Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Brian May: talks Born Free tour with Irish Radio Nova

Brian May chatted to Paul Moriarty of Irish Radio Nova about the "Born Free" Tour, with Kerry Ellis, coming to Dublin in June.

Brian May talks to Radio Nova Pt 1: Dublin "Born Free" Tour/WWRY 13 Feb 2013

Brian May talks to Radio Nova Pt 2: Dublin "Born Free" Tour/WWRY 14 Feb 2013

George Marios: Masterclass at Wishaw this weekend

A great year for guitar tuition indeed!

If any of you Scottish guitarists want to spend an entire day learning from George, then make sure you book your place at his masterclass on Saturday February 23rd.(just over a week away!)

The masterclass will be held at Wishaw Guitar Lessons nr. Glasgow and you can find more details and book your ticket athttp://www.wishawguitarlessons.co.uk/events.php

Spaces are limited to 15 so book now to avoid disappointment!

George will also be performing live with our band Chunga's Revenge that same evening at Girdwoods lounge, Wishaw. Entry is free!

See you there!
2013-A great year for Guitar Tuition-Book guitar lessons with George Marios www.georgemarios.co.uk

Francesco Fareri: Suspension The New Sonic Design

A detailed preview of all songs from album "Suspension The New Sonic Design"

1 - Suspension
2 - Pointbreak
3 - Introspective
4 - Cyborg
5 - Secrets
6 - Relentless
7 - Paradox

All music Written and Arranged by Francesco Fareri
2001-2012 © All rights reserved.
Released by Last Debate Records

Francesco Fareri - Guitars & Keyboards
Kyle Honea - Bass
Emanuele Calvelli - Bass
Emiliano Bonini - Drums

Guest Player:
Bob Katsionis - Keyboards on Introspective

ORDER a copy on www.francescofareri.com OR available on webstores:
iTunes, Amazon, CMdistro.com, cdbaby.com and many more, list on www.francescofareri.com/webshop.html

Francesco Fareri: Suspension The New Sonic Design
The album Suspension was originally released for the very first time in late 2000 by a little label from USA. After only a couple of months I decided to print copies by myself and to release it as a self release, so in July 2001 it was for sale again with somenew improvements from the first release. I was so excited to have my first album out and in that period I was so influenced my the shred guitar playing of all the guitar heroes out there. At that time I had been buying a lot of instrumental albums and I have been listening to them for years and years.

Suspension was written and played to show the huge variety of existing guitar techniques. All the songs were written with the idea not to have a theme or melodic line but solos in all the songs. That way, I was trying to show as many different techniques as possible and how they can show feelings too.

After 12 years, in 2012, I've decided to re-release this album again with a modern production, with new arrangements for the songs and with new musicians who played drums and bass but the main idea is the same.

I recorded again all rhythm guitars and guitar solos but with the same idea of 12 years ago because my intention is to maintain this album with its real nature as it was born the first time. The music on this CD is shred guitar solo from beginning to end with the idea to show how many different sides of feeling techniques can show.

I don't expect that you can approve my idea but I hope you will understand my words and ideas through the music above all."

Francesco Fareri - Suspension The New Sonic Design - Complete Album Preview

Rob Chappers: with the Tone King... the re-match! NAMM

I'm happy and proud to call Chappers a friend. He and I started out, right at the same time (2008) and he has sky rocketed to success. He's a wonderful example of how social media can take someone to new heights.

Chappers - thx for the time. Thx for the interview, and keep doing what you're doing, b/c it rocks!

Some Chappers Links :

TTK & CHAPPERS : Hanging Out @ Winter NAMM 2013

George Lynch: talks to Tone King about Shadow Train and more

This was additional GL footage from NAMM. In this video, GL discusses his movie : ShadowTrain, as well as his current projects in T&N, KXM and the INFIDELS.

Here are some links for your viewing pleasure:

- Be part of ShadowTrain (and get some cool perks from Mr. Scary himself!!)
- http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sha...
- http://shadowtrainmovie.com/
- http://mrscaryguitars.com/
- http://georgelynch.com/


Marc Guillermont: blowing his stack on Parallels 2

More top quality fusion from one of my favourite players.


Jeff Loomis: endorses Two Notes Audio Engineering

Legendary 7-stringer Jeff Loomis endorses Two Notes Audio Engineering http://www.two-notes.com/en/

A friend of Keith Merrow's and Ola Englund's, Jeff Loomis has after them acquired a Torpedo Live by Two Notes to add to his recording and stage gear. “I’m very happy to be working with the Torpedo Live Rack and team,"" he said. ""It is a great product and I would tell any recording or live guitarist to own one. If one struggles with micing up guitar cabs be it live or in the studio, this is the rack you have been looking for. Very consistent!“
Loomis got the Torpedo Live to take with him on his upcoming tour.

Already one of the most lauded and influential guitarists of his generation, Jeff Loomis will forever leave his mark on the face of metal – AGAIN – when Century Media releases his new epic, Plains of Oblivion, on April 10.

Loomis will support Plains of Oblivion by touring with two exciting young metal bands who have both professed him to be one of their greatest influences: Periphery and Protest the Hero. Loomis contributed guest guitars to the track “Racecar” on Periphery’s self-titled 2010 debut.

Jeff Loomis made his first impact upon the metal world when, at the ripe old age of sixteen, he auditioned to be the new lead guitar player for the legendary Megadeth. Although Dave Mustaine ultimately decided that Loomis was too young to join the band, he was so impressed with Loomis’ abilities that he brought the guitarist to the attention of Sanctuary, who were themselves looking for a new six stringer. When Sanctuary disbanded two years later, Loomis teamed up his bandmates Warrel Dane and Jim Shepard to form Nevermore. He went on to write and record seven studio albums with that band, creating some of the most memorable riffs of the late twentieth and early twenty-first century.

In 2013, Loomis’ playing is as innovative and vital as ever, and Plains of Oblivion is his most personal expression of his creative vision yet. The metal world will never be the same.

Discover Jeff Loomis’ music on:


Alucard: Encircle - When The Colors Bleed Away - Playthrough

Encircle - When The Colors Bleed Away (Playthrough)

Sorry that this is sloppy at times, my camera decided to capture 30 seconds of my best take and I didn't feel like doing any more.

First playthrough with the actual album track! This is one of the oldest songs from this album, I wrote it in 2010 along with the first song on the album.

Gear used:
Ibanez RGA121
Fractal Axe FX Standard

Like and comment and all that!

Paul Gilbert: Les Paul Trio - Synchronicity Iridium 2013

Presented by http://www.IridiumLive.com

Paul Gilbert - Les Paul Trio - Synchronicity - IridiumLive 2.18.13
with Emi Gilbert and Rodney Holmes

Join us on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/IridiumJazzClub
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The world's new home of guitar, forever the home of Les Paul - The Iridium - Webcasting live from Times Square several nights per week! With select performances available for sale worldwide via our new audiophile record label, IridiumLive! 2012 releases include DONNA JEAN GODCHAUX, GREGG ROLIE, ARLEN ROTH, CORKY LAING & THE MEMORY THIEVES and more! For schedule and exclusive live content, visit www.IridiumLive.com

Paul Gilbert - guitar and vocal
Emi Gilbert - piano
Lou Pallo - guitar
Gary Mazarappi - bass
Rodney Holmes - drums

Produced and mixed live by Doug Yoel
Camera by Greg Zemalkowski


Paul Gilbert - Les Paul Trio - Synchronicity - IridiumLive 2.18.13

News: Seymour Duncan - Whole Lotta Humbucker™ SH-18

Whole Lotta Humbucker
The Whole Lotta Humbucker is based off Seymour's experience working at the Fender Soundhouse with artists like Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and many others. Seymour recalls, "When I'd work on one of those great old guitars for a client, I liked to rewind the pickups with 42-gauge plain-enamel wire. I'd also insert sand-cast Alnico magnets with a better-balanced magnetic field, which made the B and high E sound as powerful as the other strings. This modified pickup had more output and a higher frequency response. The Whole Lotta Humbucker set is an exact replica of these special pickups. 8.78k DC resistance for the bridge pickup, 8.20k for the neck, custom winding pitch, and a calibrated sand cast Alnico magnet. I have such great memories of living in London, so I'm thrilled to be producing this pickup once again." Guitar players around the world who are looking to capture the tone of an era will now be able to get Whole Lotta Humbucker at their local store or favorite online ...

Rick Graham: Quick Improv - more cool rock fusion

Quick Improv - Rick Graham
Visit my website for guitar lessons: http://www.rick-graham.co.uk

Hi guys, recently got my imac back so quickly jumed infront of the cam for this quick improv. More video coming soon! Cheers :-)

Marc Guillermont: Paul Lairat - PL 9 - ripping!

Marc Guillermont plays on Paul Lairat guitar PL 9 model

Marc Guillermont playing on PL9 guitar

John 5: Fender American Vintage Guitars

John 5 is a big-time Fender Telecaster collector, owning a Tele from almost every year since we began making them. So when we released the new American Vintage Series, we asked him to bring a few of his vintage Telecasters in for comparison sake. Watch as he shares his conclusions on the new models.

John 5 on the Fender American Vintage Guitars

News: Gibson GuitarTown on the Sunset Strip Charity Auction LA

The 2012 Gibson GuitarTown on The Sunset Strip art exhibition has completed its year-long run and the 10-foot tall fiberglass Gibson Les Paul model guitars will now be auctioned off for charity beginning Friday, February 22 at 8P.M. All proceeds from this auction will benefit the Los Angeles Fund For Public Education's “Arts Matter” campaign, which supports art and music education in L.A. public schools. Press is invited to attend a private media preview reception with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf--celebrating their 50th anniversary--graciously providing pastries and coffee.

The 2012 collection features 18 art guitars created by internationally acclaimed and local artists, including Shepard Fairey,John Kosh and RISK and celebrates musicians and artists who have influenced The Sunset Strip, including The Doors, Buffalo Springfield, Stevie Nicks, British Rock Invasion and Van Halen, among others. The 2012 collection features guitars that have been signed by influential musicians, including Stephen Stills, Peter Asher, Donovan, John Densmore, Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger, Zakk Wylde, and members of bands Dead Sara, Black Label Society and Bad Religion.

The Gibson GuitarTown on The Sunset Strip project originally launched in 2010 with a range of guitars that celebrate musicians and personalities who have influenced the boulevard. These guitars were auctioned in 2011 for charity with 100% of the proceeds benefitting local charities Los Angeles Youth Network, West Hollywood Arts & Cultural Commission and West Hollywood Library.

Gibson GuitarTown on The Sunset Strip is supported by the Sunset Strip Business Association, Hornburg Land Rover on The Sunset Strip,City of West Hollywood and Visit West Hollywood. GuitarTown on The Sunset Strip is administered by the Gibson Foundation, the philanthropic division of Gibson Guitar.

To view the online catalog, please visit www.bonhams.com/guitars.

News: Mayones Guitars NAMM 2013

Mayones Guitars and Basses Products
During NAMM 2013 we stopped by the Mayones to check out some of their models.

Marc Guillermont: Paul Lairat Guitars NAMM 2013

Marc Guillermont: http://marcguillermont.blogspot.co.uk/ Born in Aix Les Bains in 1968 the 20th of February.  So Happy Birthday to Marc in advance!

Marc Guillermont plays Guitar - Bass - Keys/Programming and is a

Recorded / Played Live with :

Gary Husband, Randy Brecker, Etienne Mbappe,
Hadrien Feraud, Nicolas Viccaro, Bill Evans,
John Mc Laughlin, Ranjit Barot, Dominique Di Piazza,
Louis Winsberg, Nigel Hitchcock, Coen Molenaar, Frans Vollink,
Sebastiaan Cornelissen, Benoit Widemann, Gilles Coquard,
Miles Bould, Robert Mitchell, Scott Firth,
Yolanda Charles, Jean Paul Ceccarelli, Jean Marc Jafet...

Basically the guy is a monster player.

Marc Guillermont Paul Lairat Guitars NAMM 2013

Chris Feener: Fall Of Man Solo - Peavy 5150 Demo

Chris Feener - Fall Of Man Solo (Feared/Ola Englund Peavy 5150 Demo)


This is a re-recording of the Feared self titled album from 2007. Check it OOOOT!

Available either as a Deluxe edition version with a physical CD and DVD filled with stuff. Check 0:54 to see what's included in the DVD

Track list:
01. Fall of Man (feat. Chris Feener)
02. Breaking the Cycle
03. Antisocial
04. Our Dying World (feat. Fred Brum)
05. One, Two, Three, WAR!
06. My Last Line
07. Daddy's Girl
08. Bullied
09. A Regret

Music by: Ola Englund
Lyrics by: Mario Ramos and Ola Englund

Produced, mixed and mastered by: Ola Englund
Feared - Fall of Man - featuring Chris Feener(Threat Signal)

Don Lappin: Drivin - new album promo

Please buy my album by visiting http://donlappin.bandcamp.com

Don Lappin has just released his new studio album Tapped In. Tapped In is an instrumental rock guitar album featuring Don on guitar, Steve Hunt (Allan Holdsworth, Billy Cobham, Stanley Clark) on keyboards, Joe Santerre (Jon Finn) on bass, and Chad Wackerman (Allan Holdsworth, James Taylor, Frank Zappa) on drums. If you are a fan of guitarists such as Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Guthrie Govan, and Steve Morse, you will definetly dig this brilliant new record. Don's playing is based on his unique two-handed tapping technique. This approach allows him to create very fluid and melodic lines, and helps him to attain his own unique style and sound.

A guitarist since age seven, Don Lappin began playing professionally at age 11 with an original rock group located in northeastern Ohio. The "Destroyers" gigged continuously and in 1980, were voted into the top 10 original acts in the state. After moving to New England in 1981, Don spent his teenage years with various teachers and bands before attending Berklee College of Music in January of 1990, graduating "summa cum laude" with a Bachelor's degree in performance.

Don has shared the stage with Michael Sweet (lead singer for the multi platinum group Stryper), Jon Finn, Steve Hunt, Joe Stump, Joe Santerre, John Petrucci, drummer Jonathan Mover, and Guthrie Govan, to name a few. Don is a proud endorser of Ernie Ball Products, Dimarzio Pickups, FretWraps by GruvGear, MusicMan Guitars, and Engl Amplification.

In addition to his own teaching practice (Privately and via Skype), Don has also been a faculty member at Berklee College of Music since 1997 and is an in-demand Professor in the Guitar Department. Don fronts his own instrumental rock band, "The Don Lappin Group" and is an active clinician and maintains a busy performance schedule throughout the year.


How To Play No Picks Allowed

buy the album

 Don Lappin:Tapped In

Allan Holdsworth: Warsaw 1998 - guy never ceases to amaze me!

Allan Holdsworth Trio in Warsaw 1998.

Allan Holdsworth - 1998 Warsaw

Pascal Vigné: Peavey NAMM 2013

Pascal Vigné amazes at the Peavey Electronics booth at NAMM 2013. On display are both Pascal's amazing guitar chops and the flexibility of the Peavey 6505 Series guitar amplifiers.

Peavey NAMM 2013 - Pascal Vigné