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Kevin Reyes: Fortress - tapping solo 1988

Kevin Reyes' guitar solo performance while playing with band Fortress at Jezebel's nightclub in Anaheim on 9/24/1988 to a sold out crowd!

Kevin Reyes - Guitar Solo (band: Fortress, venue: Jezebel's, date: 9/24/1988)

Allan Holdsworth, Alex Stornello: MMI jam - Cagliari, Italy


Andy James: Guitar Center 2013 - series

Andy James: Guitar Center 2013


Andy James: Guitar Center 2013

Andy James: Music Live 2007 - series

Andy James: Music Live 2007 - series


Andy James: Music Live 2007

Joe Bonamassa: Rock Candy Funk Party - Baked Potato 2013

This was recorded at the Rock Candy Funk Party CD Release show at the Baked Potato in Studio City, CA on January 23, 2013. The CD is called "We Want Groove" This new project features Tal Bergman on drums, Ron DeJesus on guitar, Mike Merritt on Bass, Renato Neto on keyboards and Joe Bonamassa on guitar. It's a cool mix of 70's type jazzy funky blues; and is a real departure from Joe Bonamassa's traditional projects. The venue, the Baked Potato, is a pretty small club. (It has been correctly described as "about the size of your garage". I am going to be updating the videos with the song titles after I figure them out. If you should happen to know the name of the song, please let me know and I will update the title.


Joe Bonamassa: Rock Candy Funk Party - Baked Potato 2013

Guthrie Govan,Marco Minnemann,Bryan Beller: Aristocrats Vladivostok - continues

The Aristocrats' official recordings and DVD's are available at
Официальное видео группы Аристократы здесь: 
Jazz-fusion band "The Aristocrats" (Marco Minnemann - drums, Guthrie Govan - guitar, and Bryan Beller - bass) gave three mesmerising concerts in Vladivostok and Nakhodka in December 2012. Their visit was supported by the U.S. Consulate General in Vladivostok, Primorye Regional Philharmonic Hall, music clubs Shiber and Cat'N Clover. The project took place under the auspices of the U.S.-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission.

Guthrie Govan, Marco Minnemann, Bryan Beller_6 - The Aristocrats_Vladivostok LIVE

Guthrie Govan, Marco Minnemann, Bryan Beller_5 - The Aristocrats_Vladivostok LIVE

Robert Marcello: Roland Boss jamming NAMM 2013

Robert Marcello: jamming Roland Boss stage NAMM 2013

Robert Marcello NAMM 2013 Guitarist

Danilo Ciamprone: Marrakech Market - tribute to Daniele Gottardo

Mr Gottardo may have gone down with man flu... so here's a little pick you up tonic from Danilo Ciamprone

Marrakech Market1

Chris Poland: Chats With Kelly Z - NAMM 2013

Chris Poland chats with Kelly Z at the Eminence Speakers Exhibit @ NAMM 2013, about his latest band 'OHM' and what he likes. Click the links to follow Chris.

Chris Poland Chats With Kelly Z @ Eminence Exhibit @ NAMM 2013

George Bellas: timeless inspiration

updated... the video came back :)

originally posted 25/09/2008 21:28 +00:00

George Bellas live from THE SKY ACADEMY, in Hollywood, CA. 8/25/07. The poster says: "The reason this clip cut off at the end is that there were these 2 jag-offs sitting in front of me talking about equipment. Are you fuckin' kiddin' me? This is one of the best pieces of music I've ever heard. I turned off the camera and told them if they wanted to talk, I could escort them to the parking lot by their balls.They moved to other side of the theatre."... I know how he feels... I hope these goons feel suitably chastised!!

Timeless Inspiration

Enver Izmailov: Eastern funk variations

Guitarist Enver Izmailov from Crimea region plays his own piece named Eastern funk with many variations from russian folk songs to Deep Purple's Smoke on the water (August '09)

Enver Izmailov - Eastern funk variations

Frank Gambale,Victor Wooten,Tom Coster,Steve Smith: Live at NAMM 2013

Another Kudos to Rich Murray

Frank Gambale, Victor Wooten, Tom Coster and Steve Smith - Live at the VOX/Korg booth - Winter NAMM 2013

Frank Gambale, Victor Wooten, Tom Coster and Steve Smith - Live at NAMM 2013

Greg Howe,Dennis Chambers,Victor Wooten: D'Addario Artist Party - NAMM 2013

Mucho Kudos to Rich Murray!

Greg Howe, Dennis Chambers, Victor Wooten - Live at the D'Addario Artist Party - NAMM 2013 "Bird's Eye View"

Greg Howe, Dennis Chambers, Victor Wooten - "Bird's Eye View" Live at NAMM 2013

Martin Miller,Jack Gardiner,Fred Brum, Per Nilsson,Sarah Longfield: and more .strandberg* booth at Winter NAMM 2013

Check out some snippets from Marzi Montazeri, Jack Gardiner, Martin Miller, Chris Letchford, Fred Brum, Per Nilsson, Ede Wright, Paul Masvidal, Allan Marcus, Aaron Marshall and Sarah Longfield from the .strandberg* booth at Winter NAMM 2013

NAMM 2013 Highlights from the .strandberg* booth

Martin Miller: Metroplolitin - live performance

Martin Miller performs "Metroplolitin" at the 2013 factory event. Martin Miller - Guitar. Federico Malaman - Bass. Jules Rodriguez - Drums. Lisa Harriton - Keys.

Martin Miller "Metroplolitin"

Mike Gianelli: Mech Fail - Dissipate

Mike Gianelli rips through 'Mech Fail', the fourth track on the bands debut EP, 'Tectonics' - released 19th November 2012 via BASICK. Pick it up here - or stream for free -

Vocalist Josh Foster comments on the release : "It's an absolute honour to be part of such an amazing family like Basick Records, who not only believe wholeheartedly in what we are doing, but also believe in where we will take this sound as this band continues to evolve. We feel like we have so much to bring to the table right now, and just hope that we can continue giving the fans everything that they crave from a heavy, technical and brutally driven band, perhaps some other types of elements and heavy dynamics that they might be missing from heavy music today."

TECTONICS smashes its way through six raw tracks of complex and virulent 8 string guitar work, combining the percussive riffing and crushing precision of death metal, served with a brutal metal core edge. The end result is a promising debut EP that pushes boundaries, showcasing moments of exhilarating intensity.

"Different sounds assault the listener from all directions, offering very little downtime and a constant stream of guitar insanity that doesn't just require head banging; it practically creates a one-man mosh pit of body spasms." -

"There's plenty of variety on offer with 'Tectonics' and if you love the ferocity of bands like Ion Dissonance but with added melody then this is the band for you!" - RocknReel

DISSIPATE - 'Mech Fail' (Guitar Playthrough - Basick Records)

Andre Nieri: Melodic Minor Solo with Dreamer TL on Exotic Wood

Melodic Minor Solo with Dreamer TL [HD]

Melodic Minor Solo with Dreamer TL [HD]

Michael Keene: Faceless demos - Jackson KVMGQ,KEXMG,KEXTMG,DK2,DK2Q demonstrations

Watch the DK2 & DK2Q Pro Series Dinky in action with this demo from Michael Keene of the Faceless.

For more product information on the DK2, click here:

For more product information on the DK2Q, click here:

And for more interviews and product demos, click here:
Jackson DK2 & DK2Q Pro Series Dinky Demo

Jackson KVMGQ Pro Series King V™ Demo

Jackson KEXMG & KEXTMG Kelly™ Demo

Ben Woods, Al Velasquez Junior: Heavy Mellow "Electric Eye" NAMM

Heavy Mellow Performing "The Hellion/ Electric Eye" by Judas Priest, Live at the Marriott Hotel During Namm 2013 in Anaheim California. From the album "Volumes 1 & 2". Ben Woods, Luis Villegas & Al Velasquez Jr.

Heavy Mellow "Electric Eye" Live at the Marriott Hotel During Namm 2013 Flamenco Metal Ben Woods

Heavy Mellow "Aces High" Live at Namm 2013 Cordoba Guitar Booth Flamenco Metal

Rowan J Parker: Fusion Essentials - Outside Improvisation Part 2

More great guitar at

Welcome to Fusion Essentials, a series of video lessons on developing fusion improvisation. This second episode gets further into outside sounds, leveraging more Melodic Minor concepts.

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Fusion Essentials - Outside Improvisation Part 2

Gus Drax,Bob Katsionis: In Presence Of The Dead - great original

Hello my friends.

Here is one more video for all of you.
This one is called " In Presence Of The Dead" and its off of my first solo album " In Search Of Perfection". If you want to buy a copy of the album email me at


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Gus Drax - In Presence Of The Dead Demonstration (HD)

Steve Vai: February 2013 Updates

Steve talks about the US & European leg of "The Story of Light Tour," upcoming "Naked Tracks" installments, his appearance in Las Vegas at this year's "Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp," composing for "The Stravinsky Festival" in Holland, his trip to Chicago for the flour + wine/MEF fundraiser this weekend and more.

Steve Vai: February 2013 Updates

Sam Coulson: rehearsal with Asia, plus some dual guitar pieces

Sam Coulson: Shot in early January 2013

Rehearsal and Interview clips with ASIA

Pinching more chords from composers! This time Franz Liszt. As always thank you for watching! If you could leave a rating It really helps me out! Sam
Liebesträume Improv - Sam Coulson

An Interpretation of everybody's favourite song 'written' by a certain fat King of England!

Greensleeves Guitar Duet - Sam Coulson

Yuki and Seiji: Mr. Rat Boots - D_Drive FGN - FujiGen guitars booth NAMM 2013

Yuki and Seiji:  Driving Rock Band from Osaka Japan - D_Drive FGN guitars booth NAMM 2013 Yuki: Seiji  D_Drive on Facebook


These guys really kicked ass... so much so the noise police were alerted... but to no avail.. they kicked on and delivered the goods.

Note I'm filming this with my left hand and taking Digital SLR photos with my right hand.

Yuki and Seiji: Mr. Rat Boots - D_Drive FGN - FujiGen guitars booth NAMM 2013

Martin Miller: Nervous Opus - The Other End

Martin Miller - Nervous Opus (Album "The Other End" out 22nd February)

Martin Miller: The Other End

CD Available NOW:
MP3s, Tabs + Backings available from 22nd February:

Rick Graham: You Are My Sunshine - classical arrangement

You Are My Sunshine - Rick Graham (guitar arrangement)
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Here's an arrangement of 'You Are My Sunshine' that I'm working on. It's totally inspired by the incredible Ben Monder's version which I'm obsessed with. Still working on another section of it but though I'd share it so far with you good people. I'll be filming a proper video of the full arrangement very soon. Cheers :-)