Rob Chappers: Back On YouTube after a hiatus

I'm back, sorry it's been so long since I made a video... been through a few big life changes.
Love you all, even my awesome haters *Hugz*
I'm Back

These two little compact tone machines (we're talking about the amps, not the players!) are the latest arrivals from Blackstar & their excellent True Valve Power (TVP) range. They aren't actually valve amps, but use a great sounding digital circuit that really emulates the way a valve amp works. These amps are great for home use, or for jams & small gigs like a school performance. The TVP series is a little more expensive than most other modelling amps, but Blackstar are trying to appeal to the more discerning player who wants somehting a little better than the rest!

For details on the amps choose one of the following links...
TVP15 -
TVP30 -

Guitars wise, we are using one of the new Gibson ES339 Studios & a Chapman CAP10 - you can find out more about these at

If you like the T Shirt Captain Lee is wearing, you can buy these from here -

For those of you who liked the backing track the Captain played along to, this was from an album purchased in iTunes. The company is called Jam Discs Backing Tracks & the album is called Blues Rock Backing Tracks - its full of really well recorded tracks - highly recommended!

Blackstar TVP 15 & 30w Comparison Review by Chappers & the Captain