Beledo: added to MoonJune artists label

BELEDO joins the MoonJune roster in multiple forms and shapes

please let me introduce You to a dear friend, an amazing electric and acoustic guitarist, pianist, composer, arranger, producer, occasional lute, violin and vibraphone player and as well, singer, BELEDO, considered a "myth" in his native country of Uruguay - will be joining the MoonJune roster next year, with several lead and side project. The second THE AVENGERS' cd is already in BELEDO's thoughts, while this Uruguayan guitar master is forming, with two outstanding NYC based musicians, CLINT BAHR on 12-strings guitar and MARKO DJORDJEVIC on drums (who will be drumming on the upcoming MoonJune release of Dusan Jevtovic), a power trio for the XXI Century to satisfy all MoonJune's appetites.

Aside from solo and side projects (all for MoonJune Records),BELEDO will join another upcoming "moonjunista", Toronto-based Romanian piano and keyboard wizard GIA IONESCO, scheduled for release in early 2014 (tentatively), the project promises to be broad in scope -- blurring all genre lines, in decidedly liberal fashion, by a group of participants hailing from an assortment of diverse cultural backgrounds: 7 musicians from 7 countries: GIA IONESCO on keyboards (Romania), BELEDO on guitars (Uruguay), MAURO PAGANI on flute & violin (Italy),JOHNNY JOHNSON on sax (Canada), JIMMY HASLIP on bass (USA), MINO CINELU on percussion and vocals (France) and ASAF SIRKIS on drums & percussion (Israel). Gourmand music fans of Mahavishnu Orchestra, PFM, Miles Davis, Gentle Giant and Frank Zappa will be very pleased with this project.

Additionally (see the poster below), BELEDO and GIA IONESCO CLINT BAHR on 12-strings bass andKIM PLAINFIELD on drums. This event will be recorded audio and video, and available for webcast, and if we are all happy with the final result, that might be another project featuringBELEDO, on MoonJune.

And finally, myself and BELEDO have traveled to Toronto, last June, to finish guitar parts for another GIA IONESCO's album that features as well ANTHONY CRAWFORD on bass and VIRGIL DONATI on drums and on few tracks, as well additional guitar solos by the guitar genius, ALEX MACHACEK.

More about BELEDO on his website:

Beledo's two latest solo projects are available now on SALE via MoonJune Records: THE AVENGERS "On Mission" & BELEDO "Montevideo Jazz Dreams". Please click on the cd icons below for more info.

Beledo: Montevideo Jazz Dreams

Beledo: Avengers - On A Mission