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Jack Thammarat: Escape Route - Melodic Freeway Series


Escape Route is taken from Melodic Freeway Series 1, exclusively at and here is a full length version

.Escape Route ( - Melodic Freeway Series 1) Full Length Version

Anouck André: Sunny improvisation with transcription

Here is my quick solo over the awesome Sunny standard!
The tab of the solo is coming soon on my website
The nice little thing you can see on my neck is an awesome string muter called Fretwraps from Gruv Gear. Check them out here!! this video I use the the cool Name of sound (NOS) preamp pedal that I won in the French Guitar Contest :)


Anouck André and Gruv Gear - Sunny - Greg Howe Backing track - with transcription !

Saverio Pietropaolo: great cover of Mike Stern - Chromazone

Saverio Pietropaolo plays Chromazone "Mike Stern" cover
Guitar :Mike Stern
Drums: Dave Weckl
Bass: Tom Kennedy
Sax: Bob Franceschini

Chromazone "Mike Stern" (Saverio Pietropaolo)

Tom Cykman: False Desires - classy original

Download link:

Original song composed by Tom Cykman. If you liked it, I'd really appreciate it if you subscribe, mark as favorite and share this song with your friends. Don't forget to click the "like" button.

"Falsos Anseios" could be translated as false desires, which reflects some emotions I have lately had. Hope you enjoy it.

Electric Guitars: Tom Cykman
Electric Bass: Théo Fraga

Mixed and mastered by Overlapping Circles

Endorsed by Santo Ângelo Cables

Tom Cykman - Falsos Anseios - Single 2012

Dave Martone, Brian Poulsen: Kadabra live date announced

With Brian Poulsen, David Edward Valentine Spidel,Dave Martone

Slash: live interview with MULATSCHAG TV

SLASH in an exclusive Interview for MULATSCHAG TV
about Les Paul, Myles Kennedy, Lenny Kravitz, David Bowie, the fact that he's now on the Board of Directors of the L.A.Zoo and his Horror-Movie "Nothing to fear"

SLASH Interview

Steve Lukather: tour dates up March 2013

Steve Lukather tour dates! 

13 March 2013 Venue tba , Haugasund (Norway)
World Tour 2013
14 March 2013 Venue tba , Stavanger (Norway)
World Tour 2013
16 March 2013 Rockerfellers , Oslo (Norway)
World Tour 2013
17 March 2013 Pustervik , Gothenburg (Sweden)
World Tour 2013
18 March 2013 UKK , Uppsala (Sweden)
World Tour 2013
19 March 2013 Nalen , Stockholm (Sweden)
World Tour 2013
20 March 2013 Kulurbogalet , Malmö (Sweden)
World Tour 2013
22 March 2013 Gjethuset , Frederiksvaerk (Denmark)
World Tour 2013
23 March 2013 Fermaten , Herning (Denmark)
World Tour 2013
24 March 2013 Markthalle , Hamburg (Germany)
World Tour 2013
26 March 2013 Paradiso , Amsterdam (Holland)
World Tour 2013
27 March 2013 Mezz Theatre , Breda (Holland)
World Tour 2013
28 March 2013 Bataclan , Paris (France)
World Tour 2013
29 March 2013 Academy Islington , London (UK)
World Tour 2013
30 March 2013 The Robin , Wolverhampton (UK)
World Tour 2013
01 April 2013 Z7 , Pratteln (Switserland)
World Tour 2013
03 April 2013 Blue Note , Milan (Italy)
World Tour 2013
04 April 2013 Blue Note , Milan (Italy)
World Tour 2013
05 April 2013 Walterhaus , Bozen (Austria/Italy)
World Tour 2013
06 April 2013 Orpheum , Graz (Austria)
World Tour 2013
07 April 2013 Venue tba , Budapest (Hungary)
World Tour 2013
09 April 2013 Stodola , Warsaw (Poland)
World Tour 2013
10 April 2013 Lido , Berlin (Germany)
World Tour 2013
12 April 2013 Intrnational Perform , Moscow (Russia)
World Tour 2013
13 April 2013 ING Arts Center , Moscow (Russia)
World Tour 2013
15 April 2013 Colossaal , Aschaffenburg (Germany)
World Tour 2013
16 April 2013 Musikcantrum , Hannover (Germany)
World Tour 2013
17 April 2013 Zeche , Bochum (Germany)
World Tour 2013
19 April 2013 KA Longhorn , Stuttgart (Germany)
World Tour 2013
20 April 2013 Backstage Werk , München (Germany)
World Tour 2013


29 July 2012 Lucca Summer Festival at Piazza Napoleone , Lucca (Italy)
Toto Summer 2012 Tour
30 July 2012 Arena della Regina , Cattolica (Italy)
Toto Summer 2012 Tour
31 July 2012 Area Concerti di Majano , Majano (Italy)
Toto Summer 2012 Tour
03 August 2012 Théâtre Antique , Vienne (France)
Toto Summer 2012 Tour
04 August 2012 Magic Night of Rock , Sursee (Switzerland)
Toto Summer 2012 Tour
05 August 2012 Open Air in University Park , Schwabisch Gmund (Germany)
Toto Summer 2012 Tour
06 August 2012 Foire aux Vins d’Alsace , Colmar (France)
Toto Summer 2012 Tour
08 August 2012 Sandnes Brygge , Stavanger (Norway)
Toto Summer 2012 Tour
10 August 2012 Skansen Sollinen , Stockholm (Sweden)
Toto Summer 2012 Tour
11 August 2012 Havsvallen , Smögen (Sweden)
Toto Summer 2012 Tour
12 August 2012 Skanderborg Festival , Skanderborg (Denmark)
Toto Summer 2012 Tour
14 August 2012 Parkbühne , Leipzig (Germany)
Toto Summer 2012 Tour
16 August 2012 Open Air , Altusried (Germany)
Toto Summer 2012 Tour
17 August 2012 Großer Elzpark , Mosbach (Germany)
Toto Summer 2012 Tour
18 August 2012 Schlossplatz , Coburg (Germany)
Toto Summer 2012 Tour
19 August 2012 Tanzbrunnen , Cologne (Germany)
Toto Summer 2012 Tour
21 August 2012 PECSA Music Garden , Budapest (Hungary)
Toto Summer 2012 Tour
22 August 2012 Arena Open Air , Vienna (Austria)
Toto Summer 2012 Tour
24 August 2012 Summerdays Festival , Arbon (Switzerland)
Toto Summer 2012 Tour
25 August 2012 Pinkpop Classic , Landgraaf (Holland)
Toto Summer 2012 Tour
13 September 2012 Chumash Casino , Santa Ynez, CA (USA)
Toto Summer 2012 Tour
17 September 2012 Table Mountain Casino , Friant, CA (USA)
Toto Summer 2012 Tour
21 September 2012 Peppermill Concert Hall , West Wendover, NV (USA)
Toto Summer 2012 Tour
22 September 2012 Green Valley Ranch Resort , Henderson, NV (USA)
Toto Summer 2012 Tour
23 September 2012 Talking Stick Resort & Casino (Showroom) , Scottsdale, AZ (USA)
Toto Summer 2012 Tour


03 July 2012 Tuscaloosa Ampitheater , Tuscaloosa, AI (USA)
Ringo Starr & his All Starr Band 2012
04 July 2012 The Wharf , Orange Beach, AI (USA)
Ringo Starr & his All Starr Band 2012
06 July 2012 Fox Theater , Atlanta, GA (USA)
Ringo Starr & his All Starr Band 2012
07 July 2012 Ryman Auditorium , Nashville, TN (USA)
Ringo Starr & his All Starr Band 2012
08 July 2012 Horseshoe Casino , Hammond, IL (USA)
Ringo Starr & his All Starr Band 2012
11 July 2012 Usana Amphitheater , Salt Lake, UT (USA)
Ringo Starr & his All Starr Band 2012
13 July 2012 Northern Quest , Spokane, WA (USA)
Ringo Starr & his All Starr Band 2012
14 July 2012 St. Michelle Winery , Seattle, WA (USA)
Ringo Starr & his All Starr Band 2012
15 July 2012 Edgefield , Portland, OR (USA)
Ringo Starr & his All Starr Band 2012
17 July 2012 Mountain Winery , Saratoga, CA (USA)
Ringo Starr & his All Starr Band 2012
19 July 2012 Humphrey's , San Diego (USA)
Ringo Starr & his All Starr Band 2012
21 July 2012 The Greek , Los Angeles, CA (USA)
Ringo Starr & his All Starr Band 2012
23 October 2012 Teatro Metropolitan , Mexico (Mexico)
G3 Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, Steve Lukather

Wayne Krantz: Europe and US tour dates

Summer Europe (with Tim Lefebvre and Nate Wood)
08/20/12 London Ronnie Scott’s United Kingdom More +
08/21/12 London Ronnie Scott’s United Kingdom More +
08/22/12 Paris Sunside France More +
08/23/12 Paris Sunside France More +
08/24/12 Malguenac Malguenac Festival France France More +
08/25/12 Monaco La Note Bleue Monaco More +

Tour: Fall USA (with Keith Carlock and Nate Wood)
09/20/12 Boston Johnny D’s United States More +
09/21/12 New York Highline Ballroom United States More +
09/29/12 Nashville 3rd and Lindsley United States More +
10/02/12 Seattle Jazz Alley United States More +
10/03/12 Seattle Jazz Alley United States More +
10/04/12 Santa Cruz Kuumbwajazz United States More +
10/07/12 San Francisco Yoshis United States More +
10/09/12 -10/10/12 Los Angeles Catalinas Jazz

Phi Yaan-Zek, Lalle Larsson: Deeper with the Anima new CD

Lalle LarssonListen to some soundclips from the new eclectic album by Phi Yaan Zek - Deeper With The Anima! This is a totally unique experimental creative mix of Yaan Zek freak out, the album features yours truly on keys and Marco Minnemann on drums. The dance album of the summer maybe?
You can preorder this CD here as part of a special 2 CD package with Dance With The Anima and save £5.W

Deeper with the Anima

With Marco Minnemann (2012)
Marco Minnemann - drums
Lalle Larsson - keyboards
Phi Yaan-Zek - all guitars, bass, additional (easy) keyboards,
percussion & voices

With Special Guests:
Bryan Beller - bass
Ola Olsson - trumpets & flugelhorns
Gary Compton - harmonica
Amandine Ferrari - choral vocals
Tristan D. Rastaflange the Third - double bass
And The Elves Of Richmond Park - additional vocals

And featuring remixes by:
T-Boy, Cafe Del Marlborough & Luke Bedi

Deeper With The Anima is the companion album to Dance With The Anima with the music focusing towards a very dynamic guitar instrumental direction and featuring new and extended pieces based on themes from the original album along with 3 exciting guest remixes. It’s a passionate and very unique journey that takes you from the cinematic jazz with tasteful atmospheric playing of “Mariana’s Deeper Dive” to its opposite polarity in the no-holds-barred dark and intense augmented tribal hypershred insanity of “The Shrine Of The Augmented Weave”! Not to mention along the way there’s a wonderful Piazzolla meets Gotan Project style tango (“Corazones En Fuego”), a beautifully catchy summery drum and bass acoustic fusion tune (“Signposts 2”), a John Coltrane/Pharoah Sanders inspired 4 minute guitar solo (“Love Abounds”), a drum and bass driven Beltway Bandits Zappa-style highly-detailed long-form melody piece (“Melodies Of Me Three”) and many more inspiring groove-orientated tracks.

“I was getting such a creative high composing and recording the music for "Dance With The Anima" that it seemed a shame to finish it there. Being part of Marco Minnemann's Normalizer 2 project, one of the main rules was that the drums could not be edited in any way. This restriction actually provided the impetus for new creative avenues and the music on "Dance…" would not have existed were it not for this musical challenge. However I felt some of the compositions needed another lease of life in an extended form, and so the idea of a companion remix album was born. After having given out some of the tracks to be remixed, and having started the remixing process myself, it became apparent that the creative energy behind the music didn't want to be limited to simply just an album of remixes. New compositions started to grow out of old ones and Marco's drum grooves provided the seed for many new musical ideas. This led to another year of intense recording work to add all the new melodies, grooves and solos to the music, with the guitar now becoming the main focus. The result, although related to "Dance…" in themes, mood and atmosphere, stands in its own right as a separate album with many stunning new performances and its own personal artistic voice. Enjoy the deeper journey…”
Phi Yaan-Zek June 2012

Adventures At Midnight
Inamorata In Peril - Part Three
Corazones En Fuego
Ecstasies Of The Starlight Self (T-Boy Remix)
Mariana's Deeper Dive
Love Abounds
Melodies Of Me Three
Maid With Spanish Fly (Luke Bedi Remix)
Signposts 2
Lovers Tryst
Four Daughters Of Phrygia (Cafe Del Marlborough's Pilgrim Mix)
The Shrine Of The Augmented Weave
At Peace

Krzysztof Ścierański: smoking bluesy fusion live in HD

Krzysztof Ścierański, Michael Dąbrówka, Marek Napiórkowski, Zbigniew Jacob; - live Krakow

emuzycy HD - Krzysztof Scieranski Quartet "Bulgarian blues" - live

emuzycy HD - Krzysztof Ścierański Quartet "Ballada garażowa" live

Tony Macalpine, Nili Brosh: Tony Macalpine "the violin song" live kraków

Fragment koncertu Tony'ego Macalpine Kraków 2012. Zespół wystąpił w składzie: Nili Brosh, Bjorn Englen, Aquiles Priester, Tony Macalpine .

Tony Macalpine live from Cracow 2012, Highlights. The Band: Nili Brosh, Bjorn Englen, Aquiles Priester, Tony Macalpine

emuzycy HD - Tony Macalpine "the violin song" live Kraków

Herman Li: Dragonforce Euro tour dates

The dates are as follows:

Oct. 09 - Tilburg, Netherlands - 013
Oct. 10 - Antwerp, Belgium - Trix Ball
Oct. 12 - Hannover, Germany - Capitol
Oct. 13 - Cologne, Germany - Live Music Hall
Oct. 14 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Amanger Bio
Oct. 15 - Oslo, Norway - Rockefeller
Oct. 16 - Stockholm, Sweden - Tyrol
Oct. 18 - Seinajoki, Finland - Rymikorjaamo
Oct. 19 - Helsinki, Finland - Nosturi
Oct. 22 - Gothenburg, Sweden - Brewhouse
Oct. 23 - Arhus, Denmark - Train
Oct. 24 - Hamburg, Germany - Markthalle
Oct. 30 - Munich, Germany - Backstage
Oct. 31 - Berlin, Germany - Postbahnhof
Nov. 01 - Dresden, Germany - Reithalle
Nov. 02 - Erfurt, Germany - HsD
Nov. 03 - Bochum, Germany - Zeche
Nov. 05 - Frankfurt, Germany - Batschkapp
Nov. 06 - Vienna, Austria - Szene
Nov. 07 - Zurich, Switzerland - Komplex
Nov. 09 - Florence, Italy - Viper Theatre
Nov. 10 - Treviso, Italy - New Age Club
Nov. 11 - Milano, Italy - Alcatraz
Nov. 12 - Solothurn, Switzerland - Kofmehl
Nov. 15 - Barcelona, Spain - Salamandra 1
Nov. 16 - Lisbon, Portugal - Cine-Teatro de Corroios
Nov. 17 - Madrid, Spain - Sala Arena
Nov. 18 - Bilbao, Spain - Rock Star Live
Nov. 21 - Bordeaux, France - Rock School Barbey
Nov. 22 - Paris, France - La Cigale
Nov. 23 - Strasbourg, France - La Laiterie
Nov. 24 - Lille, France - Le Splendid
Nov. 26 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Melkweg Max

Kiko Loureiro: interview at Linea Rock

Kiko Loureiro (Angra) interview at Linea Rock with Barbara Caserta

Kiko Loureiro (Angra) interview at Linea Rock

Rafael Bittencourt & Kiko Loureiro - Young Guitar' Method

Mike Orlando: Russell Allen talks Adrenaline Mob in two king size interviews

Russell Allen (Adrenaline Mob) Gods of Metal 2012

ADRENALINE MOB Interview with Russell Allen

Jimmy Herring: Subject To Change Without Notice - new CD and tour

JIMMY HERRING, one of the most sought after American guitarists today, has set the release date of August 21 for his second solo album, Subject To Change Without Notice, through Abstract Logix Records. As the founding member of The Aquarium Rescue Unit, Project Z and Jazz is Dead, in addition to playing with everyone from The Allman Brothers Band, The Grateful Dead to Phil Lesh and Friends, and Bela Fleck, HERRING has made his indelible impact on the music world. He currently serves as the lead guitarist for the very popular American Band, Widespread Panic.
Prior to releasing his first solo outing, Lifeboat, HERRINGs was known for his limitless improvisations, long flowing phrases, and highly charged, yet soulful, lead guitar that drew high praises from a diverse set within the musician community including Chick Corea, John McLaughlin to Dweezil Zappa. Throughout his early career, he plied his skills in multiple musical contexts, ranging from classically song-driven rock to technically demanding jazz fusion.
Now, with the release of his second album, Subject To Change Without Notice, HERRING has compiled eight original songs highlighted by the addition of amazing covers, including the Mahavishnu Orchestra’s “Hope”, George Harrison’s “Within You Without You” and Jimmy McGriff’s “Miss Poopie”. As one of the industry’s top-tier performance and recording guitarists,HERRING has once again illuminated the art form that transcends any categorization.

With HERRING on lead guitar, the album also features such top notch musicians as Neal Fountain, Etienne Mbappe (Bass), Jeff Sipe, Tyler Greenwell (Drums), Matt Slocum (Piano/Keys). In addition, making special guest appearances on the album are Bela Fleck (Banjo), and Bill Evans (Sax) and Nicky Sanders (Violin) from the Steep Canyon Rangers.

August 22 Aggie Theatre Ft. Collins, CO
August 23 Performing Arts Center at Third St Carbondale, CO
August 25 NEDFEST 2012 Nederland, CO
September 14 Jomeokee Music & Arts Festival Pinnacle, NC
September 15 Jomeokee Music & Arts Festival Pinnacle, NC
October 20 Magnolia Music Fest Live Oak, FL
November 2 Georgia Theatre Athens, GA
November 3 Neighborhood Theatre Charlotte, NC
November 4 Carolina Theatre Durham, NC
November 10 Steel Jam Bethlehem, PA
November 16 Capitol Center for the Arts Concord, NH
November 17 Buffalo State Performing Arts Center Buffalo, NY
November 18 The Egg Hart Theatre Albany, NY

Misha Mansoor: Periphery - Make Total Destroy

Periphery - "MAKE TOTAL DESTROY", official music video from the album, 'Periphery II', available now!
Purchase 'MAKE TOTAL DESTROY' Single:
Purchase 'Periphery II':


Greg Howe: DV Mark amp demo

DV Mark artist Greg Howe plays through the Triple 6 amp and C412 Standard cabinet, and tells us why he loves his new rig!

Greg Howe and DV Mark

Devin Townsend: MK Ondergrond cartoon interview

YEESSS! Musical Mastermind Devin Townsend and alien Ubernerd Ziltoid the Omniscient invaded our little Kroeg in search of the finest bean! We chatted to Dev and Zilt about progress, starting anew and the future (whilst receiving a few abusive slurs in the process). Check out our magical chat on the premiere show right here! Lekker!

MK Ondergrond, Devin Townsend and Ziltoid the Omniscient

Mike Orlando: Planetmosh interviews Adrenaline Mob's lead guitar player

Planetmosh interviews Mike Orlando of Adrenaline Mob

Stefan Lindholm: pub band includes Joe Stump,John Macaluso and Mats Levén

Wish these guys were playing in my local pub :)

Stefan Lindholm will perform live with drummer John Macaluso, Joe Stump, Mats Levén and friends on July 4 at Pub Anchor in Stockholm, Sweden. They will play "Far Beyond The Sun" by YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, "Red House", "Spanish Castle Magic" and jam as well.

Brian Carroll: Buckethead tour dates 2012 , includes Fresno!

Garrettsville, OH Nelson Ledges Quarry Park Sat Jul 28 / 12 Find Tickets
Tucson, AZ Rialto Theatre Fri Aug 10 / 12 Find Tickets
Flagstaff, AZ Orpheum Theater Tue Aug 14 / 12 Find Tickets
San Diego, CA House of Blues Fri Aug 17 / 12 Find Tickets
Anaheim, CA House of Blues Sat Aug 18 / 12 Find Tickets
Sacramento, CA Ace of Spades Thu Sep 06 / 12 Find Tickets
San Francisco, CA The Fillmore Fri Sep 07 / 12 Find Tickets
Santa Cruz, CA The Catalyst Sat Sep 08 / 12 Find Tickets
Napa, CA Uptown Theatre Sun Sep 09 / 12 Find Tickets
Chico, CA El Rey Theatre Mon Sep 10 / 12 Find Tickets
Eugene, OR McDonald Theatre Thu Sep 13 / 12 Find Tickets
Portland, OR The Crystal Ballroom Fri Sep 14 / 12 Find Tickets
Seattle, WA Neptune Theatre Sat Sep 15 / 12 Find Tickets
Boise, ID Knitting Factory Concert House Sat Sep 22 / 12 Find Tickets

Lee Wrathe: Ninja Guitar

Ninja Guitar

1 Path to Enlightenment 1:58
2 Deformity 2:49
3 Dark Surf 4:53
4 Go Forth! 3:17
5 Hope 6:53
6 The Unexplained 2:27
7 Angel Dream 5:33
8 State Emergency 4:57
9 Evil R 22:47
10 Oneness 0:37
11 Through a Magical Eye 5:31
12 Tinimah 3:33
13 By the Light of Dawn 3:53
14 Get Out of My Way 2:41
15 The Chocolate Suite 5:10
16 Lighter Than Air 4:09


Nathan Doyle: solo on Neil Austin's Game Of Thrones

My most recent solo for my very good mate Neil Austin. I really like this one a lot and I'd go as far as saying it's my best solo- why? I feel a good solo needs to tell a story or else its just procrastinating and attracts listeners that couldn't care less about construction just tasteless licks. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed playing and recording it.

Remember if you want to learn it visit for a video lesson and PDF : ) Nathan.

Steve Vai, Tosin Abasi: makes it to Guitar Cover July 2012

On Stands July 24th. Spread the word!

Also includes, Alex Lifeson of Rush, Misha Mansoor or Periphery and Fredrick Thorendhal of Meshuggah

Read the interview

Ayman Mokdad: announces Subatomic Revolution

Hello friends and you tubers,
Here are some clips of the rhythm tracks of my upcoming album Subatomic Revolution.
Before giving you some details on this new album let me share with you a couple of things.
I love "concepts" albums.
On each of my albums I tried to find a concept that gives the binder and the consistency or simply tell the story of it.
"The Scheubi and Nobru Effect " My first album was to honor two friends who have greatly contributed to it.
On this album I covered an instrumental version of a song of one of my favorite bands Def Leppard.
You can purchase the CD on the site Guitareuroshop.
"From 6:00 to 7:00" is an album that was never released on CD.
I left it for a while for free download then I removed it because I considered that some pieces were in need of a little bit more work.
We played several times this album "live" with Bruno Rivoire the bass player and a DVD of of the concerts exist (I'll, by the way, post some of the videos soon on youtube).
Why "From 6:00 to 7:00"? Because usually this is the time I was working and composing music for a while.
On this album, I covered an instrumental version of a song of one of my favorite bands Rush.
"The Travel To Octavia" is my latest album. You can find all information on this album and its history here:
You can get The Travel To Octavia on all mp3 download platforms as well as on Guitareuroshop, itunes and on CD format.
Why the title "Subatomic Revolution" for the new album?
I found this original to describe in music the most elementary particles, the fundamental constituents of the universe.

It's an Instrumental progressive metal album with a taste of blues, funk and fusion...
Much to say and write but not now, later ... Below are the song titles that I plan on this album:
Subatomic Revolution
Spin of the Electron
Muons and the cosmic rays
Super Heavy Tauons
Neutrinos and the continuous spectrum
Quarks up
Quarks Charm
Quarks Top
Album composed by: Ayman
Drumming: Andrew Hopkins
Bass: Markus Fortunato
Rythm and solo guitars: Ayman
Guest guitar and keyboard solos: Coming soon... ;)
Artwork: Theo

AYMAN-Subatomic Revolution-Rhythm tracks clips

Fabrizio Leo: DV MARK Amp demo and Intro Cutaway

Fabrizio "BICIO" Leo - DV MARK Amps

Fabrizio "BICIO" Leo - Intro