Sunday, 23 February 2014

Travis Montgomery: Animals As Leaders - Tempting Time

Here's my cover of "Tempting Time" by Animals As Leaders. Huge thanks to Chantelle Renée Photography for doing this video for me.

Animals As Leaders - Tempting Time

Dmitry Romanovsky: Essence of Datum - Beyond The Horizon - killer technical metal

Dmitry Romanovsky,Dmitry Sarychev: Essence of Datum - Event Horizon
1. Soul Strings Theory 04:34
2. Mixture Of Forms 03:18
3. Wandering Route To Self 02:33
4. Six Waves Of Existence 03:04
5. Duality 02:23
6. I. At The Heart Of Creation 04:15
7. II. Labyrinth Of Broken Mirrors 03:46
8. III. Beyond The Horizon 05:44
Debut full-length of a belarusian metal band.
released 20 November 2013
All music by Essence of Datum. Cover art by Paolo Girardi.

Essence of Datum - Beyond The Horizon (playthrough by romanovsky)

Essence of Datum - Beyond The Horizon (playthrough by romanovsky)

Essence of Datum - Soul strings theory guitar parts

Dallton Santos: "Trouble Tones" - Rock Fusion power trio

"Trouble Tones" - Rock Fusion power trio
Dallton Santos - Original instrumental composition by Adriano Moreira drums, Dallton Santos guitar and Fernando Molinari bass.

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Marty Friedman: on His New Tour and Album on Metal Injection

Metal Injection interviews ex-Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman on new album 'Inferno,' touring, collaborating with Alexi Laiho and more.
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Marty Friedman on His New Tour and Album on Metal Injection

Zakk Wylde: shows us how to guitar shop at Matt Umanov Guitar Shop

Black Label Society's Zakk Wylde shows us how to guitar shop at Matt Umanov Guitar Shop.
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Zakk Wylde on how to guitar shop at Matt Umanov Guitar Shop on Metal Injection

Joe Chawki: Mixolydian for indiegogo... your time to gogo?

Joe Chawki's 2014 Album
Joe Chawki is raising funds for recording and equipment to release his upcoming album.

Campaign Summary
I have been playing guitar for 19 years. In my teens I played in some local groups, played festivals and concerts receiving notable recognition. There are several random tracks I have released through the years, but none that have been produced or presented properly...for the most part I have been on my own as an artist-- seriously lacking adequate funding. I have written quite a bit of material which through this project, will finally be professionally recorded, produced and released to the public. Various circumstances have prevented me from putting this music out sooner, however I really feel now is the time in my life to do so. Please help me make this happen!! Many advanced thanks for your support!

What Is Needed
  • My goal is to raise $4500 through this campaign. As everyone knows, creative projects are expensive and most musicians are not exactly wealthy. The funds will be used as follows:
  • Professional equipment for home-studio recording
  • Studio time for production and mastering
  • Studio time for hired musicians (Bassist, Drummer & Keyboardist)
  • Printing, Packaging and Artwork for final release (Digital & CD)
  • 100% of the donated funds will go toward making the absolute best album possible
Please share this campaign, tell your friends, help to grow my fan-base. Donate creative services or equipment. Refer students near and far ( I offer lessons locally as well as online via Skype)
Send positive vibes :)

mixo clip 1

mixo clip 2

Anup Sastry,Jakub Żytecki: Lion EP featuring Jakub's soloing.

Anup L Sastry,Jakub Żytecki: Lion EP
1. Nemesis 04:15
2. Lion (feat. Jakub Żytecki) 06:43
3. Thousands 05:20
4. Free Fall 07:33

'Lion' is an EP I've been working on the past few months. Like all of my previous work, all of the guitars are programmed. I'm a drummer, and I can't actually fluently play guitar. I play and record my own guitar/bass samples using a real guitar/bass, and then I arrange these samples to form riffs.
released 18 February 2014
Written/Produced/Mixed/Mastered by: Anup L. Sastry

Guest Solo on Lion by: Jakub Żytecki
Album Artwork by: Jordan Salmon

Anup Sastry - Lion (Feat. Jakub Zytecki)

Erik Wøllo: Timelines - ambient - new album - time to destress

Erik Wøllo: "TIMELINES" (Projekt PRO298)
New full length album, released February 04 2014
Available on CD and digital download:

- iTunes:
- Amazon:
- Bandcamp:

CD (4-panel digpak):

TIMELINES is the 18th solo album from veteran Norwegian ambient/electronic artist Erik Wøllo. It's a warm, epic and shimmering cycle of memorable electronic music. Noted for his many Echoes Radio albums of the month -- and placement on "Best of the Year" lists at Amazon, Zone Music Reporter, Schallwelle Award (Germany), and others -- TIMELINES continues in that tradition with nine engaging pieces exploring the idea of music and time: how elements of past, present and future affect a listener's perceptions.

Layers of acoustic guitar loops and pulsation-patterns create the foundation on which Wøllo's distinct melodic piano themes are played. The pieces bring emotional synth lines and powerful deep basses together with delicate percussion arrangements. As a natural and important counterpoint to the expressive piano themes, Wøllo's electric guitar ebow solos are both intense and haunting.

"I started most of these songs with just an acoustic guitar," Wøllo reflects, "composing and recording them in the same order you hear on the album. I created the arrangements, adding other elements, building and sculpting the compositions in time. I have always been interested in timelines and schemes that show how time can be measured, and how we relate to them. Each of the tracks was conceived as part of a suite exploring the ideas and aspects of time and consonance. And how these elements go together, and how music as an artform is a manipulation of time. But the interesting clue here is of course how we relate to time in our body when we actually hear the music. And how our experiences and memories -- as well as present circumstance -- affect our hearing of the music. When I made this album, I was more aware of these ideas then ever before."

Wøllo's background in 70s prog-rock is noticeably present on this album. Strong rich themes, chords and rhythms all lead towards crescendos and counterpoints within the songs. Well-structured, yet all the while retaining a spacious ambient and cinematic feel, Timelines is a natural continuation of the electronic palette heard on Wøllo's recent albums Gateway (2010) and Airborne (2012), as well as his collaborations with Steve Roach: Stream of Thought (2009) and The Road Eternal (2011).

TIMELINES is an accessible and inviting album: an occasion with which the listener can discover involving music that combines rhythmic grooves and atmospheres with recognizable lyrical passages.

The video shows Erik Wøllo performing live in studio, and we hear excerpts from "Color of Mind", "Pathfinder", "Along the Journey" and "Ocean".

Sam Bell,Connor O'Keefe,Stephen Platt: Headstock Expo 2014 - Artist Jam

I was invited down to the Headstock Expo at their HQ in Birmingham to meet some of my fellow endorsee's and get a sneak preview on some of the latest Laney, Ibanez and Tama gear for 2014.
Watch what happens when five complete strangers in a room packed with shiny instruments all speak the same language, the language of JAM! :)

I had an absolute blast with:

Sam Bell - Mask Of Judas
Connor O'Keefe - Rise To Remain
Stephen Platt - Collibus
Kaz Rodriguez - Session Drummer/Soloist

Big thanks to Chris Taylor over at Headstock Distribution for making this happen.

Headstock Expo 2014 - Artist Jam

Pete Sklaroff: Late Night Jamming - but do his neighbours mind?... only if they are not invited over!

Just messing about here with a very heavily chorused guitar sound. Not something I use much at all, so really just a sonic experiment and fooling around with a funky backing track by the excellent Vito Astone.

Late Night Jamming

This backing track has been floating around the web for a while and I'll happily credit the composer if they let me know. Sorry about the audio quality and mix here, but I've lost the will have to stick with this version. Hope you like anyway..definitely a bit of Luke influence here...

80's Guitar Solo

Giant Steps Practice

John Petrucci: Interview with

The German John Petrucci Community presents an interview with John Petrucci (Dream Theater). Offenbach / Germany 02/01/2014 Interview with John Petrucci 02/01/2014

George Lynch: Celebrating 30 years since the release of Dokken's "Tooth and Nail" along with 50 years of the Whisky A Go-Go

Celebrating 30 years since the release of Dokken's "Tooth and Nail" along with 50 years of the Whisky A Go-Go and even on kevin Baldes birthday, fans packed the house to witness some guitar skills with an all star band.

George Lynch: Guitar/Vocals
Keith St. John (Burning Rain): Vocals
Kevin Baldes (LIT): Bass
Jimmy D'Anda (Bulletboys): Drums

One of those nights you just had to be there, or you missed out ... or did ya? Here's a look at a piece of rock and roll history! Congrats George on three decades plus of hard rock's best guitar licks.

(George) Lynch Mob at the Whiskey on 2-14-2014

Tosin Abasi, Javier Reyes: Animals As Leaders headlining North America - tickets and VIPS

the JOY of MOTION - March 25th - pre-orders coming soon...

Catch Animals As Leaders headlining North America Feb/March w/ After The Burial, Navene-K and Chon

Tour Dates and Tickets:
VIP Bundles at SoundCheck Hollywood:

Animals As Leaders - the JOY of MOTION

Animals As Leaders - Tooth and Claw

Xander Demos,Mike Orlando: will be a guest on this Sunday's Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show

Xander Demos (Sabbath Judas Sabbath, XDB) will be a guest on this Sunday's Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show. Also on the show will be Adrenaline Mob guitarist, Mike Orlando.
Feb. 20, 2014 - Pittsburgh, PA -- Metal shred guitarist, heavy metal mayhemXander Demos (Sabbath Judas Sabbath, XDB) will be interviewed LIVE on the Heavy Metal Mayhem Show this Sunday, February 23rd at 7:40 pm ET. He’ll join host, Mike “The Big Cheese” for a brief update on his career and forthcoming album, Dancing Through Daggers. Also on the show will be one of Xander’s favorite guitar players, Mike Orlando from Adrenaline Mob, whom Xander and his band opened for last year. The show starts at 6pm ET at

Mike “The Big Cheese” plays host to the “Classic 80′S Underground…Playing The Best Of All the Rest.. Heavy Metal the Way It Was Meant To Be!” Don’t miss a great night of metal madness!

David Wallimann: Chromatic Approach Blues Guitar Lesson

Visit for videos and backing tracks!
Adding chromatic lines to your guitar solos is super simple and so much fun!
Guitar: Fender Telecaster American Standard
Amp + Effects: Fractal Audio Axe FX II

Overdrive: Visual Sound VS-XO

Chromatic Approach Blues Guitar Lesson

Farko Dosumov: Liquid - great ERG bass original

written by Farko Dosumov - bass (ERG),
title: Liquid


Farko Dosumov: Liquid

Dede Aldrian: Sundanese Metal Gamelan - Indonesian guitar

Dede Aldrian Member Of Pyramid & DEDEVAI, from Indonesia..
downdload song : reverbnation/dedevai666 OR soundcloud /Dede Aldrian OR Dedevai-Pyramid,, Thanks

Sundanese Metal Gamelan by Dede Aldrian, @GitarisINA