, there are some stages of growth that cannot be sped up past a certain point. This analogy applies perfectly to becoming a better guitar player.
Sadly, too many guitarists do not realize the true importance of patience in the process of improving their musical skills. As a result, many become frustrated too quickly and start doubting their potential to improve if they do not see results by some arbitrarily set deadline. When the unrealistic results are not achieved quickly, this leads to even more negative mindsets that will only discourage you from practicing guitar.
To overcome this problem, realize that the journey to becoming a great guitar player is a never-ending process and you have your entire life to develop your musical skills. This is the first step to clearing your mind enough to have the energy needed to practice guitar effectively.

Guitar Practice Mistake 4: Not Relying On Yourself Enough
The first 3 mistakes mentioned earlier often apply to guitarists who are self-taught.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, lack of “self-sufficiency” is very widespread among musicians who take guitar lessons with a teacher. This concept means understanding the very obvious fact that only YOU are the person in charge of your own guitar playing progress (or lack of it). Although having a guitar teacher is a great way to make faster progress in your playing, it is not a replacement for the fact that “you” must take the actions needed to get to where you want to be as a musician.
All of that being said, “relying on yourself” does NOT mean to be skeptical of everything your guitar teacher says or believe that you know more about playing guitar than your teacher. Obviously if you “did” know more than your teacher, you wouldn't be the one taking guitar lessons, would you? However, taking responsibility for your own guitar playing progress DOES mean to take your own initiative with getting the most out of whatever resource you use to improve your guitar playing. It also implies making an honest effort at discovering the answer to your musical questions by thinking about the issue before asking for extra help. The idea is to “balance” relying on yourself with knowing when to ask for help if you are truly stuck. If you do this on a regular basis, you will achieve the best of both worlds: you will progress more quickly in your guitar playing and you will also avoid developing a feeling of dependency on any single guitar learning resource.
If you want more advice on how to practice guitar like the best guitarists do, start by watching this free video on learning to play the guitar. This video will help you to understand the ideas from this article on a deeper level and will enable you to know with greater clarity what steps you need to take right now to greatly improve your skills on guitar. By taking advantage of the guitar practice approaches that great guitarists have in common, while avoiding the mistakes that the majority of musicians typically make you will move towards your goals much faster than you ever thought possible.

About The Author: 
Mike Philippov is a guitar instructional author, professional guitar player and composer. He writes articles about the best ways to practice guitar that are studied by many musicians worldwide. To get more help with becoming a better guitar player, visit his website: