Monday, 24 August 2015

Tony MacAlpine: Cancer treatment calls a halt to the Asia and Australia tour

To my friends in Asia and Australia, it is with great disappointment and regret that I must announce the postponement of my tours in Asia and Australia.

Last week I was taken to the hospital with severe stomach pains. Following blood work, multiple MRI scans and various procedures, medical doctors discovered a large mass in my intestine, and it seems likely that we are dealing with cancer. My doctors have advised me that this will need to be dealt with immediately, and I am scheduled for surgery this week. Recovery from this surgery will take a month - right when I was scheduled to tour the Australasian region.

Providing all goes well, it is our understanding I should be well enough to perform on the coming European tour.

For Australia and Asia, we are working on rescheduling the shows. We will advise you as soon as possible when the new dates are booked.

In Australia, refunds may be obtained via

In Asia, refunds can be obtained through the ticket purchase outlet.

I want to thank Jellybeard Music & Management (our booking agent in Asia) and Thump Music (our booking agent in Australia) for being so supportive in light of this news. We apologize for any inconvenience these tour postponements have caused, but I’m determined to make these dates up, and rock your city soon!

Wishing you all the best,


News: New Tone Wizards Book Explores Optimum Sound with Elite Guitarists

New Tone Wizards Book Explores Optimum Sound with Elite Guitarists

As a guitarist, Curtis Fornadley has spent much of his life pushing his limits and searching for great tone. In his new book Tone Wizards: Interviews with Top Guitarists and Gear Gurus on the Quest for the Ultimate Sound, Curtis gains feedback on tone nirvana and the elusive chase from esteemed individuals in the guitar community, both guitar players and the craftsmen that invent and reinvent the tools of the trade. By independently funding the project on his own, Curtis was able to conduct honest and unbiased conversations revealing the similarities and differences in players’ approaches to the guitar and their tone. The book is available in print and eBook formats at all online bookstores including Amazon and iTunes.

Throughout the book, Curtis is given some interesting morsels of reflection from the interviewees pursuit of tone such as “Style is a reflection of your own creative instincts, but tone, the way you play it, can be changed” from Steve Vai. Joe Bonamassa added “There is a very symbiotic relationship between the amp, the guitar, and the sound.” Going deeper, Joe Satriani stated, “The average person is hearing not only the sound part of tone, but they are also being influenced by the vibrato and the intonation.” And as if to hint that maybe ultimate tone is truly never achieved, Peter Frampton gave this to think about: “I think tones and playing do become dated, but everyone’s moving on, all the time.”

Curtis Fornadley was born and raised in southern California where he began playing the guitar at the age of 11. As a solo artist, he has released multiple albums and was a finalist in Guitar Playermagazines “Guitar Superstar Competition.” Curtis continues to write and release his own music in addition to composing music for film and TV.

The interviewees include the following:

Joe Bonamassa

Bob Bradshaw

John Carruthers

Cliff Chase

Peter Frampton

David Friedman

Jay Graydon

Scott Henderson

Eric Johnson

Jim Kelley

Jeff Kollman

Ronan Chris Murphy

Joe Satriani

John Suhr

Pete Thorn

Steve Vai

Carl Verheyen

eBook $10.99

Print $18.99

For more information on the book, please visit

For more information on Curtis, please visit .

Ignazio Di Salvo: Hard rock solo featuring Ignazio Di Salvo's classic two handed tapping

Hello folks, here's another solo for you!

Ignazio Di Salvo - Hard rock solo

Joop Wolters: Jamming with Patrick Eijdems in the 'Twin Bro Studio'.

Jamming with Joop Wolters, Patrick Eijdems in the 'Twin Bro Studio'.


Renaud Louis-Servais: announces show for Epic Circus - excellent fusion album featuring Virgil Donati

1 Carry'n 6:50
2 Freedom (feat. Philippe Saisse) 6:06
3 Zaku Patatu (feat. Philippe Saisse) 6:21
4 Long Breath 5:48
5 Epic Circus (feat. Virgil Donati, Philippe Saisse) 6:32
6 Techno City (feat. Virgil Donati) 6:20
7 When You've Got Nothing 3:59
8 All Minor Blues (feat. Philippe Saisse) 4:50
9 The Beauty of Life 4:25

Renaud Louis-Servais Group

For the release of the album "Epic Circus"
Renaud Louis-Servais - guitar;
Henri Dorina - bass;
Christophe Cravero - keyboards;
Aurel Ouzoulias - Drums

The French guitarist Renaud Louis-Servais is one of the most accomplished of the current jazz-rock-fusion stage talents. True phenomenon of the guitar, Renaud likes to surprise and transcend musical boundaries. His first album "Iluna", marked by elegant and personal compositions received excellent reviews from the music press, both in France and abroad. To mark the official launch of the album "EPIC CIRCUS" September 19 next to Sunset, Renaud Louis-Servais and RLSG interpret the titles recorded with the cooperation of world-renowned musicians, such as drummer Virgil Donati (Steve Vai, Allan Holdsworth, Scott Henderson ...) or keyboardists Philippe Saisse (Al Di Meola, The Rolling Stones, Al Jarreau, Claude Nougaro, David Sanborn ...), Christophe Cravero (Billy Cobham, Didier Lockwood ... ), Aurel Ouzoulias (Christophe Godin, Chi Coltrane, Ron Thal ...) and Henri Dorina (Paco Sery, Mokhtar Samba, Native, Rido Bayonne ...). Sunset, Paris, in jazz rock release.

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Renaud Louis-Servais - Epic Circus (feat. Virgil Donati, Philippe Saisse & Henri Dorina)