Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Guthrie Govan, Senri Kawaguchi: Japan tour dates - fusion powerhouse sure to set Tokyo alight!

There's some interesting news to share especially for the people in Japan!
ガスリー・ゴーヴァン ジャパンツアー2015-2016
or Guthrie Govan Japan Tour 2015-2016

Guthrie will be performing 5 special live concerts in Japan the end of this year (and the beginning of the next year) with a Japanese band.

Dec. 28 Gate’s 7 - Fukuoka (7:00 PM)
Dec. 29 BIGCAT - Osaka (7:00 PM)
Dec. 31 enn 2 - Sendai (tba)
Jan. 2 Club Citta - Kawasaki (Tokyo) (7:00 PM)
Jan. 3 Bottom Line - Nagoya (6:00 PM)

Guthrie Govan (guitar), Senri Kawaguchi (drums), Toshimi Nagai (bass), Akira Ishiguro (Piano/Hammond)

Ticket price is ¥8000 for all dates.
In Club Citta & BIGCAT selected VIP tickets are available (includes M&G with Guthrie)

More information on tickets follows shortly.

John Huldt: #ALittleMayhem - excellent solo for Halestorm guitar competition thingy

Here's my solo for the Halestorm guitar competition thingy.


Frank Steffen Mueller: Peter Irock`s "Mountains Dream" - Guitar Solo

Peter Irock`s "Mountains Dream" - Guitar Solo -  Frank Steffen Mueller

Hey guys, this is my guitar solo on Peter Irock`s song "Mountains Dream". This video will be part of the promo-video for Peter Irock´s upcoming album. Enjoy -:)

If you want me to play guitar on your song/album please contact me at

Gear used:

Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II XL
Gravity Guitar Picks
Richter Straps
The Rock Slide
D'Addario Strings
Siggi Braun "Little Crow"

Cheers, Frank

Rick Graham: Stunning Legato Arpeggio Sequence

Hope you enjoy and be sure to follow me on instagram for daily clips (or as close to daily as I can!)
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9) Rick's Quick Instagraham Licks - Legato Arpeggio Sequence

Elliot Holden: Kickstarter - Urban Guitar Legend Album

I've been playing guitar since age 14 and it is without question my passion in life. My new album is called The Urban Guitar Legend or something like that... I may take a poll and let the fans decide :-). But I can say without a doubt that it will be my most "courageous" album to date. I say "courageous" because I feel like I'm finally finding my voice and not afraid to express it, incorporating all the styles of music that I actually love listening to, not just playing. That may sound strange, but we musicians, and guitarists in particular, have a tendency to err on the technically challenging, but not necessarily the most musical, style of playing.

Elliot Holden - Kickstarter - Urban Guitar Legend Album

Wes Borland, John 5, Chris Camozzi: Ibanez 1999 - Tape - Double Edge Tremolo

This is a video Tape from Ibanez.
Ibanez presenting the ibanez Double Edge Tremolo.
The double Edge combines the world's Finest double locking tremolo system, the Ibanez Lo-Pro Edge, with the Finest piezo technology of L. R. Baggs. Which means the Ibanez Double Edge tremolo can cut Both Ways... With the Fire of an electric guitar or the warmth of an acoustic.
Instead of switching axes, you simply flick a switch. And instantly bridge the gap between the acoustic and electric worlds.

With Wes Borland - John 5 - Chris Camozzi

Executive producers Mike Shimada, Happy Yoshida, Henry Kinoshita and Charlie Hayashi.
Produced and directed by Rob Nishida
Edited by: Robert Riekenerg

Ibanez 1999 - Tape - Double Edge Tremolo - W/ Wes Borland - John 5 - Chris Camozzi