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Michael Angelo Batio: Shred Secrets

"I'm Michael Angelo Batio and I'm here to teach you a lesson!"

Heavy Metal Tuesday

That's right. You heard it here first. There's black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. Then there's cyber Monday. By the powers vested in me as President of Metal Method I proclaim today Heavy Metal Tuesday to stimulate holiday guitar lesson sales. From this day forward the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving will be known as Heavy Metal Tuesday (providing I remember this next year).

Speed Kills 1 and Speed Kills 2 represent the most extensive revision to the Speed Kills series in over twenty years. Speed Kills 3 has not been revised. It was previously called Speed Kills 2010.

Michael and I began working on this program using the working title, "How to play really fast!" It is about that, but so much more. For this program we really wanted to reveal Michael's secrets, to dig deeper for these instructions than any previous lesson he's ever done. For example, one of the most basic shred techniques is sweep arpeggios. You've never heard his sweep secrets revealed to this extent before. It's not just a matter of "rolling" your fretting hand. There are a series of moves happening with both hands. He demonstrates these moves slowly and in great detail.

Many of these exercises are short and to the point. For example, Michael describes the one measure economy picking exercise as, "Learn this and you will have mastered economy picking." Simple but true.

So, we started with "How to play really fast!" and by the time the program was complete we realized thatMichael Angelo Batio had actually revised the entire Speed Kills series.
The Guitar World Reader's Poll selected Michael Angelo Batio as the "Fastest Guitarist of All Time"

So if you want to learn to play really fast, you've come to the right place. You're being taught by the fastest. But he didn't learn to play that fast without mastering every shred technique in existence. And these are the secrets that Michael will share with you here.

Maybe you don't have any interest in shredding. Still, an occasional burst of speed can create drama and showcase your talent. As Michael explains, "It's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it." Are you ready to have it? I thought so.

Order the revised Speed Kills right now and start shredding within minutes

Rick Graham: 'Time' by Joe Satriani - Dedicated to the musician that changed my Life

Dedicated to the musician that changed my Life.
Please share the hell out of this video. Thanks
Backing By Alan Sacha Laskow
'Time' by Joe Satriani - Rick Graham

Josh Martin: Little Tybee - "Glitch Tapping" on his Ibanez SIX28FDBG

Little Tybee's guitarist Josh Martin demonstrates a guitar technique he has dubbed "Glitch Tapping" on his Ibanez Iron Label SIX28FDBG!

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Josh Martin of Little Tybee - "Glitch Tapping" on his Ibanez SIX28FDBG

Tom Quayle, Martin Miller: Blue in Green (Tokyo Jam)

Tom Quayle & Martin Miller - Blue in Green (Tokyo Jam)
Martin Miller
Tom Quayle and me jamming on Miles Davis' "Blue in Green" at Gakki Fair in Toyko. Although we had to fight severe jetlag and horrible acoustic conditions, we managed to come up with a few really cool notes.
I'm playing a gorgeous Xotic guitar into Shun Nokinas wonderful array of drive pedals going into a Mesa combo. Enjoy, folks!

Morgan Pettersson: Poinsettia - Positive Grid Bias Desktop as a back drop for quality soloing

Morgan Pettersson
I use Positive Grid Bias Desktop for backing guitars and LePou guitar plugins for lead guitar. All effects used are Waves. Mastering in Wavelab. My Fender Stratocaster is equipped with Tesla Plasma RS1 pickup i bridge position and Tesla Plasma STS in middle and neck position.
©2014 Morgan Pettersson Music

Christian Muenzner, Danny Tunker,Morean: Alkaloid - "C Value Enigma"

Update #2 - The guitar track "C-Value Enigma" from beginning to end!

We have reached almost 50% of the costs already. We want to thank everyone who supports us with perks and sharing! This is amazing!

"C-Value Enigma" is a very special track that we want to share with you now:

Taken from the upcoming album "The Malkuth Grimoire" (2015)


Music by Morean

Alkaloid - "C Value Enigma"

Miles Dimitri Baker: Interloper - A Red Letter Day Playthrough - ripping metal

This is the live, (everything you see is recorded and is what you are hearing) playthrough of "A Red Letter Day". (watch in 1080p!)
***CONTEST*** Share this video on Facebook with the hashtag: #bodyisreadyfingersareshreddy and tag Interloper in the post. The winner will be chosen at random, (obviously) and announced Friday, December 12th! Winner gets a free album cover tee!
-- Merch @ http://interloperofficialmerchstore.b...
-- Digital Downloads @
--Members: Miles Dimitri Baker, Lucas Mann, Aaron Stechauner.

Interloper - A Red Letter Day Playthrough

Anthony Lipari, Bryan Baker, Charlie Shaughnessy: Thoren - crunching new album on bandcamp

Anthony Lipari, Thoren with Bryan Baker and Charlie Shaughnessey
1. Gaw Onnen 02:05
2. Gwerlum 05:15
3. Mugsh Burzum 04:08
4. Ungoliant 02:59
5. Cirith Ungol 03:58
6. Shelob 04:59

released 26 November 2014

Anthony Lipari: Guitars and Composition
Joseph Paquette: Bass
Chris Burrows: Drum Programming

Guest solos by Bryan Baker and Charlie Shaughnessey on Gwerlum and Cirith Ungol respectively.

Mixed and Mastered by Colin Marston

Eric Steckel: Ripping blues at De Bosuil - Weert, Netherlands

Live Video Recording of the concert of Eric Steckel at De Bosuil (Weert, Netherlands) by Special Events Productions.

For more info visit or email

Michael Lee Firkins: heading for European Tour dates

Michael Lee Firkins

I will be on tour in Europe April 1st - May 4th! I'll be doing shows and guitar clinics. So far: Holland, France, Germany, and Poland. Other countries still being added. As earlier stated: I will be releasing a new album only available at my live shows. Can't wait to see all my Friends over there! More later, Stay Tuned!

Hedras Ramos: Gruv Gear Review - with added cool soloing

Hey guys this is my review over the HD Fret Wraps and Club Bag.
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Booking and Management:
Hedras Ramos Sr.
Guatemala: +(502) 5511-8278
Los Angeles: +(213) 283-7319

Hedras Ramos Gruv Gear Review

Matthew Bellamy: Cort Launch Official Manson Matthew Bellamy Signature Guitar

Cort Launch Official Manson Matthew Bellamy Signature Guitar

The first official Matthew Bellamy signature guitar to be distributed to a global audience
- Incredible price point for a signature model which incorporates bespoke design and components
- All design and development work completed and personally overseen by Manson Guitar Works

Matthew Bellamy, the lead guitarist in the rock band Muse, Manson Guitar Works and Cort are pleased to announce the launch of an all new signature guitar. After a productive period of research and development between the three parties, the new guitar will be based upon the official MB1-S series and features a newly designed pickup set from the Manson Guitar Works team together with a discrete kill button. 

The new matt black finished guitar incorporates a sleek maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, a solid basswood body, special Manson designed bridge humbucker and true single coil neck pickup reflecting the layout of several of Bellamy’s stage and studio custom instruments. The kill button allows a wide range of guitar effects to be created by the player without resorting to outboard effects. The headstock design features Bellamy’s distinct signature together with the Cort logo. The rear of the neck has a gloss finish and Manson logo behind the headstock. With a UK retail of £499.00 the guitar will offer incredible value for money for all guitar players seeking a quality and unique shaped instrument.

The instrument will be unveiled at the NAMM show in January 2015. For more information please

Manson Guitar Works has been making custom guitars with over 30 years of experience and is known for its reputation for innovation and quality. They have worked closely with Matthew Bellamy for two decades and build his custom instruments for both studio and stage work.

Matthew Bellamy is the lead guitarist and vocalist of the British rock band Muse. Recognised as one of the best guitar players of his generation, Matthew and the two other members of Muse are currently recording their seventh studio album.

Cort, founded in 1960, are one of the largest guitar manufacturers in the world with a vast experience in building solid body and acoustic guitars.

Troy Grady: The Magnet: The Smartphone Camera Mount for Guitar Kickstarter

The Magnet: The Smartphone Camera Mount for Guitar

Explore the hidden world of…your own playing!

The Magnet uses the power of your smartphone to film your guitar playing at speeds up to 240 frames per second, for an unbelievable 8x slowdown of your technique.

The incredible power of slow-motion video can reveal movements you can't feel and don't even know you're making.