Chris Eaton: 20 Essential Slide Guitar Licks

20 Essential Slide Guitar Licks

If you've ever loved the sweet sultry sound of slide guitar then these 20 beginner licks are the PERFECT way to start learning and mastering the essential techniques required to play those classic slide lines that will get you well on your way to becoming a slide guitar aficionado!

Suitable for players of all levels, these melodic licks are all in standard tuning, so there's no need for fancy open tunings as you can directly apply your new found slide licks directly to your current fretboard knowledge and continue jamming in standard tuning!

These licks feature beginner techniques such as; sliding, vibrato incorporating open strings up and also include more intermediate techniques such as; double stops, slide harmonics and behind the slide fretting.

On the theory front you'll find mostly Minor Pentatonic and Blues scales, as well as intervallic lines, call and response melodies, grace notes, arpeggios and pedal tones.

As ever we've included full videos, TAB/notation, licks notes, a lick backing track and a full extended jam track for you to jam along with. So you'll have everything you're going to need to start learning and jamming slide right away!

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If you love this slide guitar release and are looking for more, or if you are looking for more advanced slide lines then click the image below: