Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Marta Witiw: featured in Polish guitar magazine and gives us a sneak peek of HESU amp

Marta Witiw has been getting press in Polands number 1 guitar magazine and no surprise to guitar fans as Marta's playing is mighty impressive and has lead to promotion work for HESU amps

Marta Witiw

Hi! It's been a long time since my last post here and today I've got finally some news. I spent a very productive evening recording a solo and video for a demo of HESU Amp. You'll see this on Youtube soon. Cheers! — at HESU

Marta Witiw: sneak peek of HESU amp

Last year

HESU 412 cabinet / Seymour Duncan pickups - Inconstant by Marta Witiw

Hesu Little Bastard - 20W all tube amp

Timo Tolkki: new Allen-Lande - Russell Allen and Jorn Lande

Frontiers Records
Russell Allen (Symphony X, Adrenaline Mob) and Jorn Lande (MasterPlan) have gotten together and recorded another classic metal album under the Allen-Landemoniker! The new album, THE GREAT DIVIDE was recorded under the direction of Timo Tolkki (Timo Tolkki's Avalon, Stratovarius), who also contributed to the songwriting process. The album will be released this October, but in the meantime, here is a sneak peek at the album cover! Looks pretty epic to us! What do you guys think?

Stéphan Forté: Seymour Duncan - special custom 7 string pickups

Stéphan Forté
I am very happy and proud to announce that I have officially joined number #1 worldwide guitar pickups company Seymour Duncan ! We are working on a special custom 7 strings neck pickup for my upcoming Ibanez custom and so far the prototypes just sounds awesome.
For this occasion, my amazingly talented friend and graphic designer Ludovic cordelieres at Rusalkadesign have made a badass wallpaper just for you guys !!!!! If you want to receive the HD version of it, just send us a mail at: 2worldsmgmt@gmail.com
Cheers !!!

Seymour Duncan
If you were going to have your own signature guitar pickup, would you base it off an existing model? If so, which one?

Check out this cool graphic new SD artist Stéphan Forté made. Welcome to the family Stéphan and good luck on your quest with the Nazgûl

Anouck André: #Bicio #DVMark Competition

Anouck André with a ripping solo for the #Bicio #DVMark Competition

#Bicio #DVMark Competition : Anouck André

Bicio DV Mark "Alien Abduction" Guitar Competition 2014

Keith Merrow: Road update - 6Tb of video in the can

Keith Merrow
People have been sending me messages everyday wondering why I haven't put a video on YouTube in a couple months. There are a few reasons why I haven't. For one, I was driving around the USA in a small bus for 6 weeks straight on tour with my band. I tried to put together a video during that time, but it was just too difficult. I figure at this point I'll just save all the footage (6tb worth) for the DVD we're working on. Secondly, as much as it pains me to say, I don't want to do gear demo videos. I kinda never really did. It's somewhat of a misconception that I care a lot about gear. I don't. I mean, I like gear, but I like writing music and playing guitar way more. I want to take whatever free time I have left to advance myself as a guitar player, and balance my off time so I can be a good husband and a father. It can take the better part of a weekend to do a high quality gear demo. I've spent too many weekends doing that. I'll be completely honest and say that a lot of the gear videos I've done were "commissioned". Meaning: I got paid to do it. I had to do them in some cases. But these days, I have a job (multiple), and a growing music career that I've made for myself. Gear demo videos have become a pretty low priority for me, unfortunately. So, my sincere apologies to those who are waiting for more gear videos. There will be more, undoubtedly. I just can't pump them out like I used to. If I do more videos, I'd rather them be like it was at the start of my YouTube channel. Videos of music I was working on, or play-thru videos of my songs. You know... music?

There's more to life than gear! Go play your guitar That's what I'm gonna go do. Haha, have a great day guys!

Lorenzo Venza: Lucid Bastard (preview)

This is a fragment of tune.
This is for a new trio project :)

Lorenzo Venza - Lucid Bastard (preview)

Ryuuta Sasaki: 『Searching for Memory』 Guitar Idol 4 entry

Follow the link to vote for me :)


Ryuuta Sasaki 『Searching for Memory』 Guitar Idol 4(2014)Entry

Guitar Idol 4

Tommy Emmanuel: Tour updates for US!

US - July
Boston MA
July 8 - Berklee College

Nashville TN
July 9 through 12 - CAAS
the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society and Convention

dates below are with Antsy McClain opening!

Wichita KS
July 17 - Orpheum Theatre

Omaha NE
July 18 - Peter Kiewit Concert Hall

Sioux Falls SD
July 19 - Orpheum Centre

Rapid City SD
July 21 - Rushmore Theatre

Missoula MT
July 23 - Wilma Theatre

Spokane WA
July 24 - Bing Crosby Theatre

Bend OR
July 25 - Tower Theatre

Jacksonville OR
July 26 - Britt Festivals

Joe Bonamassa: announces 4 nights at London's Hammersmith Apollo

Joe Bonamassa’s forthcoming studio album “Different Shades of Blue”, released on 22ndSeptember by Provogue, the celebrated guitarist is proud to announce four concerts at the Hammersmith Eventim Apollo, London inMarch 2015. Dates include Tuesday March 17th, Thursday March 19th, Friday March 20th and Saturday March 21st.

Planet Rock will run an exclusive 48-hour ticket pre-sale on Wednesday 9th July via www.planetrock.com. Tickets will then go on sale to the general public at 9am on Friday 11th July from the 24 hour box office: 0844 249 4300 and www.eventimapollo.com.

Currently his only confirmed UK concerts, the 2015 Eventim Apollo dates will see Joe perform an entirely new show. Featuring songs from new album “Different Shades Of Blue”, played live for the very first time in the UK, and a never-before-seen line-up of musicians, these shows are a guaranteed must-see for “Bona-holics” new and old, and guitar aficionados everywhere.

Joe and his band will also perform classics from his extensive back catalogue, including “Sloe Gin”, “Dust Bowl”, “The Ballad of John Henry”, and 2012’s critically acclaimed “Driving Towards The Daylight” (which reached #2 in the UK’s Official Album Chart).

Tuesday 17th March 2015
Thursday 19th March 2015
Friday 20th March 2015
Saturday 21st March 2015

45 Queen Caroline Street, London W6 9QH
Box Office: 0844 249 4300

Jonas Hörnqvist: Neil Turbin - Bleed The Hunger – Brand new melodic hard rock band

Bleed The Hunger – Brand new melodic hard rockin’ klassik rock band from Neil Turbin (DeathRiders, x-Anthrax) - Vocals and Jonas Jonas Hörnqvist, (Treasure Land) - Guitar http://soundcloud.com/bleed-the-hunger

July 7, 2014 - Los Angeles, CA. -- DeathRiders vocalist and original Anthrax vocalist, Neil Turbin has announced his musical partnership with Treasure Land guitarist, Jonas Hornqvist. Under the name, Bleed The Hunger, they have begun recording songs for their debut release. Listen at http://soundcloud.com/bleed-the-hunger.

Bleed The Hunger was formed in early 2014, when two friends, Jonas Hornqvist and Neil Turbin, both songwriters and musicians, who have been collaborating and writing together for ten years, started writing some dynamic, new songs, that didn't quite fit into the mold of Jonas' progressive metal band, Treasure Land or the speed and power that would fit into DeathRiders. After just completing his third master guitar instruction book http://www.melbay.com/Products/30405BCD/soloing-techniques-for-electric-guitar.aspx and a movie soundtrack for an independent film, Jonas sent some rough song sketches and demos to Neil. When Neil heard them, he was very inspired, and said to Jonas, "This is super, melodic hard rock. Let's record them all."

"The songwriting chemistry between Jonas and I has evolved to be very intuitive, cohesive and dynamic, while still maintaining the melodic detail of our sound signature, no matter what style of song," said Turbin. "The musical chemistry is strong, and is always fun, exciting and challenging--what new, even better song we will come up with next. Staying true within the realm of what we do best, we are completing more songs as we speak, for an album, and we have already recorded enough for an EP. What we have, is inspired, melodic Klassik Hard Rock, that comes from our hard-rockin' roots."

Jonas grew up listening to bands like KISS, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Gary Moore and Neil grew up going to NYC hard rock concerts in 1980 with Vendetta, Mayday, Starz, Twisted Sister, Riot as well as listening in the 1970’s to Free, Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, Motorhead, KISS, Scorpions, UFO, Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, Aerosmith, Jimi Hendrix, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Montrose, Boston, Kansas, and Foreigner.

"We thought long and hard about coming up with a name that was original and speaks for itself about the music and vibe. I can't tell you how many were shot down for months, and gave us some good laughs. We hope you like the tunes as much as we were passionate about making them. Horns Up! \m/(><)\m/ "

--Jonas & Neil


Adrian Weiss, Christian Muenzner,Thorsten Praest: Easy Game - the second instrumental album available

Adrian Weiss, Christian Muenzner,Thorsten Praest: Easy Game
1. Awkward Silence 04:44
2. Instant Relief 04:03
3. Aim To Please 04:23
4. Immediate Measures 03:45
5. The Last Days 04:16
6. Hacienda 04:11
7. Camel´s Dance 04:19
8. Second Sunrise 03:35
9. The Offering 04:21
10. Easy Game 04:05
11. Night Owl 05:51
12. Offbeat Frankenstine 05:15

Easy Game is Adrian Weiss´s second instrumental solo album
that takes the heaviness a little further than the debut album Big Time and for the first time also incorporates Adrian´s guitar slapping technique on two of the songs (Awkward Silence, Camel´s Dance).
The music always remains melody centered with clear song structures while grazing many rock and metal styles including fusion, progressive, world and blues.
released 05 July 2014

Lars Zehner - drums
Marcel Willnat - bass
Adrian Weiss - guitar

The following guest musicians are featured on Easy Game:

Demian Heuke (These Are The Days, solo artist – currently promoting album “Treumal”),
Manuel Franken (Korsakow)
Christian Muenzner (Obscura, Spawn Of Possession, Necrophagist)
Thorsten Praest (GUT),
Jens Basten (Gloryful, Night In Gales, Deadsoil)
Vito Papotto (Exotoxis, Gloryful)
Jens Schaefer (Thought Sphere, Moment Of Detonation)
Mischa Lenz (Kinski´s Eyes, Forces At Work)
Mf-C (Kinski´s Eyes)
Tim Schulte (Stigma, Wölli Und Die Band Des Jahres)

The album was recorded, engineered and mixed by Tim Schulte in Hilden, Germany between December 2013 and May 2014.
Mastering by Eroc at EMR in June 2014.

Adrian Weiss - Hacienda (feat. Christian Muenzner - Easy Game / Track 6)

Joanne Shaw Taylor: The Dirty Truth - new album and tour details

Joanne Shaw Taylor: The Dirty Truth

Album Track Listing
1. Mud, Honey
2. The Dirty Truth
3. Wicked Soul
4. Fool In Love
5. Wrecking Ball
6. Tried, Tested And True
7. Outlaw Angel
8. Shiver And Sigh
9. Struck Down
10. Feels Like Home

Joanne Shaw Taylor is pleased to announce details of her fourth studio album "The Dirty Truth" released in the UK on Monday 22nd September on Joanne’s boutique label Axehouse Music. The highly anticipated new album sees Joanne reunited with Jim Gaines who produced her 2009 debut album "White Sugar."

"I wanted to go back into the studio in Memphis with Jim to retain the same vibe that we captured on the first album," says Joanne. "The new album is a combination of rock and blues. It’s an exciting collaboration, and hopefully my fans will love the more stripped down sound."

Tour dates


BOOK ONLINE: www.thegigcartel.com
24 HR BOX OFFICE: 0844 478 0898

Regional Show Tickets: £17.50
London Tickets: £20.00 / VIP Tickets: £50.00

Saturday 1st November
Tickets: £17.50 / Box Office: 01603 727 727
Book Online: www.thegigcartel.com
112-114 Magdalen Street, Norwich, NR3 1JD

Sunday 2nd November
Tickets: £17.50 / Box Office: 01442 789 789
Book Online: www.thegigcartel.com
Sheffield City Hall, Barkers Pool, Sheffield, S1 2JA

Monday 3rd November
Tickets: £17.50 / Box Office: 01133 838 800
Book Online: www.thegigcartel.com
Leeds Wardrobe, St Peter's Square, Leeds, LS9 8AH

Tuesday 4th November
Tickets: £17.50 / Box Office: 0161 907 5555
Book Online: www.thegigcartel.com
Manchester RNCM, 124 Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9RD

Thursday 6th November
Tickets: £17.50 / Box Office: 01224 337 688
Book Online: www.thegigcartel.com
Aberdeen The Lemon Tree, 5 West North Street, Aberdeen, AB24 5AT

Friday 7th November
Tickets: £17.50 / Box Office: 01415 651 000
Book Online: www.thegigcartel.com
Glasgow The Arches, 253 Argyle Street, Glasgow, G2 8DL

Saturday 8th November
Tickets: £17.50 / Box Office: 01642 525 199
Book Online: www.thegigcartel.com
Stockton Arc, Dovecot Street, Stockton On Tees, TS18 1LL

Wednesday 12th November
Tickets: £17.50 / Box Office: 01392 665 938
Book Online: www.thegigcartel.com
Exeter Corn Exchange, Market Street, Exeter, EX1 1BW

Thursday 13th November
Tickets: £17.50 / Box Office: 01326 211 222
Book Online: www.thegigcartel.com
Princess Pavilion, 41 Melvill Road, Falmouth, TR11 4AR

Friday 14th November
Tickets: £17.50 / Box Office: 01722 434 434
Book Online: www.thegigcartel.com
Salisbury City Hall, Malthouse Lane, Salisbury, SP2 7TU

Saturday 15th November
Tickets: £17.50 / Box Office: 0121 345 0600
Book Online: www.thegigcartel.com
Birmingham Town Hall, Victoria Square, Birmingham, B3 3DQ

Tuesday 18th November
Tickets £17.50 / Box Office: 08444 780 898
Book Online: www.thegigcartel.com
Cardiff The Globe, 125 Albany Road, Cardiff, CF24 3NS

Wednesday 19th November
Tickets: £20.00 / Box Office: 0844 477 2000
Book Online: www.thegigcartel.com
London Shepherds Bush Empire, Shepherds Bush Green, London, W12 8TT

Thursday 20th November
Tickets: £17.50 / Box Office: 01824 758 000
Book Online: www.thegigcartel.com
Bury St Edmunds The Apex, Charter Square, Bury St Edmunds, IP33 3FD