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Carl Mörner Ringström: plays John Coltrane's "Countdown"

Practicing some chord improv and trying out some guitar sounds.

Carl Mörner Ringström plays John Coltrane's "Countdown"

Sam Bell: High Tech Shred - Skype lesson are available

Skype lessons and Video lessons available! Limited Availability, go to for more information, thank you.

High Tech Shred

Luis Kalil: Keeper Alive (live at Uprising Metal Fest)

Live performance at Uprising Metal Fest, in Porto Alegre, Brazil, featuring Jonathas Pozo on vocals.

Filmed at Teatro do CIEE on August 21st, 2015, by Johnny Marco, Caio Baraldo, Carol Blanger and Tony Santos.
Directed by Johnny Marco.
Edited by Luís Kalil
Live audio recording by Red Garage Studios
Audio mixing and mastering by Tiago Masseti

Luís Kalil - Lead Guitar
Leo Nunes - Rhythm Guitar
Lourenço Gil - Drums
Luiz Mário Moraes - Bass
Jonathas Pozo - Lead Vocals

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Check out Luís Kalil on the web:

Luís Kalil - Keeper Alive (live at Uprising Metal Fest)

Marty Friedman: Ramona Mainstage - 626 Main St. Ramona Ca 92065

Victor A. Nieto III3 videos

Ramona Mainstage - 626 Main St. Ramona Ca 92065

Marty Friedman

Larry Carlton: Tokyo1993 and Live in Seoul 2005

Larry Carlton: Tokyo1993 and Live in Seoul 2005

Larry Carlton Live In Blue Note Tokyo'93 Jazz Fusion Concert

Larry Carlton Fourplay Live in Seoul 2005

Beau Diakowicz: Things 11 - eclectic mix of jazzy glissando licks

Tora / Tom Misch / Izzy Bizu / Tom Misch / Messing around

Things 11

Norifumi Shima: Concerto Moon's guitarist shredding it up!

# Guitar demonstration with Norifumi Shima from Concerto Moon

Concerto Moon ShimaOsamu-shi 1 demonstration

Rob Chapman: How I Make Videos - Tips and tricks tutorial, gear, editing and software - MUST SEE

Software I used: Audioblocks -
Final Cut Pro X -
Garageband -
Hardware I use Canon DSLR Camera's, Panasonic handycams and Shure Mics... lighting from Smick.

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Greetings I'm Rob Chapman, I am a guitarist from Brighton in the UK. I am the frontman and guitarist for Dorje, demonstrator for Andertons Music and I am also the founder/owner of Chapman Guitars.

I love making videos about guitar tuition, demonstration, reviews, and studio things like coffee/pizza and Diablo.

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How I Make Videos - Tips and tricks tutorial, gear, editing and software

Gustavo Assis-Brasil: Study #6 from the hybrid picking series

Study #6 from the hybrid picking series (2015)


Stacey Douglas: Cupid's Dead - great Extreme tribute N61

Just a bit of fun with an N61 and some classic Nuno riffs, an old fav of mine.

Cupid's Dead (Extreme Cover)

Check the album  The Skies Are Ours by ICOSA

1. Ermangulatr 06:55
2. The Skies Are Ours: 1 05:06
3. The Skies Are Ours: 2 03:57
4. Trepidation 06:35

Debut 4 track EP
released 20 June 2014

Tom Tattersall - 8 string guitars / vocals
Stacey Douglas - 7 string guitars
Jack Ashley - Drums

All material composed by ICOSA
Engineered mixed and mastered by Jack Ashley
Cover art concept by Hannah Tattersall

ICOSA - 'Trepidation'

Andy Powell: New Autobiography by Wishbone Ash Guitarist “Eyes Wide Open: True Tales Of A Wishbone Ash Warrior” Now Available!

London, UK - In 1969, Andy Powell was one of four founding members of progressive rock pioneers Wishbone Ash. Forty-six years later, with no sabbaticals, he is still a member of Wishbone Ash. And he’s seen a lot of interesting things along the way.

Watching the birth of rock 'n' roll in the 50's; stepping into the swinging 60's mod scene as a teenager; touring the States with The Who; selling hundreds of thousands of copies of Argus; being managed by industry legend Miles Copeland; outliving punk and moving to America; battling former bandmates over the right to use the name Wishbone Ash, and fighting to keep that name alive through changing tastes and styles—Andy Powell has been there, done it, and seen it all. And he’s still doing it today.

Honest, unpretentious, and often wryly amusing, Eyes Wide Open is not just the story of one man’s adventures in music but also a journey through some of the most thrilling years of rock history.

“It’s a great pleasure to be able to say that the man behind the Flying V can write a bit, too.” —Ian Rankin

Andy Powell is a songwriter and guitarist best known as the founding and sole remaining original member of Wishbone Ash. Born in Stepney, London, in 1950, he now lives in the USA with Pauline, his wife of forty-plus years.

Colin Harper is the author of Dazzling Stranger: Bert Jansch And The British Folk And Blues Revival (2000), Bathed In Lightning: John McLaughlin, The 60s, And The Emerald Beyond (2014), and The Wheels Of The World: 300 Years Of Irish Uilleann Pipers (2015).

Published by Jawbone Press (
Featuring 408 pages with photo inserts, plus extensive discographies and concert listings

To purchase:
Print book:
Kindle edition:

News: Historic USA Ovation Factory Celebrates Official Reopening with REO Speedwagon


Ovation Fans from Around the World Gather for Strumming of First-Ever 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Guitar and VIP Performance by Kevin Cronin & Members of REO Speedwagon

(10/19/2015 – Oxnard, CA) The iconic Ovation Guitars Factory located in New Hartford, Connecticut has officially reopened its doors and resumed USA production of its innovative, round back, “acoustic/electric” guitars, basses, mandolins and ukuleles. The announcement was made by the company’s new owner, Oxnard, California-based instrument manufacturer Drum Workshop, Inc.  In celebration of this auspicious event, Ovation Guitar “super-fans” from around the world have been invited to the Ovation factory building on Monday, October 26th, to attend a private, acoustic performance by Kevin Cronin and members of the multiplatinum-selling rock band, REO Speedwagon. Cronin, a long-time endorser of Ovation guitars, will officially mark the reopening of the previously shuttered factory by strumming the first-off-the-line, Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Commemorative Custom Elite Guitar which will be produced exclusively in New Hartford.

The Ovation USA factory is the foundation of the brand, and the craftsmen working there have nearly 200 years of combined knowledge of the brand. Our ‘Made in America’ philosophy is what helped build the DW brand and we firmly believe the same philosophy will help define Ovation moving forward,” explained Drum  Workshop president/CEO Chris Lombardi. “The fact that Ovation Guitars will celebrate its 50th Anniversary in its long-time home and under the stewardship of the same artisans who have contributed so much to its legacy means a great deal to us – as well as the artists and fans who have loved Ovation for half a century.”

With the reopening of its USA factory, Ovation plans a rollout of new guitar models that will retain many of the brand’s classic features including; the brand’s distinctive parabolic shape, Sitka spruce soundboards, and innovative onboard electronics. The new models will also feature exotic wood and mother of pearl inlays, as well as Ovation’s emblematic inlaid wood epaulets and multiple sound holes that increase the instrument’s volume and reduce feedback during amplification.

A number of signature models for Ovation artists are planned for production including REO Speedwagon lead singer, Kevin Cronin’s gloss-black Ovation Viper featuring an ebony fret board and tortoise shell-inspired, custom wood epaulets – as well as signature model guitars for guitarist/composer Kaki King and GRAMMY® and Academy Award®-winning, singer/songwriter Melissa Etheridge.

"In 1982 I needed an acoustic guitar that could cut through the massive REO Speedwagon live sound, but it also needed to look cool on stage. I got together with the team at Ovation and came up with the guitar I have been playing ever since...The Viper. Now in 2015, I am honored that Ovation and I have come together again to create a signature model designed in the mold of my trusty tour guitars. I am proud as ever of our long standing relationship, and very excited that Ovation is reopening its original factory in New Hartford, CT, putting American craftsmen back to work. My Ovation Vipers are loyal companions and I can't wait to see and play one with my signature etched into the headstock." says REO Speedwagon lead singer, Kevin Cronin.

In addition, the factory has begun production on a limited run of 250 commemorative guitars celebrating Ovation Guitars’ 50th Anniversary in 2016The series of black Custom Elite models adorned with gold leaf epaulets and gold purling will also feature custom markings unique to 50th Anniversary edition guitars

The first Ovation guitar made its debut in November, 1966 and with its patented, Lyrachord body which gave the instrument unprecedented projection and ringing sustain, Ovation guitars immediately garnered favor among musicians. Later, innovative, on-board electronics were added to the instruments to create an “acoustic/electric” hybrid guitar that allowed guitarists to move about the stage rather than stay in front of a microphone. The combination of superior resonance and mobility made Ovation guitars ideal for live performances. Throughout the company’s history, Ovation’s unique craftsmanship and distinctive look has made the brand a favorite of such legendary artists as Glen Campbell,Melissa EtheridgeMick JaggerJohn Lennon, Richie Sambora, Shania Twain and Jimmy Page among others.

To RSVP for the exclusive, VIP factory opening event, visit Ovation Factory Opening Event. Space is extremely limited.

Founded in 1972, Drum Workshop, Inc. is a family-owned and operated musical instrument company best known for designing and manufacturing award-winning drums, pedals, hardware and accessories under the DW and PDP banner. In 2014, the company expanded to include other iconic American instrument brands such as Gretsch Drums®, Latin Percussion®, Toca Percussion®, KAT® Technologies, Gibraltar® hardware and Ovation® guitars. DW’s wide range of products is endorsed by many of the world’s top artists including: Neil Peart, Charlie Watts, Phil Collins, Sheila E., Melissa Etheridge, Mick Fleetwood, Don Henley and Dave Grohl, among others. Drum Workshop, Inc. is headquartered in Oxnard, California.
For more information on Drum Workshop, visit
For more information on Ovation guitars, visit
For more information on REO Speedwagon, visit

News: GHS Strings Extend NitroPack Ultimate Guarantee Across Entire Range

Battle Creek, MI, 19th October 2015 – GHS Strings is pleased to announce that their new Nitropack, with its “ultimate guarantee”, is now extended from the Boomers & Americana series to include all strings across the brand including Burnished Nickel Rockers guitar strings, the David Gilmour, Flea and Eric Johnson Signature series and the Bobby Osborne mandolin strings.

All GHS strings are now supplied in white Nitropacks. These airtight packets provide an impassable barrier to moisture and oxygen giving a state-of-the-art answer to the longstanding issue of string corrosion.

The company is so confident in their new Nitropack, it is prepared to guarantee and replace, free of charge, any string in one that is not 100% perfect or up to consumer standards.

The strings of every set are individually sealed in a nitrogen environment and packaged in a durable, tear-resistant Nitropack. The packs can be left in gig bags for months and still retain their factory freshness, ensuring long lasting performance and fine tone.

To find out about the Anti-Corrosion Guarantee and all the GHS products, please go to

Ray Suhy, Alex Silvergold, Rolando Alvarado: Tessellations by Suhy, Silvergold, & Alvarado jazz-rock fusion from Red Bank

Tessellations, the debut CD from Ray Suhy, Alex Silvergold & Rolando Alvarado. Coming November 13, 2015! Pre-order now athttp://suhysilvergoldalvarado.bandcam...

Press Release:
Guitarist Ray Suhy takes you on an interstellar musical journey along with drummer Alex Silvergold and bassist Rolando Alvarado.

Composer and bandleader Ray Suhy has assembled a powerhouse jazz-rock fusion trio consisting of Suhy on guitar, Alex Silvergold on drums, and Rolando Alvarado on bass. The result of their collaboration is Tessellations, a record that encompasses the many different styles that Suhy loves to play and listen to.

Thematically, Tessellations narrates a sleep/dream/awakening cycle as a metaphor for traveling to the far reaches of space and then back towards the sun again. The record expresses the journey from light to dark. According to Suhy, “The balance of light and dark is really important to me when I create. Too much of one or the other and the expression is out of balance."

The trio is looking forward to exploring tunes from the album live as well as recording some more music soon. Ray says that "the group has a good chemistry going and I can't wait to follow some other musical paths with them."

Visit Ray, Alex & Rolando on the Web:

Video by Michael Sternbach
Ray Suhy, Alex Silvergold & Rolando Alvarado: "Tessellations" Album Preview #1-"Perihelion"

Tessellations by Suhy, Silvergold, & Alvarado

Jonathan Schnitzspan: Inspiring Nightmare by ForTiorI - progressive metal from Bitburg

Inspiring Nightmare by ForTiorI

1. New Genesis 01:39 
2. Beyond 04:39
3. Fallout 05:00
4. Stampede 04:41
5. Unread Story 04:53
6. Black Paradise 04:56
7. Lyra 05:13
8. Against All Odds 04:53
9. Spiegel 04:15
10. Synnecrosis 05:46
11. Crimson Air 04:38
12. Requiem 08:38

Combining modern prog metal / djent with old school heavy metal / grunge, in this album I´m trying to find my roots while pushing forward. In writing and production, I tried my hardest to take the best of both worlds and fuse them together.

Defined roaring djenty tones that are at the same time dirty and smudgy. Precisely mixed drums that still have some slack and edge. A bass building a defined low end basis while sounding like a roaring monster.

If I succeed in my endeavors or not is hard for me to tell. But what I do know is this album was a lot of fun to make and working with my new vocalist Brian Wright was a blast. I hope you enjoy this latest ForTiorI creation as much as we do.
released October 19, 2015

lyrics, vocals - Brian Wright
guitars, bass, drum programming - Jonathan Schnitzspan
writing, recording, mixing, mastering - Jonathan Schnitzspan
quote in "New Genesis" - Dr. Robert Oppenheimer
saxophone in "Unread Story" - Sage Judd
guest vocals in "Crimson Air" - Evan Magor
album artwork - Bryan Shepard
tags: metal ambient core djent hardcore heavy metal progressive metal Bitburg