Saturday, 18 May 2013

Marc Guillermont, Sebastiaan Cornelissen,Frans Vollink: show us the meaning of groove!

The guys showing the meaning of groove!

marc guillermont sebastiaancornelissen frans vollink

Gary Willis,Sebastiaan Cornelissen: live show with the band in amazing form!

gary willis, gerard presencer, rob van bavel, sebastiaan cornelissen

sebastiaan cornelissen

gary willis, gerard presencer, rob van bavel, sebastiaan cornelissen

Gianfranco Continenza: DV Mark fusion on the Multiamp

DV Mark artist Gianfranco Continenza plays "Swingin' into Reggae" (G.Continenza), using his Multiamp own presets.

Gianfranco Continenza - guitar
Bob Mintzer - soprano sax
John Beasley - piano
Michael Manring - bass
Walter Martino - drums

Produced, Recorded, Mixed and Video Shooting by Giacomo Pasquali at::
TouchClay Studio
recording studio | production factory
Recording Studio | Production Factory

Gianfranco Continenza plays MULTIAMP

Yuri Isobe: ripping it up Spicy Doughnut and Meron's Garden

Yuri Isobe - SPICY DOUGHNUT (LIVE) @ Blue Eyes

Madman planning (Blue Eyes) 14 January 2013 Re:: FIRST of ALL album
Isobe band
Bass: Genda's (ribs Bucks)
Guitar: Chan has (B0J)
Drum: Chan slowly (buriki)


Yuri Isobe - Meron's Garden (LIVE) @ Ooh-La-La

Richard Hallebeek,Antti Kotikoski: regenerating and Richard ripping with Sebastiaan Cornelissen

With Antti Kotikoski outside MI studios, Hollywood, L.A. 1995. After our studies at GIT, we had recorded a bunch of demo tracks there with TJ Helmerich behind the desk and some very special guests: Scott Henderson, Dan Gilbert, Frank Gambale, Scott Kinsey and Carl Verheyen all joined us. At the time of this pic, Mark Varney offered to release the music on his Legato label and we were psyched to become part of the Varney stable. We had two more tracks to go and were working on the remaining tracks 'Dirt' and 'Music For Runyon Canyon'. Great times!

Even better times ahead: 'Generator (2013 remaster)' will be rereleased in a couple of months on Richie Rich Music, fixed, remastered, plus bonus track! The cd has been out of print for a long, long time and I can't wait to get the music back out there. Keep an eye out for that: and of course I will keep you posted here.

Plus Richard in full fusion flow for Sebastiaan Cornelissen
support me with my new album Not This Time.

Help sponsor my upcoming release 'Not This Time'!
Evan Marien, Nigel Hitchcock, Richard Hallebeek, Marc Guillermont, Rob van Bavel, Frans Vollink, Randy Brecker a.o.
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8. Sebastiaan Cornelissen - On Impulse
9. Sebastiaan Cornelissen Group
10. On Impulse (Vollink, Molenaar, Cornelissen)
Everyone who pre-orders, gets 1 of the 1st finished tracks of the album called "Snippets", which features
Richard Hallebeek - guitars
Coen Molenaar - keys
Catalin Milea - horns
Gary Willis - bass
Sebastiaan Cornelissen - everything else


Bill Berends,Cheryl Pyle,JampyKeys: Beyond The Outer Imagination Of Dreams

Cheryl Pyle (NY) Poem & Flute
Bill Berends (NJ) Guitar
JampyKeys (IT) Music, Synthesizers, Programming, Mix & Video montage

a spaceship exploring...
quietly soaring out
to the endless edge of galaxy
following the fractal road map
beyond the outer imagination of dreams
nothing is as it seems...

a spaceship exploring...
silently traveling out
to the endless edge of the unknown
hovering suspended time alone
beyond the outer perception of dreams
nothing is as it seems....

Some movies from ESA-Hubble



Ancient mysteries are out there - with Cheryl Pyle - flute

Tosin Abasi: Guitar Masterclass at GuitarGuitar Epsom announced

Tosin Abasi Guitar Masterclass at GuitarGuitar Epsom

EVENT Source:
Tosin Abasi will be hosting a guitar masterclass at GuitarGuitar Epsom on the 18th of June!

GuitarGuitar is excited to announce that the sensational Tosin Abasi will be hosting a Guitar Masterclass this June in our Epsom store! Definitely an event to mark in your diaries!!

At this event Tosin will be demonstrating his new 8-string TAM100 signature Ibanez guitar as well as many other extended range models from Ibanez.
The Details

Date : 18th June 2013
Time : TBA
Location : GuitarGuitar Epsom
Cost : FREE!

For more information contact GuitarGuitar Epsom :
Tel : 01372 730578

Rob Chappers: Back On YouTube after a hiatus

I'm back, sorry it's been so long since I made a video... been through a few big life changes.
Love you all, even my awesome haters *Hugz*
I'm Back

These two little compact tone machines (we're talking about the amps, not the players!) are the latest arrivals from Blackstar & their excellent True Valve Power (TVP) range. They aren't actually valve amps, but use a great sounding digital circuit that really emulates the way a valve amp works. These amps are great for home use, or for jams & small gigs like a school performance. The TVP series is a little more expensive than most other modelling amps, but Blackstar are trying to appeal to the more discerning player who wants somehting a little better than the rest!

For details on the amps choose one of the following links...
TVP15 -
TVP30 -

Guitars wise, we are using one of the new Gibson ES339 Studios & a Chapman CAP10 - you can find out more about these at

If you like the T Shirt Captain Lee is wearing, you can buy these from here -

For those of you who liked the backing track the Captain played along to, this was from an album purchased in iTunes. The company is called Jam Discs Backing Tracks & the album is called Blues Rock Backing Tracks - its full of really well recorded tracks - highly recommended!

Blackstar TVP 15 & 30w Comparison Review by Chappers & the Captain

Nita Strauss,Courtney Cox,Sarah Longfield: Shreddelicous passes 200,000+ page views

Shreddelicous: 200,000+ page views
Lots of statistics and analysis from google analytics and blogger.  For all the facts and figures

Tom Richardson: New Suhr Modern!

Just a video playing with my new Suhr Modern! It's got a Basswood body/Maple top with Roasted Maple neck and a Denim Slate finish. Great guitar! Sorry about the camera going out of focus towards the end!

Thorsten Praest: GUT the fusion trio announce the new ablum Le chien du jazz"

GUT - "Le chien du jazz"
Our new album "Le chien du jazz" is officially released by JAZZSICK RECORDS!

1. Common Ground
2. House Of Jerks
3. Living In A (W) Hole
4. Decisions
5. Ghostlike
6. Fingerfunk
7. Nigel's Delight
8. Kids Reinhören
9. Ipanema Is Burning (The Girl From Ipanema)

You can get it here (amongst others):

iTunes and other download possibilities will follow soon!

To check some of the new tunes go to's a little teaser for you:-)

Greetings and take care!

The guys from GUT:-)

Mint Jam: Akatsuki tribute

It was played in part by reference to the excerpt [Akatsuki] MintJam single released in April 2013 from [Try to be Brave]. Guitar Instrumental . Original tune is "Akatsuki" by MintJam Guitar: Guitars T's Arc-Standard amplifier: VHT GP3, VHT Classic sp cabinet: Crews 212 w / EV EVM-12L Http://Www.Mintjam.Net/

Fred Westra: Severe Damage the new album - Tranquil Mind playthrough

I hope you like it. Please visit for 3 free downloads of my album SEVERE DAMAGE

Awesome guitar video: Fred Westra and the Fret Alert (Tranquil Mind)

Dave Weiner: AxeFX2 "Desert Breeze"

AxeFX2 "Desert Breeze" Etude by Dave Weiner

Messing around with AxeFx preset #124 "Psychadelic Duck"

Scott Allen: True Fire - 50 Rock Virtuoso Licks

Full Course w/ Jams, Tabs & more -
Scott Allen -
More Guitar Lessons -

50 Rock Virtuoso Licks - Intro - Scott Allen

Douglas Docker,Davide Ronfetto: Docker's Guild live - Special Event 2013

Docker's Guild hosted another Special Event on May 9, 2013 for the inauguration of Douglas R. Docker's music school BLACK SWAN - ROCK SCHOOL OF MUSIC.

01. In the Space Capsule (Intro)
02. A Matter of Energy
03. The Mystic Technocracy

Live lineup:
Luca Caracciolo: drums
Anna Portalupi: bass
Davide Ronfetto: guitars, vocals
Douglas R. Docker: keyboards, vocals
Andrea Rampa: vocals
Anna Petracca: vocals

Special guests (all Black Swan students):
Celeste Veglia, Michael Infantino, Kelly Massenz, Eleonora Comba, Cinzia Carraturo

Docker's Guild Official YouTube Channel:
Docker's Guild Official Facebook Page:
Docker's Guild Official ReverbNation Page:

Buy the album from Lion Music LTD:
Buy the album on iTunes:

Watch the Season 1 Featurettes:

Watch the "Darwin's Tears" short film, backstage videos and trailers:

Subscribe today! There will be frequent new updates, including featurettes, trailers, backstage videos and full scale videos about the project:

Docker's Guild: Black Swan Inauguration 01 [Intro, A Matter of Energy, The Mystic Technocracy]

Docker's Guild: Black Swan Inauguration 02 [The Gem of Love]

Borislav Mitic: Electric Goddess - the new album demos posted

Borislav Mitic
A Song from my new album Electric Goddess on Shrapnel Records released on March 26th 2013. Features Jeremy Colson (Billy Idol / Steve Vai) on Drums.

Borislav Mitic Destination Reality

Borislav Mitic Win Or Lose

Borislav Mitic Alone

Borislav Mitic: Electric Goddess

Track Listing
1. Garden Of Dreams
2. Win Or Lose
3. Electric Goddess
4. Time
5. Out Of The Blue
6. Machine World
7. Moment Of Glory
8. Desert Highway
9. New Dawn
10. Unfinished Business
11. The Golden Throne
12. Destination Reality
13. Alone

Glenn Proudfoot: Monster lick #1

Monster Licks No: 1. E Minor Pentatonic Scale. Visit for your transcription. Thanks GP

Glenn Proudfoot - Monster Licks No: 1

Alex Stornell,Giorgio Terenziani,Paolo Carid: Angels&Demons - the new album teaser

Angels&Demons LINE-UP:
Alex Stornello: guitars
Giorgio "JT" Terenziani: bass
Paolo Caridi: drums
A project, a band designed by Alex Stornello. A power trio that combines the power of Rock-Metal, the refinement of Fusion and atmosphere of Jazz in a unique mix ready to impress and bring the listener to a new dimension of instrumental music.

The album features as special guests the keyboard player Andrea Goldoni (Killing Touch, Michele Luppi Band) and the singer Gianbattista Manenti (Maestro, Love.Might.Kill.).
Drums recorded by Roberto Priori at Pri Studio -- Bologna (Italy).
Drums edit by Roberto Priori and Paolo Caridi.
Guitar and Bass recorded and edited by Giorgio Terenziani at Scorpio Studio -- Fabbrico (RE, Italy)
Vocals and Choir recorded by Gianbattista Manenti at Jan's Rainbow Studio.
Vocal edit by Roberto Priori and Giorgio Terenziani.
Mixing and Mastering by Giorgio Terenziani and Roberto Priori at Pri Studio -- Bologna (Italy)
Produced by Giorgio Terenziani

Angels&Demons The Riddle Video Teaser

The countdown to Power Fusion release date is started. The first and highly anticipated album by Alex Stornello's Angels And Demons will be out on June 14 and in digital download on June 12. Angels And Demons is a power trio that combines the power of Rock-Metal, the refinement of Fusion and atmosphere of Jazz in a unique mix ready to impress and bring the listener to a new dimension of instrumental music.
This new band will present the album at Music Italy Show in Bologna on June 14 and 15.

Stephane Pilette: Another Day the new CD - sample tracks posted

hi all, this is a song from my upcoming new CD named Another Day, available in June on itunes, amazon, cdbaby, spotify... (no time to do a better video :-) ). visit
Another Day song 1

Another Day song 2

Another Day song 3

Sam Coulson: Rips on Massive ENGL Rig and gets his Stratocasters Re-Fretted

Master Guitar Builder Jaden Rose re-frets two of my strats with extra jumbo fret wire. As well as sanding the necks for a more satin finish and installing a Dimazio Super Distortion in the blue strat.

Excellent stuff!

Thanks for watching


Getting My Stratocasters Re-Fretted

I'm very proud to announce that I am endorsing ENGL amps.

I'm taking a couple of Powerball II heads and Retro Tube cabs on the road with ASIA this year.

What phenomenal sound!!

If you could take the time to rate the video I will be forever grateful :-)

Rock n Roll!

Sam Coulson Rips on Massive ENGL Rig