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Tony MacAlpine: Hack Wanger shakes his stick at the TMac

Tony Macalpine 2013 interview on Guitar Gods and Masterpieces
Tony Macalpine is interviewed at the Hughes and Kettner Booth at Namm 2013 on Guitar Gods and Masterpieces

Greg Burgess,Corey Archuleta: Allegaeon "Secrets of the Sequence"

Allegaeon "Secrets of the Sequence" (PERFORMANCE DEMONSTRATION)
Allegaeon's Greg Burgess and Corey Archuleta demonstrate how to perform the closing track from their album "Formshifter."

George Marios: Guitar Getaways 2013 In Cornwall-Hosted by George Marios

Guitar Getaways 2013 In Cornwall-Hosted by George Marios
Hi guys,

I am really happy to announce that i will be hosting this years' Guitar Getaways.

A great 5 day guitar course, in which i'll be covering a plethora of subjects,such as improvisation, melodic approaches, technique, including what you guys want to know.

For more info please email 

Bruno Pinheiro Machado: Slow dancing in a burning room

#improviso - Bruno Pinheiro Machado
Pequeno improviso em cima da música "Slow dancing in a burning room".

James Norbert Ivanyi: Suhr Modern Custom. w/ APHASIA play-through

James Norbert Ivanyi Suhr Modern Custom. w/ APHASIA play-through. (HD720)
Hello. In this video I hoped to talk a little bit about my custom Suhr Modern guitar, and explain some of it's features and the philosophy behind it. I've been using it on my forthcoming record titled 'aphasia' which is due for release this year. For all info head over to
If you have any questions feel free to ask me here, or over on my page. I'm more than happy to answer. I hope you enjoy this video and would love to hear your thoughts.
For any additional information, head over to and become a fan! Thank you!
- James.

Rick Graham: The Practice Room - 2) Rick Graham Warming Up

The Practice Room - 2) Rick Graham Warming Up (fly on the wall style)
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Carlo Losavio: Lonely Fire ( Miles Davis )

Lonely Fire ( Miles Davis ) - Trio C. Losavio, P. Boggia, M. Colucci Live ( Arco del Bali' )
Lonely Fire ( Miles Davis ) - Trio C. Losavio, P. Boggia, M. Colucci Live ( Arco del Bali' )

George Marios: A couple of more places available for private one on one or Skype lessons

From Musikmesse 2013

George 'Oh Yeah' Marios
A couple of more places available for private one on one or Skype lessons.
Book your slot today:)
2013-A great year for Guitar Tuition-Book guitar lessons with George Marios

Chris Gordon: Stream Of Conciousness on the Seven

Stream Of Conciousness on the Seven
Trying some new lines and permutations on the 7 string!

Patrick Rondat: live show performances

Lots live performances from the French guitar guru

Patrick Rondat: live show performances

Jacky Vincent: Combining Sweeping, Legato and Tapping

The following content is related to the September 2013 issue of Guitar World. For the full range of interviews, features, tabs and more, pick up the new issue on newsstands now, or in our online store:

As a guitarist, I have always found it important to build and maintain an arsenal of soloing techniques so that I can play as fluidly as possible when inspiration strikes. To present a range of musical expression within a solo, I like to combine three of my favorite techniques: sweep picking, legato articulations (hammer-ons, pull-offs and finger slides) and fretboard tapping.

Some of my favorite guitarists utilize this approach in their solos, and I've been inspired by them to integrate these techniques into my own style. This month, I'd like to demonstrate how I can combine these techniques in the formulation of a guitar solo.

One of my favorite soloing strategies is to begin a phrase with some sweep picking and then transition into a fast legato line. To me, this approach has the potential to create flurries of notes that don't sound predictable because the run as a whole is not based upon just one technique.

United Stringdom w/Jacky Vincent - Sept 13 - Combining Sweeping, Legato and Tapping

the band... a Marmite moment

Falling In Reverse - "Alone"

Beledo: added to MoonJune artists label

BELEDO joins the MoonJune roster in multiple forms and shapes

please let me introduce You to a dear friend, an amazing electric and acoustic guitarist, pianist, composer, arranger, producer, occasional lute, violin and vibraphone player and as well, singer, BELEDO, considered a "myth" in his native country of Uruguay - will be joining the MoonJune roster next year, with several lead and side project. The second THE AVENGERS' cd is already in BELEDO's thoughts, while this Uruguayan guitar master is forming, with two outstanding NYC based musicians, CLINT BAHR on 12-strings guitar and MARKO DJORDJEVIC on drums (who will be drumming on the upcoming MoonJune release of Dusan Jevtovic), a power trio for the XXI Century to satisfy all MoonJune's appetites.

Aside from solo and side projects (all for MoonJune Records),BELEDO will join another upcoming "moonjunista", Toronto-based Romanian piano and keyboard wizard GIA IONESCO, scheduled for release in early 2014 (tentatively), the project promises to be broad in scope -- blurring all genre lines, in decidedly liberal fashion, by a group of participants hailing from an assortment of diverse cultural backgrounds: 7 musicians from 7 countries: GIA IONESCO on keyboards (Romania), BELEDO on guitars (Uruguay), MAURO PAGANI on flute & violin (Italy),JOHNNY JOHNSON on sax (Canada), JIMMY HASLIP on bass (USA), MINO CINELU on percussion and vocals (France) and ASAF SIRKIS on drums & percussion (Israel). Gourmand music fans of Mahavishnu Orchestra, PFM, Miles Davis, Gentle Giant and Frank Zappa will be very pleased with this project.

Additionally (see the poster below), BELEDO and GIA IONESCO CLINT BAHR on 12-strings bass andKIM PLAINFIELD on drums. This event will be recorded audio and video, and available for webcast, and if we are all happy with the final result, that might be another project featuringBELEDO, on MoonJune.

And finally, myself and BELEDO have traveled to Toronto, last June, to finish guitar parts for another GIA IONESCO's album that features as well ANTHONY CRAWFORD on bass and VIRGIL DONATI on drums and on few tracks, as well additional guitar solos by the guitar genius, ALEX MACHACEK.

More about BELEDO on his website:

Beledo's two latest solo projects are available now on SALE via MoonJune Records: THE AVENGERS "On Mission" & BELEDO "Montevideo Jazz Dreams". Please click on the cd icons below for more info.

Beledo: Montevideo Jazz Dreams

Beledo: Avengers - On A Mission

Stel Andre: melodic solo over a Rick Graham's backing track

Hey people! Here is my one-take melodic solo, over a Rick Graham's backing track. I hope you like it, comment me and let me know about it! Also 'Subscribe' my Youtube channel to stay updated with all my latest videos! Thanks you all for your support! Cheers :) \m/

Gear: Ernie Ball Music Man JP6, Guitar Rig 5

Stel Andre - melodic solo over a Rick Graham's backing track

Tom Quayle,George Marios: T42 - Funky Prank - for Licklibrary Licklibrary Guitarists Tom Quayle & George Marios Jam on guitar in the Licklibrary Studio to the backing track 'Funky Prank'!

George Marios was in filming some guitar lessons which will be available on our site very soon & Tom Quayle was in filming for a new DVD. Here's what happened when we sat them in front of the camera together!

Sign up to today and gain access to the NEW George Marios guitar lessons when they are available on our website along with the backing track 'Funky Prank'
See what plan works best for you :

Tom Quayle
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George Marios
Check Out George Marios Essential Guitar Contemporary Lines for Electric Guitar DVD here;

In this DVD, George Marios goes from fundamental elements of music such as phrasing and timing, to showcasing many intervallic lines involving hybrid picking, sweeping and hammer ons and pull offs.

Tom Quayle & George Marios Guitar Jam 'Funky Prank' - Licklibrary

Guthrie Govan: gets all Wampler about his new pedals!

Guthrie Govan

Guthrie Govan - Solo artist, The Aristocats, Steven Wilson Band. (UK)

News: Dean update their merch for summer splurge!

Hello! Many of you have been asking so we've just restocked a lot of our popular merchandise inventory. With the heat of summer in full swing, now is a great time toWEAR YOUR WINGS with pride. Check out the updated Dean Shop at for a wide variety of Dean t-shirts, accessories and household items. Dean Guitars swag always makes a great gift!

Estas Tonné: acoustic summer shred draws the crowds

You know the drill... if you know he name please respond! I could do with more people like this in Bristol, instead of the pop singers I seem to get...

NEWS update... thanks to guitar guru Kris Claerhout....Estas Tonné

best shredding Guitar i ever heard

Alex Hutchings: Funky Strut - Full length Jam. Alex Hutchings

Alex Hutchings has been one of the most popular artists on the site from day one, which is not surprising as he brings out consistently incredible jam track packages. This time, Alex is preparing everyone for the Summer Season with his brand new Feel Good Grooves Vol.1. This superb new set of 5 tracks, complete with solo examples, backings, extended jam tracks, TABS and videos, is witness to Alex jamming over some chilled out tracks that take you to a place where the sun is shining, the cocktails are flowing and the summer jam is about to begin. Alex's solo examples are of pure brilliance and come with an absolute mountain of new licks, ideas and creativity for you to to learn and help you raise your playing game.

This package is his first co-written with our newest jam track writer Klaus Wolf. Klaus wrote the superb backings and Alex shows us just what can be achieved over them! A dream team we reckon!

So if you like your tracks chilled and your solos inspirational then look no further than Feel Good Grooves Vol.1.


 5 solo example tracks
 5 solo backing tracks
 5 extended jam tracks
 5 videos by Alex
 TAB & Notation in PDF / Powertab (Alternate + Standard Tunings)

Funky Strut - Full length Jam. Alex Hutchings. (JAM TRACK CENTRAL)

Dean Zelinsky: Debuts New E-Commerce Signature Brand

Legendary Guitar Maker Dean Zelinsky Debuts New E-Commerce Signature Brand

Chicago, IL July 24, 2013 – Today, Dean Zelinsky launches his new line, Dean Zelinsky Private Label Guitars, taking a personal approach by selling his guitars through the company's e-commerce website Players are now able to purchase their instruments direct from the celebrated guitar maker. 
By utilizing the e-commerce platform, Zelinsky aims to offer guitar players access to higher quality instruments at the best possible price, while maintaining a strong connection with his fan base. Simply put, Zelinsky wants to build your guitar.

“Dealing directly with my clientele is the best way to do business,” stated Zelinsky, who emphasizes designing and building guitars is still his passion after nearly four decades. “World-class guitars will be delivered directly from my set up bench to the player’s door.” Zelinsky concluded.
Zelinsky is the first world-renowned guitar maker to adopt this “farm to table” approach, allowing his new Private Label brand to deliver a lot more guitar for the money.  Musicians can expect Zelinsky's uncompromising quality, design and latest technology at easily accessible pricing.
Outside the USA, Zelinsky is partnering directly with the top retailers in each country to offer this same best possible pricing to his international customers. 
Celebrated guitarists such as ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, Pantera’s Dimebag Darrell, Michael Schenker, Sammy Hagar, The Cars Elliot Easton, Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine, Heart’s Nancy Wilson, Leslie West, Kerry Livgren of Kansas, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard and scores of others have all played guitars designed and built by Zelinsky. Now, all musicians can buy the same quality instrument direct from the man who created such luminary guitars. 
Dean Zelinsky Private Label provides new guitar technology including Zelinsky’s patent-pending Z-Glide Reduced Friction Neck, which applies an advanced aerodynamic concept to the surface of the guitar’s neck. By engraving precise patterns into the back of the neck, surface area is reduced, thereby providing musician’s greater mobility and playability from their instruments. Zelinsky says, “We remove 70% of the neck’s surface…the rest is air.”
The new offerings from Dean Zelinsky Private Label will include the Tagliare, StrettaVita and Zenyatta, all of which are Zelinsky’s innovative, new designs. 
Pricing on Dean Zelinsky Private Label Guitars range from $279 to $4500 USD.

For more information, please visit

Gianluca Ferro: joins ESP ... you know I had a vision about that :)

Gianluca Ferro:  joins ESP 
Hi there ! Glad to join the ESP family. I have recently signed an endorsement deal for using ESP Guitars and this is a short announcement video !
Hope you'll enjoy it !

I'm hugely excited by this LTD H-1007 FR, which features neck-through construction, EMG pickups and Floyd Rose tremolo; It simply sounds killer !

Gianluca Ferro joins ESP

Ruggero Robin: Trio playing excellent rock fusion live

Ruggero Robin Guitar Nicola Sorato Eric Cisbani Drums

Ruggero Robin Trio "Tatra Mountains" Sample

Ruggero Robin Trio Sample Time Out

Ruggero Robin Trio "Happy Birthday To Me" Sample

Dean Sternberg: Instrumental

Dean Sternberg: All guitars, bass
Chuck Naccarato: Drums
Originally recorded by Within Another with vocals in mind, this song was re-worked and recorded again as an instrumental in 2004 in Chuck's studio while between bassists. Although a few live shows followed with a new bassist, this was the last demo recorded by Sternberg & Naccarato.
In 2006 a new Within Another lineup (now a 5-piece), again re-worked the song for vocals and titled it "Neglect," which became a live staple for many shows to come before the band dissolved in 2008.

Dean Sternberg - Instrumental

WithinAnotheR playing a private celebration for Electric Faith Recording Studios at Mill Creek Pub in Marlboro, NY. Dean Sternberg, Guitar and Vox - Sebastian Kelly, Guitar - Mike Poplees, Bass - Chuck Nacarrato, Drums

WithinAnotheR - Written in the Water (live)

WithinAnotheR - Conflict with Reason (live)

Daniele Gottardo,Marc Guillermont: to appear Monteroduni, Castle Gardens Pignatelli

Friday, August 2 22:00 Monteroduni, Castle Gardens Pignatelli
Daniele Gottardo, guitar
Glauco Bertagnin, first violin
Matthew Marzaro, second violin
Alessandro Pandolfi, purple
Jonathan Brunelli, cello
Anatoli Ricci, flute
Nicola Medici, oboe / English horn
Matthew Scavazza, bassoon / contrabassoon
Ricky Quagliato, battery

Friday, August 2 23:00 Monteroduni, Castle Gardens Pignatelli
Marc Guillermont, chitarra
Frans Vollink, electric bass
Sebastiaan Cornelissen, batteria

Sean Hall: Embers (Official Video)


Music Written by : SEAN HALL
Produced & Engineered : Julian Rodriguez

Video Made By:

E-mail: kainelevyproductions@gmail.comSean Hall - Embers (Official Video)

Sean Hall - Embers (Official Video)

Sean Hall: Beneath The Solace 

Kelly Simonz: Hikari - clinic demo

June 16, Kelly Simonz transcendence Gitarisu was held at the opening of Shimamura instrument Aeon Mall day from remote training seminars cast.

-HIKARI-from the opening of transcendence guitarist gypsum training seminars @ Aeon Mall Sun

Thomas Blug: Hughes and Kettner Switchblade, Tubemeister and TriAmp Demos

SWITCHBLADE 100 HEAD TSC - Testata per chitarra elettrica 100W RMS valvolare - Made in Germany - Switchblade Series - Valvole del Preamplificatore: 4x EL34 (si possono anche utilizzare le 6L6GC) - Valvole del finale: 2x 12AX7 - TSC (Tube Safety Control)





Philly Guitar Kid: Droptop by Jeff Golub, Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson - 12 year old!

This is for Pastor Noel, who introduced me to the music of Jeff Golub, and thanks for the cd too. Hope you like the video. I made the backing track and learned this song by ear so I don't know if the way I play it is exactly the same way as Jeff Golub plays it. Thanks for watching! Subscribe, Like, Comment, and Share if you like my vids.

Droptop by Jeff Golub (cover 12yr old PhillyGuitarKid)

Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson (cover by 12yr old PhillyGuitarKid)

Kermheat: imponysation of the week - one string guitar mayhem

Buy kermheat at Itunes: or

Kermheat Plays on ibanez Guitars and Elixir Strings at N.A.S.A:
and my feet are on :

Kermheat "imponysation of the week" July 22, 2013 !! Feat: One String Guitar, Bassnectar & DC Breaks

Glenn Proudfoot: Monster Licks No: 6

Monster Licks No: 6. A Minor Pentatonic Scale. Please visit for your transcription. Thanks, GP. ;)
Glenn Proudfoot - Monster Licks No: 6

Glenn Proudfoot: Animal
01. Feel Free To Give /
02. Save Me /
03. Loud /
04. Justify /
05. Whip It /
06. Sucker Punch /
07. Animal /
08. Fire At Will /
09. Done /
10. Living It Up /
11. Dear Enemy
Album Credits:
Guitar: Glenn Proudfoot
Drums: Damian Corniola
Bass: Jarrod Ross
Written, produced & engineered by: Proudfoot / Bowman
Mixed by Peter ‘Reggie’ Bowman at Screamlouder Productions, Melbourne Australia
Mastered by Cameron Mitchell at 2acrestudio, Melbourne Australia

Neil Rambaldi: Friends - Jam Session

Emily Palame - Vocals
Neil Rambaldi - Guitar
Phil St. Jermaine - Bass
Matthew Barreca - Drums
@ The Guitar Merchant, L.A., CA

Main solo at 2:30

Neil Rambaldi & Friends - Jam Session - "Red House" (J.Hendrix) 7.21.2013 L.A.

Tosin Abasi, Javier Reyes: Animals As Leaders Concert at Musicians Institute

Animals As Leaders performing Wave of Babies.

(800) 255-7529 (US/Canada)
(323) 462-1384 (International/Direct)

Musicians Institute, in Hollywood, California, offers a comprehensive, hands-on education in contemporary music performance, recording, guitar making, music business and film. If you're serious about your music, your education, and your career, take a look around the site to see what MI has to offer, then contact us for more information about how we can help you reach your goals.

Animals As Leaders Concert at Musicians Institute

Larry Mitchell: Hanging at the Dava Pick factory - secret pick!

Larry Mitchell: Hanging at the Dava Pick factory trying a new secret pick out.

Picking away

Gustavo Assis-Brasil: two tracks from the live DVD "Gustavo Assis-Brasil: In Concert" (2008)

from the live DVD "Gustavo Assis-Brasil: In Concert" (2008)

Gustavo Assis-Brasil guitar, nylon guitar
Mauricio Zottarelli drums
Jose Pienasola bass

Gustavo Assis-Brasil "55"

Gustavo Assis-Brasil "SUL"

Also the highly regard hybrid picking book
Hybrid Picking Lines and Licks for Guitar: Foreword by Guthrie Govan [Perfect Paperback]