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Nico Stufano: Waiting For - classic fusion album full stream posted by Nico

Nico Stufano: Waiting For full album stream 9 videos 44 minutes

Album "Waiting for..." - 2001 - Sony Music

Nico Stufano - guitar
Paolo Romano - bass
Mimmo Campanale - drums

Nico Stufano: Waiting For

Giacomo Castellano: Masotti X100M Custom Head - Very classy rock soloing


"Modern" configuration
EL 34 100w, 3 channels, plus the following CUSTOM features:

1) Midi brite, boost, mid cut, dual master and loop fx
2) USB backup
4) additonal footswitch for non midi operations

GUITAR: Ibanez RG3550 with DiMarzio Pickups
EFX: Timeline Strymon, no other efx was used

The song "Flares" is composed by Giacomo Castellano ©2014

Guitars, bass, programming and arrangiaments by Giacomo Castellano

This video is made by Giacomo, additional video op: Irma Mirtilla

(The video is made with a Canon 70d with Canon lenses 18-55 STM, 10-18 STM and 50mm 1.8)


Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller, Marco Minnemann: The Aristocrats - The audio on the "Culture Clash Live" CD and DVD is now final.

The Aristocrats
Updates: The audio on the "Culture Clash Live" CD and DVD is now final. We're just putting the finishing touches on the video for the DVD. And there's a huge surprise part of this release - way more than just bonus material - that we're going to announce really, really soon.

As if that's not enough teasing, we're going to announce a big change here in Aristocrats Social Media World in the coming days.

For now, here's a pic from the old days...from our gig at The Baked Potato back in June 2011. Hard to believe that was over three years ago...

Marco Minnemann Guthrie Govan (Official)

Michael Lee Firkins, Daniele Gottardo: announce live date in San Jose

Michael Lee Firkins

Last minute gig in San Jose this Thursday! Back Bar SoFa. Even though I'm listed here as the headliner, this show is really about showing our hospitality to amazing guitarist Daniele Gottardo who is visiting here from Italy. Come on out to show your appreciation to such a killer hard working musician who is bringing his amazing talent to the bay area!

This Thursday!
Back Bar SoFa
418 S MARKET ST, San Jose 95113

Kiko Loureiro: Angra's new album “Secret Garden” announced for pre order

Out on January 16th, 2015

Preorder now:

After four years without releasing any new music, the moment fans have eagerly been waiting for is very close. Angra's new album “Secret Garden” shows the band in top form.

Pre-produced by legendary producer Roy Z (Judas Priest, Bruce Dickinson, Halford) and recorded and produced in Sweden by the talented Jens Bogren (Kreator, Arch Enemy, Opeth, Dragonforce), “Secret Garden” brings together everything that has established Angra as one of biggest bands in its style: contemporary sound combined with inspired compositions.

The album will be released on January 16th, 2015 on earMUSIC.

“Secret Garden” shows the maturity of a band that, after 23 years on the road, continues with the same motivation and passion for music that drove the glorious beginning of the group. The compositions mend together elements that made the band known around the world, foregrounding the unity of seemingly distinct styles and combining in a unique way styles such as rock - in its various forms, classical music and Brazilian music.

“Secret Garden” is yet another masterpiece by the group and promises to become a great classic in the metal world. Like almost all of Angra’s work, “Secret Garden” is a concept album which brings up the question: can something that does not exist to the eyes, or is not perceived by the senses, be considered as non-existent?

The songs tell the fictional story of scientist Morten Vrolik who fights to restore his happiness after a tragic accident that took the life of his wife. Faced with the harsh new reality, Morten is forced to revise his atheistic beliefs and values in order to recover a sense of personal contentment that was taken away by fate. The sudden change in his routine, the adaptability, synchronicity, loneliness, guilt, hope and the strength to rise anew are some of the topics discussed in the lyrics, always put to light under different perspectives - be they religious, scientific, philosophical or merely aesthetic.

Angra, the most representative band of the Brazilian power metal scene worldwide, is back with full power. Italian vocalist Fabio Lione embeds the music with his powerful voice and impressive performance whereas young prodigy Bruno Valverde impresses on drums, giving the group a more modern sound.

One of the great strengths of the album is the variety of great guest musicians: Simone Simons from the Dutch band Epica divinely interprets the song "Secret Garden" while the great metal diva Doro Pesch sings an exciting vocal duet with Rafael Bittencourt on "Crushing Room". Actually, the various appearances of Rafael’s lead vocals make for some of the strongest moments on this album, causing a contrast in tone and interpretation in comparison to Fabio. This also becomes evident in the cover that the band chose to record, "Synchronicity II" by The Police.

The front cover and album design cleverly interlace the music and story into a beautiful artwork - created by designer Rodrigo Bastos Didier, representing the dreamlike moments of the album’s story. The entrance to the secret garden, a representation of the unconscious and the whole atmosphere of mystery intend to bring to the fan an experience that transcends merely listening to the songs.

Once again, Angra brings to the scene a bombastic, electrifying release, capable of generating new trends, justifying with greatness and elegance why they have been recognized as one of the leading global power and progressive metal bands for over two decades.

For a first impression of the new album in the form of a lyric video for “Newborn Me”, click the following link to watch it:

1. Newborn Me
2. Black Hearted Soul
3. Final Light
4. Storm of Emotions
5. Synchronicity II
6. Violet Sky
7. Secret Garden (feat. Simone Simons)
8. Upper Levels
9. Crushing Room (feat. Doro Pesch)
10. Perfect Symmetry
11. Silent Call

Angra "Newborn Me" Official Lyric Video from the new album "Secret Garden"

Todd Duane, Lalle Larsson: Schizoid - insane guitar and keyboards from 1993

The song Schizoid from Mark Varneys Guitar on The Edge Vol.1 No.4 compilation (1993)

Todd Duane - Guitar & bass
Lalle Larsson - Keyboards

Todd Duane & Lalle Larsson - Schizoid - 1993

Dr.Viossy: W.A. Mozart - Piano Sonata n°12 (K332) - 3rd movement for electric guitar - two handed metal version

Dr.Viossy playing W.A. Mozart's Piano Sonata in F Major n° 12 (K332) - 3rd movement.
Arranged for electric guitars. Metal version as always \m/ :D \m/

W.A. Mozart - Piano Sonata n°12 (K332) - 3rd movement for electric guitar

Kirill Koniaev: demos Padalka Guitars - Enigma

-mahogany body
-quilted maple top
-all-rosewood neck
-dimarzio crunch lab/air norton pickups
-graphtech piezo
-hipshot hardware

Padalka Guitars - Enigma (demo)

Kirill Koniaev

Pete Thorn: Chellee Guitars ODIE Overdrive, demo by Pete Thorn

A demonstration of the Odie Overdrive from Chellee Guitars
Get Pete's new guitar lessons here:
Check out Pete Thorn's "Guitar Nerd" CD here:
Check out "The Groomed Noodler", new single by Pete Thorn here:

Chellee Guitars ODIE Overdrive, demo by Pete Thorn

Tom Quayle: Vigier Excalibur Special 7 String Guitar Review

Tom Quayle: Vigier Excalibur Special 7 String Guitar Review

Review of the Vigier Excalibur Special 7 String Guitar

Alek Darson: Sprockets - Live At Rosfest 2014 - progressive fusion

Another song from RoSfest 2014 in Gettysburg, PA at the gorgeous Majestic Theater. Josh Kirsch from Fright Pig (the band I was performing with that day) was so generous to put my original song of mine on the set list, and therefore allow me to bring it to you here.

Bass - Kilian Duarte
Drums - Hadrien Pierson

Alek Darson: Panopticon

Download my debut EP Panopticon here:

Much more on

Video Production: Zeitgeist Media/Stretch Media Solutions
Camera Operators: Adele Schmidt, Adny Evans, Jose Zegarra Holder, Sharon Rudolph, Carol Cole (Audience Cam)
Editing and Post - Alek Darson

Multitrack Audio recording: Mike Potter
Mixing & Mastering: Alek Darson

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Alek Darson exclusively plays Wood Guerilla and Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II.
Sprockets - Live At Rosfest 2014 [Alek Darson]

Ignazio Di Salvo: Have you met miss jones - jazz tones

Ignazio Di Salvo: Have you met miss jones - jazz tones

Ignazio Di Salvo - Have you met miss jones

Daisuke Nomura: The Sound system construction Perfect Guide for the guitarist - JFusion

Daisuke Nomura: from instructional DVD "The Sound system construction Perfect Guide for the guitarist"


Allan Holdsworth: West Coast tour dates arrive for 2015


JANUARY 22, THU - AGOURA HILL, CA - The Canyon Club
For more info:


For more info:

For more info:

For exclusive worldwide booking inquiries:
Leonardo 'Nardini' Pavkovic
MoonJune Records & Management
New York

Rick Renstrom: Marshall JCM2000 DSL 100 Test

Playing Leash Law "Better than betrayed" and "Fight" solos, a little rambling then a piece from Holmes and Slice "The Adventure Begins.."

Rick Renstrom Marshall JCM2000 DSL 100 Test

Akihiko Onji - Stratus - 8Finger tapping - Improvisation

Billy Cobham - Stratus - Improvisation - Akihiko Onji - 8Finger tapping
Leqtique Maestro Antique Revised Quad Limited(Over Drive) - Roland JC-120

Akihiko Onji - Stratus - 8Finger tapping - Improvisation

Julian Scarcella: ENGL TV - Invader 2 demo

Enjoy this great ENGL Invader 2 demo by Julian Scarcella. He is a really great player and we are happy to have such a young talent on board. Julian is playing his song "Less is more"!

ENGL TV - Invader 2 demo no2 by Julian Scarcella

Gary Husband: Dirty&Beautiful Vol 1 Remix Edition Album Promo

Available Worldwide on Abstract Logix Records.
Buy at

“It’s been a real pleasure to revisit this album, open up all the multitracks and completely remix the material. Actually, two of the more understated tracks remain nearly the same – namely the Mark King jam and the solo keyboard piece – but aside aside from those it’s all a very different affair to what you know on our first edition. You’ll even experience a little more of our (initially quite abbreviated) Robin Trower jam!

In addition to all concerning the general tracks, we’re including four bonus selections at the end, which are essentially rough, “in progress” / freshly performed mixes of certain pieces right from the respective various studio sessions. You’ll find a great alternative violin solo on “Between The Sheets Of Music” from Jerry Goodman there, From Volume 2 you’ll hear the origins of my piece with Wayne Krantz… before Wayne himself turned his muse to it. Also the Allan Holdsworth track “Fred” in it’s raw form before any guitar fixes (complete with a little pre-track improv warm up from us all) and the Mike Stern track (also in it’s raw form) as it was before I later compositionally developed it.

Lastly, you’ll find a selection of previously unpublished photographs inside the new cover artwork taken during the various recording sessions depicting Allan, Jimmy Johnson, Steve Topping, John McLaughlin, Robin Trower and others at work.

I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy this all-new sounding Special Remix Edition of Dirty & Beautiful Volume 1.


Gary Husband”

Gary Husband's Dirty&Beautiful Vol 1 Remix Edition Album Promo

Jeff Loomis: The Jeff Loomis Challenge on jam track central

Free Download Link:

As part of Toontrack’s annual Metal Month, Jam Track Central and Toontrack give you the Jeff Loomis Challenge!

Download the audio track for Jeff Loomis’ playthrough with all lead parts muted. Then, record your own rendition of Jeff’s parts and upload your own video to YouTube, share it on Facebook/Twitter and hashtag it #JeffLoomisChallenge. We’ll then look up your entry and add it to a Toontrack/Jam Track Central playlist. If you don’t have a Facebook account, feel free to email your YouTube link to:

This is not a competition, it’s a friendly gathering of guitarists doing what they do best: play guitar. Do what you love, love what you do, be inspired by the original, then do your own thing!

All guitars for this playthrough were recorded direct in (DI) without amplification. All guitars are Jeff’s custom tones from the Metal Guitar Gods 2 EZmix Pack for EZmix 2. All drums are from the Made of Metal EZX for EZdrummer 2.

The Jeff Loomis Challenge

Fran Alonso: Vemuram Jan Ray + James Tyler Classic - classy melodic soloing

Improvisation using the pedal Vemuram Jan Ray, the Strymon Mobius, TC Flashback Delay and Reverb TC x4 Trinity. The guitar is a James Tyler Classic Custom.

Vemuram Jan Ray + James Tyler Classic

Nozomu Wakai: Destinia - Requiem for a Scream - new album with Rob Rock on vocals

Released in November 26 November 2014
Nozomu Wakai's DESTINIA
debut album "Requiem for a Scream" guitarist that has received a great deal of influence from Japanese metal scene, Wakai desired is of its own heavy and eye Standing in order to embody the utopia of the barrel Raise the metal project, Nozomu Wakai's DESTINIA! ! Masatoshi Ono started Morikawa is a leading Japanese HM / HR vocalist Koreyu (ANTHEM) (Vo), Miyawaki "JOE" Intellectual History (Ds), YUHKI (Key), and the world of HM / H also in R scene of top-class boasts the strength and name recognition Rob Rock (IMPELLI TTERI) such as musicians handedly is gathered from home and abroad! In debut wonders of complete boasts the ultimate degree of melodic metal album is finished! !

「Requiem for a Scream」PV/Nozomu Wakai's DESTINIA

"Requiem for a Scream" trailer / Nozomu Wakai's DESTINIA