Saturday, 1 February 2014

Marco Sfogli, Andy James, Franck Hermanny: DV Mark NAMM 2014

Didn't take the normal camera, but the nexus 5. Marco Sfogli, Andy James, Franck Hermanny: DV Mark NAMM 2014

Marco Sfogli, Andy James, Franck Hermanny: DV Mark NAMM 2014

Laura Klinkert, Anouck André: jam in the Gruv Gear booth at NAMM 2014

Laura Klinkert(Colombia) & Anouck Andre (France) during a jam in the Gruv Gear booth at NAMM 2014

Laura Klinkert & Anouck André, Live at NAMM 2014

Nili Brosh: as TMac hits the road Vigilant hit rehearsals

My fan boy moment

Nili Brosh
So, it makes me very happy to announce that I'll return to my beloved guitar spot supporting Tony MacAlpine in Ramona Mainstage, Ramona (just outside San Diego), CA, on Friday, March 7th. We're back!! More details to come...!

So what am I doing today? Vigilant rehearsal, and re-learning the Tmac set

Farabee Ziebart: Jason Becker Altitudes - blindfolded - just insane!!

Farabee with Rockstone guitar by Rickhanes

Mind Blowing - Kid Guitar God covers Jason Becker Altitudes from Surabaya .

Jason Becker Altitudes by Blind Folded Kid from Bangladesh

Andy James: Buckethead Style Lick | Guitar Lesson

Buckethead Style Lick | Guitar Lesson By Andy James | 50 Killer Metal Licks Volume 2
Learn a Buckethead style lick guitar lesson by Andy James.­VD This Lesson features on the 50 Metal Licks DVD. Learn 50 Killer Metal Licks in the style of some of Metals most influential guitarists.­VD
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Joe Bonamassa: Colour & Shape from A New Day Yesterday Live DVD

Joe Bonamassa - Colour & Shape from A New Day Yesterday Live DVD
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Joe Bonamassa plays "Colour & Shape" live in Ft Wayne, Indiana. You can find this song on Joe's "A New Day Yesterday Live" DVD.

Tim Henson,Scott LePage: Polyphia - Valentine's Day special

Tim Henson - Guitars
Scott LePage - Guitars
Brandon Burkhalter - Drums
Clay Gober - Bass

Hailing from the quiet suburbs of Plano, Texas, progressive rock outfit, Polyphia, are anything but mild-mannered. With a distinctly thought-out and well-orchestrated sound, the quartet pummels out blistering blast beats, and an onslaught of guitar shreds that blends, seamlessly, with melodic grooves and a humble intensity that never wears on the ear. Capitalizing on a "Standard of Excellence", the band wishes to inspire those who listen with their doctrine of uncompromised work ethic and self-motivated success.

Order the new "Inspire" EP, as we well as other merchandise here:

Stay tuned for frequent updates on Facebook, as well as:

Valentine's Day is coming up! Order this limited edition t-shirt from now until 2/03 and we'll ship it to you before VDAY! A special something for a special someone.

Victor Smolski: Engl signature amp - Essence of Datum

Today we are recording a short demo of Engl Victor Smolski signature amp. We've chosen this amp because it can provide you with most agressive and concentrated sound without using tube screamer noise gate or any other effects! All we need is right here, in this cool amp! Essence of Datum special for Sparrow Sons shop.;koh

Engl Victor Smolski signature amp - Essence of Datum (shortout)

Richie Kotzen: make a valentines date date for The Baked Potato

Richie Kotzen - Live at The Baked Potato Feb 4, 2014

Tuesday, February 4, 2014
9:30pm in PST
Get Tickets
Richie Kotzen Live at The Baked Potato
February 4, 2014
(2 sets - 9:30 pm and 11:30 pm)
These will be electric shows with
Dylan Wilson (bass) and Mike Bennett (drums)

David Reffett: TTK Live : Jan 31, 2014 : Post NAMM Special

TTK Live Webcast. Items discussed :
POST Winter NAMM 2014
Dave Reffett Interview (Details Below)
Gibson SG (Angus Young) Guitar - Play-Thru
Charvel So-Cal - Play-Thru
Lots of great chat & more!
Rock ON!

Interview with guitarist Dave Reffett. A true inspiration to guitarists wanting to make a name for themselves in the music biz.

Enjoy this interview where we talk about :

- Intermezzo ("juggernaut" which he wrote)
- Dangerous guitar, teaching service online thing
- New album
- Guitar World involvement (Betcha Can't Play This & Lick of the Day)
- Legator Guitars
- Seymour Duncan
- Eminence Speakers, Mogami Cables, D'Addario Strings.
- Influences
- Dave Mustaine story / Eddie Van Halen story
- Teaching, Philosophy, Labels, Perseverance, Endurance & Ambition!

TTK Live : Jan 31, 2014 : Post NAMM Special inc. Guest David Reffett

Claudio Pietronik: Hybrid Picking Series - fabulous playing

Hey Guys! here's the third episode of my free Hybrid Picking Series licks.

Hope you enjoy it! Feel free to share and don't forget to subscribe to watch next licks!

Link to download guitar transcription:

On Bass - Martino Garattoni (Ancient Bards - MMI)


Derek Song: Carvin - Tone King captures live performance NAMM 2014

TTK's Winter NAMM 2014 Coverage:
Behing the Scenes on Facebook :

Carvin Guitars - SCB6 - Carvin Guitars - Derek Song - Bevel-Top Guitar
SCB6 Single Cutaway Bevel-top guitar
CARVIN Guitars : SCB6 LIVE Performance by Derek Song : Winter NAMM 2014

Dean Brown,Hadrian Feraud: DV Mark booth NAMM 2014

Dean Brown & Hadrian Feraud @NAMM 2014 Markbass booth

Dean Brown & Hadrian Feraud @NAMM 2014 Markbass booth

Dean Brown & Hadrian Feraud @NAMM 2014 Markbass booth 2

Marcel Coenen: excellent cover of Vinnie Moore's Morning Star

Here is my version of this classic guitar shred song from Vinnie Moore, I hope you like it !
Contact me for lessons at I also teach using Skype software or you can book private lessons when you live close to Eindhoven in The Netherlands.

Marcel Coenen - Morning Star (Vinnie Moore Cover)

Greg Howe: Maragold - Evergreen is golder, live at Mark World - NAMM 2014

Maragold's website -

Maragold - Evergreen is golder, live at Mark World - NAMM 2014

Ivan Chopik: takes a close look at Vigier guitars for at NAMM

Guitar Messenger
Ivan Chopik: With my favorite 6-string guitar! One day I'll have it!

Photos by: Ivan Chopik, Alexander Pierce, Chris Dingman — with Ivan Chopik and Vigier Patrice at Anaheim Convention Center.

For the full gallery of awesome Vigier guitars.
NAMM 2014 Vigier

Andy James: new course is nearing release

Andy James
Our first course inside the is now edited and ready to upload to the server! Make sure you register your email with us at the website for the EARLY BIRD registration so you get notified of this before anyone else!!

Loads of exciting things inside the Academy!! Courses, membership options, ebooks, backing tracks, bonuses, exclusive material, AND something we are yet to announce - 'Andy James LIVE'….dont forget to register!

Andy James, Marco Sfogli, Damien Schmitt: DV Mark jam NAMM 2014

Andy James, Marco Sfogli, Damien Schmitt: jamming at the special event by DV Mark after show jam at NAMM 2014

Andy James, Marco Sfogli, Damien Schmitt, Namm 2014

Leonardo Guzman, Federico Malaman, Bruno Valverde: Gruv gear booth NAMM 2014

Leonardo Guzman, Federico Malaman, Bruno Valverde: Gruv gear booth NAMM 2014

Leonardo Guzman, Federico Malaman, Namm 2014

Leonardo Guzman, Federico Malaman, Bruno Valverde

Leonardo Guzman: Now!

Sam Coulson: reveals Asia's new album cover

Sam Coulson shared Original Asia's photo.
Here's the artwork for the upcoming ASIA album, Gravitas. I can feel a framed poster coming on lol!

Christian Muenzner: more details about his upcoming album

Muenzner: "The majority of the album is recorded by now. We're just working on a few guitar overdubs and additional keyboard arrangements, and then the whole thing is ready to be mixed.

"The songwriting took place between October 2012 and May 2013.

"I have been working on the album on and off for most of the last year, whenever touring activties and my busy teaching schedule allowed it. It is also a very important step and personal statement in my career, as about two years ago I was diagnosed with focal dystonia and had to face the possibilty of never being able to play again. Even though I'm still dealing with the condition on a daily basis, I have been able to improve a lot with the help of some great people, without whom this album would never have been possible. It took some time, but I am convinced that this is the best and most intense playing I have recorded up to date.

"Compared to my first album, there is a lot more focus on riffing this time, but also the neoclassical elements and '80s Shrapnel influences will be more apparent, and it contains some of the best melodies I wrote so far. I think the music is a little bit more straight to the point and in your face, but the album is once again going to include an eight-minute prog epic. In addition, Jimmy, Hannes and Linus have all delivered mindblowing performances. I am very lucky to be able to work with such outstanding musicians.

"This instrumental solo stuff is what I enjoy working on most recently, as it allows me the most creative freedom. I hope that this time I will also get the chance to tour and present the music of both albums in a live format."


ISAO: playing along in the studio

ISAO playing along in the studio

vol.1 ~ Makai flowing Hen that ISAO san tried to play the "Makai tradition" (ISAO guitar cover "makai densyo") ,ja

Tony MacAlpine, Nili Brosh: announce a gig for San Diego

Tony MacAlpine
San Diego! I'll be playing at Ramona Mainstage on Friday March 7! Tickets on sale now:

Nili Brosh

(Rated )
3/7/2014 (Friday evening at 7:00p)

Ramona Main Stage
626 Main Street
Ramona, CA 92065
(760) 789-7008