Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Frank Gambale: Sweeping Santa is Mr Jingle Balls

Frank Gambale Jingle Balls
Hiya Folks,
A little Holiday video darling Boca affectionately calls it "Jingle Balls".
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!!
No matter which Holiday you celebrate at this time, I think it's true for us all that our loved ones, family and friends, are the best part of it all. Happy Holidays!

Frank Gambale, Tomasz Andrzejewski, Istvan Alapi: Merry Christmas from DV Mark 2014

8 videos 11 minutes

Merry Christmas from DV Mark 2014

Yngwie Malmsteen: proof finally that more is in fact MORE!

Alcatrazz - Yngwie Malmsteen solo

Eric Calderone: Carol of the Bells Meets Metal

Carol of the Bells Meets Metal
Hey guys!

So another year in the books :) I saw this one all over the place as the Christmas request so I figured why not give it a shot. In my opinion, the Trans Siberian Orchestra version of Carol of the Bells cannot and will not ever be topped. So I tried to put a little influence in there but also take a different route. Thank you guys so much for everything throughout the whole year. It means the world. Big big BIG ups for ALWAYS rocking my casbah!

Best to ya



Jack Thammarat: Over The Border - Late Night Jam

Late night jam with "Over The Border" jam track from - Sam Coulson Custom Rock Blues 2.

"Over The Border" Late Night Jam

Tom Quayle: Blackstar Fly 3 Watt Mini Amplifier Review

Review of the Blackstar Fly 3 Watt Mini Amp with Tom Quayle
Read the FULL review:
Open the latest Issue of Guitar Interactive:

'I'ts brand new ( and just in time for the Christmas Gift market) Blackstar's cheeky Fly 3 three watt amp. But can you really boil-down that Blackstar 'Big stage' sound into a bedroom sized package?

Tom Quayle gives Santa a helping hand.....

Blackstar Fly 3 Watt Mini Amplifier Review | Guitar Interactive Magazine

Akihiko Onji: Leqtique CLHD - Strandberg - Boden OS7 - Akihiko Onji

Leqtique CLHD - Strandberg - Boden OS7 - Akihiko Onji
Akihiko Onji
■Leqtique CLHD - Caeruleum Lightdrive High Definition - Roland JC-120
■Strandberg - Boden OS7 - Leqtique Maestro Antique Revised Quad Limited
■Jack Gardiner - Great Backing Track
■Akihiko Onji - Improvisation

Joe Chawki,Rune Berre, Richard Daudé: three of my favourite guitar dudes Chill out - spooky!

International Fusion Guitar Jam (Joe Chawki / Rune Berre / Richard ...
Richard Daudé
Guitar Jam over a "Chill out" Coffee Break Backing Track with Joe Chawki , Rune Berre and Richard Daudé.

hope you enjoy ! :)

Larry Rainald: Indonesia Puska by Chinatology

INDONESIA PUSAKA (Cover Version) arranged by CHINATOLOGY

*Composed by Alm. Bapak Ismail Marzuki.
Alm. Bapak Ismail Marzuki mendapat anugerah penghormatan pada tahun 1968 dengan dibukanya Taman Ismail Marzuki, sebuah taman dan pusat kebudayaan di Cikini, Jakarta Pusat.
Pada tahun 2004 beliau dinobatkan menjadi salah seorang tokoh pahlawan nasional Indonesia. (wikipedia)

*Recorded at PlayGround Studio & SAE Institute Indonesia
*Produced Exclusively by Eat'Em All Production
*Mixed by Larry Rainald and Kelvin “Mr.KaTe” Tanus
*Mastered by Erwinn Sound Sixty Mastering @soundsixtymastering
*Music Video by Naranatha Creative

Indonesia adalah negara kepulauan yang begitu kaya dan Indah. Namun banyak dari kita yang tidak mengetahuinya dan tidak memanfaatkannya dengan baik. Indonesia terdiri dari beragam kebudayaan dan alam yang begitu menakjubkan, bahkan beberapa pantai atau laut di Indonesia merupakan salah satu pantai terindah di dunia, dan memiliki flora dan fauna terlengkap di dunia (lautnya).

Kelvin “Mr. KaTe” Tanus
Muhammad “Dr.A” Indra

*Featuring :
Putu Sutha - Vocals
Larry Rainald - Guitar (3rd Guitar Solo & Harmony, All Keyboards)
Dimas Wicaksono - Bass (Recording)
Ibrani Pandean - Bass (Music Video)
Eggy Raditya Yurman - Drums
DJ Dimas Adista

*Special Thanks to :
OldTimers (Budi Bule, Budi Ridwin, Baken "Siksa Kubur" Nainggolan) Thanks for the inspirations and supports, You Rrrrawwwwk Guys...!!!!!
Jodhie "BJ" Gunadharma, Agnes Olivia Yurman, Boy "Elang", Franky Wijaya, Agtha Novicania, PANGERAN Yakub Kamarullah, Roni "BR" Setiawan, My Music Indonesia & My Art ( Ka' Lanny Silvia), Naranatha Production, SAE Indonesia, Alm. Ari Syarief SAE (thx 'tuk wejangan2 dan masukan yang amat sangat berarti buat kami semua, semoga Mas Ari tenang di alam sana), Aldo Sianturi (Believe Digital), Pak Giman SAE, Zenya & Gael, Romy

CHINATOLOGY - INDONESIA PUSAKA Feat. Putu Sutha, Larry Rainald, Dj Dimas Adista

Mike Semesky, Ben Schmitz: Rest Among Ruins: 'Beyond The Storm' Guitar Playthroug

Rest Among Ruins: 'Beyond The Storm' Guitar Playthrough
Guitar Messenger - Follow the link for the full article! Mike Semesky and Ben Schmitz show us a guitar playthrough of 'Beyond The Storm' from the upcoming Rest Among Ruins concept record, Fugue.

Find out more about Rest Among Ruins:

Scott Mishoe: Now Available my new Nacho Mama Lesson

Scott Mishoe

Merry Christmas My friends. Now Available my new Nacho Mama Lesson. Go to 2 minutes and 51 from my song Nacho Mama on the Omnidirectional CD to hear my Over The Top Clean Guitar Solo.I have professionally scored and Tab all licks to this Highly advanced Tapping Solo from Nacho Mama. Also included in this Lesson is A Etude written by me that utilizes Highly advanced Tapping Licks over Really interesting Chord Changes. Audio is Included in this lesson as well. Contact me at for more information. Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. Take care.