Thursday, 13 August 2015

Alessandro Benvenuti: Check out one of the solos that I recorded for Santo Garofalo's new CD

Check out one of the solos that I recorded for Santo Garofalo's new CD. The Track features Greg Bissonette on Drums, Matt Bissonette on Bass!!
This song is titled Light and it was very inspiring to solo over it.
For this session I used an Ibanez SA960QM.

Martin Miller: Ibanez Prestige Dealer Days 2015

Martin Miller
Ibanez Prestige Dealer Days 2015 (incl. Martin Miller Workshop)

- 13.9.2015 Six + Four, 66280 Sulzbach
- 23.9.2015 Just Music Berlin,10719 Berlin
- 24.9.2015 Just Music Hamburg, 20359 Hamburg
- 26.9.2015 Zoundhouse Dresden, 01099 Dresden
- 9.10.2015 Music World, 59929 Brilon
- 10.10.2015 Rockland-Music, 58453 Witten
- 15.10.2015 Musik Klier, 90459 Nürnberg
- 16.10.2015 M.S.V. Musik-Sound-Vertrieb, A 2201 Hagenbrunn
- 17.10.2015 Hieber Lindberg, 80331 München
- 20.10.2015 Musikhaus Thomann, 96138 Burgebrach
- 28.10.2015 Sound of Music, 70182 Stuttgart
- 29.10.2015 CREAM-music, 60329 Frankfurt
- 30.10.2015 Musikhaus Schlaile, 76133 Karlsruhe
- 31.10.2015 Musicline, 89231 Neu-Ulm
- 07.11.2015 Music Store Professional, 51103 Köln

This amazing all-day free-of-charge event will go down soon in all major Ibanez Prestige Dealer stores in Germany. There'll be an exhibition of all recent Ibanez models, including limited or rare Prestige/Premium models, a free guitar setup for everyone with an Ibanez plus an interactive workshop/clinic by myself with lots of music and tuitional content starting at 6pm. Don't miss out!!!

Benjamin Lechuga: Andes groove performance playthrough

Song: Andes Groove
Band: Lechuga

Original Audio from CD: Lechuga - The Search Part 1: Introspection

Caparison TAT Special CL14
ENGL Preamp e530
ENGL Poweramp e840/50
ENGL 4x12 PRO Cabinet
Cleartone Strings

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Benjamin Lechuga: Guitar, Programming, Keyboards, VST's, Production etc...
Andrés Rojas: Drums
Marcos Sánchez: Bass
All music written by Benjamin Lechuga.
Recorded and edited by Benjamin Lechuga in Monosound Studios.
Mixed & Mastered by Javier Bassino on Estudios Bassino.
Cover by Tullius Heuer.

Reverb Nation:

Video by NASSON at Producciones Riff Studios
Lechuga - Andes groove (Guitar Playthrough)

Senri Kawaguchi, Hassan Hajdi: Blue Wind - Rock Au Chateau

ROCK AU CHATEAU at Villersexel, FRANCE on August 7, 2015
Drummer Senri Kawaguchi played Jeff Beck's "Blue Wind".

Hassan Hajdi (Guitar)
Jean-Christophe Bauer (Bass)
Séraphin Palmeri (Keyboard)
Senri Kawaguchi (Drums)

Shot with a ZOOM Q4 この動画はZOOM Q4で録音撮影しました。

「ROCK AU CHATEAU」で演奏させていただきました。

Blue Wind / Senri Kawaguchi @ROCK AU CHATEAU in FRANCE

Joe Bonamassa, Kirk Fletcher: 3 Kings Tribute Camden and Holmdel, NJ 2015

Joe Bonamassa - 3 Kings Tribute (Full Show) - 8/7/15 Camden, NJ
by 1AnitrasDance
21 videos

(Filmed by Natasha in 1080 HD)
Joe Bonamassa performing his tribute to the 3 Kings at the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, NJ
Joe Bonamassa - Guitar & Vocal, Kirk Fletcher - Guitar, Reese Wynans - Keyboards, Michael Rhodes - Bass, Anton Fig - Drums,
Paulie Cerra - Saxophone, Lee Thornburg - Horns, Ron Dziubla - Saxophone, Mahalia Barnes - Backup Vocals, Jade MacRae - Backup Vocals, and Juanita Tippins Latukefu - Backup Vocals

Joe Bonamassa - 3 Kings Tribute (Full Show) - 8/7/15 Camden, NJ

Joe Bonamassa - 3 Kings Tribute (Full Show) - 8/8/15 Holmdel, NJ