Stéphan Forté: Seymour Duncan - special custom 7 string pickups

Stéphan Forté
I am very happy and proud to announce that I have officially joined number #1 worldwide guitar pickups company Seymour Duncan ! We are working on a special custom 7 strings neck pickup for my upcoming Ibanez custom and so far the prototypes just sounds awesome.
For this occasion, my amazingly talented friend and graphic designer Ludovic cordelieres at Rusalkadesign have made a badass wallpaper just for you guys !!!!! If you want to receive the HD version of it, just send us a mail at:
Cheers !!!

Seymour Duncan
If you were going to have your own signature guitar pickup, would you base it off an existing model? If so, which one?

Check out this cool graphic new SD artist Stéphan Forté made. Welcome to the family Stéphan and good luck on your quest with the Nazgûl