Nita Strauss: Live4Guitar interview

Live 4 Guitar: There are more and more girls out there eager to pick up a guitar. Many of them are shredding away in front of the camera in their bedrooms, but you are out there threading the boards with the good and the great. What made you pick up the guitar?

Nita Strauss: Thank you! I actually started out in music playing drums, then bass. It wasn't until I was a teenager and saw the Steve Vai scene from the movie Crossroads that I knew I wanted to play guitar. I haven't seriously pursued anything else since that day.

Live 4 Guitar: Do you have any formal guitar training?

Nita Strauss: None whatsoever. I used to watch John Petrucci "Rock Discipline" and Yngwie Malmsteen "Play Loud" almost every day. That's as close to formal training as I could ever afford.