Mike Gianelli: Mech Fail - Dissipate


Mike Gianelli rips through 'Mech Fail', the fourth track on the bands debut EP, 'Tectonics' - released 19th November 2012 via BASICK. Pick it up here - http://store.basickrecords.com/artist... or stream for free - http://music.basickrecords.com/album/...

Vocalist Josh Foster comments on the release : "It's an absolute honour to be part of such an amazing family like Basick Records, who not only believe wholeheartedly in what we are doing, but also believe in where we will take this sound as this band continues to evolve. We feel like we have so much to bring to the table right now, and just hope that we can continue giving the fans everything that they crave from a heavy, technical and brutally driven band, perhaps some other types of elements and heavy dynamics that they might be missing from heavy music today."

TECTONICS smashes its way through six raw tracks of complex and virulent 8 string guitar work, combining the percussive riffing and crushing precision of death metal, served with a brutal metal core edge. The end result is a promising debut EP that pushes boundaries, showcasing moments of exhilarating intensity.

"Different sounds assault the listener from all directions, offering very little downtime and a constant stream of guitar insanity that doesn't just require head banging; it practically creates a one-man mosh pit of body spasms." - MetalUnderground.com

"There's plenty of variety on offer with 'Tectonics' and if you love the ferocity of bands like Ion Dissonance but with added melody then this is the band for you!" - RocknReel

DISSIPATE - 'Mech Fail' (Guitar Playthrough - Basick Records)