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Yeon Jung Nho: talks to Shreddelicious about her guitar playing

Yeon Jung Nho

[Shreddelicious] When did you start playing guitar?

[Yeon Jung NhoIt was a summer probably the summer of 2011 when I was 11 years old ( I was born in South Korea in May, 2000. Now I'm 13.)

Before then I learned a piano since I was 4 years old and quit piano when I was 8 years old. Then I started to learn drums. But since the age of 10 I became more interested in the guitar.  So at that point I stopped top learning the drums and then started learning guitar.

Full interview:

Christie Lenée: announces new set of tour dates!

27 Jun2013 Eugene, OR Private Concert- Outdoor Courtyard, Solo Acoustic Show - E-mail for Reservations in Info:

29 Jun2013 North Bonneville, WA Bonneville Hot Springs - Solo Acoustic Show in Lounge Buy ticket

30 Jun2013 Portland, OR Christie Lenée Live at The Yoga Union: Community Acoustic Evening with Music and Candlelight, 7:30pm Buy ticket

05 Jul2013 Lake Oswego, OR The Gemini- Solo Acoustic Concert, Welcome Back to Portland Show! Buy ticket

11 Jul2013 Nashville, TN Summer NAMM- Showcasing for "The Engle" July 11th-13th Buy ticket

17 Jul2013 Sandy Springs, GA Steve's Live Music- Christie Lenée Acoustic/Bass Duo, 8pm

22 Jul2013 Gulfport, FL Blueberry Patch, 8-11pm Buy ticket

23 Jul2013 St Petersburg, FL Ringside Cafe- Solo Acoustic, 9pm Buy ticket

25 Jul2013 Tampa, FL Cold Storage Craft Brewery- 8pm- 9:15pm, Followed by Open Mic with Tampa's Great Local Talent Showcase. To Sign up early and reserve a spot, E-mail

26 Jul2013 Lakeland, FL Tony's Studio B, Solo Acoustic 7-10pm

30 Jul2013 St Petersburg, FL Ringside Cafe- Christie Lenée Solo Acoustic 9-11pm

03 Aug2013 Tolland, CT Private Event (Wedding Ceremony and Cocktail Hour)

10 Aug2013 Ocean City, NJ Private Block Party- Christie Lenée Trio 5-9pm

11 Aug2013 Frederick, MD Private Party (Wedding Ceremony) - Christie Lenée Solo Acoustic 5pm

23 Aug2013 St Petersburg, FL The Ale and the Witch- Christie Lenée Trio 9pm-12am, Show in the Outdoor Courtyard at Baywalk in Downtown St Pete Buy ticket

30 Aug2013 Floyd, VA The Sun Music Hall and Dogtown Roadhouse: Christie Lenée Acoustic Bass Duo, 8pm Buy ticket

31 Aug2013 Richmond, VA House Concert- Christie Lenée Acoustic/Bass Duo 7-9pm, Potluck and BYOB, Suggested Donation $15-$20. E-mail for reservations:

Sep2013 Washington, DC Adam's Morgan Day Festival 2013- Main Stage, 3pm, Indie Adam's Morgan, Washington, DC Buy ticket

13 Sep2013 Philadelphia, PA World Cafe Live- Christine Havrilla w/ Christie Lenée, 8pm Buy ticket

Stu Hamm: Recording Bass with Stu Hamm:

Stu Hamm
Apogee just posted a couple of videos I did for them about how to record a bass track~!

Recording Bass with Stu Hamm: Part 1

Recording Bass with Stu Hamm: Part 2

Paul Bielatowicz: 4/5ths of the way to funding his solo album Preludes and Etudes

Paul Bielatowicz is best known for his virtuoso guitar work with some of the biggest names in progressive rock. He’s played, recorded and toured with the likes of Carl Palmer (ELP), Neal Morse (Spock’s Beard, Transatlantic), Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater), Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big), Les Paul… to name just a few. Paul recently finished a three and a half month world tour with The Carl Palmer Band and has been taking a little time off in New Bedford to work on his debut solo album Preludes & Etudes.

The concept of the album is simple – to present the electric guitar in its purest form, as a modern classical instrument.

Above is a sample of Nathaniel Deas' unfinished album artwork - there's a way to go before it's completed, but you can really see it starting to take shape.


Andy James: Musikmesse Frankfurt 2013


The always amazing Andy James ! @ Musikmesse Frankfurt 2013 , 04-12-2013

Jason Becker: The Guitars that rule the world!

Jason Becker has posted a selection of guitars from his gallery of guitar history... post a selection for you to admire. You can check out the full selection of Facebook

Jason Becker Jason Becker signature Carvin in candy apple red available here: or

Jason Becker My third Carvin, airbrushed by my dad, Gary Becker. — with Gary Becker.

Jason Becker My Hurricane from the cover of Perpetual Burn.

Jason Becker My original numbered Peavey guitar. I used this to write End of the Beginning.

Adam Ironside: Lick in the Style of Shawn Lane

A fast, diminished arpeggios based lick in the style of the late, great Shawn Lane.


Lick in the Style of Shawn Lane

Peter Luha: Northern Solstice finger picking, fingerstyle guitar

Northern Solstice - original solo electric guitar composition /fingerstyle/
Framus Tennessee Custom guitar, with Elixir strings.
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finger picking, fingers playing, fingerstyle, solo guitar

Peter Luha - solo guitar - Northern Solstice

William Stravato: Fusion Guitar Improvisation from the Italian master

William Stravato: Guitar
Daniele Chiantese: Drums
Mario Mazzenga: Bass

William Stravato Fusion Guitar Impro

Pamela Moore: Talks with the Metal Factory

Pamela Moore was a guest on THE METAL FACTORY w/ Scotty the Rooster on Tuesday, June 11th. on Insane Realm Radio

Leonardo Guzman: SweatyKnockers super fusion band

A teaser of Leonardo Guzman SweatyKnockers project

SweatyKnockers Teaser


Sweaty Knockers - Freeway (Live)

Yui: Cyntia - Tokyo Dome - stunning stage show what you can only dream of

[Cyntia Live schedule]
Sunday 21 July ★ 2013年
OPEN two p.m. / START 2:30 p.m.
Venue: Kashiwa PALOOZA Http://Www.Kashiwa-palooza.Com/
16 July ★ 2013 Soon (fire ) 6:30 p.m. 6:00 p.m. OPEN / START Venue: Shimokitazawa GARDEN Http://Www.Tohogakuen.Ac.Jp/events/20 ...
5 July ★ 2013 Soon (Friday) OPEN 6 p.m. / START 18: 30Shibuya Milkyway: venue Http://Www.Shibuyamilkyway.Com/ (Mon)

[Cyntia] Tokyo Dome · Honey metal arrange installation song

[Cyntia] Tokyo Dome Harasoro

Oli Brown: blues in Paris 2013

@ Le Grand Rex - Opening for Joe Satriani

Oli Brown - Love is Taking Its Toll - Live Paris - 03/06/2013

Fernando León Cortes: Solar Flares - Axis of evil - djental brutal

SOLAR FLARES song from mi Solo Project AXIS OF EVIL
Solo by Fernando León Cortes

Solar Flares - Axis of evil (Chuchodelic RomUs solo project)

Kenny Serane: The original track for the French Guitar Contest 2013

This is the original FGC 2013 videoclip

This year Kenny Serane has decided to compose a backing track with real musicians!

When the FGC team saw the success the first year, we decided to move up a notch , and create a FGC Band for this second year. We had recorded the backing track video at Le Studio la Farinière. We thank them for inviting us into their gorgeous studios.

Here is the line-up (facebook profile linked on the name):
- Kenny Serane : lead Guitar
- Thomas Tiberi : rhythm guitar
- Fred Bidou: bass
- Vincent Fabre: drums

Video editing :

French Guitar Contest 2013 - SOLO - FGC BAND

Paul Gilbert: live at the Meinl Guitar Festival 2013

Paul Gilbert live at the Meinl Guitar Festival 2013 in Germany !

Paul Gilbert Guitar Festival 2013 Germany #1

A tribute to Ronnie Montrose?

Paul Gilbert Guitar Festival 2013 Germany #2

Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller, Marco Minnemann: Culture Clash - exclusive 6-minute audio montage coming soon

The Aristocrats
In the next 24-48 hours: Look for the "Culture Clash" pre-sale to go live, as well as a new exclusive 6-minute audio montage preview of the whole album! Watch this space...24-48 hours: Look for the "Culture Clash" pre-sale to go live, as well as a new exclusive 6-minute audio montage preview of the whole album! Watch this space...

  1. Dance of the Aristocrats 5:50
  2. Culture Clash 6:59
  3. Louisville Stomp 4:39
  4. Ohhhh Noooo 6:47
  5. Gaping Head Wound 6:34
  6. Desert Tornado 5:34
  7. Cocktail Umbrellas 7:21
  8. Living the Dream 7:09
  9. And Finally

Pierre Danel: Fufux gets a medley of 4 jams in the can by this bright new talent!

Here's a medley of 4 jams performed by the amazing Pierre Danel.

Check his facebook page:

Pierre Danel Jams

Kush Upadhyay,Sunny Dsouza: 15 year old kid rips some blues at Title Waves celebrating World Music Day

Kush Upadhyay - Improv

A beautiful improv by 15yr old Kush Upadhyay. It's always a pleasure having him play with us.

Overdrive Trio at Title Waves celebrating World Music Day. Event

Jeff Kollman: Jam For Jason live at the Baked Potato - tribute to Jason Becker!

Recorded at the baked potato 6.20 13
Written Jeff Kollman & Shane Gaalaas. The studio vesrion of this song appeared on the Jason Becker tribute release. A Warmth In The Wilderness featuring Vinnie Moore, Chris Poland, Jeff Watson, Jeff Kollman and Steve Morse. It was also released to an edited version on Cosmosquad's second release 'Squadrophenia

Jam For Jason-Jeff Kollman Band Live

Vinai Trinateepakdee: Just Chillin with Norman Brown BT - super production

Vinai T jam on Norman Brown - Just Chillin backingtrack

Backing track from

Roberto Restuccia: Show Me How - demot tracks from new album

Show Me How - from the album " escape " by Roberto Restuccia

A track from my debut album " escape " please check out my web page for more information on how to purchase my music :)

Fidel De Jesus,Karlo Li: Transcendence I: Sacred Unison - live

@ No Limit Productions' Heavy Palooza

Don't forget to check us out at these pages!!!

Many thanks to JM Cruz of Stream of Images Photography for the video!

Transcendence I: Sacred Unison (@Black Kings Bar 06-16-13)

Nili Brosh: Oscar Jordan - Oscar's Guitar Shop interview!

On the 25th episode of Oscar's Guitar Shop (6-21-13), Oscar gets all jealous because Nili Brosh is supremely talented, gets to hang out with Virgil Donati and Tony MacAlpine, has a new solo record coming out, and is given large sums of cash to perform Iron Maiden tunes on stage.

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Rick Graham: Fabrizio Leo: "E Penso a Te" - my tribute to one of the finests guitarists on the planet right now!

Get lessons with me: Like my Facebook Fan page: This is my tribute to one of the finests guitarists on the planet right now, Fabrizio Leo.

Rob Chappers: Chapman ML-2 Overview & Specification

Chapman ML-2 Overview & Specification

Chapman ML-2 Overview & Specification

Worldwide shipping from:

Chapman ML-2 Overview & Specification

Adam Ironside: Composing: Harmony or Melody First?

The first of Ask Adam.

Answering Justa Llama's question on composing: What comes first; Harmony or Melody?

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Composing: Harmony or Melody First?

Richard Hallebeek, Guthrie Govan, Jose De Castro, Mattias IA Eklundh: One night in Bucharest

After party in Bucharest, september 2009, after we all had just performed at the Ziua Chitarelor festival with clinics and live performances. Having a little spontaneous late night jam in a living room. Thanks Corrado Sgandurra for inviting us there and capturing this!

In the background Guglielmo Malusardi rests on his kingly laurels.

Richard Hallebeek, Mattias Ia Eklundh, Guthrie Govan, Jose de Castro

Tore Fagerheim: How NOT To Impress Girls With The Guitar

If you want to impress the ladies with your guitar, don't spend several years of your life learning how to play technical death metal. Play Wonderwall instead.

Copyright 2013 Metal Guitar Stuff.

How NOT To Impress Girls With The Guitar

Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, Neil Peart: The Garden 2 camera fan made video

Not sure why I want to cry when I hear this song... until I read this

“The Garden” comes at “11 o'clock” on the Clockwork Angels clock, and relates to the hieroglyphic rune for earth.

Neil says the piece moved everyone in the studio to tears when the classical orchestration was recorded. ”One very special aspect of this project is the lush and exotic string arrangements, by David Campbell. One January afternoon at Ocean Way Studios in Hollywood, I stood in the control room listening while the strings were being recorded. It occurred to me that all songwriters should experience the sensual delight of hearing their songs performed by an accomplished string section. For example, when these virtuoso artists on violin, viola, cello, and double-bass executed David’s plangent orchestration for ‘The Garden,’ there was not a dry eye in the studio.”

“For me, ‘The Garden’ was a major step forward as a songwriter and as a singer. I've always wanted to do that kind of song where the melody was the thing that made it connect with you, that gave it resonance, where the voice kind of comes out of the soundscape and delivers the story to you in a heartfelt way. To achieve that without it being schmaltzy or feeling forced, and with the music around the voice to be very relaxed, I think can only come from years of playing and from confidence. It’s a confidence that maybe we did not have 10 years ago, but certainly that confidence comes through as the song goes through its various changes, which are many, but yet they come at you easily. To me it’s one of my proudest moments as a songwriter in my entire career.”—Geddy in Classic Rock video interview included in Clockwork Angels fanpack promotion

Alex in a Metal Express Radio interview calls the final note in the piece a poignant end to the story. “We put down keyboard, sample strings, and we really liked the piece. But we thought, rather than use sampled strings we'd bring in a real orchestra and Geddy and I were the catalysts for that. He`s a real sucker for those sorts of things. We decided to bring the strings in and David Campbell did a great job on the arrangement. That really tugs at your heart. I think there’s something that’s really classic about that arrangement and really heartfelt. The song works really well as a closer, the final chapter of the story. That single cello note at the very end is very poignant.”

In the same interview, Alex says the solo in the piece and in “Clockwork Angels” are among his favorites of all time, yet they were almost throwaways. “Geddy went away for a few days, so I continued working and filling things in a little bit and I threw down a couple of solos in just a few takes and that was it. The thing is that after a while they kind of grow on you and you don’t think about them when you’re doing them as they were so natural and spontaneous. So, those solos were two throwaways that I did very early on, before those songs were really fully developed. With me, when I don't think too much about what I'm doing, that’s when I tend to do my best work.”

Dave Everley of Classic Rock calls the ringing chords of the piece “a suitably stately finale to the whole show.”

“A pastoral delight that comes over you like a daydream. Graceful and buoyant acoustics, tasteful orchestration, and Lee singing in a simple, unaffected style make up the bedrock of The Garden. Peart joins in on a second verse, laying down a soft shuffle, and even when he appears to be doing very little, his sense of composition and movement has a profound impact. His patterns are so natural that it’s almost as if the sticks breezed into his hands and started playing him. After a spellbindingly romantic piano interlude, Lifeson reaches in and pulls out a multidimensional guitar solo, one which recalls the mysterious epiphanies from Limelight. There’s a certain melancholy quality to his phrasing, as is he’s pausing briefly to look behind his shoulder. By the end, he’s rejoined his bandmates and the three march off intrepidly together. They don’t dwell in the moment – there’s no needlessly showy flourishes or building the crescendo up as “epic” – but the further away they get the more it becomes apparent that the spell they’ve cast and the resonance of Clockwork Angels will linger on.”—Joe Bosso, MusicRadar

Rush - The Garden 2-Cam (Live) 2012 MHT

Deary Engl: T.E.N & Friends Guitar Contest

Deary Engl: My entry for T.E.N & Friends contest , I hope your enjoy !! sorry for bad play and bad video (-__-!!)

T.E.N & Friends Guitar Contest - Deary Engl

Ten and Friends competition

Suhermanto Harsono: T.E.N & Friends Contest - great job

Suhermanto Harsono: Hi friends,  I'm very happy to join this wonderful contest (thank you for Anouck Andre and TEN pedal for this contest), and to see all of my guitar idols on the judges list. Great and challenging backing track. I hope you enjoy this video.  Guitar : Fender stratocaster lonestar, Effect : Wampler dual fusion, TC electronic X4, Carl Martin Plexitone

T.E.N & Friends Contest - Suhermanto Harsono

Ten and Friends competition

Vivian Campbell: rocking with Def Leppard despite having cancer!

Concert de Def Leppard au Hellfest le 21/06/2013 (France)

Def Leppard - Switch 625 (Live Hellfest)

Plus Iron City Rocks interview

In Episode 205 of the Iron City Rocks Podcast we talk to Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell. Vivian talks to us about his newest project, Last In Line, which celebrates the music of Holy Diver and Last In Line with his fellow Dio band mates. We also discuss his time in Whitesnake and Def Leppard. podcast

Paul Gilbert,Andy Timmons,Mimi Fox,Scotty Johnson,Tony Spinner,Adam Fulara: Great Guitar Camp 2013, still some tickets left.

Gilbert's webmaster has issued the following update:

"The Great Guitar Escape not only features world-class guitar workshops during the day, but once-in-a-lifetime concerts every night! The setlists have just been completed and there is going to be some stunning performances and jams from Paul Gilbert, Andy Timmons, Mimi Fox, Scotty Johnson, Tony Spinner, and Adam Fulara. Kelly LeMieux will be playing bass, and Rodney Holmes will be playing drums. Every seat in the house is up-close and personal. Paul Gilbert says, 'As July gets closer and closer, I start to get really excited about this camp. There is enough guitar power here to light up a city! There will be so many interesting musical combinations in the jams, and everyone has so much to teach as well. It's going to be awesome!'

It's coming down to the wire to sign up! Visit to register.

Paul Gilbert - Great Guitar Camp 2013

Nick Ioannou: Guitar Pedalboard Demo 2013 - Zendrive, Boss SD-1

Guitar Pedalboard Demo 2013 - Zendrive, Boss SD-1, Chapman Guitars ML-1
by NickGuitarifyGuitar Pedalboard Demo 2013 - Zendrive, Boss SD-1, Chapman Guitars ML-1
Which tone was your favourite? 'Show more' for a quick navigation between sounds, or be a star and watch the whole way through ;-)

Demo of my current pedal board. Featuring an original Zendrive, vintage Boss SD-1 and my British ML-1 from Chapman Guitars.

1:14 - Clinch FX EP-Pre (Clean)
1:41 - Vintage Boss SD-1 (Low Gain)
2:24 - Hermida Audio Zendrive
3:28 - Zendrive + Boss SD-1
4:40 - Irontone CC + Boss SD-1
5:37 - Irontone Wah Mod (Jim Dunlop Crybaby)

Website & Blog:

Fabrizio Leo: Bicio demos VIOLA Custom Guitars - Mr Majestic is back in town!

Stunning tones from one of the most tasteful players around.

John Scofield: Jason Shadrick interviews John for

Interview: John Scofield - Uncle John’s Electro-Jam Band

Jason Shadrick

Combining a jazz concept with an electronic-influenced vocabulary, John Scofield takes us behind the scenes of his new album, "Überjam Deux," and dishes on everything from relic’d guitars to Dead tunes.

You could make a case that John Scofield gets bored easily. “Maybe a little bit,” he says with a laugh. Even a cursory glance at his output from the last decade reveals he has tackled everything from straight-ahead modern jazz (ScoLoHoFo’s OH! and Enroute) to an old-school R&B Ray Charles tribute, and even New Orleans gospel (Piety Street). Yet within each new musical outfit, Scofield’s edgy, Vox-powered tone comes through loud and clear.

On his latest album, Überjam Deux, Scofield reunites with the same outfit that was on his 2002 album, Überjam. It shares the same forward-thinking approach his previous employers, Miles Davis and Billy Cobham, explored in the heyday of jazz-fusion.

Read more:

Ben Badenhorst: Wishing Well - great cover

This was one of my favourite pieces of music as a child, still brings back some wonderful memories of simpler times....
Composed by Schonherz & Scott, re-arranged and performed by Ben Bad....

Ben Bad - Wishing Well