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Al Joseph: Infinite Guitar - Legato Tutorial Promo

Hey Guys,

I am having so much fun creating tutorials and sharing my knowledge at infinite guitar. I put this video together to welcome you to Infinite Guitar and to of course thank my man Sean Conklin for this great opportunity!

At Infinite Guitar you will have access to professional HD video instruction by great guitar players such as Rick Graham, Martin Miller, Tom Quayle, and so much more.
So what are you waiting for?

So, run over to and sign up and become a Premium Member today!

I look forward to meeting you all in the forums as well!


Infinite Guitar - Legato Tutorial Promo

It's Time To Progress
Introducing Al Joseph and his debut jam track package Progressive Developments at JTC. Containing three progressive metal style tracks, Al showcases a blend of classic rock/blues style licks in a metal setting as well as his incredible talent of creating melodic lines that get stuck in your brain. Al leans on his major influences throughout, including John Petrucci and another JTC artist Marco Sfogli and the results speak for themselves. There is a lot to learn from these 3 tracks!
In true JTC style you get the solo track, solo backing and extended jam tracks, the video performances and the TAB and notation (which was created by Al himself). Al has also written some track notes to accompany the package too.

So...great tracks, great playing...what are you waiting for?!? Come check out the previews or head to our YouTube channel to watch the promo!


3 solo example tracks in MP3
3 solo backing tracks in MP3
3 extended jam tracks in MP3
3 video performances in MP4
Tab and Notation created exclusively by Al himself in Guitar Pro and PDF formats
Bonus track notes written by Al

Hedras Ramos: Xotic AC Plus Pedal

Don't forget to check Hedras' latest 2013 LAND OF MIRRORS instructional video package

Hedras Ramos - Xotic AC+ pedal FX

This video has subtitles in English, Spanish and Japanese
Click on CC for subtitles - Presiona CC para subtítulos

Song (excerpt): LSD - Copyrighted 2013
Background music: VIRTUAL TANGLES - from the album "Atoms and Space"

Pedal photo and Xotic Logo are the sole property of Prosound Communications Inc.
Bajos Xclusivos logo is the sole property of Bajos Xclusivos
Photos taken at IGA - International Guitar Festival 08Nov2012
Photographer: Juan Tomas Garcia

Video editing: Hedras Ramos Sr.
Mixed by: Hedras Ramos Sr.

For more information on Xotic pedal effects please visit:

For more info on getting Hedras Ramos' music please visit: (OFFICIAL WEBSITE)

Hedras Ramos: Land of Mirrors 

Christophe Godin: headed for Russia, let him know where you want him to play!

Want to see the amazing French man in full flight?! the contact: Lily Karapetyan  if there are specific suggestions, please contact us by e-mail. Address:

Jose Sequeira: classy Waves of Shred

My entry at the Wampler Waves Of Shred Competition!

Waves of Shred Entry - Jose Sequeira

Jerry Báez: Waves of Shred

This is my take for the Waves of Shred contest. It's pretty much a hybrid between composed and improvisation. I hope you guys like it.

Thanks to Wampler Pedals, Tsakalis Pedals, Tom Quayle, Yiannis Papadopoulos and Laurie Monk for this amazing contest!

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Waves of Shred Entry - Jerry Báez

Jason Becker: another portrait by Joviana Marques

Joviana Marques
Joviana Marques One of my illustrations for  Jason Becker.

Jason Becker

Damjan Pejcinoski: Purple Rain - with The Presidential Orchestra Of Belarus

Purple rain (cover) - Al Pitrelli, Andy Timmons, Brad Gillis, John Petrucci version

Damjan & The Presidential Orchestra Of Belarus - Purple Rain (cover)

News item about the show


Jolo Carrera: Waves of Shred Entry

✌ Please enjoy my submission for the contest :) ✌

Waves of Shred Entry - Jolo Carrera

Roger Pedersen: Circus - insane two handed tapping

"More Is More" from Roger Pedersen, out summer 2013. Support independent music, buy the CD :-)

Circus from the CD More is More - Roger Pedersen

Alex Stornello: Out today the first video by Angels And Demons

Out +today the first video by Angels And Demons. Alex Stornello's trio will launch The Riddle during the 25 episode of "A Kind of Blues", a radio musical program on air from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m on channel C2 "C-Radio" di The Riddle is featured in instrumental and sung version on POWER FUSION, the first, long awaited Angels And Demons album, OUT ON JUNE 14!!!! more

Angels And Demons - The Riddle (Vocal Version)

Theodore Ziras: Hand of God debut album available

Hand of God debut album available
now on itunes

Track: No Turning Back, Music: Theodore Ziras, Lyrics: Marissia
CD available at

Hand of God - No Turning Back (full track streaming)

HAND OF GOD - Start Again | Official Video | Theodore Ziras New Band

Nicole Papastavrou: Eye Ra Haze news update and video

NYC Buzz Band EYE RA HAZE: Exclusive Interview and New Music Video for ‘New Beginning’ Live Now with Revolver Magazine

Photo by Lani Lee (

New EP Eye Of The Storm Releasing on June 11, 2013 – Produced by Chris “Zeuss” Harris (Shadows Fall, Soulfly, Hatebreed)

Today, New York City alternative/progressive quintet EYE RA HAZE and Revolver Magazine have teamed up to bring you the band’s brand new music video for ‘New Beginning’, directed by Don Capria of 110 Films ( You can watch the video now, exclusively

Along with the video, Revolver Magazine has posted an exclusive interview with the band, conducted by music writer, Sirius XM Liquid Metal DJ and video personality Zeena Koda. The interview discusses the band’s west coast beginnings, what it’s like to be a female in the heavy music world, the new music video, and more. Follow this link to read the interview and watch the new music video for ‘New Beginning’.

The tracks ‘New Beginning’ and ‘Quiet Storm’ are available for purchase now via iTunes. is offering up another taste of EYE RA HAZE today! This week, the site is hosting singer Natasha’s newest video blog, as well as Nicole’s brand new Axe FX guitar tone tutorial video to partner with last week’s Korn cover video. Head to now to check out the new videos and track!

EYE RA HAZE will release their new EP, Eye Of The Storm, on June 11, 2013. The EP was recorded with world-famous producer Chris “Zeuss” Harris (Shadows Fall, Soulfly, Hatebreed) and features three new tracks, ‘New Beginning’, ‘Quiet Storm’ and ‘Warships’, The band is planning a string of live shows in the Northeast this spring and plans to return to the studio in July 2013 to record a full length with hit songwriters Bob Marlette (Saliva, Shinedown) and Jasen Rauch (Korn/Breaking Benjamin).

EYE RA HAZE features drummer Kevin Corcoran (ex-Buried Alive) and Berklee-schooled bassist Chris Marrone, as well as the female triple-threat of vocalist Natasha Nicholson, guitarist Nicole Papastavrou (ex-Through this Defiance), and classical pianist Karine Catenacci.

For more information and to hear more music from EYE RA HAZE please visit these websites:

"Natasha Singer, the bold and sensuous frontwoman of Eye Ra Haze, has lived a traveled existence enriched with deep musical ties that have linked her to a wide variety of worlds. A devoted wife, proud mother ,and active artist, her passion for creating and exploring the deeper aspects of life spills out of her piecing eyes. With a vocal range that has graced a variety of styles from blues to punk rock, her versatility has culminated with the new Eye Ra Haze EP, Eye of the Storm, which is due out on June 11. In Eye Ra Haze, the powerhouse Singer, alongside two other talented women and two talented men, create heartfelt compositions that blend of atmospheric textures, poignantly soulful vocals, and thoughtful keyboard serenades. Nodding to her native culture, Singer thoughtfully named the band Eye Ra Haze and is poised to take the band to the next phase with their new video for the EP’s first single, “New Beginnings” premiering at the bottom of this post." Zeena Koda, Revolver Mag

"One up-and-coming alt-rock band to keep an eye on is Eye Ra Haze, a female-fronted group from New York that combines the eight string guitars and floating atmospherics of Deftones with the melodic cadence of Chevelle. The group are releasing a new EP Eye Of The Storm in the coming weeks, and in preparation, the group are releasing a series of vlogs and guitar playthroughs which will be posted exclusively to Heavy Blog! Today, we bring you the second in the band’s series of vlogs (the first one here) from vocalist Natasha Nicholson and a video playthrough of guitarist Nicole Papastavrou covering Korn‘s classic single ‘Here To Stay’!" ... Heavy Blog Is Heavy

"Today, presents an exclusive video from New York band Eye Ra Haze. It’s a trailer for the band’s new album, Eye of the Storm. Several songs and videos — and the album itself — will be released in the coming months. In the meantime, check out the video below and head for more info on the band." ... Damian Fanelli, Revolver Magazine

Eye Ra Haze - New Beginning

Eyal Freeman: Lonelia - SHAZAM Live

Eyal Freeman's tune "Lonelia", performed live at Heineken Jazz Festival, with his group SHAZAM.

"Writing is the oddest thing for me, I never know what will trigger it.
Sitting one day in a hotel by the pool, I lifted my head,
& out of nowhere, there she was...
Venus rising from the water... she was gorgeous...

but... the thing that struck me was,
she had these big sad eyes, that you feel you can get completely lost in...
contrasting her beauty...
having that image in my mind for days, It somehow evolved into this tune.

Bringing this tune to the band, the tune's eery ballad nature,
proved to be a unique challenge for me to improvise on,
It was either you feel it, or forget about it, nowhere to hide."

Eyal Freeman - Guitar
Yuval Carmi - Keyboards
Edmond Gilmore - Bass
Amir David - Drums
Nir Benjaminy - FOH Engineer

Eyal Freeman - Lonelia - SHAZAM Live - Heineken Jazz Festival - אייל פריימן

Yiannis Papadopoulos: wins Guitar On Sky competition

Guitaronsky Shredding Contest II The Winners
1st Place: Yiannis Papadopoulos
2nd Place: Azli Violet
3rd Place: Morgan Reid


Click here to read the official blog post:

I'm so excited to finally announce this competition after the complicated days during judging and video editing. Things came up while organizing the judging process. They are all busy on tour, gigs, and recording, so I was lucky to have them on the judging table and make a hard decision considering that the entries are all great.

36 entries, is not a big amount of contestants. It may caused by the backing track that sounds unfamiliar to some of guitar players out there. I know it's a kind of hard stuff composing soloing line over the backing track. And it's challenging to some people. That makes those who entered this contest are special. I personally would like to give my big respect for them (bows).

The entrants show a complete performance with all styles and techniques. So, we decided to categorize the top 3 based on their musicality. Here are the criteria we noticed at; skill/technique, shred, and soloing concept. Those were what blown us away. We had some different opinion about the winners, so the total score helped us to pick the top 3. This would be the most objective way of judging I've ever conducted. So, congratulations to the winners. Please contact me at to send your address for the shipping.

All the best,

Edwin Mclean


Andy Wood: "It's an honor to be a part of it!"

Sam Bell: "All of the top 3 entire impressed me immensely, it's hard to categorize them in order. They all brought something unique to the table, and it was great to hear their ideas over my backing track. Congratulations guys!"

Troy Stetina: "All the players showed a masterful command on the technical end. Where the differences showed themselves to me were more in the area of the feel of the lines, and musicality... which lines seemed to pull me in and hold interest and move in ways that were somewhat unexpected, yet totally "right". Distinctive."

Edwin Mclean: "This is a shredder's day out! Everyone learns each other and has a serious impressive way to play over the backing track. This is not actually about being a shredder, making a dream solo is all about. Thanks to all who let this happened."

Hosted by:
Powered by:

The backing song called Mata Hari from Intervals album "In Time":
Guitaronsky Shredding Contest II - Result!

Samuel Rivas: #SIA Guitar contest

My name is Samuel, i'm 15 years old, i'm from Colombia
And Here is my entry for the Shredders in arms contest
I hope you like

Ibanez Rg321 ex
POD HD 400
Samsung Wb150f

#SIA Guitar contest 2013 Samuel Rivas entry

Shredders in Arms Guitar Contest 2013 closing at July 20th

Jeff Kollman: tv jones pickups and Kollmation pedal

A tv session today utilizing the new tele with tv jones pickups and the new tim Jauernig designed KOLLMATION pedal... Coming soon.

Daniele Gottardo: at the home of Jason Becker for the album in production... visit and check out the goodies

In the meantime.... relive February 01, 2013 where Daniele Gottardo went to visit and play for Jason Becker

Daniele Gottardo - Marrakech Market (live for Jason Becker)

Guthrie Govan: Clinic in Brazil May 2013

Guthrie Govan Clinic in Brazil 24/05/13


GUTHRIE GOVAN - Wonderful Slippery Thing

Bryan Aspey: Waves Of Shred - the man is back and in top notch form!

'Waves Of Shred' Entry - Bryan Aspey - [ don't forget to watch it in HD ]
It's been a little while since my last competition entry, and this one was calling me to enter the fray! Thanks to Tom, Yiannis, Laurie, Wampler and Tsakalis pedals! Hope you'll enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it! Bryan

Courtney Cox, Nikki Stringfield: Jack Lue series Slidebar in Fullerton 2013

The Iron Maidens in Flight - May 11, 2013 - Slidebar in Fullerton, CA
Jack Lue photo series. Jack  is a pro photographer and can be found on Facebook All rights to images remain with Jack Lue and any posting requires appropriate attribution.  Full series

Cristian Guerrero: Waves of shred entry 181!

Still coming in... Waves of shred entry 181!

Waves of shred entry - Cristian Guerrero

Doug Doppler: Orange Amps CS50

For more information about the CS50, please visit

The Custom Shop 50 is the culmination of years of experience and expertise. This new amp offers the finest in hand-wired, point-to-point workmanship and the definitive British Rock amp. Each of these amplifiers is an individual masterpiece, built to perfection using only the highest-grade materials and components. Beautifully crafted in the Orange custom shop, this amazing amp is full of wonderful, powerful sounds, all with that hallmark Orange tone.

Orange Amps CS50 (Custom Shop Hand-Wired)

Shawn Lane: 10th Anniversary Concert - tribute concert is building with contributions from across the globe!

Join the Shawn Lane 10th Anniversary Concert on Facebook Event

We will be adding stuff non-stop and grab a shorter URL for this ASAP but,

Current Confirmed Artists INCLUDE:
*Consider the Source (the FIRST band to demand it! We really thank them they are amazing and super down to Earth guys.

*Vigier Guitars
*Mike Varney (sending us a personal video for the projector.)
*Leon Griffin ( Formerly of FOX13, K97 AND Rock103 will be M.C'ing)
*Tina Lane (Shawn's sister)
*Paul Gilbert (sending us video, auction items and trying to come!)
*Andy Tanas (B.O.A. with Shawn, Krokus)
*Paul Taylor (D.D.T., The Merry Mobile)
*Eric Gales (Eric Gales Band, PGP)
*Ross Rice
*Marc Scarescone Meesters
*Johnny Holiday
*Hal McCormack (B.O.A. currently)
*Jimmy Henderson (B.O.A. with Shawn)
*Richard Hallebeek (video)
*Michael Angelo Batio (recording a personal message)
*Guthrie Govan ( video, TRYING TO come!)
*Brett Garsed (recording a personal message)
*J.D. Westmoreland (Bringing Shawn's 1st Fretless Vigier!!!)

Brister St. Productions has jumped on board to provide stage management and organize artist hospitality! Check them out by clicking their logo to the left. They are contributing their skills and staff at no profit and we thank them immensely.

Diane Lane
He and I saw this movie Together when he was Younger so he always said it was for me, when he played it. So it always makes me cry. WE miss you SHAWN