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Paul Bielatowicz,Neal Morse: Christmas album on the way?

Paul Bielatowicz recording a guitar solo for Neal Morse Christmas Album

Thiago Trinsi: Guitar instructional series available

Thiago Trinsi

Thiago Trinsi Guitar Instructional Series - video 1/ here You have 1 Instructional video + Backing Tracks + 1 Booklet for 20$http://sellfy.com/p/Cl9h

On this instructional video Thiago Trinsi demonstrates examples for major, minor, dominant and also diminished arpeggios along with extended shapes including sweep picking, string skipping, alternate picking and even 2 hand tapping arpeggios! Each example is played in real time with a backing track and then demonstrated in a close up angle and slow. Designed for players of all levels, this instructional video will take you from the basics to a whole new level. http://sellfy.com/p/Cl9h
Thiago Trinsi - Extended Promo video

Paul Gilbert: Clinics and Vibrato track by track

Can you describe the recording process? Also, how did you choose the players?

“As usual, I gave myself a nearly impossible deadline to make the record. My solution was to organize everything – the band, the engineers, the photographer, the album art designer, the mastering – and then write the album as I was recording it. I gave myself a week to write each song, and then I got together with the band every Tuesday to record that song live in my studio.

“We would rehearse it a few times, tweak the arrangement and then go for the ‘real’ takes. Thomas, Kelly and Emi were really fantastic to learn these complex songs so quickly and do some amazing improvising with little or no rehearsal. I did overdub a few guitar solos and most of the vocals, but the majority of the record is live. We even did Enemies (In Jail) live, without a click track!

“This is the first time that I recorded with Thomas Lang. He’s an unbelievable drummer. He does the Rock Drums school at Artistworks, which is the same company where I have my online rock guitar school. I met him through that, and after one quick jam session, I was blown away at how much he listens when he plays.

“If I improvise and start doing any rhythmic theme or accents, he immediately picks up on it and starts supporting me. It really makes me play better, or at least makes me sound like I’m playing better. And Thomas has the rare ability to play a world-class groove, in addition to having his arsenal of face-melting techniques.

“Then there’s Kelly LeMieux, who I’ve toured with before, but this is our first recording together. Kelly plays in the pop/punk band Goldfinger, and he has such good bass tone, energy and instinct. He has tons of technique as well, and it’s just a joy to pull up his bass tracks when mixing. He’s always playing the perfect part with the perfect tone. Those elements are often surprisingly hard to find.


Paul Gilbert: Plymouth Guitar Clinic 2012


Paul Gilbert: Supertone Clinic series

Shawn Lane: always remembered

Shawn Lane (March 21, 1963 – September 26, 2003) was an American musician who released two studio-albums and collaborated with musicians, such as Ringo Starr and Jonas Hellborg. After studying the piano, he rapidly mastered the guitar, which he played with exceptional speed. The magazine Guitar World wrote, "Few, if any, guitarists can play faster than Lane could, and his arpeggio sweeps and precision-picked lines blasted more rapid-fire notes than the average human mind could comprehend."

BornMarch 21, 1963
MemphisTennesseeUnited States
DiedSeptember 26, 2003 (aged 40)
MemphisTennesseeUnited States


Shawn Lane wasn't just a musician, he was a music fan and when he came  face to face with Allan Holdsworth, his inspiration after seeing UK play live in 1978... well you can see how excited he is...

Shawn Lane meets Allan Holdsworth at NAMM 1995

Solo albums
1992: "West Side Boogie" (promotional single)[8]
1992: Powers of Ten, Warner Bros
1999: The Tri-Tone Fascination, Eye Reckon Records
2001: Powers of Ten; Live!, Eye Reckon Records
2006: Powers of Ten, Eye Reckon Records
Shawn Lane - Power Licks - REH837, 1993, (VHS)
Shawn Lane - Power Solos - REH838, 1993, (VHS)
Shawn Lane - Power Licks & Solos, 1995, Warner Brother Publications
[edit]With Jonas Hellborg
1995: Abstract Logic, Bardo Records
1995: Two Doors, with Michael Shrieve, CMP Records
1996: Temporal Analogues of Paradise, Bardo Records
1997: Time Is the Enemy, Bardo Records
1999: Zenhouse, Bardo Records
2000: Good People in Times of Evil, Bardo Records
2002: Personae, Bardo Records
2003: Icon: A Transcontinental Gathering, Bardo Records
2004: Paris: DVD release of the 2001 concert at New Morning, Bardo Records
[edit]Other appearances
1984: U.S. Metal Vol. IV - Unsung Guitar Heroes, Stratosphere II, Shrapnel Records
1989: Looking for shelter, Michael Bradley & Mark Lindsay
1990: Highwayman 2 - The Highwaymen (country supergroup), Columbia Nashville
1990: Son of the South - Toy Caldwell, Blue Hat Records
1991: Worrall - Rick & Steve Worrall with Jimi Jamison, A&M, re-release on Yesterrock Records
1991: Centrifugal Funk with Frank Gambale Brett Garsed, Legato Records
1991: When Love Comes Down, Jimi Jamison, Scotti Bros label
1992: Guitar on the edge, Vol 1, No.1, Legato Records
1992: Guitar on the edge, Vol 1, No.2 with David Ormonde Thomas, Legato Records
1992: On the way home, David Ormonde Thomas, Ethereal Thunder Productions
1993: A Little On The CD Side, Vol. 7, Musician Magazine, PRO MST 9107
1994: Guitar's Practicing Musicians Vol 111, Guitar Recordings
1995: Red Reign, Steven Patrick, Emerald Stare Records
1996: Guitar Zone, CMP Records
1996: Exploring the Frontiers of Rock, Jazz and World Music, CMP Records
1996: New Spirits in Jazz - part 2, EFA Records
1997: Breaking the Barriers of Jazz, Silva Screen Records
1997: Fission, Jens Johansson, with Mike Stern, Heptagon Records
1997: Calvin Russell, Calvin Russell (musician), Last Call Records
1998: One road man, Chris LeDoux, Capitol Nashville Records
1998: Fission, Jens Johansson, Japanese bonus track Straffpolska Från Sudan, Pony Canyon
1999: Parker Card & The Sideman Syndicate, Parker Card, with Eric Gales, Orchard Records
1999: Rock Guitarists Forever Best, Various Artists Compilation, Japanese-only release
2000: Mood Du Jour, Doug Scarborough, Hapi Skratch Records
2000: The Highwayman Collection, The Highwaymen, Sony Music CMG
2003: Polaris, North Mississippi Allstars, ATO Records
2004: Richard Hallebeek Project, Richard Hallebeek, with Brett Garsed, Liquid Note Records
2009: The World's Greatest Fusion Guitarists, Tone Centre
2010: 'Infinity' featured on the soundtrack to Daniele Luchetti "La Nostra Vita"
2004: Shawn Lane Remembered Vol 1, Lion Music
2004: Shawn Lane Remembered Vol 2, Lion Music
2005: Tribute, Eric Mantel, The Unstruck Melody, Holistic Music BMI
2010: Power Lane, Magnus Olsson, Melodic Soloists, Mad Guitar Records
1981: Savage Innocence, Black Oak Arkansas, studio demos recorded at Ardent Studios, Memphis, TN
1984: Robert Duvall, Robert Duvall with Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings, Triad Records
1987: Lost and Found, Ringo Starr, produced By Chips Moman in Memphis, CBS
1994: The Farthest Star, Steve Harris, TBA
1996: "What the hell was i thinking?", Dweezil Zappa, TBA
1997: Shawn Lane & the Windigo Band, with David Ormonde Thomas
2000: Inside A Dream, Shawn Lane with Eddie Chip LeVerne on drums, TBA
2000: The Film Music Album, TBA
2001: Shawn Lane and DDT Live, Eye Reckon Records

Google Plus https://plus.google.com/u/0/116516356975075913869/posts

Official: http://www.shawnlane.com

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/ShawnLaneMusic


Here Shawn Lane plays "Song for Diane (World Keeps Spinning)", at the Salon de la Musique, Paris, on the 24th Sept 1994.

Shawn Lane - Song for Diane (Paris - 24th Sept 1994)

the stunning Death Theme from the Untouchables...

Shawn Lane - Death Theme (Musicians Institute, Hollywood, CA. - 5th Feb 1993)

Daniele Liverani: Humiliation - live performance


Daniele Liverani: All guitars
Marco Zago: Keyboards
Tony Dickinson: Bass
Paco Barilla': Drums & Percussions

The song "Humiliation" is taken from Daniele Liverani new guitar instrumental album "Eleven Mysteries" released on July 20th 2012 by LION MUSIC
ORDER YOUR COPY HERE: http://www.lionmusic.com/ShopSelect.htm
or choose a shop in your country from the list available here:http://www.danieleliverani.com


Like DL facebook page:


Jace Parales: Obscura, Wardingham and Scar Symmetry

Obscura - Infinite Rotation solo

by Jace Parales

Great song.

Obscura - Infinite Rotation solo

Paul Wardingham - Ghost in the Machine solo

Scar Symmetry - Trapezoid solo

Matthew Mills: acoustic performance

Matthew Mills acoustic performance at the 5th Annual Hyattsville Maryland Arts festival
by mmills97

Matthew Mills is a Guitarist Performer and Guitar Instructor from Northern Virginia. Matthew performs Acoustic Guitar Music in the style of Flamenco and Contemporary acoustic fusion music. In addition to Acoustic guitar Matthew performs electric guitar in the Neoclassical style and blues and jazz concepts. Matthew teaches acoustic and electric guitar and can be contacted for performances and lessons atmmills97@aol.com or 571-212-7174 Matthew teaches at www.classicaxe.com andwww.contemporarymusiccenter.com Matthew was voted as one of the fastest guitarist by 2008 guitar world magazine and has released several solo albums.www.mattmillsacousticmusic.com also become a fan of Matthew on Facebookwww.facebook.com/pages/matthew-mills/96189000425

Matthew Mills acoustic performance at the 5th Annual Hyattsville Maryland Arts festival

Tom Quayle: September Free Lesson

Free Lesson Sep 2012 - www.tomquayle.co.uk

by Tom Quayle

Go to http://www.tomquayle.co.uk/lessons.html for more HD video lessons with me.

Free Lesson Sep 2012 - www.tomquayle.co.uk

Jonathan Kreisberg: jazz fusion clinic performance

http://www.emba.com.ar - On Wednesday, September 19 Johnatan Kreisberg visited us this fabulous guitarist and composer came from NYhttp://www.emba.com.ar

EMBA - CLÍNICA DE GUITARRA : Jonathan Kreisberg

Levi Clay: sweep tap lesson

Free Guitar Lesson - Sweeping & Tapping Lick With Levi Clay - Licklibrary Facebook Lesson
by licklibrary

http://bit.ly/Facebook_Licklibrary Free guitar lesson on taught by Levi Clay TAB available on our facebook page; http://bit.ly/Facebook_Licklibrary
Check out the TAB for this lesson here: http://bit.ly/Levi_Lick_5

Like our facebook page to recieve pictures of gear and the latest news - also check out some more Levi Clay lick lessons.

Levi Clay teaches you how to play a free guitar lick combining the style of Greg Howe, Jason Becker & Michael Romeo.

Free Guitar Lesson - Sweeping & Tapping Lick With Levi Clay - Licklibrary Facebook Lesson

John Mooy: Life Of A Guitar Tech

Life Of A Guitar Tech
by SeymourDuncanChannel

We interview John Mooy to learn about what it takes to be a guitar tech. John is currently the tech for jazz great George Benson.

Read more about making it in the music business: http://www.seymourduncan.com/blog/category/the-players-room/

Life Of A Guitar Tech

George Marios: Guitar Lessons in London

Hey guys,

Hope you are all well,

Here is a little video to let you all know that i have relocated to London and have started giving one to one as well as Skype lessons once again.

For more information don't hesitate to drop me a line at georgemariostuition@hotmail.com.

All the best,
George Marios

George Marios-Guitar Lessons in London

Juan Cortes: Knee Jerk Reaction

Hi friends this is a rehearsal of our modest "Knee Jerk Reaction" version with Contusion, another amazing composition by Victor Bailey from the album "Low Blow". We love to play it, hope you enjoy it!

Hola amigos este es un ensayo con Contusion de nuestra humilde version de Knee Jerk Reaction de Victor Bailey, espero que la disfruten!

Don't forget to subscribe to my channel and join to our Contusion facebook page!


Juan Cortes - Guitar
Cristian Tisselli - Bass
Emiliano Perez Diez - Keyboard
German Heffner - Drums

Recording and Mastering by Pablo Formica.
Camera and Design by Gonzalo Da Conceicao
Production Matias Zabaljauregui
Victor Bailey - Knee Jerk Reaction by Contusion

Victor Bailey - Knee Jerk Reaction by Contusion

Lorenzo Venza: Marvit Khepri super fusion with some Orange Jamming

Lorenzo Venza

First video with this stunning and proudly italian guitar...!
Check out website http://www.marvitguitar.com/
I've used the ultra-famous "orange jam" Backing track by Guthrie Govan (http://www.jamtrackcentral.com/)

Lorenzo Venza -" Marvit Khepri" demo ( Orange Jam)

Prashant Aswani: Free The Tone - quad-arrow distortion Pedal

Prashant Aswani demos a Free The Tone quad-arrow distortion Pedal

Free The Tone

Donna Grantis: announces Blues Master Class in Amsterdam

Donna Grantis


Hello friends in Holland!! I will be hosting a Blues GUITAR MASTERCLASS at Badcuyp on Sunday October 7th from 14h-17h. All ages and levels of ability are welcome. Bring your axe! We'll spend the afternoon playing music and talking about improvisation, phrasing, harmony, ear training and rhythm. Bring your guitar! Contact AmsterdamMusic Promotors for more info and to register: info@amsterdammusicpromotors.com / +31 2 06 75 11 72.

Donna Grantis @ Experience PRS 2010

Rick Graham: The Practice Room: Jam in E Lydian

by starlinginspector
Hi guys, please visit my website where you can subscribe to receive free guitar/music resources. This content will ONLY be available to subscribers: http://www.rick-graham.co.uk

You can also purchase high quality full HD video lessons in the HD Video Lessons section: http://www.rick-graham.co.uk/hd-video-guitar-lessons-store.html

I hope you enjoy this lesson and please leave a comment in the comments section if you have any requests. Tons more to come!

Rick's Guitar School - The Practice Room: Jam in E Lydian

Jamie Humphries: Guitar Clinic Wimbledon announced

Dear Guitar Fans in the UK!

I am delighted to announce that there will be a special guest visiting Wimbledon School of Guitar

in London on the 6th of October 2012!!!

Ladies and Gentleman please welcome Mr Jamie Humphries!

Jamie who?

In case you don’t know, Jamie Humphries is one of the top UK guitar players and his fame has spread across the whole World thanks to his extensive work for Lick Library(recording over 40 guitar instructional DVD’s) and iGuitar-Interactive Magazine(instructional videos and gear demonstrations).

Jamie is a very busy working guitarist who has toured Europe, Both Americas and Japan and he is soon due to depart for the tour with Queen’s guitarist Brian May!!! as well as for promotional tour for Black Star Amplification and Music Man Guitars.

Jamie’s past touring work include ‘WE WILL ROCK YOU’ musical as well as ‘CHAMPIONS OF ROCK’ both featuring songs of the band Queen. Jamie also performed with the Australian Pink Floyd Show in America, He has worked for Guitar Techniques, Total Guitar, Guitarist and Guitar World Magazines. He also earned a teaching position at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, Surrey. I had a chance to see Jamie playing live a number of times at various guitar shows and guitar clinics in London over the last 8 years.

The Event

This event is open to guitar players at any level. If you are a complete beginner you will have a chance to see a highly advanced guitar player and touring musician and ask him any question you like.

If you are more advanced player you will be able to get answer to some of your specific technical problems.

If you are a recording artist you can get some tips about getting a killer guitar sound on your home and studio recordings.

If you are a musician who is thinking about becoming a professional musician you will get a chance to ask any question related to Jamie’s career. I am sure he will give you some tips and point you to the right direction.

This is a very exclusive and intimate show and there are only 20 places available. This is YOUR chance to meet one of the best touring and working guitarist in the country or perhaps even on this Planet! Due to Jamie’s busy touring schedule this opportunity might not happen again very soon or even at all so book your slot now to avoid disappointment.

Judging from my phone conversation with Jamie I can say that he is a down to earth and outgoing person and I am sure you will take from this clinic a lot of inspiration and motivation to become a better guitarist.

The Venue

The masterclass will take place in the centre of Wimbledon about 5 minutes walking distance from the Overland and Underground Services.

Drake House, 44 St. George’s Road , Wimbledon ,London SW19 4ED

The Date

The event will take place on the 6th of October from 3:30 till 6pm


I used to suck at guitar big time but one day I have decided that I am gonna model my playing on world’s top guitar players. I also decided to surround myself with music and people who are passionate about music. I also took an advice from an experienced player who advised me to meet and play more advanced players as this will drastically improve my own abilities.

Today you have a chance to meet one of the best countries guitarist. Are you going to sit at home in front of your computer or you gonna take action and come to meet Jamie and get inspired to become a better player?

Here is some Of What You will learn from Jamie ….

How he progressed from a beginner to an advanced player, overcame some of the many frustrations along the way and….. How YOU can do the same by learning and being inspired directly by Jamie’s Unique Guitar Journey and applying to Your unique playing situation.
How Jamie went from a normal job, that payed the bills to…. A full time musician not just earning a living but also really loving what he does
His secrets on how to get a killer guitar tone, Guitar tricks that you can use in your guitar playing immediately providing some breakthroughs for You.
So Plenty of Take Home Value for YOU – but… not If You decide to stay home and miss out!

P.S.  There really are only two categories of Guitarist :

Category 1 : Are curious Guitarists if not outright inspired that believes that if a Guitarist that can achieve a level of success like Jamie Humphries is available to spend time with – then that is a more than worthwhile investment for You to find out, learn and apply more in your playing

Category 2 : Also recognises the ability of a Great Guitarist – however believes that this is only for “Special” Talented people and this could not possibly be applicable to them

If You are a Category 1 Guitarist, who happens to enjoy Rock/Blues Playing – then this event is for You – And If You are a Category 2 – well its unlikely You are if You have read this far – but if You really believe in Specialness rather than desire as being the key ingredient YOU need, then this is probably not for You.

As a Category 1 Guitarist that’s still reading – Get Your Place Now – as they are limited – I look forward to seeing YOU with Jamie Humphries on October 6th!

TICKETS: guitarlessonsinwimbledon@yahoo.co.uk
CALL: +44 7824 366014"


Shrapnel Records Feature Guitar Performance By Jamie Humphries Guitar Interactive Magazine

Jamie Humphries: Mansons Guitar Show 2012 announced

Mansons Guitar Show 2012 Press Release

November 17th & 18th 2012 Exeter Corn Exchange, Exeter, Devon

Tickets are now on sale for Manson’s Guitar Show, as part of the shop’s 20th Anniversary celebrations.

The Manson’s Guitar Show has become respected for its dedication as a guitars only show and the level of clinicians and artists it attracts. Former guests have included John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin, Justin Hawkins of The Darkness, JJ Burnel from The Stranglers, Jan Akkerman, Frank Turner, Aziz Ibrahim, Michael Manring, Walter Trout, Bernie Marsden (Whitesnake) and a host of top clinicians and performers.

For 2012, artists such as Mikey D from Skindred courtesy of Orange amplification, Martin Barre and Pat O’ May of Martin Barre’s New Day project, Jamie Humphries (Music Man), Jerry Donahue (Korg) and the Marshall House Band and many former guest artists will be joining a diverse range of electric, bass and acoustic manufacturers for two days of pure guitar indulgence. All the big brands are in attendance such as Fender, Mark Bass, Faith Guitars, Orange Amplification, Rotosound, Freshman, Yamaha plus smaller boutique manufacturers and distributors including Patrick James Eggle, Huss And Dalton, A.B. Manson and Co plus Manson’s own manufacturing company Manson Guitar Works.

A venue move to Exeter’s Corn Exchange puts the show smack bang in the middle of the city and in a venue more suited to live music as the centre’s largest musical venue.

Tickets are available on-line at www.mansons.co.uk
Or visit our Facebook page for regular updates.

Still in the same ownership since forming in 1992, Manson’s have become world renowned as guitar specialists successfully combining a boutique guitar shop approach with a stock level and range that caters for all guitar players. A specialist single retail outlet and manufacturing workshop in Exeter, Devon, Manson’s have facilities that have created one of the most famous one-stop guitar stores in the world with a client list that includes Led Zeppelin, Muse, Them Crooked Vultures, Biffy Clyro, Yes, Jethro Tull, Seasick Steve, Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, Lightning Seeds and many more.

Contact Mansons Guitar Shop on 01392 496379 or e-mail sales@mansons.co.uk

Michael Brown: Aussie Trio Tracer back for September UK tour

Australian rock band TRACER start their “Spaces In Between” UK tour on Wednesday September 26 at the Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton with special guests Virgil and the Accelerators.

Nominated as Best New Band at this year’s Classic Rock Roll of Honour Awards, Tracer will be head to LA at the end of the year to record their next album with producer Kevin Shirley (Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Silverchair, Cold Chisel).  For the full online announcement and new photos, http://www.noblepr.co.uk/Press_Releases/tracer/sept-tour.htm

The band recently replaced their bassist Leigh Brown with new member, Pat Saracino. Says Tracer’s drummer, Andre Wise, “We'd like to thank Leigh Brown for his tireless efforts and massive contribution to the band. Leigh recently decided his musical journey with Tracer has come to end.”

During the UK tour, Tracer will also perform acoustic sessions with Birmingham’s Kerrang! Radio (Oct 26), Manchester’s Real Radio XS (Oct 27), and Glasgow’s Real Radio XS (Oct 29).

Tickets for Tracer’s UK tour dates can be ordered from the 24 hour box office number 0844 478 0898, www.thegigcartel.com.

Wolverhampton Slade Rooms (Sept 26)
Manchester Academy (Sept 27)
Newcastle Cluny (Sept 28)
Glasgow ABC (Sept 29)
Leeds Cockpit (Sept 30)
Nottingham Rescue Rooms (Oct 3)
Bath Komedia (Oct 4)
Gloucester Guildhall (Oct 5)
Poole Mr Kyps (Oct 6)
Brighton The Haunt (Oct 7)

Free Download at: http://soundcloud.com/coolgreen/tracer-too-muchTracer - Too Much music video. Too Much is from the album Spaces in Between out on Cool Green Recordings/Mascot Label Group October 3, 2011

Tracer is a band with a reminiscent sound of 90's grunge/stoner rock mixed with the everlasting bravado of 70's classic rock, Tracer is a driving, sonic sledgehammer of sound.
for more info check : http://mascotlabelgroup.com/mlg/artists/tracer/

Tracer - Too Much music video

Joe Bonamassa: limited edition lithograph. "Blues Deluxe"

We are offering a NEW special the ninth edition of lithographs in this ongoing series of limited edition high quality collectable lithograph images, commemorating the career of Joe Bonamassa.
This is a limited run of ONLY 100 "Blues Deluxe " Lithograph prints. Each lithograph is personally hand signed by Joe Bonamassa himself. Each lithograph print comes with a certificate of authenticity ensuring the quality and collectable nature of each piece. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed!
Retail price is $499, includes the frame, lithograph and 2 free tickets to a show of your choice and an invite for you and a guest to personally meet Joe Bonamassa! Click here to buy now.
Each lithographic print comes framed in a high quality black frame and double matte background that is guaranteed to look great in any room in your home. “Blues Deluxe” is a beautiful piece of art with a dimension of 26”W X 32”H.
This framed limited edition lithograph print retails for $499. Each of the 100 owners of the prized “Blues Deluxe " lithograph will receive 2 tickets to a show and an invite to a meet and greet with Joe at the show of their choice. Meet Joe in person, get his autograph and take a photo with him before he performs live for you! This makes a great Holiday, Birthday, or Anytime gift! Click here to buy now.

Album title track available for free downloadi: Album title track available for free download

Alberto Rigoni - Album title track available for free download (feat. Göran Edman)

Alberto Rigoni's new album's title track "Three Wise Monkeys" is now available for free download via Soundcloud. The hard rock tune features Göran Edman (ex Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum, Brazen Abbot) on vocals, Tommy Ermolli (TwinSpirits, Khymera) on guitars, Alessandro Bertoni (Aphelion) on keyboards and the young talented drummer Paco Barillà.

Get the FULL album at @ http://albertorigoni.bandcamp.com

"Three Wise Monkeys" is the title track of Alberto Rigoni's new album. Between progressive and rock, the song also features singer Göran Edman (ex Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum), guitarist Tommy Ermolli (TwinSpirits, Khymera), keyboardist Alessandro Bertoni (Aphelion) and drummer Paco Barillà (Daniele Liverani) Discover more about the album at http://www.albertorigoni.net

Released by: Any and All Records
Release date: Oct 1, 2012
ISRC: IT-Q82-12-00003

Lalle Larsson,Richard Hallebeek,Stefan Rosqvist: Weaveworld III - sounding awesome

Jacob Tuchten's art work looks great on the new release

Lalle Larsson has up-loaded a preview of his new album Weaveworld III: Nightscapes to YouTube. The album will be released this October on Reingold Records, the record company run by Flower King, Jonas Reingold, who also appears on the album. Also on the album are:

Lalle Larsson - Piano & keyboards
Richard Hallebeek - Electric & acoustic guitar
Jonas Reingold - Fretted & fretless bass
Stefan Rosqvist - Electric guitar
Walle Wahlgren - Drums

The album cane be pre-ordered from the following link:


This is a preview of the third and final release of the Weaveworld Trilogy - "Nightscapes".
To be released on Reingold Records this fall, October 2012.

Weaveworld is:
Lalle Larsson - Piano & keyboards
Richard Hallebeek - Electric & acoustic guitar
Jonas Reingold - Fretted & fretless bass
Stefan Rosqvist - Electric guitar
Walle Wahlgren - Drums

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Lalle Larsson - Weaveworld III - Nightscapes - Preview 2012

The series that named a cat!

Weave World Lemuria... aka the Weaver Pickle!

From 25 Aug 2012

Byron Fry: Actual Proof - Funk / Fusion classic

Classic Funk / Fusion tune by Herbie Hancock, recorded with some slammin' cats.
Drums: David Anderson
Bass: David Hughes
Piano: Bill Fulton

Pretty, classical guitar ballad. Lush 3/4 rhythm bed with moderately sophisticated chords.