Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Ernesto Homeyer: Perpetual Burn Arpeggios - Explained

These are the intro arpeggios of Jason Becker's Perpetual Burn with correct fingerings and notes.

Perpetual Burn Arpeggios (Intro) Explained

Quentin Godet: French Guitar Contest 2 - enjoy!

! Hi everyone
Here is my video for the FGC2, I hope you enjoy it.
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♠ Pre-Selected ! French Guitar Contest 2 - Quentin Godet (Zuul Fx)

Samuel George: Two Notes Torpedo CAB

"Ruud Panda" by Samuel George, recorded at Ker Sound studio, Shanghai.

1/ Bluesy rhythm:
DI: Universal Audio 610 (with 1176 limiting amplifier)
Bogner Extasy preamp
Torpedo C.A.B.: Ribbon 121 & 2x12, then 4x12
Compressor (software)
AD converters: RME ADI-8DS

2/ Rock riff:
DI: Universal Audio 610 (with 1176 limiting amplifier)
Bogner Extasy preamp (boost on)
Torpedo C.A.B.: dynamic 57 2x12, then 4x12
Compressor (software)
AD converters: RME ADI-8DS

3) "Ruud Panda":
DI: Universal Audio 610 (with 1176 limiting amplifier)
Bogner Extasy preamp
Torpedo C.A.B.: Dynamic57 4x12 Brit
Compressor (software)
+ re-amping
Head: EGNATER Rebel 20
Cabinet: ORANGE Slipknot Signature
mic ROYER R-121 (pre: FOCUSRITE ISA)
mic SHURE sm57 (pre: Universal Audio 610 with 1176 limiting amplifier)
mic EV R320 (pre: RME Octamic)
All to AD converters RME ADI-8DS and straight to CUBASE 7.

Samuel George at Ker Sound studio, on Two Notes Torpedo C.A.B.

Shaun Baxter: Wishaw Guitar Lessons and Zivory Custom Guitars clinic

An Essential Guide to Playing Through Changes with Shaun Baxter
Saturday, 7 September 2013

Wishaw Guitar Lessons and Zivory Custom Guitars are proud to present for one day only, the magnificent Shaun Baxter.

Shaun's name is synonymous with guitar playing in the UK and anyone who has ever picked up Guitar Techniques magazine will recognize the huge gift he has given to the guitar world with his monthly Creative Rock column which has been running since 1994.

Shaun co-founded the Guitar Institute in London back in 1986, where he taught for over 20 years, as well as at the London College of Music. He has also been Head of Guitar at Guitar X, and is now an owner and Academic Director of the Academy of Music and Sound, the biggest network of instrument-specific popular music schools in the UK, which already has 8 centers up and down England and Scotland.

Shaun is also notorious for his groundbreaking album Jazz Metal which was released back in 1993 and it is a tour de force of hi-tech guitar wizardry!

A master of technique, theory and style; Shaun's exclusive Scottish masterclass is not to be missed!

The focus of Shauns class will be on playing over changes though he will be able to answer any questions you might have about him, his career or his playing.

Shaun Baxter Live (Some Skunk Funk)

The topics covered on the day....

- Being organised

- The 6 primary chord-types and their scales

- Using chord tones (including guide tones)

- Developing improvisation vocabulary

- Connecting ideas

- Using theory in an expressive way

- Expanding tonality using V7alt

- Implying changes over static chords

- Add more colour and shape to your playing

- Make more informed, confident choices in your soloing

- Ask Shaun anything!

Chances like this do not come often and at Wishaw Guitar Lessons we aim to give you what you want. Let one of the UK's top guitar players and instructors for the last 25 years show you what every modern guitar player needs to know!

Shaun will also be performing live in the evening with the WGL house band Chunga's Revenge as part of our 1 year anniversary. More details soon!

You can buy your tickets at

Book no to avoid dissapointment!

Shaun Baxter - Ego Guitar Solo

Nicolas Waldo: Perpetual Burn - tribute to Jason Becker

(Guitar Tuning on D - Backing Track by Nicolas Waldo).
Nicolas Waldo playing a full cover of Jason Becker's Perpetual Burn

Nicolas Waldo - Perpetual Burn (Jason Becker Cover)

Morgan Reid: French Guitar Contest Second Round

I'm not a professional but the mixing/production were done by me as well, so it's not perfect! But I've done my best as someone beginning their mixing journey, haha.
I also used EZ mix a lot - Thank you Guitar Messenger ;)

French Guitar Contest Second Round - Morgan Reid

Francesco Filigoi,Giacomo Santini: This is Abiogenesis ∝ Part 2

Here's the second video featuring bits and pieces off our album, guitarists Giacomo/Francesco and bassist Antonio play parts from one of our songs using BRJ Hesperian 8/Carvin DC800 guitars and Spector Euro 5LX bass.

Download MP3 here:

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Giacomo Santini | Guitars
Francesco Filigoi | Guitars/Vocals
Antonio Merici | Bass
Jei Do | Vocals
Stefano Brognoli | Drums

Mixing | Aaron Smith (Envisage Audio)

Guitar Reamping | Eduardo Apolonia

Filming & Editing | Francesco Filigoi

This is Abiogenesis ∝ Part 2

Dave Weiner, Tom Quayle: Tom Quayle hosts Riff of the Week!! Kudos to Dave Weiner!!!

Dave Weiner
Now live! Fusion master Tom Quayle hosts Riff of the Week this week with a massive 19-min video complete with tab and YOU can jam over the same jamtrack he uses in the video! Head to

Tom Quayle hosts Riff Of The Week!

Walter Trout: Luther's Blues Webisode #3

Check out the last of the webisode's before the release of the album! You can pre-order Walter's heart felt tribute to Luther Allison here:

Claudio Pietronik: guitar solo composed over Untouchable

Claudio Pietronik - guitar solo composed over Untouchable part 2 (Anathema)
Hey Guys! In these days I heard about this beautiful song and i immediatly fell in love with this tune! so i decided to create a guitar solo over the section in the end!
I really hope you liked it!

Dedicated to the special person who talked to me about this song.


Khan Manuel: The Message, Khan talks about his new album

Khan Manuel: The Message
Listen to extended samples and a track by track detailed description for the new Khan Manuel album THE MESSAGE.


1. The Message
2. Great Expectations
3. Route 66
4. Tears From The Heart
5. Midnight Express
6. A Song For You
7. Spanish Eyes
8. Just Blues
9. The Battle
10. Man In The Mirror

Release date: June 10th 2013

Get this album exclusively from website -

Khan Manuel - NEW ALBUM Promo Interview [The Message]

Shawn Lane: D'Addario support Shawn Lane Memorial festival this September

Shawn Lane
The Lane family wants to thank D'Addario for contributing auction items and helping sponsor the 10 Year Shawn Lane Memorial festival this September at +Newby's in Memphis!

Morten Faerestrand: Locrian - the Jazziest of guitar scales

Morten Faerestrand:
If there's one subject students keep asking me about, when it comes to the dry, "boring" stuff, it's melodic minor. (Slash the altered scale. Slash the Mixo #4 scale. Etc. Dear child has many names)

And I totally get that! Getting control over this sound, and all the fingerings and inversions of it, is more foreign than starting to be free around the neck with the regular modes, for a number of reasons.

Let's not get into why, it's not important. Let's focus on solutions, not problems.

There is a video course that will teach you all the variations of melodic minor. The simple drills in the course will ease the sounds into you ear, while simultaneously connecting your ear with your fingers.

It is super simple, and easy to follow, and even without you thinking too much, or straining yourself, you'll be able to play freely across the neck outputting the different tonalities from melodic minor.

Most important scales:

Melodic Minor
Altered / Super Locrian
Mixolydian #4
Locrian Natural 9

(We cover all 7 inversions, but these 4 are the most important ones, and the foundation that you can relate the remaining three towards)

YOU get to check out this course for free!

If you haven't guessed it yet, I made this course.. ;-)

The entire course is of course available in the members-only section of, but since I bet you want to have complete control over melodic minor and all it's siblings immediately, one part of the course is available for free.

Jazz Guitar Scales - Locrian nat 9 - Learn to get a jazzy sound on minor 2-5-1 using this scale

Stephen Stills,Kenny Wayne Shepherd: The Rides

The Rides (L-R) - Stephen Stills (guitar, vocals), Barry Goldberg (keyboards),Kenny Wayne Shepherd (guitar, vocals)
“THE RIDES” - the new all-star blues rock supergroup featuring guitarist Stephen Stills (Buffalo Springfield, CSN, CSN&Y), guitarist Kenny Wayne Shepherd and keyboardist Barry Goldberg (Electric Flag) release their debut album “Can’t Get Enough”on CD, digitial download, and vinyl in the UK on Monday 26th August via Provogue Records.  

Produced by Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads), the generation-spanning trio has co-written originals and recorded covers of classics by Muddy WatersElmore JamesNeil Young and Iggy and the Stooges. "Can’t Get Enough" was inspired by - and is an homage to - the now classic 1968 album Super Session, which featured Stills on guitar on one side, and the late Mike Bloomfield on the other (Bloomfield had founded Electric Flag with Goldberg, who also played on Super Session, as did Blood, Sweat & Tears keyboardist Al Kooper).

Described by Stills as "the blues band of my dreams", the project began with Stills and Goldberg writing together at their mutual manager Elliot Roberts’ recommendation. "It was like finding a long lost soul brother" says Goldberg (who hadn’t met Stills before, their shared 1968 credit notwithstanding). "We connected on so many things, started jamming, and soon had begun writing our first song."

When Kenny Wayne Shepherd arrived, The Rides’ three-way chemistry immediately clicked. "The Rides are a perfect mix of generations, where three musicians who love and play the blues collide and create music that goes beyond all our other individual life experiences and career achievement," says 35-year-old, Shepherd, who’s had six #1 Blues albums. "Stephen and I have rock backgrounds as well, but the blues is the fabric that holds this all together.

That exhilarating creative sorcery blasts through ten tracks, four of them Stills, Shepherd, Goldberg co-writes, including the album-opening barnburner "Roadhouse" - about the life of an itinerant bluesman - the melodic, CSN-esque "Don’t Want Lies,"and the title track, a groove soaked, guitar-heavy anthem with a soul-baring lead vocal by Stills. Other highlights include a Crazy Horse-calibre interpretation of "Rockin’ in the Free World". "Everyone gets off on this one," says Goldberg, "it’s just a ton of electricity on this Neil Young classic."

The Rides embark on a world tour beginning in September, with UK November dates to be confirmed in the coming weeks. more


Marco Sfogli,Matt Guillory,Ray Riendeau,Peter Wildoer: James LaBrie unites a wall of music power for Impermanent Resonance

James LaBrie returns with a powerful new studio album entitled "Impermanent Resonance", to be released August 6 in North America and July 29 in Europe via InsideOut Music.

"Impermanent Resonance" recording lineup:

James LaBrie - Lead Vocals
Matt Guillory - Keyboards, Background Vocals
Marco Sfogli - Guitars
Ray Riendeau - Bass
Peter Wildoer - Drums, Screams

Mike Portnoy, Mike Orlando: Portnoy quits Adrenaline Mob

Mike Portnoy has released the following statement:

"It saddens me to announce that the four upcoming shows in Latin America this month supporting HALESTORM will be my last with ADRENALINE MOB.

"Unfortunately, I have scheduling conflicts that prevent me from being able to fully commit to the band's future activities at the moment.

"As I cannot be in two places at the same time, I don't want to hold them back and have to wait for my schedule to re-open up to resume activity.

"I'm very proud of what we started together and the music we made over the past two years and I wish the guys all the best in the future."

full details