Shawn Lane: great article by Alan Paul from

Dickinson was 16 when he met Lane. His father, the late producer Jim Dickinson, had used Lane on some sessions and wanted his son to learn from him. As soon as Dickinson got his driver’s license, he began driving up from his Mississippi home.

“I would pay him $50 and we’d play for an hour or two, then just hang out all day,” Dickinson recalls. “He turned me onto jazz greats like Art Tatum, Cannonball Adderley and John Coltrane; classical composers; authors—most significantly, Noam Chomsky; film scores; and Nusret Fateh Ali Khan, the great Pakistani singer. The education I received from him was incredible.

"And Shawn would always preach about Jimi Hendrix’s soulfulness, because it was fashionable in the shred world to be down on Hendrix. Shawn would play ‘Red House’ so intensely, as an example of how technically difficult Jimi’s playing was.”

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