Francesco Fareri: Suspension The New Sonic Design

A detailed preview of all songs from album "Suspension The New Sonic Design"

1 - Suspension
2 - Pointbreak
3 - Introspective
4 - Cyborg
5 - Secrets
6 - Relentless
7 - Paradox

All music Written and Arranged by Francesco Fareri
2001-2012 © All rights reserved.
Released by Last Debate Records

Francesco Fareri - Guitars & Keyboards
Kyle Honea - Bass
Emanuele Calvelli - Bass
Emiliano Bonini - Drums

Guest Player:
Bob Katsionis - Keyboards on Introspective

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Francesco Fareri: Suspension The New Sonic Design
The album Suspension was originally released for the very first time in late 2000 by a little label from USA. After only a couple of months I decided to print copies by myself and to release it as a self release, so in July 2001 it was for sale again with somenew improvements from the first release. I was so excited to have my first album out and in that period I was so influenced my the shred guitar playing of all the guitar heroes out there. At that time I had been buying a lot of instrumental albums and I have been listening to them for years and years.

Suspension was written and played to show the huge variety of existing guitar techniques. All the songs were written with the idea not to have a theme or melodic line but solos in all the songs. That way, I was trying to show as many different techniques as possible and how they can show feelings too.

After 12 years, in 2012, I've decided to re-release this album again with a modern production, with new arrangements for the songs and with new musicians who played drums and bass but the main idea is the same.

I recorded again all rhythm guitars and guitar solos but with the same idea of 12 years ago because my intention is to maintain this album with its real nature as it was born the first time. The music on this CD is shred guitar solo from beginning to end with the idea to show how many different sides of feeling techniques can show.

I don't expect that you can approve my idea but I hope you will understand my words and ideas through the music above all."

Francesco Fareri - Suspension The New Sonic Design - Complete Album Preview