Ayman Mokdad: announces Subatomic Revolution

Hello friends and you tubers,
Here are some clips of the rhythm tracks of my upcoming album Subatomic Revolution.
Before giving you some details on this new album let me share with you a couple of things.
I love "concepts" albums.
On each of my albums I tried to find a concept that gives the binder and the consistency or simply tell the story of it.
"The Scheubi and Nobru Effect " My first album was to honor two friends who have greatly contributed to it.
On this album I covered an instrumental version of a song of one of my favorite bands Def Leppard.
You can purchase the CD on the site Guitareuroshop.
"From 6:00 to 7:00" is an album that was never released on CD.
I left it for a while for free download then I removed it because I considered that some pieces were in need of a little bit more work.
We played several times this album "live" with Bruno Rivoire the bass player and a DVD of of the concerts exist (I'll, by the way, post some of the videos soon on youtube).
Why "From 6:00 to 7:00"? Because usually this is the time I was working and composing music for a while.
On this album, I covered an instrumental version of a song of one of my favorite bands Rush.
"The Travel To Octavia" is my latest album. You can find all information on this album and its history here:
You can get The Travel To Octavia on all mp3 download platforms as well as on Guitareuroshop, itunes and on CD format.
Why the title "Subatomic Revolution" for the new album?
I found this original to describe in music the most elementary particles, the fundamental constituents of the universe.

It's an Instrumental progressive metal album with a taste of blues, funk and fusion...
Much to say and write but not now, later ... Below are the song titles that I plan on this album:
Subatomic Revolution
Spin of the Electron
Muons and the cosmic rays
Super Heavy Tauons
Neutrinos and the continuous spectrum
Quarks up
Quarks Charm
Quarks Top
Album composed by: Ayman
Drumming: Andrew Hopkins
Bass: Markus Fortunato
Rythm and solo guitars: Ayman
Guest guitar and keyboard solos: Coming soon... ;)
Artwork: Theo

AYMAN-Subatomic Revolution-Rhythm tracks clips