Fred Brum: Laney Ironheart 120

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As promised, here's a song in which all the guitar tracks were done with the Laney Ironheart, using a V30 loaded Laney 4x12" for the occasion. The cab was mic'd with a SM57 (off axis, as usual), and the post-processing involved just the usual tape delay simulations.

Guitar is my green Jaden Rose Spider 8-string, the "funny thing around the headstock" is a Gruv Gear Fretwrap, and the "looks like you're picking with a pebble" is actually a Hufschmid pick made of Tivar. ;) Links below:
Jaden Rose;
Hufschmid guitars and picks:
Gruv Gear:

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Fred Brum - Laney Ironheart 120