Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Claudio Pietronik: You too backing track - Melodic improvisation

Claudio Pietronik - Melodic improvisation
My improvisation over Martin Miller's "You too backing track" (from Rock Roots vol.1 packager - Jamtrackcentral.com)

Mattias IA Eklundh: guest lesson part 1 and 2

Visit http://www.totalguitar.co.uk/newsstand to buy the accompanying issue of Total Guitar.

TG welcomes Mattias IA Eklundh to our pages to share his unorthodox, freaky guitar style

Download Total Guitar issue 243 for the accompanying tab and explanation - available in the UK and, digitally, worldwide via Newsstand for iPad, iPhone & iPod touch and Zinio (http://www.zinio.com) from 8 July 2013.
Mattias IA Eklundh guest lesson part 2 (TG244)

Mattias IA Eklundh guest lesson part 1 (TG243)

Marco Sfogli: answers the question... what is the secret juice in the amps for Impermanent Resonance

Marco Sfogli
Okay since I reached 70 emails asking what amps did I used on Impermanent Resonance...one end of the instrument cable went into the Axe FX II, the other end was a mystery until a few weeks ago!

Marco Sfogli it took some time to find the email, here we go: the engineer said it was a Rectifier (pre serial n.500) through an oversize rectifier cab and an EVH head through a marshall cab from the late 60's, eventually with greenbacks in it. Overdrive pedals on both amps to taste. You got it!

Jeff Loomis, Keith Merrow: Schecter Hellraiser USA 100w Amp

Jeff and I took a little break from working on an album to try out this new Schecter amp. We tossed together a couple random riffs and gave this amp a test drive. The signal chain in the video is-

Schecter 7 string guitars- Hellraiser amp (no pedals in front)- Two Notes Torpedo Live Loadbox- Interface. No post EQ or effects in the in the DAW.


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Schecter Hellraiser USA 100w Amp - Metal (Jeff Loomis and Keith Merrow)

Keith Merrow and Jeff Loomis- Collaboration Album Fundraiser (Conquering Dystopia)


Summary  http://igg.me/at/conqueringdystopia/x...

Jeff Loomis and Keith Merrow have teamed up to write an album together. Alex Webster (Cannibal Corpse) will be on bass guitar, and Alex Rudinger (The Faceless) will be on drums. This fundraiser is intended to help ease the financial difficulty of creating an album, DIY style (no label support). We want this album to sound as good as possible, so most of this funding will go towards professional audio mixing and mastering. In addition, travel fees, merch, and even legal fees are all wrapped up in this fundraiser. Basicaly, every penny of this fundraiser will go into the creation of this album/project.

Chris Poland: Wiki metal interview

Interview starts at 12:30+

Lee Luland,Adam Nolly Getgood: Prospekt sign to Sensory Records and announce upcoming album

Oxford, England-based quartet PROSPEKT (featuring exciting guitar prospect Lee Luland) has signed with progressive metal linchpin Sensory Records for the pending release of the band’s debut full-length.

Prospekt hit the studio and recorded their debut full-length, The Colourless Sunrise, and hired producer Jens Bogren and Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood of PERIPHERY to mix and master the epic, sixty-five minute album. The Colourless Sunrise is scheduled for an October 2013 release via Sensory Records, a division of The Laser’s Edge.

Marcos De Ros: Can You Dig It - Iron Man 3

Marcos De Ros on a heavier version of "Can You Dig It " (Iron Man 3 Main Titles).
Song by Brian Tyler.
I just love this song!
"Can You Dig It (Iron Man 3 Main Titles)" - Brian Tyler. De Ros on guitar.

Bruno Palma: Cm Rock Jam

Video recorded in one take and first!
Hope you enjoy the sound
Guitar Ibanez Premium Rg870qmz
Santo Angelo Cables -
Cable Rock Santo Angelo
Shogun Cabo San Angelo
Pedal Line6 HD500
plate Fast Track Pro - M-Audio
Waves plugins Thank you all thanks

Cm Rock Jam - Bruno Palma

Listen Angel: SoundAbout Competition 2013

Thanks for letting us express our creativity without any limitation!

Join Shredders in Arms herehttps://www.facebook.com/ShreddersInArms

SoundAbout Competition 2013 Listen Angel

Guthrie Govan: and Friends Still Got The Blues Pacific Rock 2011

Mike Keneally modifies Zappa with Guthrie Govan, Marco Minneman and Bryan Beller (the Aristocrats) in WesFest 7 at Roxy

GUTHRIE GOVAN & Friends Still Got The Blues Pacific Rock 2011

Glen Drover,Dave Martone,Jim Gilmour: Live At Metalworks CD and DVD announced

On September 10, Magna Carta will release DAVE MARTONE / GLEN DROVER's "Live At Metalworks" as an audio CD with bonus DVD.

"Live At Metalworks" captures audio/video performances by Martone and Drover which were streamed live over the internet on September 25, 2011. This show was viewed by over 25,000 people in over 63 countries around the World.

Martone — a true modern guitar hero — performs with his band on such guitar virtuoso tracks as "The Goodie Squiggee Song" and "Dinky Pinky"from Martone's Magna Carta debut, "Clean". Other highlights of Martone's set include a cover of CHARLIE DANIELS BAND's "The Devil Went Down To Georgia". Another special moment occurs when Martone brings Drover on stage for an encore version of JOE SATRIANI's "Crush Of Love".

Drover — best known for his work in MEGADETH — performs with his band (which includes SAGA keyboardist Jim Gilmour) on a version of FRANK ZAPPA's "Filthy Habits" as well as "Colors Of Infinity" and "Ascension"from Glen's Magna Carta debut, "Metalusion". Drover brings Martone back on stage for an encore version of MEGADETH's "Symphony Of Destruction" with Glen on vocals.

* Dave Martone - Guitar and Vocals 
* David Spidel - Bass
* Gary Grace - Drums

01. The Goodie Squiggee Song
02. Bossa Dorado
03. Angel Fish
04. The Devil Went Down To Georgia
05. Got Da Blues
06. Dinky Pinky
07. Crush Of Love (with Glen Drover)

* Glen Drover - Guitar and Vocals 
* Jim Gilmour - Keyboards
* Paul Yee - Bass
* Chris Sutherland - Drums

08. Frozen Dream
09. Illusions Of Starlight
10. Colors Of Infinity
11. Filthy Habits
12. Ascension
13. Ground Zero
14. Symphony Of Destruction (with Dave Martone)

Scott LePage,Tim Henson: Polyphia | Impassion Play-through

Filmed by Kova Studios. Edited by Tim Henson and Kova Studios. Visual effects by Kova Studios.


Bandcamp: http://polyphia.bandcamp.com/
Physical copies: http://polyphia.bigcartel.com/

Polyphia is:
Tim Henson - Guitar
Scott LePage - Guitar
Clay Gober - Bass
Brandon Burkhalter - Drums


Mixed and Mastered by Scott LePage.

Tim Henson - Guitars
Scott LePage - Guitars
Brandon Burkhalter - Drums
Clay Gober - Bass

Scott LePage,Tim Henson: Polyphia - Inspire
1. Ignite 01:52
2. Persevere (Feat. Aaron Marshall of Intervals) 03:50
3. Inspire 05:26
4. Transcend 05:00
5. Impassion 04:48

Polyphia | Impassion (Guitar Play-through)

Elco Jongkind,Theo van Niel: Blues Hunters Zeehelden - series hot blues brothers

Elco Jongkind - Guitar
Theo van Niel - Guitar
Daniel Lottersberger - Bass
Taco Gorter - Drums

Blues Hunters Zeehelden promo

Blues Hunters @ de Pater 9 juni 2013

James Bell: Panama - No sleep til Nantwich

Me busking in nantwich :-)

James Bell - Panama ( Van Halen )

Dean Murphy: On the Shoulders of Giants Studio

On the Shoulders of Giants Studio Ep.2
here ya go the second installment of our studio fiasco up in indiana, this one actually has tracking etc, hope you guys enjoy it and don't forget to check us out on facebook at

Andy James: DV Mark Multiamp Clinic Tour.

Multiamp Clinic Tour.

If you're close to one of these events, don’t miss the opportunity to see the world-renowned Shred & Metal guitar phenomenon ANDY JAMES performs and showcase DV Mark MULTIAMP!

> Tuesday 10
2a Queens Road - NR1 3PR NORWICH (Uk)
Phone: +44 1603 623111
E-mail: info@supatonemusic.com
Web: www.supatonemusic.com

> Wednesday 11
64 Jersey Street - M4 6JW MANCHESTER (Uk)
Phone: +44 161 605 0871
E-mail: dave@toneworld.co.uk
Web: www.toneworld.co.uk

> Friday 13 at 7:00pm
Schorndorfer Straße 25
70736 - FELLBACH (Germany)
Phone: +49 (711) 5109800
Email: soundland@soundland.de
Web: www.soundland.de

> Saturday 14 at 2:00pm
Istanbulstr. 22-26, 51103 COLOGNE (Germany)
Phone: +49 221 88840
Web: www.musicstore.de

> Monday 16 at 8:30pm
12, avenue du 20ème Corps - 54000 NANCY (France)
Phone: +33(0)383397070
Web: www.maifrance.com

> Tuesday 17 at 5:30pm
12 bis rue du moulin Tonton - 59200 TOURCOING (France)

*NEW* Andy James 'Imprisoned' at Jamtrackcentral.com

Ilan Ashkenazi: Endurance video

Ilan Ashkenazi on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/ozZzAshzZzo
on G+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/104082559106303525329/posts


Nick Ioannou: Sound Like Jimmy Page for Under £1000

Sound Like Jimmy Page for Under £1000 - Nick Ioannou
'Sound Like Jimmy Page/Led Zeppelin for Under £1000' video response. Lovely bit of fun, prices below.

PRS SE 245 = £549
Creamery '59 PAF set = £140
Marshall Reverb 12 = £50
Total = £699

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/officialnickguitar
Website & Blog: http://www.nickguitarify.com

Danny Gill: Lick Library Launch Learn to Play Alice Cooper

Lick Library Launch Learn to Play Alice Cooper 


LickLibrary are delighted to bring guitarists everywhere Learn To Play Alice Cooper. The band has been part of rock and roll history for almost five decades and the guitar lessons on this double DVD include some of the most well known and loved tracks from these years.

During much of that time, the formidable guitar team of Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter sustained the Alice Cooper band’s creativity. Dick Wagner’s songs and bitingly melodic style of lead guitar have featured on more than 200 renowned and award winning albums. If you read the small print you will find there is a lot of Steve Hunter in your CD collection too. He has played with Lou Reed’s, Peter Gabriel, Tracy Chapman, David Lee Roth and many more.

Learn To Play Alice Cooper (RRP £24.99) has Danny Gill giving note for note guitar lessons for five Alice Cooper tracks, starting with the bands breakthrough hit I’m Eighteen which appeared in Guitar magazine as one of the 50 heaviest riffs of all time. Next comes the iconic anthem Schools Out full of classic riffs and Poison with its clever harmonies, ingenious chord progressions and key changes. Danny also explains every detail of Billion Dollar Babies and No More Mr Nice Guy, both full of interesting sections and smart twists that add to the songs intensity.

There is something for all levels of guitar players on this double DVD set, beginners can easily nail the chords of I’m Eighteen, whilst the more experienced can get their teeth into the intricacies of the solos. Danny walks you through all this and shows how it can all fit together whens he plays it against a full backing track.

To learn more about musically complex shock rock go to www.LickLibrary.com where you will find a vast selection of online guitar lessons and other guitar tuition DVDs as well as the Learn To Play Alice Cooper Perfect Partner set, which is the double DVD set plus Jamtrax CD.


Christophe Godin: Mörglbl announce US tour dates

Christophe Godin: Hi everybody, The Brütal Römance tour is coming to the USA in August/September 2013. Here are the tour dates. Looking forward to meeting you there!!!