Monday, 8 December 2014

Sarah Longfield: The Fine Constant - Sea (live)

A live version of one of my favorite (and oldest) songs we play. :) Audio was recorded off of the board.

Sarah Longfield: The Fine Constant - Sea (live)

Rob Scallon: Envy - crunching 9 string metal song

Envy (9 string metal song)
Rob Scallon
First tune on my new Schecter Hellraiser C-9 http://www.schecterguitars.­com/guitars/hellraiser-c-9-detail

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Maybe 2 weeks ago I was really excited to announce an endorsement from Schecter guitars. This was the first thing I asked about "Can I get a 9 string?" I got it in the mail and have been playing it since. It goes down to a C#, making it a step and a half lower then a standard 4 string bass. The biggest criticism I hear about the instrument is that it's taking the whole chug chug 0000 thing to far. I didn't want to write something in the style just yet, I'm sure I'll have fun with that later though. I wanted to write a tune that's heavy and aggressive but also utilizes the instruments full range. So here's what I came up with.

Tom Quayle: 51 Advanced Rock Guitar Licks

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David Gilmour: Pink Floyd - Surfacing

This is Surfacing, the second to last track on The Endless River, the new album from Pink Floyd.

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Pink Floyd - Surfacing

Sam Bell: 'The Traveller' Guest Solo - smoking!

Guest Solo/Improv for my friends project 'The Traveller'

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'The Traveller' Guest Solo - Sam Bell Guitar

Kiko Loureiro: Angra Backstage - São Paulo Concert - warms up to drool over

Kiko Loureiro, Felipe Andreoli and Bruno Valverde. Warm up before São Paulo Show on Nov 16th 2014. Backstage scenes

Angra Backstage - São Paulo Concert II

ANGRA- Kiko Loureiro Backstage warm up before São Paulo show

Pete Sklaroff: smooth jazz style solos - smoother than a smooth thing!

A smooth jazz style solo over a II V I progression in the key of C Minor.

Dm7b5 - G7b9 - Cm9

2 5 1 in C and Eb Major - Larry Carlton Influenced Solo

Smooth Sunday - Solo over Dm9 - G7(alt) - Cmaj9

Sergey Golovin: Changes 2014 - probably one of the most exciting progressive metal fusion release of 2014

Sergey Golovin: Changes 2014 

Changes 2014 - probably one of the most exciting progressive metal fusion release of 2014

Sergey Golovin - Changes 2014

00:00 Cynical Tesla Fury
04:09 Changes
09:35 Headbreaker
14:12 Chaos Machine
18:27 Lost Voice (ft. Kirill Babiev)
23:08 Sea Devil
27:51 Radial Displacement (ft. Fedor Dosumov)
32:18 Kaleidoscope
39:21 One Who Sings From Afar

Sergey Golovin -Guitar, Bass, Drum Programming
Kirill Babiev -Vocal(Lost Voice)
Fedor Dosumov-Solo(Radial Displacement)
Written, mixed, mastering by Sergey Golovin in 2014
Artwork and desing by

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*NEW ALBUM*Sergey Golovin - Changes 2014