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Michael Baugh: available for guitar lesson, Plymouth UK

Michael Baugh22:50 -
I have one slot left this year for guitar a lesson in Plymouth, Friday 21st December at 8pm, once it's gone it's gone! please contact me if you'd like to take the last slot!

Custom Suhr Modern - Michael Baugh

Roberto Restuccia: The smooth just got smoother!

My entry to chappers xmas comp...this is a hit the record and go kinda recording, enjoy !!

Orange Jam by Roberto Restuccia

Jammin on a NEW Fusion Jazz series by coffee break grooves

This one is for Chris C :D

Coffee & Jazz by Roberto Restuccia

Rob Chappers: Orange Micro Terror Competition - Dec 24

Pete Pachio: Forsaken Destiny - a tribute to Jason Becker!

This is just a rough track of the Forsaken Destiny (Song For Jason) A tribute To JASON BECKER That will feature several well-known Amazing Guitar player-shredder friends as guests on this.To be released on My long-awaited DEBUT cd BAD KARMA in 2013.

Fred Brum: Laney Ironheart 120

My album Atonement is available (along with a free downloadable track at - please give it a listen. :)

Official Website -
Facebook -

As promised, here's a song in which all the guitar tracks were done with the Laney Ironheart, using a V30 loaded Laney 4x12" for the occasion. The cab was mic'd with a SM57 (off axis, as usual), and the post-processing involved just the usual tape delay simulations.

Guitar is my green Jaden Rose Spider 8-string, the "funny thing around the headstock" is a Gruv Gear Fretwrap, and the "looks like you're picking with a pebble" is actually a Hufschmid pick made of Tivar. ;) Links below:
Jaden Rose;
Hufschmid guitars and picks:
Gruv Gear:

If you like my work, kindly consider getting my album Atonement. My second album, Transcendence, will be released early next year as well. :)

Please subscribe to my channel!

Fred Brum - Laney Ironheart 120

George Marios: Intervallic ideas - the new lesson package explained

Buy lessons from this man... you know it makes sense!
-A brand new live performance video of my song "Hope"(Dual Camera Angle)
-A detailed Transcription of the new performance of the track
-A video segment on improvisation in Rock
-A video segment where we get to explore various melodic approaches over the song
-Videos with demonstrations of the melodic ideas explained(Dual Camera Angle)
-A Special 'Jam with George Marios' Video Segment
-An mp3 with the new performance of the title track
-An mp3 file with the backing track of the song
-An mp3 with the original Album Version
-PDF file with descriptions of the modes/scales applied

'In Session' Lesson Package Overview-George Marios

News: Patrick Moore RIP

Sir Patrick Moore RIP

Sir Patrick Alfred Caldwell-Moore, CBE, FRS, FRAS (4 March 1923 – 9 December 2012) was an English amateur astronomer who attained prominent status in that field as a writer, researcher, radio commentator and television presenter.
Moore was a former president of the British Astronomical Association, co-founder and former president of the Society for Popular Astronomy (SPA), author of over 70 books on astronomy, and presenter of the world's longest-running television series with the same original presenter, The Sky at Night on the BBC. As an amateur astronomer, he became known as a specialist on observing the Moon and creating the Caldwell catalogue. Idiosyncrasies such as his rapid diction and monocle made him a popular and instantly recognisable figure on British television.
Moore was also a self-taught xylophone and piano player, as well as an accomplished composer and a former amateur cricketer, golfer and chess player. In addition to his many popular science books, he wrote numerous works of fiction and featured on the 1990s TV series GamesMaster. He was an opponent of fox hunting, an outspoken critic of the European Union and served as chairman of the short-lived anti-immigration United Country Party before becoming a patron of the UK Independence Party. He served in the Royal Air Force during World War II; his fiancée, Lorna, was killed by a bomb during the war and he never married or had children.

I was lucky enough to see Patrick Moore live in concert... a true genius of bring the complex to the masses... RIP

Yngwie J. Malmsteen - Black Star

Charly Tejeda: jam session

Charly Tejeda demos a Cort G Series guitar

Jam Cort G Series - Charly Tejeda

Steve Saluto: DVMArk Galileo C112 demo

Steve Saluto demos the DVMArk Galileo C112 wiht a Yamaha guitar.


Brian Carroll: Buckethead - House of Blues - Anaheim 2012

House of Blues - Anaheim, CA


1. Jowls
2. The Shores of Molokai
3. Meta-Matic (Praxis)
4. Soothsayer
5. Park Theme
6. Gory Head Stump
7. Lebrontron
8. The Embalmer
9. Crash Victim (Praxis)
10. Foam Finger Dance / Nunchucks / Toys
11. Jordan
12. Grifin's Spike
13. Buckethead's Toystore
14. Fountains of the Forgotten
15. I Love My Parents - Its a Small World - Night of the Slunk - Disney Medley - Night of the Slunk`

Buckethead 8/18/2012 HOB Anaheim, CA * WHOLE SHOW * FRONT ROW HD

Jamie Humphries: 'Electric Shocks'

Jamie Humphries 'Electric Shocks' - Behind The Scenes - Licklibrary
Jamie Humphries is shocked during this electrifying warm up while filming in the licklibrary studio.

Stay up to date with instant news from Licklibrary on our Facebook page & Follow us on Twitter

Check out Jamie Humphries technique lessons and DVD's online today by heading to:

Jan Laurenz: Highway to Zen

Highway to Zen by Jan Laurenz on soprano ukulele
Highway to Zen by Jan Laurenz on soprano ukulele
i like both rock,indian world music ecc.. so this is a sort of mix of those styles.......
my thumb gives the steady rithm drive while the other the rest....

Simon Kinny-Lewis: Boss eBand - Country Rock Check out my NEW Blues/Rock album " Behind the Blue Mask" that will be available on itunes and via my website December 2012. Click here to hear previews via my sound cloud. It's a mixture of some of my favorite guitarist's Robben Ford, Steve Lukather, Frank Gambale.

This is the longer version of the "Country Rock" jam taken from Jam with Boss eBand JS-10 part 1 of 3. It is a bit of a mixture of some country/Jazz over a Country Rock style backing tracks. Some Doug Seven and Ray Beadle influence in there... Please subscribe to my You Tube channel to be updated when new video's are posted....ENJOY!

Claudio Pietronik: A Thousand Years - Christina Perri solo improv

A Thousand Years - Christina Perri (guitar improv.)
This is me improvising over this beautiful tune! Hope you enjoy it!

Joe Bonamassa, Greg Koch: Wildwood Guitars series


Joe Bonamassa, Greg Koch: Wildwood Guitars series

Cameron Allen: Winners solo in Paris 2012

1st : sorry for bad audio quality, too close from drums&amps.

Cameron Allen is playing "Jacknife on a Hairpin" from is solo record "between the lines" at the NextBendoteTalent Contest Grand Final, here in Paris, December 2012.

Keyboards : Manu Martin
Drums : Aurelien Ouzoulias
Bass : Ivan Rougny
Guitar : Cameron Allen

He won the contest!
Cameron Allen - Jacknife on a hairpin - NextBendnoteTalent 2012.mp4

Cameron Allen: Between The Lines

Sarah Longfield: Dave Mason Solo

Dave Mason Solo - Sarah Longfield
Hey guys! Time for a little something different, hope you enjoy! I tried my best to figure it out by ear because there aren't any tabs or anything out there for this solo :/ so excuse any mistakes!


Facebook page:


Marty Friedman: Boerderij Zoetermeer

Marty Friedman @ Boerderij Zoetermeer
One of the first gigs on the tour with Yossi Sassi's band backing him up.

Jan Laurenz: All of me on soprano ukulele

All of me on soprano ukulele by Jan Laurenz
All of me on soprano ukulele by Jan Laurenz
sort of gipsy jazz inspired.............

Tom Quayle: Falling Grace - Jam in Chicago 2011

Falling Grace - Jam in Chicago 2011
Jamming with some amazing musicians in Chicago - Summer 2011 over Steve Swallow's amazing tune 'Falling Grace'. I was pretty tired after a week of teaching in Raleigh, North Carolina so excise the mistakes. Thanks for listening.

Alucard: Ion Dissonance Schecter Hellraiser C-8

Ion Dissonance - Can Someone Please Explain This To Me (Guitar Cover)
Fun song! Figured this one out by ear. Messed up a good bit in this song, mainly some timing issues near the end. Ion D is always goofy with timing. I don't even remember what tuning I played this in. It's some variation of Eb tuning.

Intro song is from my forthcoming album "Into the Dreamstate" if you want to follow my music

Gear used: Schecter Hellraiser C-8, Axe FX Standard, Apogee One interface

News: Android backing track app

JamDroid lets you jam along with music from the popular guitar backing track site JamDroid brings all your favorite backing tracks from and combines it with the mobility of an android phone. Just plug your phone into your amp/PA and let it rip!

News: Show Us Your Gear! Contest

We know you got it, we want to see it!

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Chris Brooks: guess the guitarist competition

Chris Brooks Guitar

Competition time! Guess at least 6 of my influences from these pics and go in the draw for five T-shirt & album packs (Axis Tshirt + either Axis or The Master Plan). Share the photo and give me the link with your email entry (email address in the graphic) and I'll double your chances of winning by putting you in the draw twice. Go!

Tommaso Zillio: 5 Incredibly Common Blues Guitar Errors

Tommaso Zillio,
Professional Guitarist and Teacher

5 Incredibly Common Blues Guitar Errors

Are your Blues solos 'cold' and not really exciting? Are you comparing your solos to other players' solos and you find yourself wanting? Do you wonder how pro Blues player create great solos?

What most "old cats" will tell you is that you should learn "how to break the rules" (but what rules anyway? ) or that you simply have to "let it go". Forgive me for being blunt, but these are only good-sounding platitudes that are unlikely to be of any help to you. I have heard a lot of these from musicians who can't or won't explain you in detail what your musicianship is lacking. And hey, if your Blues solo do not sound great, this means that you are definitively missing something and you better discover it soon if you want to become a better player and leave your buddies with their jaw on the floor. Taking years to learn from trial-and-error and is not really an option you want to take.

Well, in my experience most Blues players that are not yet accomplished tend to do all the same 5 mistakes until someone warns them. Every single one of these mistakes can prevent your solo from sounding great, and you may not even have noticed them yet! Or worse, you know that you are doing one of the things I list below, but you think it's OK because it sounds good to you, or it makes your life easier. Well, forgive me for saying that, but being a Blues player does not excuse you from studying your instrument. And now that I have captured your sympathy with this last statement, let's have a look at some of the problems that may prevent you and many other Blues players from realizing their musical potential.

1 Out-of-tune bends

Probably the most common of all these issues is not bending to the correct pitch. The first thing to realize is that every time you bend a note, you should have a specific pitch in mind to which you want to bend. You should not simply bend "up" and hope for a good result. Yes, I know that what I just wrote here is obvious to many players, but it seems to be not so evident to the majority of them. An exception to this rule are the "smear bends": bends less than a semitone wide from the original pitch that are common in Blues - but then again these are the exception, not the rule.

Once you know that you have to have a target pitch when you bend, you then have to acquire the skills necessary in order to hit it every single time. The best thing to do is to work with a tuner and checking that your bends are precise. It is not an easy exercise, but if you keep trying you will soon develop a good sense of intonation.

2 Never playing the interval of a 4th

Most Blues player NEVER play the interval of a 4th because, if you are using mostly pentatonic patterns, to play this interval you need to perform a quite difficult movement called the "rolling motion". This technique allows you to play two consecutive notes on the same fret but on different strings. Now the problem is that if you never play the interval of a 4th, then a listener can definitely tell that there is something missing even if they may not be able to name exactly what is wrong.

There are two things you need to do in order to solve this problem:

1. Learn how to perform the rolling motion correctly. Since it is not easy to learn it form a written article, I have prepared for you a

free video on Blues guitar

2. Once you have learned the rolling motion, write some licks that use it. In general, if you don't implement a new technique in your playing as soon as possible by writing some musical ideas with it, then you will forget this new technique soon.

3 Never starting your phrases on an upbeat

One curious fact about music is that the vast majority of listeners care more about rhythm than pitch. Everybody notices if you go out of time, but most people won't notice if you are playing a wrong note (as long as you don't change your facial expression). This means that as a rule of thumb you should put more care in the timing of your phrases than in your note choice. Despite that most inexperienced players seem to start all their phrases only on downbeats, and never on upbeats. It is just the more natural thing to do when playing, which means that unless you put some conscious though on this you are probably doing it too. And believe me, it is a very noticeable mistake if you are listening.

What to do in this case? I suggest to go through these three steps:

1. To start, improvise a solo where all your phrases start on an upbeat. I suggest that you keep your phrases simple and do not care too much if you start repeating yourself. Since it is quite difficult to communicate how to do it effectively in an article, I have also created a video on this Blues guitar mistake so that you can see and hear how this exercise is supposed to sound.

2. The second step is to rigidly alternate phrases starting on upbeat and downbeat. As before, do not worry if it sounds repetitive and keep your phrases simple.

3. As the last step improvise mixing freely phrases that start on the upbeat and phrases that star on the downbeat. Your goal here is to try and play on the upbeat when your listeners would expect a downbeat an vice versa. It is really a simple trick, but if you master it then you will notice a great difference in your solos.

4 Never moving from one position of the fretboard

The workhorse most Blues player rely on is the basic old pentatonic "box" pattern. It is a great pattern to get started, but somehow it seems that the majority of Blues players never move from this position for all the solo, and even between solos! But there is only so much you can do with a single pattern, and only so many licks you can play in it.

There is also the problem that if you don't move from this position then your solo will never change register (i.e. it will never move away from the pitch you started the solo with). As we stated before, our ears do not really care too much about pitch, they care more about rhythm. They also care more about register than pitch, so if you never move from that position of the fretboard your solo will sound like it's not "going anywhere".

A quick fix for this problem is to use the same "box" pattern one octave (12 frets) apart. For instance, if you are playing in the key of A, the minor pentatonic "boxes" will be at fret 5 and at fret 17. If you alternate between these two positions your solo will already sound more interesting. This is only a quick fix, though: the real solution consists in learning your scale patterns in a way that allows you to move freely without thinking too much.

5 Knowing only one scale

As a last item let's cover your scale choice. As stated above, most players rely on the minor pentatonic scale, or on the "Blues scale" (they are essentially the same thing). Sure, these scales are popular but if you rely only on them you are going to encounter some major problem. Let me just cite two of them:

1. On a standard Dominant Blues the pentatonic minor scale will have always at least one "wrong note" for each chord in the progression. In other words, the minor pentatonic it's an useful approximation to use at the beginning, but you should learn to use it properly and avoid the "wrong" notes contained in it. Not knowing (or worse, hearing) these "wrong" notes is one of the main reasons why your solo does not "fit" the chord progression.

2. The pentatonic/Blues scale is definitely overplayed. There are a number of other scales used by pro Blues players that allow them to sound different and still "Bluesy". Being limited to the pentatonic/Blues scale will just limit your ability of expressing yourself on the guitar.

If any of the points above is not clear to you, or you want to know more about it, I have prepared for you a video on Blues guitar errors that will show you, with examples, how these mistakes sound and how to prevent them in practice.

Ben Randall: Code Of Silence announce new album

Code Of Silence, fronted by Brazilian vocalist Gus Monsanto (Timo Tolkki's Revolution Renaissance / Adagio / Symbolica / Lord Of Mushrooms), have signed with Mausoleum Records and Rubicon Music.

The band's debut album "Dark Skies Over Babylon" is a grandiose thematic album based upon the tales of the legendary Knights Templar during the period of the Crusades.

There is a real Eden's Curse flavour to the album as it was produced by Paul Logue, who also wrote every song on the album and now manages the band. Italian hot shot producer Alessandro Del Vecchio mixed and mastered the record whilst Pete Newdeck sings backing vocals throughout.

The album is scheduled for release on January 23 in Japan, February 25 in Europe and April 9 in North America.

The band also filmed a promotional video for their first single "Sky Is Falling Down" in early December 2012 in Glasgow with Mycho Films, which is due to be premiered in Spring 2013.

A longside the experienced Monsanto, the band features young virtuoso guitarist Ben Randall (Power Quest) who turned heads when he won "The Most Promising Young Guitarist" award at the 2008 inaugural Guitar Idol competition in London at just 17 years old. With a field of over 750 international entrants, Randall wowed judges who commented on “his level of technical virtuosity at such a young age, coupled with a level of phrasing beyond his years", a hallmark of his playing throughout theCode Of Silence debut.

The rest of the band consists of Keyboardist Scott McLean (Falloch / Concept Of Time), DrummerJohn Clelland (The Crows / The Jack / Karma / The Troubleshooters), Bassist and band leaderJames Murray.

The complete track listing for the CD is as follows:
01. Omertà
02. Bitter Sweet Paradise
03. Sky Is Falling Down
04. Tame The Tempest
05. Dark Skies Over Babylon
06. Seventh Seal
07. Witches Of November
08. Black Abyss
09. Knights Of The Crimson Cross
10. Midnight Cathedral (Veritas)
11. Here To Heaven

Band Website :
Band Facebook :
Band Reverbnation :
Mausoleum Records :
Rubicon Music :

Zach Deputy: US tour dates

*New Year's Run!
*2013 Tour Announcement!
*Jam in the Band!

12.21.2012 - Big Bamboo Cafe, Hilton Head, SC
12.22.2012 - Big Bamboo Cafe, Hilton Head, SC

12.27.2012 - The Westcott Theater, Syracuse, NY
12.28.2012 - Toad's Place, New Haven, CT
12.29.2012 - Middle East, Cambridge, MA
12.30.2012 - Gramercy Theatre, New York, NY
12.31.2012 - Pearl Street Ballroom, Northampton, MA

The folks at Jam in the Van filmed this sweet set with Zach in Cali. Here are the first two videos!

"Twisty Twisty"

"Bikers Wearing Diapers"

2013 Tour
01.10.2013 - Surreal at Surrey, Augusta, GA
01.11.2013 - Sidebar, Tallahassee, FL
01.12.2013 - Freebird Live, Jacksonville, FL
01.17-01.20.2013 - Jungle Jam, Jaco, Costa Rica
01.24.2013 - Eddie's Attic, Decatur, GA
01.25.2013 - Handlebar, Pensacola, FL
01.30.2013 - Guanabana's, Jupiter, FL
01.31.2013 - Filthy McNasty's, Vero Beach, FL
02.01.2013 - The Funky Leap Jam, Lakeland, FL
02.07.2013 - Debauchery, Melbourne, FL
02.12.2013 - Lamasco Bar and Grill, Evansville, FL
02.13.2013 - Martyrs', Chicago, IL
02.14.2013 - Red Sky Lounge, Mankato, MN
02.19.2013 - MVP Sports Bar and Grill, Cincinnati, OH
02.20.2013 - The Sound Factory, Charleston, WV
02.21.2013 - 123 Pleasant St, Morgantown, WV
02.22.2013 - Rex Theater, Pittsburgh, PA
02.27.2013 - The Loft, Lansing, MI
02.28.2013 - Bells Eccentric Cafe Back Room, Kalamazoo, MI
03.01.2013 - Woodlands Tavern, Columbus, OH
03.02.2013 - The Crooked I, Erie, PA

ZACH DEPUTY - Twisty Twisty (Live from Venice, CA) #JAMINTHEVAN#

Ted Furuhashi,Matty Circles: Another Me - Circles!


The brand new video from Australian progressive metallers CIRCLES for their track 'Another Me'. 

The single, which received its debut outing on BBC Radio 1, is taken from their hotly anticipated debut album, which is set for release in Spring 2013. 

David Hunter, drummer for Circles explains more about the video: "This video was a different experience for us, because we hadn't tackled a storyline element before. The story came from an idea for a short film I was working on a few years back. After some tweaking with the guys, it all fell into place quite nicely. Especially with the lyrical content of the song.

In true Circles form everything was produced in house. I filmed and edited the video (except for the shots of me actually playing) and Ted recorded/mixed and mastered the track, as he will be doing for the album. We even got a good friend of ours to make the masks from scratch."

CIRCLES have been hard at work promoting their brand of Australian metal worldwide, basking in worldwide press attention since the release of their critically acclaimed debut EP 'The Compass' in May 2011. Throughout 2012 the band have been on the road touring whilst also creating and writing much of their new material. 

The result is a debut album that is set to take the band into previously unchartered waters with a fresh sound that is uniquely Circles. Mixing up cutting edge production techniques and innovative progressive metal that pushes the boundaries of the listeners experience, the album is dripping with melody throughout, with hidden elements of electronica , topped off with some of the finest vocal delivery since Mike Patton's lungs arrived on the musical landscape. 

Circles debut album will be released on Basick Records in Spring 2013. 

For more info:

CIRCLES - Another Me (Official HD Video - Basick Records) FREE TRACK DOWNLOAD

George Marios: New! In session - HD Guitar Lesson Package

-A brand new live performance video of my song "Hope"(Dual Camera Angle)
-A detailed Transcription of the new performance of the track
-A video segment on improvisation in Rock
-A video segment where we get to explore various melodic approaches over the song
-Videos with demonstrations of the melodic ideas explained(Dual Camera Angle)
-A Special 'Jam with George Marios' Video Segment
-An mp3 with the new performance of the title track
-An mp3 file with the backing track of the song
-An mp3 with the original Album Version
-PDF file with descriptions of the modes/scales applied

Trailer:"In session" HD Guitar Lesson Package by George Marios

Rockoryon Orion: Andy James - Angel of Darkness

my facebook -
This is another Special Cover for Andy James
uploading this was the most difficult thing I did...but still a long way to go in order to reach Andy James's killer tech' and execution!!! and i was lucky to get some first-hand instruction from him.

Andy James - Angel of Darkness - Rockoryon Cover

Cameron Allen: wins Next Bendnote Talent 2012 contest in Paris

Cameron Allen is now internationally acclaimed guitar hero Cameron Allen.
On Friday, the 24-year-old Florence native and Atlanta Institute of Music (AIM) graduate took first place in the Next Bendnote Talent 2012 contest in Paris.
“This is just absolutely amazing,” Gavin Smith, Allen’s uncle, said shortly after learning his nephew had taken top honors in the contest. “I mean, we certainly imagined he could do it, but we also didn’t expect it because the level of competition he was up against was just huge.”

Cameron Allen - "Jackknife on a Hairpin" - Next BendNote Talent

Cameron Allen: Between The Lines

Joop Wolters: Kindering Spirits - super performance video

track KINDERING SPIRITS from the album OUT OF ORDER released in 2007 via LIONMUSIC
this take was shot on march 8- 2011... used gear: prs-se singlecut,4seasons alnico 2 pickup's,podx3 Joop Wolters:all instruments/composition


Nelson Navarro: cool preview of two tracks from the first solo album

'Amor Sagrado' and 'Sagitario'(Shred/Neo-Classical, Chile, 2012)

Another preview of the first solo album of the Chilean guitarist


Nelson Navarro - Amor Sagrado

Chris Feener: Fireplacey Christmas - the bloopers!

Some of the footage may contain matters that will melt your face and/or make you pee from laughing.

A Fireplacey Christmas - Tracking Guitar for Frosty the Snowman + Bloopers Reel.

Ignazio Di Salvo: AXE FX Ultra improvisation

Hi guys!
I tried to soloing with my new AXE FX ultra. I used a crunch sound (Marshall JTM 45)

Ignazio Di Salvo - Improvising over my Dorian Backing track with AXE FX