Jamie Humphries: Guitar Clinic Wimbledon announced

Dear Guitar Fans in the UK!

I am delighted to announce that there will be a special guest visiting Wimbledon School of Guitar

in London on the 6th of October 2012!!!

Ladies and Gentleman please welcome Mr Jamie Humphries!

Jamie who?

In case you don’t know, Jamie Humphries is one of the top UK guitar players and his fame has spread across the whole World thanks to his extensive work for Lick Library(recording over 40 guitar instructional DVD’s) and iGuitar-Interactive Magazine(instructional videos and gear demonstrations).

Jamie is a very busy working guitarist who has toured Europe, Both Americas and Japan and he is soon due to depart for the tour with Queen’s guitarist Brian May!!! as well as for promotional tour for Black Star Amplification and Music Man Guitars.

Jamie’s past touring work include ‘WE WILL ROCK YOU’ musical as well as ‘CHAMPIONS OF ROCK’ both featuring songs of the band Queen. Jamie also performed with the Australian Pink Floyd Show in America, He has worked for Guitar Techniques, Total Guitar, Guitarist and Guitar World Magazines. He also earned a teaching position at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, Surrey. I had a chance to see Jamie playing live a number of times at various guitar shows and guitar clinics in London over the last 8 years.

The Event

This event is open to guitar players at any level. If you are a complete beginner you will have a chance to see a highly advanced guitar player and touring musician and ask him any question you like.

If you are more advanced player you will be able to get answer to some of your specific technical problems.

If you are a recording artist you can get some tips about getting a killer guitar sound on your home and studio recordings.

If you are a musician who is thinking about becoming a professional musician you will get a chance to ask any question related to Jamie’s career. I am sure he will give you some tips and point you to the right direction.

This is a very exclusive and intimate show and there are only 20 places available. This is YOUR chance to meet one of the best touring and working guitarist in the country or perhaps even on this Planet! Due to Jamie’s busy touring schedule this opportunity might not happen again very soon or even at all so book your slot now to avoid disappointment.

Judging from my phone conversation with Jamie I can say that he is a down to earth and outgoing person and I am sure you will take from this clinic a lot of inspiration and motivation to become a better guitarist.

The Venue

The masterclass will take place in the centre of Wimbledon about 5 minutes walking distance from the Overland and Underground Services.

Drake House, 44 St. George’s Road , Wimbledon ,London SW19 4ED

The Date

The event will take place on the 6th of October from 3:30 till 6pm


I used to suck at guitar big time but one day I have decided that I am gonna model my playing on world’s top guitar players. I also decided to surround myself with music and people who are passionate about music. I also took an advice from an experienced player who advised me to meet and play more advanced players as this will drastically improve my own abilities.

Today you have a chance to meet one of the best countries guitarist. Are you going to sit at home in front of your computer or you gonna take action and come to meet Jamie and get inspired to become a better player?

Here is some Of What You will learn from Jamie ….

How he progressed from a beginner to an advanced player, overcame some of the many frustrations along the way and….. How YOU can do the same by learning and being inspired directly by Jamie’s Unique Guitar Journey and applying to Your unique playing situation.
How Jamie went from a normal job, that payed the bills to…. A full time musician not just earning a living but also really loving what he does
His secrets on how to get a killer guitar tone, Guitar tricks that you can use in your guitar playing immediately providing some breakthroughs for You.
So Plenty of Take Home Value for YOU – but… not If You decide to stay home and miss out!

P.S.  There really are only two categories of Guitarist :

Category 1 : Are curious Guitarists if not outright inspired that believes that if a Guitarist that can achieve a level of success like Jamie Humphries is available to spend time with – then that is a more than worthwhile investment for You to find out, learn and apply more in your playing

Category 2 : Also recognises the ability of a Great Guitarist – however believes that this is only for “Special” Talented people and this could not possibly be applicable to them

If You are a Category 1 Guitarist, who happens to enjoy Rock/Blues Playing – then this event is for You – And If You are a Category 2 – well its unlikely You are if You have read this far – but if You really believe in Specialness rather than desire as being the key ingredient YOU need, then this is probably not for You.

As a Category 1 Guitarist that’s still reading – Get Your Place Now – as they are limited – I look forward to seeing YOU with Jamie Humphries on October 6th!

TICKETS: guitarlessonsinwimbledon@yahoo.co.uk
CALL: +44 7824 366014"


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